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Overwhelming power

Penetration (관통, Gwantong) is a Quanx ability in Denma.

Summary Edit

It's able to go through objects.

Yahwah appears directly in a muscular build and beats Eunguy.

The Transcriptomes can penetrate objects and Quanx abilities.

Honma overlaps Hades' one hand with his one hand through this ability, and says he'll be teleporting with him now.

Honma penetrates Haaken and Bomb guy. Haaken says he doesn't like how it feels. Honma says they should still if they don't want to be penetrated (관통상, 貫通傷, penetrating wound), and he'll pin them into the wall like Blue skin.

Users Edit

  1. Transcriptomes
    1. Adams
    2. Command Center's Transcriptomes
  2. Mr. Min
  3. Yahwah
  4. Honma
  5. Bird

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