Rachel (라헬, Rahel) is the character of Denma. She's Marvic's Eve.

Biography Edit

With Marvic and the deliverer and his Eve, she's congratulated by the supervisor on their returned safe and sound from final voyage. Jet tells Denma that Marvic was the delivery man of the month for the entire year and he should thank his Eve Rachel. Cell is pleased to see her. Then Yahwah appears on the screen, and he announced Marvic's contract was supposed to terminate today, but he've just received a damaged package claim from Marvic's client. Since the damaged item was an infortant historical artifact, his contract receives an extra 2 years, and his due bonus awards will all be forfeited. Expired deliverer says to Marvic that Eves respond to discipline, not tenderness.

She gives Cell to her diary and smiles. Marvic noticed that his Eve Rachel had destroyed the parcel, and after he says to her that he walked in Silverquick because he needed a lot of money, when his sister is suffering from the space flague, Them. And his emotions of sadness and anger crossed, he uses Quanx ability to her so he discards her.

She told Cell before herself was destroyed, Eve's masters don't know that they get disposed of once their contract is terminated. And Marvic was a kind and gracious man so she loves him. The discarded her is burn to the incinerator, like the expired deliverer's Eve, which is also discarded, and the deliverers with dice. Cell look at them and smile and look at the diary. Because Yahwah yet didn't separate the Eve's expressive function of sorrow from joy.

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