Theo (테우, Teu) is a character in Denma.

Theu is old English version's name.

Summary Edit

He's Gaal's senior Savoy.

Biography Edit

In Savoy Gaal (6), Gaal tries to borrow the power of Boyle and him.

Boyle visits him. He says Boyle will lend his incinerator and cooperate on the assumption that Gaal will break the Pentagon and make it difficult for him to hunt down the Silverquick.

Arcel uses electromagnetic pulsing capabilities to keep all the systems in the building where the Savoys down. He and Boyle, who set up Marutas, are surprised to watch this.

Boyle interrupts Gaal when he's trying to kill him, causing him fail.

Boyle escapes with injured him.

His colleague ordered someone to kill Gaal. And his colleague asks Boyle that don't get in the way because he cares a great deal about him.

Convex Savoy and Concave Savoy are take out the guns and tell Gaal that they now work for him.

In (36), Gaal tells his juniors to working for him also means they'll end up working for Boyle.

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