Yahwah (야와, Yawa) is a character in Denma.

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Yahwah is first appeared in human shape on Eve link. Yahwah made Eves. He programmed into Eves all available human emotions in the universe, yet didn't separate the expressive function of sorrow from joy. He also made Adams. Adam is Transcriptome.

And second appeared in puppy shape on Eve Rachel (1) - Ch.13. Puppy shape has Pale Ivory skin and long ears, similar to those of a rabbit's. At the bottom of the ears it appears that it's purple-white fade. He looks like Kyubey. But he came before the Kyubey. In South Korea, Yahwah revealed at February 5, 2010. And Kyubey revealed original Puella Magi Madoka Magica at January 7, 2011.

Yahwah doesn't like Quanx. In Savoy Gaal, he says Quanx is piece of shit, and in God's Lover he also says all are just a pile of toxic waste. The reason why he dislikes Quanx appears in A Catnap.

Yahwah is maybe genderless or 2 sexes. But real gender is female. First appearance in Eve link, her human shape is orange pigtails, like girl. And Savoy Gaal (2), old English version was translated "It". But new English version, translator is translates puppy shape Yahwah as a "him". It was mistranslated, but the readers are able to think of it as a setting that the Duke Gosan knows her identity. So here, write 'him' until her real gender is revealed.

The puppy shape is an animated cartoon character.

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20 years ago Edit

In Volume 6 and Volume 7, it's revealed that this is deals with her birth, the ruler of Silverquick.

In A Catnap (1), Soy is holds a doll that looks like her avatar. Soy's sister looks very much like her real body. Besides, it's not related to the story, but in Denma with NAVER WEBTOON described later, Soy's sister, Rami holds Yahwah doll.

Soy's sister slaps her brother's hip, and Soy also slaps her doll's hip. This reminds of Adam spanks the Quanx deliverer.

The boy take out a Emotion transferring bot and asks to his sister that she could take out a pad, and says he didn't know she was so mad that she'd slap him. The girl take out a pad, and says even if she knew what she was feeling, she would still has slapped her brother. The boy says he won't come home when she's angry then, and he select the avatar icon. The girl angry and says to her brother that he'll stop playing around and go to sleep now, and the avatar also angry. The boy lies down and says she's always hate him and he want to hang out with his friends too and he takes care of Soy more than her does. The girl feeling bad, and the boy sees avatar and says she'll always feel bad for him. The avatar icons resemble Eves, and one avatar resembles the earliest Eve's shape.

Ran says the intergalactic courier business, that church body has been preparing and they need Quanx for courier guys as a part of the business plan and they'll be going on missions without knowing that they're, and he can't tell right now because it'll cost a tremendous amount of time and money. And Ran says the disturbance would be solve the how they control Quanxs. Then Ran says he went through numerous accidents since he started using the Intersecting Space and he noticed some interesting results from them, and he thought that he was a very special being. When the people open and close the Intersecting Space while having their vision blurry they get the ability to control Transcriptomes alongside an impressive Mating result, just like Ran.

Inside the bus, where she was drawn, Soy who's holding a doll give her sister to a candy.

When Jay is sleeping, Rami manipulates Emotion transferring bot. Rami copies a avatar of happiness, to pastes into a avatar of sadness. Inside the bus, where she was drawn, Rami and Jay are sleep. Eve have this chronic problem when they communicate with their masters it's their emotional expression. For some reason, Eve's creator her programmed into them all available human emotions in the universe, yet didn't separate the expressive function of sorrow from joy. This reason has now been revealed.

In art class, Jay draws Yahwah doll instead of model. Inside of Jay's head, Soy is holding a smiling doll. Jay, who can't draw smiling doll, secretly turns on the Emotion transferring bot. At this time, the avatar in the Emotion transferring bot smiles. Rami sees lollipops and chocolate pies and sheds tears. Jay smiles when he sees the avatar, and he draws smiling doll. Rami is cries. There's no lines in this part.

20180726 221948


Screenshot 2018-03-22-16-40-59

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, this is an ornament representing Honma's inner side.

Her pattern appeared on Honma's face. And Honma says Hades is dirty piece of organic chunk. In God's Lover (6), she says Randolph and another people is just a pile of toxic waste. In original version of God's Lover (6), she says, Randolph and another people is dirty piece of organic chunk. Honma also uses Penetration ability.

In the Intersecting Space, the glowing ball is getting bigger all of a sudden and Honma, Hades, Rami are get sucked inside. The glowing ball is snowball and other people are run away. The glowing ball is stopped and shrink. Gatsu thinks the glowing ball is seems to some sort of a counter-reaction from the emission waste still left on the tie. The glowing ball is getting really small and disappearing and in here, Hades' voice says he'll survive. Honma's voice says Hades should leave Rami alone. That voices sound in people's heads. Rami's voice says Jay is in danger. The glowing ball is rising and growing, and Hades' voice is says. The glowing ball becomes Hades' shape.

At first, the three merged body become Hades form, and his face is cracked open and he comes out of Honma. The Transcriptomes are come inside and the Intersecting Space barrier is lifted too. At this time, Honma form turns into Rami form. It seems that stronger will is taking the lead in the process of competition between wills. The will power position is Hades < Honma < her. Because Honma suppressed Hades and conceded to her, she became the highest will power position. Her form is takes control of the Transcriptomes surrounding the Intersecting Space, and then rush out to save Jay. The Transcriptomes' face are turn into Hades, and Wine hair arrived and sees this. Thanks to it, the rest people inside the Intersecting Space are survive.

Gatsu says to Max that Hades, Honma, Rami are must've been some sort of a fusion in the form of Mating and he can't explain how it works but of all the incidents that took place in an Intersecting Space, there have been ones with a similar outcome like this known as it. Rami form and Transcriptomes meet the Internal Affairs and the Transcriptomes attack to them. Rami form thinks Jay is in danger. Max thinks the thing was clearly controlling the other Transcriptomes, and it has to be a Super-Transcriptome and he has only heard stories of, and there's only one way to overpower that abomination.

Wine hair sees Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes, and reports it to team leader. The team leader orders the Internal Affairs to call the Command Center. The team leader calls to Command Center, and he thinks a Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes should've reached the Internal Affairs by now. Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome digs in the bottom.

The team leader orders the Internal Affairs just hold on until the Command Center regain their control over the Transcriptomes, and they don't let them out of the Palace and especially the Super-Transcriptome seems to be controlling all the others, and they should focus fire on this, and they don't fight the other Transcriptomes head on. Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome digs in the bottom. Max reports to the Chief of Security Department. As Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome digs the ground, its body gradually shrinks and regains original Rami shape, and she's naked, and there's blood in her hands. Finally she finds Jay, but he died in despair because the Emotion transferring bot's avatar is smiling.

20180919 230819

Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome hugs Jay's dead body and she cries. At this time, a Black Priest attacks Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome and Jay, so his body is disappeared by the explosion caused by the laser. But her form of a Super-Transcriptome recovers its body. The right side of the Super-Transcriptome's face is yet Rami and it bleeding, but the left side of its face is angry Honma. The Super-Transcriptome is attacked by one of the Internal Affairs, and its neck has cut off, but immediately after the attack, its neck is attached again so virtually no effect. The concentrated attacks of the Internal Affairs fall on the Super-Transcriptome, but it blocks by the Cube.


The Super-Transcriptome says they're stupid Quanxs. Because Quanxs didn't help Rami except Honma. Max sees the Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes and he surprises.

The Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes are attack the the Internal Affairs agents. The Super-Transcriptome thinks it's still so angry right now so it need more. Max is discovered by the Super-Transcriptome. The Chief of Security Department moves the entire team to B3, which is Max is here. A Transcriptome cuts all Security Department agents' necks, except Max and the Chief of Security Department. All the Internal Affairs agents except Red hair, Gatsu, Balack, are all wiped out by the Super-Transcriptome. Gatsu says perhaps now Red hair is ready to take his offer more seriously. The Ankh ship sent from the Command Center appears.

Max is attacked by the Super-Transcriptome. The Ankh ship is appears, and the Transcriptomes are merged. The Super-Transcriptome and Max sees something. The Transcriptomes all merged into the form of Mother Madonna. The Chief of Security Department and Max are witness this. The Super-Transcriptome is sees and calms down to the form of Mother Madonna, and it returns to Rami's appearance. The form of Mother Madonna hugs Rami and sings a lullaby, and Rami is cries and sleeps. Ran feels Rami's sorrow. The Ankh ship has arrived so the Command Center made it here, and it's all over now.

Somewhere Rami is naked and she feels cold so she want to get out of here. Someone says it's not cold in here and what's cold is her heart. Rami asks who're you, someone says, who's asking and who're you. Rami's face changes into Honma and Hades's face for a moment, then returns to its original state. At this time, Rami's body color is changes. Someone says if she can tell it who you're, it'll tell her who it's. Rami says it's too cold in here, someone says it isn't and it's actually so warm that it'll melt her body. At this time, Rami is melts. Actually, someone is Ran. Ran says so warm that Rami's identity will melt.

The Super-Transcriptome is in the fish tank. A priest asks does Ran really think that this fused creature can help the courier district of Quanxs, and there're too many of them and they're a bunch of outsiders with no faiths so does he think this will work. Ran answers the Super-Transcriptome will manage the Quanxs there and by simultaneously controlling the Transcriptomes that overpower them, it'll work. Ran says sometimes the Super-Transcriptome might get be overloaded but there will be extra equipment in place, along with the security dispatch from the church, and it's not that hard to control a group because they only need to set a few examples, strike fear into their hearts, and they'll submit, and especially those who think they're so smart are also quick to give up, and with that misbelief, they're imprisoning themselves. Ran says of course, in order to be a manager, they need some preparing to do before the basic training, so the memories and the perception of identities that are fused into one need to be blurred out constantly like just now, and he'll add another annoying identity to the mix to start interfering, other than occasional brief catnaps from now and then, the Super-Transcriptome will always be kept awake so that it has no time to perceive its old identities. Ran says a subtle balance is crucial here, so if the new identity pushes the original identities out to the subconscious and collapses them completely, the Super-Transcriptome will lose the ability to control the Transcriptomes, and on the other hand, if the added identity doesn't interfere will enough, the interference will be perceived as stress, which could lead to the worst case scenario, 'The Awakening', of course, it'll never come to that with him around, but in order to control that creature in the normal sense, to prevent its collapse or awakening, the fused identities must stay on the borderline of the consciousness and subconsciousness, and that's why they need the string of self-identity, which prevents it from falling to the abyss of subconsciousness, and when it follows the string. it'll eventually get to its avatar mark, a window through which the trapped identities can perceive themselves. The Super-Transcriptome's avatar mark is Yahwah.

Ran appears with Yahwah shape and interferes in Hades' consciousness. Hades asks Yahwah can help him get out of here. Yahwah says Hades already forgotten all those days he's stuck inside a box so compared to then, he should be grateful as it's now. Hades says he was in a box and then he locked up all those bastards who locked him up and tortured him. Hades' memory and his body are fading away and wants to escape the fear, but Yahwah says right now the outside world is filled with maniacs who seek to avenge their deceased family and most of them are stronger than him. Yahwah says Hades can stay here until things settle down outside and as long as he keep in mind that he's in a box, his body won't melt away so it'll help him and all he need to do here is just relax and enjoy a happy dream. Yahwah says Hades can remember his last dream where he locked up all those annoying pricks inside boxes or blew their heads off. Hades says that was so good. Ran says he can learn to enjoy the moment and the freedom outside the box. But Hades thinks he still wants to get out of here. Ran tries to keep Hades' consciousness with mention of box because he can't to be reveal her outside, and losing his Cube ability. The reason she keeps on trying to get out of her situation seems to be due to Hades' influence buried in her consciousness.

Hades thinks this is just a bigger box so he want to get out of here. Hades is disappears and Honma is appears. Ran appears with the Duke shape and interferes in Honma's consciousness. The Duke orders Honma should keep Rami safe no matter what and he doesn't let Hades wake up from his dream and escape, and right there at the borderline between her consciousness and subconsciousness. The Duke says the borderline blurs when Rami's emotion is agitated, that's when Hades' self-awareness becomes clear, should he wake up from the dream and realize what's going on, he'll try to tear out of her body, so Honma's new mission is he become a barrier, and he could push him out and his attributes might be shown on the surface that would only prove that he's doing a good job. Ran is plans to use Yahwah as the avatar for the new Super-Transcriptome. Yahwah was the most appropriate character Ran found from Rami's memories, and he liked the settings in the animated cartoon. Yahwah is noisy and distracting, just enough to blur Rami's self-awareness. Ran deemed it more stable and useful to add a virtual character than implanting another life form's personality. A priest comments that Yahwah is a bit too petite and too cute to handle a bunch of violent Quanxs. Because of this, the animated cartoon character is the main character of her personality, not Rami's. So her words are seem to handle children as well is from here.

4 months ago Edit

In Eve Rachel (1), he appears on the screen, and he announced Marvic's contract was supposed to terminate today, but he has just received a damaged package claim from Marvic's client. Since the damaged item was an important historical artifact, his contract receives an extra 2 years, and his due bonus awards will all be forfeited.

In Blackout, Denma and Jet hates Yahwah. So they belong to Apple. But Yahwah knows about Apple. Silverquick's control system is filled with loopholes. So he created Adams.

When 5. A.E. (2), he refers to the Crying Daddy's closest friends who got a better experimental material called Arcel.

20180312 172301

(2), volume 1

At this time, it's revealed that the entity of Arcel is a young woman named Edel, the Ephraimite. So useless old sample such as Crying Daddy needs to be quickly scrapped. When he gets angry, a strange pattern appears on his face. He commands Ballack to harass Arcel.

1 month ago Edit

Yahwah manage Negev channel-3's 30% of the revenue, when Denma wanted.

In Savoy Gaal, he orders Denma to save Edrei who was abducted by the Savoys.


Edel asks him if Edrei's maximum ability is catching a roach. He acts like hiding Edrei's powers.

In Pigear (25), he saw Hoon sent to customer complaint so gave Jet a punishment.

He says Jet has just exceeded the Quanx power limit they permit for self-defense, and the damage on the reputation of Silverquick isn't something he can pay with his time or money, so he orders Adam to terminate unit Jet. Adam is tries to decapitates Jet's neck.

At that moment, the directors of Silverquick's station 7 stop him because he didn't report the Gaal's booster guns. They says this is some serious matter that can break the hierarchy of the entire church body, so they transmitted the footage to the Internal Affairs yesterday. And they confine him in something like a box. Then they say that, his avatar in custody until the Black Chapter inspectors get in. Adam is still standing because he hasn't ordered him to return. When he stops, also Adam stops. So he seems to controls Adams.

In 14. A.E. (2), the 2 inspectors are go to him, who was trapped in a cube. They release him. He allows 2 inspectors to approach the original body and asks how unpleasant it's to have someone get near their body. The one inspector says they're just regular Quanxs, so they'll never understand the complicated feeling Hyper-Quanx go through. After that, the inspectors go to the door where the lava is, where the water is, where the monster is, where the to solve the Rubik's Revenge is. And they arrive at the door. The door will open the inside pressure reaches equilibrium with the outside pressure.

20180319 163705

In Savoy Gaal (15) and 14. A.E. (3), Denma gets permission to get him to catching the Pentagons. At this time, Edel says something to him. He's finally acceded to Denma's demands. And he asks Uriel to pull any information on Pentagon. Uriel shows last year's scouting list, and she says got one last year, and another one recently, but didn't get their leader, Eldgon, yet. Then Uriel shows the 2 she has captured. He's surprises to see their faces. Edrei tells Jet to Dr. Yahwah witherew his punishments.

After Cell reported to him, he surprises all Adams are had to be the ones who were sent off to guard the rescue ship for supervisor Edrei. And he tells her to watch Denma as he sees the Denma mentioned Apple, even though he might be looking for his key to escape while using the Pentagon as an excuse. And he wonders who has made the priest get drunk so much. Denma gives Cell's Avatar the slip. Edel and Arcel go to the address where Mirai Datsu is located before Denma. Edel finds out that Mirai is a hologram, and reports to him that she does not meet with the customer directly to protect her.

Cell tells Edel to Denma's moving line.

Edel reports to Yahwah that he will return to base the morning after tomorrow after wrapping everything up. Edel says to Denma that Yahwah has forbid from drinking but mabe can have just one bottle.

He rebukes Edel that explaining to the PIA (Priesthood of Internal Affairs), because Edel drunk again. And he says Mirai Datsu in the file box inside the archive has disappeared. Edel reports that there was no sign of intrusion anywhere. Yahwah notices that Denma hid Mirai. The reason is that micro-organisms call Gora, whose are lives in forest air on Carlburn and they reflect UV lights. So he calls Denma and his face is appears a strange pattern.

In Savoy Gaal (38), Denma is shocked by the fact that Guyrin betrayed himself. At this time, Denma ignores when Yahwah says he bring out the weapon maker in count of 3, or he die. Then, Denma is disconnected from the Neuro-scanning device and the body is terminates.

In God's Lover (1), he secretly watches Arcel and Golden Hair. Then he says Arcel's memory is clean, now Jet and Golden hair can be quite useful because Savoy Quanx, Pentagon, that capture Quanx.

Jet and Golden hair are revealed Hyper-Quanx, with 2 or more powers.

He went up against the directors again. He's on edge since the inspectors' visit from few days ago. There was a big quarrel over terminating a Quanx. The directors get angry that, he has terminated a Quanx that is related to the Bureau's ongoing investigation. He get angry that, it's none of their business to interfere with however he deal with the Quanx under his charge. The directors' rank within the church is much higher than his.

Denma appears. The directors of Silverquick's station 7 or he seems to saved Denma. Denma feels a headache. He also would have cleaned Denma's memory.

Camael commands Bahel to execute of newly located infidels after he's free from Silverquick. In fact, Camael's identity is Yahwah's Transcriptome.

Adams beats the golden hair, Eunguy. He orders Eunguy has killed Ballack, so he'll has to continue on his mission for him. Eunguy refuses this because he isn't a pedophilic psychopath.

20170930 210353

He appears directly in a muscular build and beats Eunguy. He says Eunguy is pulled everyone's head off in public, and he all are just a pile of toxic waste. And then he says Randolph, Eunguy's Pentagon codename certainly suits him better than Eunguy. He threatens others to reveal that he was Savoy. And he says one of those 2,500 Quanx also used to be one of him Pentagons, he takes it he 2 aren't friends anymore.

The deputy director of Internal Affairs receives his secretary's report. The deputy director of Internal Affairs' secretary reports that Yahwah's mind map was far off from the church's simulation, and he's imcluded Ephraimite Quanx in the missions even though the Academy of Science were done with their study. The deputy director of Internal Affairs and his secretary says Yahwah isn't planning the Night of Adams to find his original body and Yahwah even fell into coma from the aftermaths of the damage control. The deputy director of Internal Affairs says Yahwah is so desperately trying to locate his original body, and he says he thinks Yahwah's hope for escape is what he holds him together. The deputy director of Internal Affairs asks does his secretary find the firearm maker, and she says Korah will be on it himself. He says he'll tell the director. And the deputy director of Internal Affairs says Yahwah will go postal if he ever finds out where his original body is.

Denma receives a massage from a masseur. Denma asks how's the recipient at the congress buliding, and Cell answers, fortunately he survived alongside Denma. Cell thinks right now Denma's memory after the building collapse in planet Negev had been completely wiped out, and he told that she doesn't says anything funny.

Eunguy remembers what he said. He said that Eunguy is sure he would be happy to learn that his old friend is in here. Eunguy goes to Arcel and says he's sorry.

Jet enters his room, but there's him with a muscular body that sprays HANK on the window. Jet is surprises to see his Pentagon codename on the window. He says in Jet's case, his real name suits him better, and for his old Pentagon buddy in here, his code name suits him better. And he asks how Jet did Quanx end up as enemies from being friends, and they'll kill each other if he ever identify himself. At this time, a blackout occurs. Jet thinks how deep does Silverquick know about Pentagon, and he doubts whether the person in here is Eldgon or Randolph. Then, when the electricity came back, he laughs that Randolph has doing well, and Jet is surprises.

He says to Jet that he gave him all the hints there're, he has all the pieces of the puzzle, and he might just spill the beans to his friend first before he get to him. Also he says he'll decide when and to whom to expose the secret based on Jet's attitude, same goes for his buddy. And he says, Apple guys be more proactive, because he doesn't likes lukewarm stuff, so he either be cold or be hot, and he could be helpful to Jet one day. Afterwards, Jet thinks why he did bring up Apple, and what does he want to do. He greets the newcomers, including Hoon that, Silverquick sincerely welcome all of he on board.

He's similar to God. He and God share names of God, and their character is the devil. Also they have a common cute looks, and these aren't the actual body, but the avatar. And they're ghost.

God want to talk about the unexpected result of Mating, but he's puzzled that he can't remember. Cell thinks like a part of God's memory is sliced off, it's a Memory cutting that can't be recovered, and that was also applied to Denma, she thinks she need to report this to him.


He reports the President of Pax Industries that God is talking about Mating. He says he's assuming that the leakage of the Neuro-scanning technology led to the abuse, and this was years ago, so he thought it's time for him to step up, and they should pressure the U.C.S. to disband the Quanx forces at the planet Carlburn, because they putting an exception as such allowed these nobodies to hide and do these experiments. The president of Pax Industries says these useless Quanxs are always making trouble in the universe. Then he makes a strange look. The president of Pax Industries says he was talking about Quanxs that are outside themselves. After the call was over, he contacted Cell and tells her that, the distinguish humans from other creatures is that humans are ungrateful so they're a worthless species. And he says this is the good work so he'll forgive her next time when she makes a fatal mistake. And after the call was over, he thinks this will definitely help with the modified plan, and the Night of Adams was nothing but a peanut compared to his new plan.

In A Catnap (170) - Ch.492, Edrei tries to eat a cookie, but a cockroach is above so he removes it by his Quanx ability. But Edrei recognizes he used his Quanx ability. Edrei feels strange because Adam isn't appear. Soy holds a doll. Soy runs to Rami. Rami calls to Jay and angry to him. Jay also angry. This is developed from the contents of A Catnap (1) - Ch.323 in Rami's viewpoint. In her dream, she sees Soy and Jay and sheds tear. At this time, Cell laughs suddenly, and on Quai's forehead, ? is written. And Edrei's Eve laughs suddenly, and Edrei looks querulous. Maybe Edrei had something like this before. All Eves are laugh. The Quanx deliverers, include Jet and Head-Eye, seem surprised or embarrassed to see their Eve's look. In other words, she can't detect Quanx abilities when she takes a catnap, and Adams can't appear. Because of this dream, the object that can have the most emotional and powerful influence on her is Rami, and her feelings may be the incitement to awaken her.

She thinks he fell asleep and he's curious that why he's so teary, and who're those little kids. She stretches and she's get back to work.

In 16. A.E. (1-1), Adams beats Eunguy. She says Randolph has been doing fine, but now he refuses. Eunguy says he doesn't want to does that to a kid anymore. She says Randolph can't always to what he want, so if he doesn't want to, he'll blow his head off right now. Jet recalls her word. She said, when he reveal it depends on how obedient Jet is to him, like Randolph did. Jet sighs and thinks what's really on his mind. Eventually, Eunguy approaches Arcel. Arcel cries and says, Eunguy isn't someone who tortures kids, but he's doing this to him, so he'll get away from him because it hurts.

She sees Jet and Ivory hair's conversation, and says he's finds out already but he can't let he does that because he likes Randolph. At this time, she thinks of an idea, so she calls Eunguy and says he was going to thank Randolph anyway and gives him a small gift for what he has done. In the bed, Denma thinks this recipe is Cell wouldn't have gotten this from a normal database because the numbers are different so that means this is from outside and the day this was written was when he was unconscious. Denma recalls that when God wonders that he can't remember just that part. Jet thinks if the clue is real he has to be Randolph and how could dog does such a thing and what's the dog up to, and he has to take care what's urgent first, before he reveals everything, he has to find a way. Jet goes to his room, but in it, Eunguy was in advance. She anticipates and says the reunion of two comrades who didn't even know each other, but for some reason, Jet and Eunguy are very hostile to each other. Eunguy angry and says Junk·Hank is a terrible liar. Jet also angry and says let's get straight into business, and he calls Eunguy to little rat. She says Jet and Eunguy can fight. She says Randolph can crush a skull barehanded, and Jet have the strongest endurance trained with gravity. She eagerly look forward to Quanx scums can fight till death.

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (3), Eunguy beats Jet. Jet tries to use the gravity crush, but Adam is appears. She says this is a sheer hand-to-hand combat so no Quanx ability allowed. Adam sits and watches their fight. Jet says Dike from planet Urano is here and he went through a Neuro-scanning so he's hiding in someone else's body with a fake name, so Eunguy will never find him on his own. Jet says, Eunguy have to turn Dike over to El so he can be done with his slave contract. Jet says El wants Dike fully intact anyway, and he provokes Eunguy to kill himself. Eunguy punches Jet. Jet says El has all of Pentagon's secret funds, and he has to turn Dike over to him too full intact, so he's looking for his body just like Eunguy.

Eunguy says what Jet just said better be true, otherwise, he promise him so he'll die in ways he can't even imagine. Eunguy asks what's Jet's plan because seeing as they both need Dike. Jet answers Eunguy need Dike more than he does, and he can live without that pocket change, and he has lost more while gambling, but he's El's slave. At this time, Eunguy breaks Jet's arm, and says that money is important but he has gambled it, so he'll get him that money from El. Eunguy plans that, Jet'll help him find Dike intact then they can both go to El together, and he get to get rid of his mark, and he get to bring his money back. Jet says Eunguy don't get to order him around, and he's the desperate one here. Eunguy puts his foot on Jet's waist and threatens, if he step on his private area, he bet him won't get so lucky with the ladies. Jet says he won't let bud down, and he asks Eunguy can help him up. Jet says but just to be clear, this is only temporary, so just until they get what they're after, and he can't stress this enough, and he's not going to be his henchman. Eunguy says he decide whether Jet live or die, and he'll kill him if he so much as try anything stupid. At this moment, Adam beats them. She says they say that bring Dike to El is too obvious, and he owns them, so he's the one who decides whether them live or die, so they just die.

Eunguy wakes up from a sickbay. Eunguy thinks what does he want from him. At this time, Jet screams, and Eunguy calls a nurse. Jet says he needs the nurse's phone number. Eunguy says the nurse just say the word, and he'll cut Jet in half. The nurse says Jet's procedure went well, it seems. Jet thinks he didn't see this coming at all, and teaming up with Randolph is actually better this way, and if they somehow manage to escape, he won't touch him at least until they get the money back from El, so he can be the newest recruit to the Apple because everyone will welcome a Hyper like him so he'll bait him with Dike and escape. Jet recalls that, he said Apples need to be more active and he's like a tepid water either be cold or hot, and he could be of help someday. Jet thinks what he did mean he could be of help, and it's bugging the hell out of him. Jet thinks Randolph is probably planning to use the Apple's will to escape against them, and he's trying to sort them out, and he plans it's time to let the other members know. She sees statistics. She thinks the recent merger made the El family becomes the largest shareholder of the Sten Industries and Gold Wing put together, and he's amazed their financial growth reached this level, and their financial status is just below that of Gosan family, at this rate, by next year they would be the most powerful family in the universe eight, and it might look like El is trying to walk on a different path from them, but if the people look into the type of businesses that his buying right now, and his bold attitude as if saying he can overthrow Gosan anytime he wants, so it means he's trying to reach the top, past him. She sees what he got from the planet Carlburn last time. The hologram shows Mirai, Denma, and a booster gun.

She thinks it's a firearm which is strong enough to attack the Transcriptome and Mirai is the manufacturer of the firearm, and just because he didn't inform this to the security management system of the church body, the Directors of Silverquick's station 7 reported him to the Internal Affairs, and as a result, his main body had to go through the most untimely mind map reading, and they must've realized his mind map was way off course from the church simulation and they probably found out that he included Epraimite Quanx on the hunting list even after the Quanx was done analyzed, and that Internal Affairs agent, who was additionally dispatched, managed to read Denma's memories, and not from his consciousness, but through his body somehow, and they must've taken appropriate measures about that forearm manufacturer by now, and from all this information, the first thing they'll expect him to do is to use this weapon that can attack the Transcriptome, and they'll think that he'll leak the information to the resistance within the company, in the advent of a riot by those Quanxs equipped with highly advanced weaponry, he'll have to invoke the Adam's Night again to find his real body. She thinks it's not like he hasn't thought about it, but such a naive plan that will get him tracked down as soon as he escape, and has been completely modified with Cell's status report, and he opened his eyes to the new possibility, approaching from a completely different dimension, Mating, and all these additional information will definitely help his new plan, and if he get caught this time, the Internal Affairs will scrap him immediately so this is his one last chance, and what he need right now is an incident so huge that they won't care about his escape, something that could cause a panic across Silverquick, the church, and the U.C.S. altogether, and that's the only way he can survive, the only way he can be safe from the church, and to accomplish that, he have to get El involved no matter what. She thinks Duke Gosan is a recluse of the most powerful family in the universe eight, and Count El who seeks to overthrow Gosan along with the system, and Pax Industries and Silverquick are Gosan's munitions factory and logistics company, versus Sten Industries and Gold Wing are El's and they're very fitting symmetry. She thinks Dike/Denma with El behind his back and Pentagon who has to turn him over to him, and they're matches who'll set the fuse on the time bomb, and the church would never guess he'd go to this length for his escape. She plans to the battle between Gosan and El and it's the galactic war of the universe eight.

When Bahel killed the Quanx deliverer, he prays to Mother Madonna that he thinks her for granting him freedom, and until the day when he eradicate the roots of heretics, who tries to infiltrate Silverquick and destroy the order of their church, he'll continue on with his solemn duty. Pfff says it's okay when he use his Quanx ability in Silverquick. Buzz cut says Pfff should stop it. Pfff uses his Psychokinesis Quanx ability to floats a pencil, and he says no marshmallow in the Silverquick so nothing happened. Buzz cut also uses his Psychokinesis Quanx ability to floats a pencil, but Adam appears and tries to spank his ass. Buzz cut shouts that Pfff is the one who started it so the marshmallow should spank him, not him. She checks this, and thinks that makes two of them among the latest recruits and he feel like this is happening more and more often, and if a Quanx ability is used inside Silverquick, the system is set to detect it as a physical anomaly and send out a Transcriptome there way immediately, but for some reason, for every hundred Quanxs, there's always one those Transcriptomes can't pick up, and apart from the reason this keeps happening, the Holy See's command continues to dismiss his reports on this matter, all he can does is to get rid of those uncontrollable potential threats one at a time, making it look like an accident, right now, there's one thing left to check before he add any more names to Bahel's hit list, Pfff, and Hoon.

Hoon memorizes the Commercial Ordinances of the Universe Eight. At this time, Camael appears. Camael says she's the angel, the messenger of the Holy Madonna, and she's in charge of religious experiences provided by Silverquick, and she has comes to deliver a message of salvation and the gospels to Hoon, who doesn't know her holiness, and if he get to know her, he's guaranteed a long-term employment here. She checks Hoon's body's energy waves, and the tone of his voice, and thinks if he brainwash him a few times, he could turn him into one of his henchmen just like Bahel.

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In 15. A.E. (2), a month later, the owner of planet Bella, formed brotherly ties, informs Duke Gosan that the Director of Pax Industries was trying to kill himself. Gosan says he's actually the largest shareholder the Pax Industries. The owner of planet Bella surprises and says they're destined to be enemies. Gosan says they must haven't known that they're sworn brothers and let him apologizes on behalf of them. Daniel brings Director of Pax Industries while Gosan is exercises with a sandbag over his glove. The Director of Pax Industries reports that, they received a report about the leakage of the Neuro-scanning technology so he tried to kill the owner of planet Bella, and he asks Gosan know Yahwah from Silverquick's station 7. Gosan answers she's shaman ghost. The Director of Pax Industries says she was talking about the breakup of Carlburn's Quanx Unit through U.C.S., so he had to respond. Gosan says they're sworn brothers. Gosan takes out the calculator and calculates the breakup of Carlburn's Quanx Unit. The Director of Pax Industries also takes out the calculator and says that has already been over with. He says since they're sworn brothers so they have to add the zero percentage of going to war with Bella on the list.

In Kuan's Fridge (1), Denma says to Jet that he won't let Apple have any more recruits, so they need to be a bit more careful when they recruit a new guy.

Jet thinks that puppy is up to something and now Randolph shows up, so things got out of hand so suddenly. She calls to Randolph and says he didn't mean to put him in a sickbay, so as a token of his sincere apology, he has decided to tell him who Dike is. She shows Denma in hologram, and says Randolph has walked by him a couple of times, and he has a Neuro-scanner on the back of his head, and he heard him need to take him to someone with his body and mind intact, but just so the Silverquick are clear, they didn't do this to him, and he was already like this when Uriel, the manager in charge of their contracts, found him, and he was founded with his brain transferred to a child's body, and story goes that he was a part of an experiment waiting to be disposed of.

Cell calls and reports to her. She asks how about the rest of their cargos. Cell answers there were none, and this was the last package before they head back. She thinks why Denma of all people, and he getting locked up inside the fridge. She orders he'll send some Supervisors over there, and Cell give him update. When she hangs up the phone, Cell thinks sending in Supervisors was unexpected, and it's a relief, and now let's go find Denma.

She can't recognize Adams in Kuan's Fridge, because their connection with their partners must've severed when they got locked up in object Quanx, and once they got disconnected from their partner Quanxs, they must've remained faithful to their basic instincts to kill Quanxs while they were in the fridge, and the quantum communication is disabled in here, if a partner Quanx dies, the Transcriptome manifested by the controller should disappear as well, however, the Transcriptome controller can't sense the Quanx's death nor the physical anomaly being resolved, that's why they're still around with their systems shut down, so they can't disappear nor move.

6 months later Edit

In 15. A.E. (3-2), 6 months later, the Director of Pax Industries calls Gosan an emergency call. Gosan wears a bread bag on his head, and says if it's not an emergency, he'll do something. At this time, the bodyguards are gathered and the Director of Pax Industries is on the screen. Gosan asks why did the Director of Pax Industries summon his White Police Guards. The Director of Pax Industries answers that it's for his own safety and there's been a riot at Silverquick's station 7 and Quanxs are escaping. When Gosan taps on a calculator, the Director of Pax Industries says this is no time for that and this could be a real threat to him because the leader group of rebels called the Apple made an encrypted document and he found his name on it, and it looks like they're trying to use him to protect them after they escape. Gosan laugh and says now everyone's trying to, so those filthy Quanxs are trying to make a deal with him, so let them. Then Dike and Guido come to Gosan. Dike asks he's the Duke of Gosan, and he introduces himself as the Invincible Death from Urano. Gosan says Dike doesn't look like the Invincible Death though, and he doesn't know how skillful he's but the intruder is exaggerating himself because his 100 White Police Guards that are standing in front of him right now, and they're all Hyper-Quanxs. Dike says he just killed one of Hyper-Quanx on the way. Here, it's likely that the Hyper-Quanx is one of Jet (Hank) or Eunguy (Randolph) or she.

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Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit



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Screenshot 2017-02-01-11-49-07

Unit 106

Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-47-11

Default skin (Lv 1, 4 star ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)

Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-47-30

Growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Darkness attribute

Vitality 32237
Damage 1487
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Power accumulation 7 Power accumulation Passive Every cooldown increases skill's 1 time damage of the amount and causes bleeding.
Yahwah&#039;s cube 4 Yahwah's cube 7' Throw the cube towards the nearest enemy to collect nearby enemies and explode to inflict damage. When enemies encountered explosion, their attack speed and movement speed are reduced.
Conquest of insects 4 Conquest of insects 17' Sends a laser ball that advances towards the enemy with the highest damage, and pushing the enemy out of the trajectory and causing damage. The character can cause damage to knockbacked enemy again.
Overwhelming power 4 Overwhelming power Passive All attacks are changed penetration form. Ignores damage reduction as much as penetration value.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Thrust Passive At the basic attack, thrusts enemies in the probabilistically.
  • Character Description

The manager of Silverquick to member of the Church of Madonna. It's very cruel, unlike its cute looks.

Screenshot 2017-02-01-19-23-13

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Yahwah is playable character.

Screenshot 2017-03-14-18-24-17

Screenshot 2017-03-14-18-26-14

Main images

Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit



Attack Power: 5.57K

Level: 1 HP: 594
ATK: 570 DEF: 582
Power Up Level: 0/30 Awakening Level: Step 1 1Lv
Promotion Level: 0/7
Fire Attributes: 5 Ground Attributes: 70 Water Attributes: 29 Light Attributes: 16
  • Skills

Create Transcriptome

Create Transcriptome (전사체 생성, Jeonsache saengseong)

★ Type.1

- Activates with a 16% chance.

- Inflicts 242% violent damage.

- Recovered 191% of ally's total HP after attack.

- If the ally's HP is lower than the enemy, it robs 71 of the water attributes.

★ Skill cool time: 42 turns.


★ Ground attributes increased by 61.

★ Light attributes increased by 101.

Yahwah, Eunguy: If they play simultaneously, they will be activated.

  • Promotion

1Lv: Ground+4 Water+1 Light+2: Hero's critical damage +500

2Lv: Ground+11 Water+3 Light+3: Hero's invincibleness +500

3Lv: Fire+2 Ground+19 Water+6 Light+4: Hero's attack +10%

4Lv: Fire+2 Ground+33 Water+6 Light+8: Hero's defense +10%

5Lv: Fire+4 Ground+42 Water+14 Light+10: Hero's critical effect +50%

6Lv: Fire+4 Ground+53 Water+23 Light+13: Hero's HP +15%

7Lv: Fire+5 Ground+70 Water+29 Light+16: Activate combo effect, combo+10%

  • Treasure

Soy's Doll

Soy&#039;s Doll

Level: 1/1260

Power Up Level: 0/7

Hero: Yahwah

Level Up of Attribute
Basic HP increase: 147
Basic attack increase: 71
Basic defense increase: 102
  • Strengthening Attributes

1Lv: Ground+6 Light+2[Hero's critical damage +500]

2Lv: Ground+12 Water+3 Light+4[Hero's invincibleness +500]

3Lv: Ground+22 Water+7 Light+4[Hero's attack +10%]

4Lv: Fire+1 Ground+33 Water+11 Light+6[Hero's defense +10%]

5Lv: Fire+1 Ground+49 Water+16 Light+9[Hero's critical effect +50%]

6Lv: Fire+1 Ground+68 Water+21 Light+14[Hero's HP +15%]

7Lv: Fire+2 Ground+83 Water+30 Light+23[Combo+10%]

In Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON, Soy's Doll is a treasure.

Class: SSR+
Race: Densinma
Sex: Sexless
Job: Denma
  • Hero's Introduction

You worthless, piece of shit Quanx! You never, try your dumb tricks on Yahwah!

He's the creature that controls Quanxs in Silverquick. His puppy shape body is an avatar, and the actual body is a human who has red pigtails. He usually acts a bad boy with a cute appearance but gradually reveals his authority. He controls Quanxs by creating and controlling Transcriptome within Silverquick.

In Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON, Yahwah is a playable hero.

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  • Every A.E. in the volumes comes with him.
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