Supervisor Bahel's How to Kill (반장 바헬의 하우 투 킬, Banjang baherui hau tu kil) is the eighth episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

is Chinese character. It's means 5.

Here's the fan art. 2014 - Source (Spoiler)

Leader Bahel's How to Kill is old English version's name.

Characters Edit

  1. Quanx deliverer
  2. Bahel

Quote Edit

  • "The harder you pull, the harder it sticks. And you can't spit it out. It's glued onto your tongue and skin. Everybody wants to try it because of its stimulationg scent." -Bahel

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Quanx deliverer: Here!


Bahel: Hey, are you all right?

Quanx deliverer: Yeah, that stupid Eve said it can't do anything since it's Silverquick;s main system.


Quanx deliverer: ! Can I have that gum too?


Quanx deliverer: It malfunctioned because of the wrong settings. I changed it before you leave.

Quanx deliverer: What?


Quanx deliverer: ...... ! Ugh...!

Bahel: If you do that, it'll cling to you more and more. You can't spit out 'cause it stuck into your tongue.

Quanx deliverer: Krgh!

Bahel: Because of its smell, everybody wants it once they smell it.

T/N: A Chinese character which is used to count the number. One stroke to write the character is counted one. So, one "正" is the same as 5 in Arab numerals.