Write about the mention of time in the Denma.

In Denma, timeline is very complex because the time of A.E. and main part is often cross the time.

The current time is based on Kuan's Fridge (current time).

Link the corresponding chs. to the bulleted list in which the corresponding timeline appears.

Includes the same worldview, Iron Dog John Doe and Rami Record. Here's a summary of the big time sequences that were revealed accurately in the episodes.

Rami Record (1) (Korean) (past time) → A Dog of Pamana (past time) → Rami Record (current time) → A Catnap (past time) → Iron Dog John DoeCaptain Hardok (4) (past time) → Sixteen (past time) → God's Lover (past time) → A Dog of Pamana (current time), Captain Hardok (current time) ~ Band of BrothersYael Road, 7. A.E. (current time) ~ Mandragora (current time), For Supervisor Edrei, Savoy Gaal, Pigear ~ God's Lover (current time), 16. A.E., A Catnap (current time) → Kuan's Fridge (current time) → 15. A.E. (current time) → 15. A.E. (future) → Mandragora (future) → 11. A.E.27. A.E. (future)

Thousands of years ago Edit

  • Joshua's soul, who was murdered by cognation and scattered in the Intersecting Space of parallel universes... Starting from here, the religion of love and retribution 'Church of Madonna'. (Rami Record (1) (Korean, In Denma, it's (1) too) (past time))

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  • In Moab, The 10,000 Youth Entrepreneur Training Project fails and as the recession prolonged funds from the bank, ended up becoming the debt of the individual applicants, angered by the government's attitude that avoided responsibility, the bank made contracts with private institutions to get the principal plus interest back from them, the story goes they were notorious for being ruthless in their so-called collection, once the repossession team cleaned up the place, there was literally nothing left behind, but Holmes heard their attempts with all this foreclosure didn't help much in retrieving their funds back, they had to spend a fortune just to auction off the seized goods, so most of the seized items except valuables like jewelry went straight to the grinder, the foreclosure was nothing more than a way to make their point, the client, who knew this all too well, wanted to protect his friend's family at least, so using his position inside the government, he persuaded the repo team to have Kuan to take care of the seized items. (Kuan's Fridge (18))

21 years 1 month ago Edit

24 years 1 month ago Edit

  • One of the centurions was applied for the White Police Guards himself, and he was more than qualified for the job, but for some reason, they didn't hire him, and they said that he lack something crucial. (A Catnap (166))

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About 10 years ago Edit

18 years 1 month ago Edit

  • As the Intersecting Space dissipated, Abigail from the universe seven came to exist in the Universe seven due to space division, and one thing led to another, and he finally came back to the Universe eight through another Intersecting Space in this year, and the space division never felt so real when he saw another version of himself here, and it didn't take long before he realized Agnes' death which was two years ago and the Head Bishop was behind the explosion. Abigail says to June that they came this far by twisting the space, now it's time to twist the time axis. It took considerable time and sacrifice to squeeze through the time axis. (A Catnap (169))

17 years ago Edit

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17 years 1 months ago Edit

  • Gosan family's recent business expansion, Gosan was able to pay off the fine in less than three years (Chapter 2 A.E. (5))

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Few years ago Edit

  • A scout from an outer planet actually met Jiro. At that time, Jiro said he doesn't need a new planet, and he just wish he could just teleport outta here, so he could get out of this slum. Jiro didn't believe Mustache and Juwan, and he turned them down, but a few days later, he reached out to the scout himself as if something urgent just came up. But of course, Juwan had a condition, a reasonable one, Jiro might add. Jiro asked Juwan's offer is still good, and he said he can quit the meds. But it took Jiro three days before he started using again, and after that, they never heard from him again. (Kuan's Fridge (12))

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5 years 1 month ago Edit

  • Sister Naomi used to works Winnova as a Mandragora master. She's meets with the Mother superior of Bethel Sister's house who visits here for a while. And she's goes Even. (Mandragora (3))

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August 15 Edit

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  • Marvic is start to become 'The delivery man of the month' for a year. (Eve Rachel (1))

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10 months ago Edit

  • At the end of war with Big Four who're El's soldiers, Dike go to frequent bars after hearing that Jet was going to meet Aaron with his colleagues. Dike has a contract with some woman. And he was forced to get a job Silverquick, which is intergalatic courier service. When he woke up, his conscience was transferred to a 12-year-old kid's body suffering from quadriplegia, via a neuro-scanning device. Jet also joins Silverquick. (A Dog of Pamana (1), Blackout (4))

7 months ago Edit

4 months ago Edit

The beginning of Denma.

1 month ago Edit

Silverquick's station 7

  • 16. A.E., A Catnap (current time)
  • Kuan's Fridge (current time)
    • In Moab, twenty something years passed, the economy recovered slowly but steadily, ruthless foreclosure practices of those repo team were finally put to an end just recently after a long trial in court, along with a verdict that those seized items were to be returned to the original owners, and the government, who vouched for those initial applicants, were ordered to retrieve the bank's money on behalf of those applicants, with means other than foreclosure, so at this point when the new law is yet to take effect, Holmes wanted Jiro to take back whatever he need from the seized items. (Kuan's Fridge (18))

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20180311 182639

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