The people doesn't know what religion Youngsoon Yang believes. But the author has read the Bible. Therefore, the author often puts parodies of the Bible in his works.

It also includes parodies that appear in web fiction.

MAAT[edit | edit source]

The name Maat comes from the Maat. And the word Maat is Egyptian mˤ3t origin.

Iron Dog John Doe[edit | edit source]

Here people dress in like school uniforms. See A Catnap.

Taesaja looks like ninja. The name Taesaja comes from the Taishi Ci in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The word Gwangmu comes from the era name of Korean Empire Gwangmu (광무, 光武). It means "shining and martial".

The word Enoch comes from the Enoch (ancestor of Noah) or Enoch (son of Cain). Enoch is Hebrew חֲנוֹךְ origin. It means "initiated".

The word Ssaurabi, which is fighter (or warrior) comes from the Ssaurabi.

The name Abigail comes from the biblical character Abigail. And the word Abigail is Hebrew אֲבִיגַיִל, origin. It means "father", "leader" or "cause of joy".

Rami Record[edit | edit source]

Denma[edit | edit source]

In the new English version, unlike the original version and old English version, there're may the parody change in the lines. (★)

A Dog of Pamana[edit | edit source]

  • (1)
    • The name Denma refers to the Japanese てんま [伝馬, Tenma]. It's the abbreviation of てんません [伝馬船, Tenmasen]. In Japan, it means "large sculling boat".
    • The word Savoy comes from the Savoy.
    • The name Dike comes from the ancient Greek's goddess Dike (ˈdiːkeɪ or ˈdɪkiː)'s English pronunciation Dike (dáik). Dike is Greek Δίκη origin. It means "justice". And Dike and Dyke are also comes from the English word Dike / Dyke. They means "ditch", "embankment", "waterway" etc. And then, Dyke means "lavatory".
    • The word Urano refers to the English Urano-, it means "of heaven".
    • The word Quanx refers to the 퀑 (Kwong), which is The last line of the Youngsoon Yang's previous work, Parallel Lives Episode 110 (Korean). Also, it seems like it's name is come from quantum, because Quanx is related to the laws of physics.
  • (2)
    • The word Terra comes from the Terra. It's Latin, English origin. It means "earth". But it isn't certain that this is the Earth.
    • The name Cell comes from the Cell. Because Bon refers to the Bone.

Captain Hardok[edit | edit source]

Eve[edit | edit source]

  • link
    • The word Eve comes from the Eve.
    • The name Yahwah refers to the Yahweh.
    • The name Quai refers to the 快 [kuài] in Chinese. It means "fast" or "happy".

Eve Rachel[edit | edit source]

  • (1)
    • The name Rachel comes from the biblical character Rachel. And the word Rachel is Hebrew רָחֵל origin. It means "ewe".
    • The name Bon refers to the Bone. Because Cell comes from the Cell.
  • (2): The word Apple comes from the Apple. It means the tree of the forbidden fruit of Bible.
  • (3): Expired deliverer's line "I made it! I survived! Silverquick, you bloody bastards!" refers to a famous line "I'm alive! I'm alive!, Verona, you motherfucker!" of the film Crank.

Blackout[edit | edit source]

The title comes from the English origin. It means "Power outage". If Ephraimite Quanx uses E.M.P., there will be a blackout.

Band of Brothers[edit | edit source]

The title comes from the TV series Band of Brothers.

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    • The word SAMICK comes from the Samick.
    • The narrator's line "get spanked!" (궁디팡팡, Gungdipangpang) means the cute Korean word for hitting the butt. It's refers to the Japanese お尻ペンペン.

Yael Road[edit | edit source]

로드 (Rodeu) of the title, it means both lord and road. So 로드 of the Korean title has ambiguous words.

Supervisor Bahel's How to Kill[edit | edit source]

  • Bahel's line "The harder you pull, the harder it sticks." refers to the Domitos's line "The harder I tried to loosen the knot, the more I get tightened my neck." of the Parallel Lives Episode 29 (Korean).

Mandragora[edit | edit source]

Savoy Gaal[edit | edit source]

  • 11. A.E. link: Golden hair's face and he doesn't like it when someone is behind his back. It's refers to the Duke Togo of Golgo 13.
  • (1)
    • The name Gaal comes from the biblical character Gaal. And the word Gaal is Hebrew גַּעַל origin. It means "rejection" or "loathing" or "beetle".
    • The name Hannah comes from the biblical character Hannah. And the word Hannah is Hebrew חַנָּה origin. It means "grace" or "favor".
    • Boyle resembles Jun-ha Jeong. link (Korean)
    • The word Transcriptome comes from the transcriptome.
  • (2): The song Edrei sings is Crazy Kiya Re of Dhoom 2's OST.
  • (3): The word Pentagon comes from the pentagon. It means "the shape with five sides". Their symbol is a star in a pentagon.
  • (4): The old English version's name of Edel, Ithel comes from the biblical place name Ithelite (Ithelita).
  • (10)
    • The name Madonna comes from the Mary, mother of Jesus's one of the many other names and titles "Our Lady", and its Medieval Italian Madonna origin.
    • Me-thu'-sha-el comes from the biblical character Methushael. And The word Me-thu'-sha-el is Hebrew מְת֫וּשָׁאֵל origin. It means "champion of El"; "man of God".
    • Gaal's line "You may forgive your family's foe, but you never forget the asshole who cheat your money." refers to the famous saying of the Niccolò Machiavelli's treatise The Prince.
  • (12): The song on new version is Rick Astley's song Never Gonna Give You Up, released in 1987. (★) The song on old version, Danbal Meori(Short Hair) by Yong-pil Cho, a famous Korean singer, released in 1979.
  • (13): The name Mirai Datsu is comes from the Mirai Nagasu, a Japanese American figure skater. link (Korean) And the word Mirai is Japanese みらい [未来, Mirai] origin. It means "future". However, the author didn't know the meaning of the name at the time of making this character.
  • (24): The word Panta rhei comes from the Panta rhei. It's Greek Πάντα ῥεῖ origin. It means "everything flows". This is the idea of Heraclitus.
  • (30): Azio's nose looks like a penis. And his one junior Savoy says "Wow, Boss! That's an intense new look!"
  • (36): Jia Moters is refers to the Kia Motors.
  • (37): The name Gora refers to the Korah. And the word Korah is ancient Hebrew קֹרַח origin. It means "baldness" or "ice", "hall", "frost".
  • 12. A.E. link
    • The word CS24 comes from the GS24.
    • "Gargle Gargle" (국적국적, Gukjeokgukjeok). It's a sound effect when it comes to sex in NudlNude.

Sixteen[edit | edit source]

Marionette[edit | edit source]

The title comes from the Quanx ability Marionette and Bahel. Because in (3), Bahel also killing people under the name of Mama, to fill the quota on false hope of being free. So Marionette has ambiguous meaning.

Pigear[edit | edit source]

The title comes from the extraterrestrial life Pigear.

  • (2)
  • (7): The word Pigear refers to the pig + ear or piggier.
  • (8): Jet's line "A sucker punch for a sucker!" refers to the Connidas's line "Next is unexpected sucker punch that stabs the most important opponent in the fight!" of the Parallel Lives Episode 11 (Korean).
  • (13): Hoon's line "I am coming for you. (지금... 만나러 갑니다., Now... I'm going to see you.)" refers to the Japanese film Be With You's Japanese (Korean translation) title いま、会いにゆきます (지금, 만나러 갑니다., Now, I'm going to see you.)
  • (27): The word Jet means astrophysical jet in English. Jet can make a black hole.
  • (31): Mu's line "I grew up.. Watching... his back..." refers to the Theseus's line "I've been thinking about how feel of father... I think it might be something like Connidas's back." of the Parallel Lives Episode 3 (Korean).
  • 14. A.E. (3): The name Uriel comes from the Uriel. And the word Uriel is Hebrew אוּרִיאֵל origin. It means "fire or flame of God"' or "my light is God".

God's Lover[edit | edit source]

The title comes from the phrase of Minzy's twitter profile God's Lover. This phrase isn't uses in 2017. In the fan meeting described above, the author said that, he was delighted to receive a his Twitter follow from Minzy, and at that time he had to prepare for the next episode after Pigear, so he named the next episode to God's Lover among the phrase in her profile.


  • (110): The dark hero in those movies
  • 15. A.E. (3-1): Gosan wears a bread bag, and he called Breadhead. This is Cheol-ho Kim's cartoon Bang Bang (빵야빵야, Ppangyappangya)'s hommage. The main character wears a bread bag to hide his identity as a famous boxer, and he becomes soccer player. And his player registration name is Breadhead.
  • (3-2): In the White Police Guards, 백 (Baek) means both white (白) and 100 (百). So 백경대 (Baekgyeongdae) have ambiguous words. Actually, the White Police Guards' translation is error. 경(Gyeong) also means guard (경호, 警護, Gyeongho), not police. So right translation is White Centum Guards or Whitered.

16. A.E.[edit | edit source]

  • (1-1): Yahwah's line "I don't like lukewarm stuff. You either be cold or be hot." refers to the "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!", "So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth." of Revelation 3:15 ~ 16 of New Testament.

A Catnap[edit | edit source]

The title means Yahwah's catnap. The kitty music box is in the form of a girl similar to Rami, is sleeping in a cat's breast. The catnap in the title of this episode was expressed as cat + nap.

A catnap 2.jpg

In Volume 7, Duke's pose is a gesture commonly found in portraiture during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Kuan's Fridge[edit | edit source]

  • 2. A.E. (6): El's Five Fingers' position is seems to be the Five Tiger Generals in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms' position, because El's position is seems to be Liu Bei.
  • (9)
  • (16)
    • The name Ayn refers to the German Ein. And the word Ein means "one".
    • The name 아인 (Ain) also refers to Ayin /Ayn / Ain. It's the Hebrew ע origin. It means "eye".
    • The name Haggler refers to the boxer Marvin Hagler, and the name Marvin also comes to him, so they're curious.
    • The name Marvin comes from the boxer Marvin Hagler, and the name Haggler also refers to him, so they're curious.
  • (18): Gosan's position seems to be Cao Pi in Romance of the Three Kingdoms' position, because the Duke's position is seems to be Cao Cao.
  • (23): Blue skull 13's appearance comes from Blue Skull 13 in Taekwon Dongja Maruchi Arachi.
  • (1): The word Moab is comes from the Moab. Moab is Egyptian 𓈗𓇋𓃀𓅱𓈉 (Mu'ibu) origin, and Koine Greek Septuagint which explains the name, in obvious allusion to the account of Moab's parentage, as ἐκ τοῦ πατρός μου ("from my father"). Other etymologies which have been proposed regard it as a corruption of "seed of a father".
  • (3): Camael's kindness comes from the hole of Buddhist hermitage (Korean), which came out in the Asekkiga. Back when they were building a Buddhist hermitage, a believer who volunteered to help, and he devoted his lives and worked tirelessly, however, poor work condition and overwork made him sick, and he was so badly crippled they had a hard time even getting to the toilet, so the monks just wanted to repay him for his sacrifice in whatever way they could, he doesn't have to go to the toilet, and if he pull a small hole's cover up, he can take care of business.
  • (4): The name Kuan refers to the [kuān] in Chinese. It means "wide"; "broad", "spacious"; "vast", "loose", "width".

The knight[edit | edit source]

  • (114)
    • The name Ito comes from Hirobumi Itō. Ito is as ambitious as him.
    • Ito seems to be a new Zhuge Liang's position to join the Dark Lord's Team, but there is speculation among readers that he is not Zhuge Liang but Sima Yi's position when he shows his ambition.
  • (115): The name Urusa comes from Ursa (우루사, Urusa), which is a medicine mainly composed of Ursodeoxycholic acid. There is a joke from South Korean readers that this makes him seem to be a fatigue recovery Quanx.
  • 3. A.E. (10): The name Machbaron comes from a Japanese tokusatsu series, Super Robot Mach Baron (スーパーロボット マッハバロン, Sūpā Robotto Mahha Baron).

Record the Quanx - Denma S.E.[edit | edit source]

The Puppet Show

  • The name Jacobo comes from the biblical character Jacobo. And the word Jacob(o) is Hebrew יעקב origin. It means "supplanter".

The Idolatry

  • The word Synagogue comes from the Synagogue. It's Greek συναγωγή origin. It means "assembly".

The Love Sick

  • The word Calvario refers to the Calvary's Italian abbreviation. And the word Calvary is Aramaic ܓܓܘܠܬܐ origin. It means "the place of a skull".
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