Space disease (우주 역병, Uju yeokbyeong) is a terminology in Denma.

Summary Edit

It's first mentioned in Eve Rachel (2).

The official name is "Them".

Marvic says to Rachel that he walked in Silverquick because he needed a lot of money, when his sister is suffering from this plague.

In Savoy Gaal (35), Denma says to Gaal that he just stop bothering innocent Quanx and get himself a new job and while he at it, just catch himself it and die.

In Sixteen (1), Edel gives O to the bread once a month and asks the research coming along. O answers Edel that hundreds of researchers are busting their brains out day and night on this research.

Quanx are so lucky they immune to any virus include this.

It's infection pathway is similar to AIDS in reality.

Doctor says to Edel that Hormah refuses to get any medical test when he cleary has symptoms of this virus.

If Devas its came out positive, they're sent to Level zero care.

It's also known as the space aids and space vees.

Health Bureau left with the goo of space virus. But they pass it onto Bureau of Admin, exactly Level zero admin, so they can avoid inspections from the Center for Space Disease Control.

The consent to the incineration of Church of Madonna, it asks for patients' consent to be sent to the incinerator after the self-conbustion. But in reality, if patients sign the consent, Level zero admin can send them off to the furnace planet as soon as they go in coma. Level zero admin is trying to save cost and time by getting rid of Devas' bodies before the combustion. The church remains silent because they have noting to lose over this. There're 2 ways to have church official's name permanently deleted from the church's record, one of those ways is to get sent off on the Level zero care. To admins, the Level zero survivors were alive yet non-existent. The only trace of their existence is their signature on the incinerator consent form. The only audit church performs is comparing incinerator head count to the number of consent forms every month. So, in summary, the consent form turned into a kind of body waiver form.

The Health Bureau and Academy of Science are going to kick off a research for the cure of this in 2-3 years.

The incinerator 3 on satellite Mayork, on average, there're about 50,000 bodies that get dumped into the incinerator everyday. Meaning, there're at least 1.5 million bodies inside the furnace already. The location simulator is meaningless to use, because there're fifty-thousand bodies pouring in everyday so one more month, and it stacks up to 3 million. There're more than 30 dump locations on Mayork, but never mind the location because one body might be under the pressure from the mountain of bodies. The scavengers known as the furnace hyenas looking for valuable goods off dumped bodies. There're two men who're roasting meat off the self-combusting bodies. They're it's patients whose virus was inactive. but got quarantined, tranquilized, and thrown away along with the actives anyway. There're a lot more of them inside the furnace. And they had to find an extreme means to survive inside the furnace.

Space plague is old English version's name.

Symptoms Edit

These're detailed in Sixteen (38).

According to Sixteen (22), once space vees are infected the blood turns black. The reason is that author is always depicts blood in red, but this ep doesn't the case. And this is confirmed in (38). And they show flu-like symptoms.

Once they get into the mutation stage, they display more severe symptoms. This is when they start taking in all sorts of analgesic drugs to deny the infection. On the surface, they appear healthy because the symptoms are temporarily gone. But the meds actually accelerate the spread of virus.

Soon, they fall under a coma, and their body heats up periodically as their cells get mutated. They briefly regain consciousness whenever the heating stops, and all of these take place in about 2 months period. What's astounding is that the patients don't go under any change in body during this stage despite being malnutritioned.

However, when patients are at the end of the chronic stage, the spontaneous self-combustion. Then, people left with the goo of space virus. People can't dispose of it with ordinary firepower, they need a satellite incinerator.

The planar constraint Quanx's dimensional power can freeze this virus until the cure is developed and this is possible as long as patients doesn't combust.

People with this disease Edit