Rami (라미, Rami) is a character in Rami Record and Denma.

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She first mentioned in the Rami Record (2) (Korean, In Denma, it's (1)). And in Denma, she's first appeared in the A Catnap (1) - Ch.323.

She's Pre-Priestess (shaman).

She's orphan and takes care of her two siblings. She counts the money thoroughly so she's nicknamed Money-mi (돈미, Donmi / 钱美, Qián měi).

Rami Record is planned as an omnibus genre, and while she's working to the Holy visits, she gives a background explanation about the planet or characters before the episode is introduced, and if the episode progresses in earnest, she serves to help the person or to give him/her the initiative. And when the episode ends, she wraps up the story.


In Denma, she looks very much like Dr. Yahwah's real body. Yahwah is first appeared in human shape on Eve link. Yahwah made Eves and programmed into them all available human emotions in the universe, yet didn't separate the expressive function of sorrow from joy. Besides, it's not related to the story, but in Denma with NAVER WEBTOON described later, she holds Yahwah doll.

Biography Edit

In Yanggun's Miscellaneous Thoughts, the author drew many prototypes of the Rami Record and Church of Madonna.

Rami Record title

(1), it updated June 4, 2008.

Rami and skeleton

Ram's Record

(2), it updated June 5.

Thomas's prototype

(4), it updated June 10.

Pigear's prototypes

In (7), when it updated June 17, he drew the prototypes of the Pigears.

Rami and Joshua

(11), it updated June 26.

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She's the protagonist of Rami Record.

20121230 224109

She's Pre-Priestess (shaman) who's attending mission school, the House of Dancing Flowers, which is established by Church of Madonna.

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In A Catnap (1), Soy is holds a doll that looks like Yahwah. She looks like Yahwah's real body. She says she's tired, and sees Soy. She asks where's her brother. Soy answers that her brother is with his friends. She calls to brother and angry that she told him to take care of her. The brother says he told her to stay close to him.

She slaps her brother's hip, and Soy also slaps her doll Yahwah's hip. This reminds of Adam spanks the Quanx deliverer.

At night, Soy sleeps and she studies. The boy take out a Emotion transferring bot and asks to her that she could take out a pad, and says he didn't know she was so mad that she'd slap him. The girl take out a pad, and says even if she knew what she was feeling, she would still has slapped her brother. The boy says he won't come home when she's angry then, and he select the avatar icon. She angry and says to her brother that he'll stop playing around and go to sleep now, and the avatar also angry. The boy lies down and says she's always hate him and he want to hang out with his friends too and he takes care of Soy more than her does. She feeling bad, and the boy sees avatar and says she'll always feel bad for him. The avatar icons resemble Eves, and one avatar resembles the earliest Eve's shape.

Ran says first, the samples are almost collected from the Holy visits and now that the Intersecting Space of the parallel universe will shut down for quite a while and this disturbance is just enough to take care of the ideologists that are against shutting down the Holy visits. And Ran explains the next stage, intergalactic courier business, that church body has been preparing and they need Quanx for courier guys as a part of the business plan and they'll start working in the 8th universe and they'll be going on missions without knowing that they're, and he can't tell right now because it'll cost a tremendous amount of time and money. And Ran says the disturbance would be solve the how they control Quanxs. Then Ran says he went through numerous accidents since he started using the Intersecting Space and he noticed some interesting results from them, and he thought that he was a very special being. When the people open and close the Intersecting Space while having their vision blurry they get the ability to control Transcriptomes alongside an impressive Mating result, just like Ran.

She woke up in the morning thinks that she wants get some sleep. Inside the bus, where Yahwah was drawn, Soy who's holding a Yahwah doll give her a candy. She says to her brother that behave well at school, and the brother says to Soy that the sister is talking about her. In the class, she thinks she's sleepy, and she shake hands to Soy outside the window.

The teacher handed out the chocolate pie to the children. A boy asks to the teacher that give him three because he's cute, and teacher answers that he's so brave. Soy eats one chocolate pie and puts the remaining one in her bag. She calls a woman and she says her friend should have transferred the money with her name, and she hears that there's no transfer history and she's charging an interest for today. She calls her friend, and the friend calls her Money-mi. She rage and says her friend told her to trust her. The friend says she's still at the visit and she's returning tomorrow at around seven AM. She says she'll wait for her friend at the exit at seven AM tomorrow, because thanks to her, there's an interest now so she'll deal directly, and she's paying for ten dollars for every late hour, plus the interest of 30 dollars for today.

She with monk takes care of the garden, and she washing dishes, cleaning, so having a hard day. While she goes home with carrying Soy on her back, the brother asks that they can move to a place without stairways. She sleeps while studying.

She wakes up at dawn and she says to brother that she has to get to work by seven starting today. On the bus, Yahwah is drawn and her name is written. She, brother, Soy are sleeping. In the school, she says to brother that he takes care of Soy till her teacher is here. She meets her friend, and she asks she's on duty, and she says she's seeing someone at the Palace. Her friend says she's going there too and let's go together when she's done cleaning, but she moves away so fast. While brother sleeps in the classroom, Soy goes to her friend with holds a chocolate pie. Her friend tries to deliver chocolate pie instead, but takes a look at Soy's face and takes her to the Palace to deliver it directly. At this time, Hades arrives at the Palace and says he can never guess what the church's old fossils are orders to attacks the chemical complex, the biochemical lab, and now the Palace, and they'll use him and get rid of him in the end, but they have no idea what will happen soon.

She lays on the sofa in the Palace and thinks this is so warm and comfy and it this what mother's arms feel like, and then she falls a sleep. Her friend takes Soy into the Palace. The guards guarding the Palace let her friend and Soy in the Palace. One of the guards presses the wall, and they're become trapped in a cube. The heart of the Palace senses Hades.

She sees her mother holding a doll and singing a familiar lullaby. It was a stone Soy doll with broken. She wakes from a nightmare. At this time, she sees her friend and Soy. She welcome to chocolate pie angel and says Jay's ass will be on fire today. At this time, a loud noise is heard, and Soy falls down. At that moment, the ceiling of the building collapses, and she see Soy is buried in front of her.

While she's shocked, her friend sees the debris falling over on her and saves.

Hades brings the cube to the downtown. Someone touches the red cube. An explosion takes place in the downtown.

After waking up from bed, she cries with the teacher and her friend, Jay, after heard that Soy is dead.

The monk says to her friend that the whole city is under a state of emergency and they've been told to go into an air-raid shelter so they've to get out of here now. She's saddened, and her friend says they've to go. The monk rushes and says the people will be swarming in and they don't know when and where the next explosion will be.

In the bunker, she doesn't eat bread. At this time, the breaking news informs, Hades, who's blew up the Palace and the downtown area was caught last night and he was sent to the Internal Affairs Department and is imprisoned, and all the explosives in the city have been removed so everyone should be able to go back home by this afternoon. She tries to eat bread, and Rami's friend and Jay look sadly at her.

She and Jay went to Soy and other people's funeral and she cries and her friend was hugged her. Jay, monk, teacher saw that. At night, Jay and her lie. She cries and Jay sees Emotion transferring bot and confirms she's crying. Jay blames himself that if he didn't fall asleep Soy died because of him so he's sorry for her.

She with monk takes care of the garden, and she washing dishes, cleaning, but she has a sad face. At this time, teacher calls her. Jay is blaming himself even more and he's been checking her emotion bot. The teacher shows Jay and says even at school, she doesn't think Jay is eating so it looks like he'll get sick. At the evening outside the house, she calls Jay that, he's late and the food has gone cold. When they eating dinner, she says Jay should do the dishes. When Jay was washing dishes, she says he should come to the roof top when he's done. In the roof top, she says Jay will miss Soy. Jay is cries and she hugs and says she miss Soy too.

When Jay is sleeping, she manipulates Emotion transferring bot. She copies a avatar of happiness, to pastes into a avatar of sadness. Next day, inside the bus, where Yahwah was drawn, she and Jay are sleep. She moving dishes, cleaning, and takes care of the garden. The monk gives to her a bag, because he want Jay to feel better. The bag contains lollipops and chocolate pie, which are related to Soy, so she feels something. Eve have this chronic problem when they communicate with their masters it's their emotional expression. For some reason, Eve's creator Dr. Yahwah programmed into them all available human emotions in the universe, yet didn't separate the expressive function of sorrow from joy. This reason has now been revealed.

In art class, Jay draws Yahwah doll instead of model. Inside of Jay's head, Soy is holding a smiling Yahwah doll. Jay, who can't draw smiling Yahwah doll, secretly turns on the Emotion transferring bot. At this time, the avatar in the Emotion transferring bot smiles. She sees lollipops and chocolate pies and sheds tears. Jay smiles when he sees the avatar, and he draws smiling Yahwah doll. She's cries. There's no lines in this part.

Jay confirms the smiling avatar of her Emotion transferring bot and returns to his original cheerful disposition.

She and her classmate move books together. Jay looks out the window as he's running with his friends, and he finds her and asks where's she going. She answers she's going to chapel, and Jay says he's going to the playground so she come pick him up later. The classmate says Jay is all right now.

While she's praying with her classmate, her friend, she hears a loud sound and rushes to the playground.

She meets Honma and Hades.

Honma says to shaman, her that, it's too dangerous here. She says where Honma is standing on is connected to the kids playground and her brother is waiting for her down there, and he's from the church's headquarters or something, so he can help her.

She says she just lost her youngest sister from terrorism at the Palace and if she lose her last brother here. Hades thinks Honma was acting tough at all and he's listening to girl's whining, and he uses Cube for her. Hades says he's swayed by that little shaman girl. Honma angry and says he'll kill Hades right now if he doesn't remove the Cube, because she has nothing to do with them. The Cube is getting smaller and smaller. Hades says he thinks he's falling in love, because Honma said he's helping his escape but he's holding him. Honma says that's to protect Hades from other threats. After the arrest, Hades says he'll remove the Cube if he let Honma punch him once because he made him feel so humiliated when he beat him up and he really didn't like his reflecting ability, and he punches him. At this time, when Yahwah's pattern appeared on Honma's face. And Honma says Hades is dirty piece of organic chunk. In God's Lover (6), Yahwah says Randolph and another people is just a pile of toxic waste. In original version of God's Lover (6), Yahwah says, Randolph and another people is dirty piece of organic chunk.

Hades removes Cube and holds her, and he says Honma should tell his noble master that whatever he's up to doesn't try to take advantage of this if it goes well. And Hades teleports to somewhere.

Hades takes her up and appears, and he says the Transcriptome barrier is off now so that means it's a chaos. Hades is disappears, and a Transcriptome is appears. Hades takes Blue skin and arrive to rest guys and says they should move because the Transcriptome defense will be disabled soon. The prisoners are disappear. In a building opposite, Hades locks her in the cube.

덴마 2-98화 컬러링 작업과정 (8배속이었습니다..

덴마 2-98화 컬러링 작업과정 (8배속이었습니다...Orz)

Coloring video of Seunghee Hong's A Catnap (98). She released the video that she recorded for the project announcement with Youngsoon Yang's permission.

Jay has been trapped in a broken playground rubble, and he wakes up and calls to her. She also wakes up and she says she'll save Jay so he can stay with it. Hades says to Bomb guy that, she's their hostage and it worked against Honma so they'll use her till they get out of here. Haaken thinks it's uncomfortable, so he breaks the cube, and says he doesn't like people whining. Hades says Haaken thinks that makes any sense right now, and Bomb guy takes off Blue skin's bandage, ties her limbs, then covers her eyes and gags her mouth. Jay sees the avatar of the Emotion transferring bot's smile and he's shocked.

She's angry, so the Emotion transferring bot's avatar's emotion is angry but smile again. Jay thinks it's not disconnected, and she must've asked for help so she should save him from this but he thinks it's strange because it's keep smile.

Haaken feels sorry for her.

Hades with her arrive.

Jay thinks still no other connections and he sees the avatar of the Emotion transferring bot's smile. Jay imagines that, she says because of him Soy died. Jay denies it.

Jay is slowly choking while watching her avatar.

The Director of Internal Affairs is been sitting on the top of the Intersecting Space lid. Hades with her appear and he says he made a few more dices around so he's late. The Director of Internal Affairs casting a spell.


Then Hades sees a hallucination. Bomb guy sees a dog and calls it's Navi. Balack sees Bomb guy and says he got him now, and he's throws an explosion.

The explosion occurs and the hallucination ability breaks. Honma discovers her. At this time, a Transcriptome appears. The Transcriptomes surrounding them. The Intersecting Space lid is broken by explosion, and they're fall in to the Intersecting Space. The Transcriptomes can't come inside.

Blue skin slams to core of the Intersecting Space. She's wakes up and Hades catches her when Honma is choking Abigail's neck. Honma says he's only trying to help Hades so he should let her go. Hades says he was used and discarded. She begs of Honma to help her brother because he's dying. Honma says he's not at liberty to say who it's that want Hades to escape, but it's the truth so he should leave her out of this, but Hades refuses. At this time, Blue skin's a stone is broken, together core of the Intersecting Space is cracked.

Blue skin says to Hades that he thinks they're almost done here and just one more swing will breaks the core. Honma steps on the core and says he'll step aside if Hades let her go and he said he's only trying to help him. Hades refuses and says they're outnumbered and they can't even use their abilities the Intersecting Space. While Honma and Hades are confront each other, she bites Hades' arm and Abigail rushes and beats to him. After confirming that she's released, Honma overpowers Abigail and he gives Hades to an opportunity to break the core. Hades breaks the core.

Jay thinks and cries that she's really happy that he's in this mess, because he always cause trouble and he couldn't even protect Soy. One of kids senses someone's presence and yells anybody in there, but Jay doesn't answer and turns onto his left side.

Hades says it's nothing happened. Gatsu says the space is dividing up now, and it's not what he imagined and it's very subtle. Gatsu explains that once they're in the Intersecting Space, they exist in multiple parallel universes at the same time, and simply put, this is the multiple dimension intersecting space of numerous spaces, and what he just destroyed what the tie that held the spaces together, as it's now destroyed, an individual "A" now exists in a multiple universes, as many as they're divided. Gatsu says Hades, in the universe eight will stay in universe eight as he's. Hades yells this isn't what he had in mind, and he wanted to spread his existence all over the universe and leave the universe eight for good. Gatsu says Hades will get his wish come true, and despite all that's happened and he's actually grateful, because they'll all get to live in those many universes, and if it's not universe eight, there's no reason for them to fight and they can make a fraternity in a completely new world while they're at it. At this time, the division has stopped. Gatsu says they're surrounded by the Transcriptomes so they're probably at universe eight. Hades angry and catches her, and he says he'll survive. Honma beats Hades and she lower her body. At this time, in the core, the glowing ball is appears.

Honma steps Hades and says he let go of her and he told him that he'll help him. The glowing ball is getting bigger all of a sudden and Honma, Hades, her are get sucked inside. The glowing ball is snowball and other people are run away. Abigail says maybe he poke it with his finger, see what happens. June says then Abigail can't pick his nose later. The glowing ball is stopped and shrink. Gatsu thinks the glowing ball is seems to some sort of a counter-reaction from the emission waste still left on the tie. The glowing ball is getting really small and disappearing, and Abigail says he knew he should've just poked it. In the glowing ball, Hades' voice says he'll survive. Honma's voice says Hades should leave her alone. That voices sound in people's heads. her voice says Jay is in danger. The glowing ball is rising and growing, and Hades' voice is says. The glowing ball becomes Hades' shape.

At first, the three merged body become Hades form, and his face is cracked open and he comes out of Honma. The Transcriptomes are come inside and the Intersecting Space barrier is lifted too.

At this time, Honma form turns into her form. It seems that stronger will is taking the lead in the process of competition between wills. The will power position is Hades < Honma < her. Because Honma suppressed Hades and conceded to her, she became the highest will power position. Her form is takes control of the Transcriptomes surrounding the Intersecting Space, and then rush out to save Jay. The Transcriptomes' face are turn into Hades, and Wine hair arrived and sees this. Thanks to it, the rest people inside the Intersecting Space are survive.

Gatsu says to Max that Hades, Honma, she are must've been some sort of a fusion in the form of Mating and he can't explain how it works but of all the incidents that took place in an Intersecting Space, there have been ones with a similar outcome like this known as it. Her form and Transcriptomes meet the Internal Affairs and the Transcriptomes attack to them. Rami form thinks Jay is in danger. Max thinks the thing was clearly controlling the other Transcriptomes, and it has to be a Super-Transcriptome and he has only heard stories of, and there's only one way to overpower that abomination.

Wine hair sees her form of a Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes, and reports it to team leader. The team leader orders the Internal Affairs to call the Command Center. The team leader calls to Command Center, and he thinks a Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes should've reached the Internal Affairs by now. Her form of a Super-Transcriptome digs in the bottom.

The team leader orders the Internal Affairs just hold on until the Command Center regain their control over the Transcriptomes, and they don't let them out of the Palace and especially the Super-Transcriptome seems to be controlling all the others, and they should focus fire on this, and they don't fight the other Transcriptomes head on. Her form of a Super-Transcriptome digs in the bottom. Max reports to the Chief of Security Department. As her form of a Super-Transcriptome digs the ground, its body gradually shrinks and regains her original shape, and she's naked, and there's blood in her hands. Finally she finds Jay, but he died in despair because the Emotion transferring bot's avatar is smiling.

20180919 230819

Her form of a Super-Transcriptome hugs Jay's dead body and she cries. At this time, a Black Priest attacks her form of a Super-Transcriptome and Jay, so his body is disappeared by the explosion caused by the laser. But her form of a Super-Transcriptome recovers its body. The right side of the Super-Transcriptome's face is yet her and it bleeding, but the left side of its face is angry Honma. The Super-Transcriptome is attacked by one of the Internal Affairs, and its neck has cut off, but immediately after the attack, its neck is attached again so virtually no effect. The concentrated attacks of the Internal Affairs fall on the Super-Transcriptome, but it blocks by the Cube.


The Super-Transcriptome says they're stupid Quanxs. Because Quanxs didn't help her except Honma.

Max sees the Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes and he surprises. The Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes are attack the Internal Affairs agents. The Super-Transcriptome thinks it's still so angry right now so it need more. Max is discovered by the Super-Transcriptome. The Chief of Security Department moves the entire team to B3, which is Max is here. A Transcriptome cuts all Security Department agents' necks, except Max and the Chief of Security Department. All the Internal Affairs agents except Wine hair, Gatsu, Balack, are all wiped out by the Super-Transcriptome.

Max is attacked by the Super-Transcriptome. The Ankh ship is appears, and the Transcriptomes are merged. The Super-Transcriptome and Max sees something.

The Transcriptomes all merged into the form of Mother Madonna. The Chief of Security Department and Max are witness this. The Super-Transcriptome is sees and calms down to the form of Mother Madonna, and it returns to her appearance. The form of Mother Madonna hugs her and sings a lullaby, and she's cries and sleeps. Ran feels her sorrow. The Ankh ship has arrived so the Command Center made it here, and it's all over now.

Somewhere she's naked and she feels cold so she want to get out of here. Someone says it's not cold in here and what's cold is her heart. She asks who're you, someone says, who's asking and who're you. Her face changes into Honma and Hades's face for a moment, then returns to its original state. At this time, her body color is changes. Someone says if she can tell it who you're, it'll tell her who it's. She says it's too cold in here, someone says it isn't and it's actually so warm that it'll melt her body. At this time, she's melts. Actually, someone is Ran. Ran says so warm that her identity will melt.

The Super-Transcriptome is in the fish tank. A priest asks does Ran really think that this fused creature can help the courier district of Quanxs, and there're too many of them and they're a bunch of outsiders with no faiths so does he think this will work. Ran answers the Super-Transcriptome will manage the Quanxs there and by simultaneously controlling the Transcriptomes that overpower them, it'll work. Ran says sometimes the Super-Transcriptome might get be overloaded but there will be extra equipment in place, along with the security dispatch from the church, and it's not that hard to control a group because they only need to set a few examples, strike fear into their hearts, and they'll submit, and especially those who think they're so smart are also quick to give up, and with that misbelief, they're imprisoning themselves. Ran says of course, in order to be a manager, they need some preparing to do before the basic training, so the memories and the perception of identities that are fused into one need to be blurred out constantly like just now, and he'll add another annoying identity to the mix to start interfering, other than occasional brief catnaps from now and then, the Super-Transcriptome will always be kept awake so that it has no time to perceive its old identities. Ran says a subtle balance is crucial here, so if the new identity pushes the original identities out to the subconscious and collapses them completely, the Super-Transcriptome will lose the ability to control the Transcriptomes, and on the other hand, if the added identity doesn't interfere will enough, the interference will be perceived as stress, which could lead to the worst case scenario, 'The Awakening', of course, it'll never come to that with him around, but in order to control that creature in the normal sense, to prevent its collapse or awakening, the fused identities must stay on the borderline of the consciousness and subconsciousness, and that's why they need the string of self-identity, which prevents it from falling to the abyss of subconsciousness, and when it follows the string. it'll eventually get to its avatar mark, a window through which the trapped identities can perceive themselves. The Super-Transcriptome's avatar mark is Yahwah.

Hades is disappears and Honma is appears. Ran appears with the Duke shape and interferes in Honma's consciousness. The Duke orders Honma should keep her safe no matter what and he doesn't let Hades wake up from his dream and escape, and right there at the borderline between her consciousness and subconsciousness.

20181024 170005

The Duke says the borderline blurs when her emotion is agitated, that's when Hades' self-awareness becomes clear, should he wake up from the dream and realize what's going on, he'll try to tear out of her body, so Honma's new mission is he become a barrier, and he could push him out and his attributes might be shown on the surface that would only prove that he's doing a good job. Ran is plans to use Yahwah as the avatar for the new Super-Transcriptome. Yahwah was the most appropriate character Ran found from her memories, and he liked the settings in the animated cartoon. Yahwah is noisy and distracting, just enough to blur her self-awareness. Ran deemed it more stable and useful to add a virtual character than implanting another life form's personality. A priest comments that Yahwah is a bit too petite and too cute to handle a bunch of violent Quanxs. Because of this, the animated cartoon character is the main character of Yahwah's personality, not hers. So Yahwah's words are seem to handle children as well is from here.

Soy holds a Yahwah doll. Soy runs to her. She calls to Jay and angry to him. Jay also angry. This is developed from the contents of A Catnap (1) - Ch.323 in her viewpoint. In Yahwah's dream, she sees Soy and Jay and sheds tear. At this time, Cell laughs suddenly, and on Quai's forehead, ? is written. And Edrei's Eve laughs suddenly, and Edrei looks querulous. Maybe Edrei had something like this before. All Eves are laugh. The Quanx deliverers seem surprised or embarrassed to see their Eve's look. In other words, Yahwah can't detect Quanx abilities when she takes a catnap, and Adams can't appear. Because of this dream, the object that can have the most emotional and powerful influence on Yahwah is Rami, and her feelings may be the incitement to awaken her.

In 1. A.E. (7), in the universe thirteen, Intersecting Space Bureau, the one person is all ready to cross over. The person is the only one who survived out of everyone from the universe eight. It means that she from universe thirteen is dead.

Appearances in Other Media Edit

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-41-15

Default skin (Lv 1, 3 stars ~ Lv 25, 5 stars)


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-41-20

Growth skin (Lv 1, 6 stars ~ Lv 40, 6 stars)

Water attribute

Vitality 20385
Damage 407
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 40, 6 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Resurrection 6 Resurrection Passive Character will be resurrected once in death.
Madonna&#039;s bless 4 Madonna's bless '7 Unfolds Madonna's bless around the character's body, reducing the damage which character receives.
Love and retribution 4 Love and retribution '23 Restores the ally with the lowest remaining vitality and nearby ally, and increases the character's damage.
  • Character Description

She's a pre-priestess (shaman) of the Church of Madonna. She's the child patriarch who cares for her two siblings Soy and Jay. She has a persistent vitality.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Rami is playable character.

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Denma the Quanx 6

  • In Volume 6, Rami put her face on the cover.

Rami Record

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