Yael Road (야엘 로드, Yael rodeu) is the seventh episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

In this episode, the planet Negev is revealed.

This is the timeline 3 months later in the Band of Brothers. The reason is later revealed in God's Lover (8).

로드 (Rodeu) means both lord and road. So the Korean title of 로드 has ambiguous words.

The song Denma sang in 7.A. E. (2) is G-Dragon's Heartbreaker.

Chs. with articles.

Yael Lord is old English version's name.

Characters Edit

  1. Quai
  2. Denma
  3. Cell
  4. Yael
  5. Chairman
  6. Guyrin
  7. El (debut)
  8. Yahwah
  9. Anne
  10. Aaron (debut)
  11. Joshua (mention)
  12. Amela's daughter
  13. Amela
  14. Noah
  15. Edrei's Eve (debut)
  16. Edrei
  17. Crying Daddy's closest friends

Quanx abilities used Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "That is some stemina you're showing. What's your secret?" -Denma
  • "Your touching twist is what dismays me." -Denma
  • ""I... Believe in you and I love you" is all we need to hear. You... weak fathers." -Yael
  • "Devarim... had spoken. Through... A small and unknown boy... a new era shall emerge on planet Negev. Later, people shall carve his face onto the highst part of the national memorial to remember him. It is the least people could do to reflect his many great achievements, and people shall call him the greatest... "Lord Yael"." -Anne
  • "For those who are not Pico..... Are you happy? Is planet Negev... ...happy? -Yael
  • "You will never get out of there, ever!" -Aaron
  • "Strangely, It is actually comforting to think that I literally have nothing to lose. I can't afford the time to give up." -Yael
  • "My dear child, I believe in you and I love you." -Amela
  • "If you have a goal, you just have to go for it. There's no time to fear failure." -Amela
  • "Extreme anger can sometimes... ...cause human to suddenly revert to their primitive state." -Denma
  • "You're my ha-ha-ha-heart-breaker. What have I done wrong. ♪" -Denma

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Old English version's lines

Old English version's lines

Old English version's lines

Old English version's lines


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