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"It have contracted 'Neo Books' and Denma volumes, which is subsidiary of 'Jaeum&moeum'. I thought it wouldn't be possible to publish it for a long time, but after a few months, the book will came out ㅜ ㅠ Thank you. Naver jungu team leader 〉_〈b I won't forget this grace, smack∼∼∼" -Youngsoon Yang's Twitter (Korean)

On June 12, 2013, Youngsoon Yang is announced volumes release via his Twitter. His Twitter was disappeared in 2016.

The publisher is Neocartoon, a subsidiary of Jaeum&moeum.

At the time, the publication target date was at the end of October 2013. However, it was published in South Korea on January 20, 2015.

20180312 172301

In 5. A.E. (2), Edel (Arcel's real identity) hasn't irises, but in here, her purple irises are appeared.

Here, some characters' names with the same name were revised. For example, May of Captain Hardok has the same name as May of God's Lover, May of Captain Hardok's name is changed to Juday. And Ballack (발락, Balrak) has the same name as Balak (발락, Balrak), Ballack's name is changed to Jude. And Gora (고라, Gora) has the same name as Korah (고라, Gora), it's name is changed to Umora.

Also plot holes and continuity errors has been partially revised. In A Dog of Pamana (1),

20180317 113931

20180316 2233160511

Dike and Denma's Quanx effect isn't revealed, in here, it's revealed.

20180317 113933

And Adams' shape were different from that of real Adam, in here, it was modified to real Adam shape.

20180316 2233155301

And Maggie's Quanx effect isn't revealed, in here, it's revealed.

20180316 2233150881

And Adam's effect isn't revealed, in here, it's revealed.

20180704 180922

In Savoy Gaal (2), Aaron sees Adam and says "How brilliant. Where did you find this?" In here, it changed to "This is familiar... Yes, I'm looking at him again."


In God's Lover (55), when Director of Pax Industries appears in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, the images are different. In Chapter 1, he wears a suit with a black left eye part, no tie, and black buttons on both sides. In Chapter 2, he wears a suit with a gray left eye part, a tie. Originally, the author tried to make a difference in his outfit that was worn 20 years ago and now, but when the plot was transferred to Kuan's Fridge A.E., the author thinks he'll draw his eyebrows and beard color changed different but his suit is same. In here, his left eye part, which was black but it turned gray.

20180312 172333

In 16. A.E. (1-2), while the Ivory hair is records the video when Eunguy pinching Arcel and he's using EMP. If Arcel's forehead has a flash, the video being recorded should also be turned off. The author acknowledged the suspicion that the video that was clearly presented during the blackout. So author is modified to appear as noise in here.


Every A.E. in the Chapter 1 (Vol. 1 ~ 5) of here comes with Yahwah.

Volume 1 Edit

Denma the Quanx 1

Released January 20, 2015

Serialized period of webtoon

The cover is the Denma's face.

Since January 2010, 『Denma』 serialized in Naver Webtoon, is the main character of the villain "Dike" who is trapped in a child's body and performs a mission of space transportation. The beginning and development of the story comes out of 'Denma', but the vast scale of the universe and the story of filling it are with those who have lived in the universe for a long time, such as Pamana and Captain Hardok.

It seems to be proceeding like a different story of people who meet 'Denma', but in fact, these stories are the organization and vitality of each one designing the universe. This is what the author is talking about, he explains, "That the characters in my story are no longer moving as the my decides."

Chapters Edit

A Dog of Pamana

Captain Hardok

  • Chapter .02: "Captain Hardok" (해적선장 하독, Haejeokseonjang hadok)


  • Chapter .03: "Eve" (이브(EVE), Ibeu)

Eve Rachel

  • Chapter .04: "Eve Rachel" (이브 라헬, Ibeu Rahel)


  • Chapter .05: "Blackout" (블랙아웃, Beullaek aut)

Band of Brothers

  • Chapter .06: "Band of Brothers" (밴드 오브 브라더스, Baendeu obeu beuradeoseu)

Yael Road

  • Chapter .07: "Yael Road" (야엘 로드, Yael rodeu)

Supervisor Bahel's How To Kill

Volume 2 Edit

Denma the Quanx 2

Released January 20, 2015

Serialized period of webtoon: April 4 ~ July 26, 2010

Serialized period of webtoon

The cover is the Adam's face.

Chapters Edit


  • Chapter .09: "Mandragora" (만드라고라, Mandeuragora)

Note Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros

Savoy Gaal

  • Chapter .11: "Savoy Gaal (사보이 가알. Saboi Gaal)

For Supervisor Edrei

  • Chapter .10: tips: "For Supervisor Edrei" (반장 에드레이를 위한, Banjang Edeureireul wihan)

Volume 3 Edit

Denma the Quanx 3

Released January 20, 2015

Serialized period of webtoon

The cover is the Jet's face.

Chapters Edit


  • Chapter .11 "Sixteen" (식스틴, Sikseutin)


  • Chapter .12 "Marionette" (마리오네트, Marioneteu)

Volume 4 Edit

Denma the Quanx 4

Released January 26, 2016

Serialized period of webtoon

The cover is the Edel's face.

Whole episode of 'Pigear' and first half of 'God's Lover' are recorded!

Youngsoon Yang's Manwha 『Denma』 Vol 4. In July 2015, Youngsoon Yang started a series of 'Denma' again after a long rest. This book contains the first part of the Naver episode "Pigear" and "God's Lover". A story about a filthy, smelly, cowardly and weaker male Pigear, and a beautiful female Pigear, which is said to god created the universe to show her off, [Pigear]. [God's Lover] is a unfolding drama about a self-righteous tyrant Dr. God (Goad), who's raving about love, and a ruthless conspiracy on the scale of an escaped planet.

Chapters Edit


  • Chapter .13 "Pigear" (피기어, Pigieo)

God's lover 1

Volume 5 Edit

Denma the Quanx 5

Released February 15, 2016

Serialized period of webtoon

The cover is the God (Goad)'s face.

Youngsoon Yang's Manwha 『Denma』 Vol. 5. "God's Lover" from the fourth volume contains a process in which a dead God (Goad) loses his physical body and lives in the network. Dr. God, who has become a god-like entity with all networks under his control. The lonely solitude still remains, but the infinite love is once again endlessly naive but a bit bitterly endless. The subsequent 「A.E.」 episode spawns a lot of questions and makes the heart goose-chill again. It shows a box of red courier boxes, and ends with Chapter 1, and predicts a gigantic epic in Chapter 2.

Chapters Edit

God's lover 2

Volume 6 Edit

Denma the Quanx 6

Released November 3, 2016

Serialized period of webtoon: January 29 ~ October 9, 2012

The cover is the Rami's face.

Denma』 Vol. 6. 「A Catnap」 deals with the birth of "Yahwah", the ruler of Silverquick, and many foreshadows are clarified and foreshadows are blown again. In particular, Rami and Guardian priest Abigail came to the show and showed a skill of god who attracted and finished the author's previous works which were unfortunately ended.

Author's previous work which was unfortunately ended is 『Iron Dog John Doe』(1998) and 『Rami Record』(2008).

Chapters Edit

A catnap 1

Volume 7 Edit

Denma the Quanx 7

Released March 20, 2017

Serialized period of webtoon: October 12, 2012 ~ April 29, 2013

The cover is the Abigail's face.

Youngsoon Yang's Manwha 『Denma』 Vol. 7. This book contains the second half of 「A Catnap」. The「A Catnap」 section is a lot more clarification of the foreshadows and the foreshadows are blowing again. Deals with the birth (?) of ‘Yahwah’, the ruler of Silverquick. And Gosan family and White Police Guards revealed its appearance. In particular, Rami and Guardian priest Abigail came to the show and showed a skill of god who attracted and finished the author's previous work which was unfortunately ended.

Chapters Edit

A catnap 2

Volume 8 Edit

Denma the Quanx 8 (1)

Released March 20, 2017

Serialized period of webtoon: May 3 ~ , November 23, 2013

The cover is Lot's face only for the first print.

Denma the Quanx 8 (2)

From the second print, it's replaced by the Count El's face. link (Korean)

Youngsoon Yang's Manwha 『Denma』 Vol. 8. This book contains the first part of Naver Webtoon series「Kuan's Fridge」. Kuan's Fridge is a major variable in the object Quanx with a multi-dimensional space inside. In「A Catnap」, a result (?) of Aorica incident which gave a great shock to the whole universe was hidden in it. The collision between the 8th universe best noble family, Gosan family and the second noble family, El family, makes our eyes off.

Chapters Edit

Kwan's refrigerator 1

S.E. Rami Record Edit

Rami Record

Released August 16, 2017

Serialized period of webtoon

  • Yahoo! Cartoonworld: August 8 ~ October 14, 2008
  • Denma: April 2 ~ 4, 2013

It's sales by reservation on July 31, and it's released on August 16, 2017. link (Korean)

Volume 9 Edit

Denma the Quanx 9 (1)

Released April 30, 2019

Serialized period of webtoon: November 26, 2013 ~

The cover is the Gaya's face only for the first print. link (Korean)

This book contains the middle part of Naver Webtoon series「Kuan's Fridge」. The Duke Gosan and the Count El are entering the preparations for war in the supremacy of the universe eight. El's butler, Hazz draws the old White Police Guards that were forsaken by Gosan. And Cain who's El's son, holds hands with the Church of Madonna. However, the situation flows in a strange direction. In the meantime, Denma wanders through Kuan's Fridge, discovering the secret that Silverquick has hidden. And the Devarims prophesy the emergence of a new dark lord after the war.

One of the pleasures of enjoying 『Denma』 is that it's a storytelling that unfolds beyond the imagination, collecting a lot of foreshadowings thrown by the author. Every time the readers admire it but they stabbed in the back of their heads by the author, but they feel the ultimate catharsis whenever the foreshadowings are revealed. Also, the readers see and laugh blue comedies which are hidden in various places in the scene, but after that they're overwhelmed by the charisma of characters. It's possible only because it's Youngsoon Yang. When he makes his readers relax, and at any moment, he pulls up the atmosphere.

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Volume 10 Edit

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Volume 11 Edit

Volume 12 Edit

Volume 13 Edit

In June 25, 2018, Neocartoon says, Chapter 2 of the Part 2 of set will be composed of Volume 9 ~ 13 (Korean).

Chapters Edit

Web fiction Edit

link (Korean)

first cover, link (Korean)

Record the Quanx Denma S.E. (2)

Second cover

link (Korean)

Jacobo, Gaya, Daniel, Planar Constraint Quanx

The picture artist's Twitter (Korean)

SF comics, story of human and universe, as part of the Seoul Wow-Book Festival event, Youngsoon Yang gave the lecture which was held on September 30, 2016. At this time, the artist said that web fictionalize of Denma is in progress.

On April 1, 2017, an exclusive serialize began on Naver Books (N Store) under the name of 'Record the Quanx - Denma S.E.'. link (Korean)

The writer is dcdc. The genre is SF & Fantasy. The publisher is Neo-fiction. the content rating is 15.

It'll be published in April, 2018. link (Korean)

Chapter 1 Edit

The Puppet Show

Serialized period of web fiction: April 1 ~ June 9, 2017

The protagonist is Jacobo, the younger brother of Dwight. The background is the planet Heron. Jacobo is a marionette Quanx. link (Korean)

Chapter 2 Edit

The Idolatry

Serialized period of web fiction: June 30 ~ September 24, 2017

The protagonist is Daniel. Also Gaya appears. link (Spoiler) (Korean)

Daniel was an assassin of the Goel Orthodox Church and sent to the zealot to kill Caesar, the leader of Blank of the planet Synagogue. Daniel uses Liquid Mimicry Quanx ability and pass through the drainage hole, and he cuts Caesar's right arm by liquid beam emission, but when he hears his words, he gets caught by his guards, Gaya, and by chance he stands on the Blank side. In discipline, Caesar is a master, and Gaya is a senior disciple, and Daniel is a general disciple. Instead Daniel also taught Gaya about the many customs of the gangland and the information that only the assassin knows, such as the situation of the universe eight. Daniel feels nervous that Gaya has hidden dangerous powers. Later, Daniel becomes an executive but still struggles with back-up work with new leader of Blank, Karp, and Gaya. In a sermon of Blank, Daniel was gave a tough answer to the story, and later the newcomer Vashti makes a similar remark, he feels a sense of demeaning. After the end of the sermon, Daniel makes a suggestion to Vashti, clearing it together, then separating her head and body and killing her. In fact, Vashti was the assassin who tried to kill Caesar, and her dead body was settled by him and Gaya.

Orbit bombing by unmanned ships has been carries out on the planet Synagogue since last week. Is it an attack that Quanx who don't listen to noble person's words disappear? link (Korean)

Chapter 3 Edit

The Love Sick

Serialized period of web fiction: December 8, 2017 ~

No. 1, an Equivalent Mass Exchange Quanx, No. 2, a Taija race telepath Quanx, No. 3, a middle-aged woman, and No. 4, a drug addict Teleporting Quanx, all of which are in the crime planet Calvario, including No. 5, the protagonist Planar Constraint Quanx, are gathered to steal the halidom of the planet Gaia it goes on.

After that, it decided to interrupted from January 11 to February 2, 2018. link (Korean)

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