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Reflection (반사, Bansa) is a Quanx ability in Denma.

It's able to reflect the target.

In A Catnap (83) - Ch.405, Honma says it's so basic that he's embarrassed to tell Max.

It's the ability to reflect all the attacks against oneself and return them to the user. Honma reflected cube, Acceleration. Max says he doesn't remember seeing that ability from the profiles of the Security Department team. Honma says he's an unofficial member of the the Security Department.

It's also able to reflect physical attacks. Abigail shoots a bullet which isn't a lead bullet, but Honma reflects this, causing him to have the same wound as another him.

This seems to be the ability to use consciously. Honma can sees the target and uses this ability.

Yahwah has never used it, but after she became a Super-Transcriptome she's seems to can use this ability because she could use Honma and Hades' abilities by Mating.

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  1. Honma
  2. Yahwah?

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Combination ability Edit

Lot's combination ability is different to normal Reflection Quanx ability.

The user is able to reflect energy and energy-based attacks from their bodies and release them in a more desirable direction, often back at the source.

In Kuan's Fridge (93) - Ch.624, Snowy hair grabs Lot's head and says he's pretty fast, and he shots beam ability to his face.

In (97) - Ch.628, Lot says to Gaya that when it comes to a Quanx fight, whoever punches first always wins. Snowy hair tries to use his beam ability, and says that this won't kill OBs but it'll hurt like hell.

Energy Reflection

At this time, Snowy hair's right arm explodes.

Snowy hair asks to Lot that what did he does to him. Lot answers that it may look simple, but what Snowy hair see here's a combination of not one, but three Quanx powers. Snowy hair tries to use his beam ability, but his left arm also explodes. Lot says it's four Quanx powers, actually, and if Snowy hair count Memory Reading as well, and what he shot at his face, he countered it back so that it would run inside his body, any minute now, it's gonna burst out from the part where his power's concentrated, little by little. Snowy hair angry and concentrates his body, but he explodes and dies.

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