Palace or Great Delphys (태궁, Taegung / 胎宮, Tai kyū / 胎宫, Tāi gōng) is first mentioned in the Rami Record (4) (Korean, In Denma, it's (1)). And in Denma, it's first mentioned in the A Catnap (14).

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There're 2 Intersecting Spaces in the eight universe. One is owned by the Church of Madonna, and it's in here.

Ran says he went through numerous accidents since he started using the Intersecting Space and he noticed some interesting results from them, and he thought that he was a very special being. When the people open and close the Intersecting Space while having their vision blurry they get the ability to control Transcriptomes alongside an impressive Mating result, just like Ran.

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Rami Record Edit

The third hall in the Delphi is a Intersecting Space for the priestesses to begin the Holy visits.

A Catnap Edit

Hades' first escape Edit

In (6), Ran hears about this will disturb Holy Madonna's visit and break the order of church body. Ran says right now they can't come to an agreement on who should be the next Holy Madonna and this accident could seem like one of those conflicts, and this is the next stage of what he's protecting the development of the church from the rebels of inside and outside. Ran says first, the samples are almost collected from the Holy visits and now that the Intersecting Space of the parallel universe will shut down for quite a while and this disturbance is just enough to take care of the ideologists that are against shutting down the Holy visits. And Ran explains the next stage, intergalactic courier business, that church body has been preparing and they need Quanx for courier guys as a part of the business plan and they'll start working in the eight universe and they'll be going on missions without knowing that they're, and he can't tell right now because it'll cost a tremendous amount of time and money. And he says the disturbance would be solve the how they control Quanxs. Then Ran says he went through numerous accidents since he started using the Intersecting Space and he noticed some interesting results from them, and he thought that he was a very special being. When the people open and close the Intersecting Space while having their vision blurry they get the ability to control Transcriptomes alongside an impressive Mating result, just like Ran.

In (11), Rami calls a woman and she says her friend should have transferred the money with her name, and she hears that there's no transfer history and she's charging an interest for today. Rami calls her friend, and the friend calls her Money-mi. Rami rage and says her friend told her to trust her. The friend says she's still at the visit and she's returning tomorrow at around seven AM. Rami says she'll wait for her friend at the exit at seven AM tomorrow, because thanks to her, there's an interest now so she'll deal directly, and she's paying for ten dollars for every late hour, plus the interest of 30 dollars for today.

Rami meets her friend, and she asks she's on duty, and she says she's seeing someone at here. Her friend says she's going there too and let's go together when she's done cleaning, but Rami moves away so fast. While brother sleeps in the classroom, Soy goes to her friend with holds a chocolate pie. Her friend tries to deliver chocolate pie instead, but takes a look at Soy's face and takes her to here to deliver it directly. At this time, Hades arrives at here too. Hades says he can never guess what the church's old fossils are orders to attacks the chemical complex, the biochemical lab, and now here, and they'll use him and get rid of him in the end, but they have no idea what will happen soon.

Rami lays on the sofa in here and thinks this is so warm and comfy and it this what mother's arms feel like, and then she falls a sleep. Rami's friend takes Soy into here. One of the guards presses the wall, and they're become trapped in a cube. The picture of here which is depicting Madonna cradling Joshua's body is parody of Pietà of Michelangelo. The heart of here senses Hades, the Quanx and one of the baby angels around Madonna sends out a baby angel Transcriptome. Hades says to the baby angel Transcriptome that it's too much for a Quanx to face a Transcriptome and yet he's not pressured at all and he explains why. Hades says if the coordinates are incorrect or overlapping with another space a part of enemy's body will be blended into something else, so the teleporting Quanx can utilize to get rid of them. Hades says in prison, he remembered the internal structure of here which he obtained through a secret channel and there he found out the location of the main body that controls the Transcriptome. Hades is teleporting with cube that he's stepping on, and he kills the main body that controls the Transcriptome. Here's now temporarily defenseless. Hades choose a target to use as a bomb and lock it inside a cube and make it shrink. If Hades remove the cube it's able to cause the explosion.

Rami sees her mother holding a doll and singing a familiar lullaby. It was a stone Soy doll with broken. Rami wakes from a nightmare. At this time, Rami sees her friend and Soy. Rami welcome to chocolate pie angel and says Jay's ass will be on fire today. At this time, a loud noise is heard, and Soy falls down. At that moment, the ceiling of the building collapses, and Rami see Soy is buried in front of her. While Rami is shocked, her friend sees the debris falling over on her and saves. At this time, the Security Department and the Internal Affairs hear that Hades is at here now. In here, Max is ordered by the Chief of Security Department that he protect the Intersecting Space so they don't let Hades get there and he want his team to guard the place right now, and he'll send a Transcriptome defense and reinforcements to him. The Internal Affairs also arrives here and they cover the Intersecting Space. Black hair asks they'll request Transcriptome defense first and Gatsu answers that they already requested that and let's hurry up and surround the Intersecting Space before they takes their spot. They wears a transparent mask.

Max orders the Internal Affairs is all facing the Hades and they should help them cover the Intersecting Space better and as long as no one crosses the line there's no need for any conflict. Max reports to the Chief of Security Department that the patrols and firefighters are on standby around here. Balack fights against Mole face without Quanx ability, but he's beaten wretchedly. Balack sees GPS and witnesses the scene which is Gatsu killing Gray marks. Gatsu thinks, Hades will blow this place up anyway so even when the memory tracers come they won't find out what happened. Gatsu thinks things are getting better than he thought and now he just need to send a message to Hades to clean up the mess, and Balack sees it and makes a meaningful look. In ♨ 24 SAUNA, Hades is rests and sees message. Hades thinks he'll do it for extra money and he feels so great and it like he can just devour this entire planet right now.

Hades appears and says the Internal Affairs should takes care of their dead friend. Yellow green was cubed by Hades. Hades puts all search teams of the Security Department and the Internal Affairs in the cube. When they're escape the cube, this is compressed. The cube is breaks. Hades looks flustered. Hades thinks his cube, the strongest thing in the universe is humiliated by that fishball so he'll get rid of this dirty feeling first, so he tries to explode by pressing the cube. Gatsu is embarrassed and thinks Hades could blow them all up, so he shouts it's explosion. When Hades tries to hit the cube and teleportation, Black hair uses earth mimicry to wrap the cube, and Balack and Mole face uses their abilities to block the aftermath of the explosion. But the shock is so serious that all of them are stunned for a while.

After the explosion, Hades leaves from here with Teleportation, and he recalls. The Bishop's Guardian priest ordered Hades to attack the chemical complex of Holy See, the biochemical lab, here that has the Intersecting Space, and the Main Palace of Holy Madonna, and when he get in return, he can go through the Underground clinic and enjoy the freedom. Hades said the purpose of terrorizing the Main Palace must be to have the fundamentalists who support the abolition of Holy Madonna system but he can't understand the rest. The Bishop's Guardian priest said there's been a rumor that here will be shut down and it sounded like that his mission is related to the new business plan of the church, which is intergalactic courier service, and they'll be using Quanxs as the serviceman. Hades thinks the Bishops will get rid of him when his job's done, and there's no place safe in the eight universe, so he'll go into different universes by going through the Intersecting Space at here because he'll exist many as the number of the intersecting spaces. Hades thinks he'll make his cube the symbol of horror and death, so before he leave, he has to get rid of this dirty feeling completely and he'll leave a trace of himself so that the Bishops will know he existed in the eight universe, so he'll burn down this city of here.

The Bishop's Guardian priest reports to Bishop that Holy Madonna's called off all schedule and returned to here because she found out about the terrorism at there and the explosions in the city, and the Heads of the Security Department and the Internal Affairs have both been called in.

Since Hades was arrested

The woman says to Agnes that they're trying to recycle Hades right now and Bishop Kanu is displaying her arrogance, and a disposable shouldn't be recycled, and Mr. Gatsu from here seemed to have drawn a decent picture, and she asks that her dog isn't enough for Hades. Agnes answers there's been an order that they should follow their regarding eliminating Hades. The woman says let's just do that this time because everyone must be flustered by Holy Madonna's return to here so let him do his job, and it's impossible to jump into here to take out Hades alone, but by trying that they could be sending a warning to those old punks, and she's sorry for Agnes' baby dog.

The Duke dithers and calls Mayhen that why Agnes unresponsive for the past hour, and if something happen to her he can't live without her, and maybe he shouldn't has listened to her insisting and let White Police Guards escort her, then he floats white 100 image and tries to call them. Mayhen says right now Agnes is asleep because it's only been 2 hours since she said good night to the Duke. The Duke says that's strange because it feels like it's already been 12 hours, then he angry and says the stubborn principalists even told Agnes to do the retreat duty and there're certain Patrons that aren't to be touched, and back then they came to him for help while talking about the fate of the See. The Duke taps on a calculator and says if Hades escapes again there's a high chance that his next target will be here is 100% because his only chance of surviving is going through the Intersecting Space to go to another universe, so he should take advantage of him a mere threat to here only makes the principalists bond together so to rule over them, they've to fall into despair. The Duke says here's an iconic Intersecting Space for the principalists of the Church of Madonna, and there's no need for 2 Intersecting Spaces in the eight universe, especially for a religious group full of lies. The Duke scoff at the principalists that they do honestly believe that people will believe Joshua's scattered soul. Mayhen thinks maybe the Duke did just decide to destroy here.

Hades' second escape Edit

Volume 6

Blue skin pushes the members of the Internal Affairs with his Quanx ability. Blue skin and Bomb guy are curious that Hades lets them go or it's a blackout. Hades says the Transcriptome defense system is down, and he doesn't know what went wrong but the system will be back up in a few minutes, so he suggests them to breakout from prison. Hades says the Internal Affairs are the See's infamous Black Priests, so if Blue skin, Bomb guy, another escapee are inside the eight universe, they'll end up dying, and it's a matter of time so follow him outside. He says they're all sentenced to life in prison so they would've only left here after death, so just shut up and come with him.

Max heard that Hades and rest are escaped again, and he says what is Internal Affairs trying to do this time. The Chief of Security Department says it has to be an accident, and this is an opportunity for the Security Department and he'll go with them as well because the Directors will try to lead the command and they'll do everything they can to take care of this problem. The Chief of Security Department orders he want Max to form a team and go guard here immediately. Max thinks here's at the highest security level in the See right now so Hades and rest wouldn't dare come back to there again, and he knew it but he didn't think that he'd be left out of the field like this. At this time, the Chief of Security Department says to Glasses that he'll be going with his team. Gatsu asks the Command Center that they send Transcriptome unit. Command Center says that's something that needs to be approved by the Archbishop and the U.C.S., and when Hades terrorized here was a special case because it was the Palace, and the U.C.S. checks the See every time a Transcriptome unit is on the move, and Hades won't escape just to attack there again and they've got new Transcriptome units set up at there, so even if that happens there's nothing to worry about. Gatsu accepts it, and asks at least the Command Center leave a record that the Internal Affairs requested it before them. After the phone call, Gatsu thinks it's fortunately because it's got rejected, and the record at the Command will show the Bishop how desperate they're.

The Duke calls to Max. Max says the Duke has been backing him all this time but he's guarding here so he's terribly sorry. At this time, a Security Department member also guarding here. The Duke says maybe guarding there might actually be better. Max asks the Duke can tell the Director to take back the order that put him here. The Duke says Max think he's falling behind in the Security Department, and he's his sponsor so he wouldn't worry about these little things and just focus on his mission, and opportunities are given to those who're diligent, and he hangs up. A Security Department member comes to Max. Max says staying with me won't really help with a Security Department member's resume. A Security Department member says his name is Honma. Max says Honma is a Hyper-Quanx and asks what can he does besides teleporting. Honma says it's so basic that he's embarrassed to tell Max. Roots, the signal from the tracer informs Hades is in here. Hades asks did Max know they were going to be here. Max thinks this is an opportunity for him and says the information network of the Security Department won't miss a simple plan like this. Blue skin says he used his detecting ability and there're only them who're Quanxs in the area, so that's strange. Hades says Max did plan a surprise party when they show up like this, but they already know where he's patrolling via the Internal Affairs network. At this time, Abigail and June appear in front of Hades. Max says the Security Department have prepared all this just to get them, and he says to Abigail that he should focus on what's going on and look ahead. Haaken faces Abigail. Hades says Abigail is used the same acceleration ability as Haaken's to break his cube, and Haaken tells him to throw his cube at him. Honma reflected cube, and he says he has the ability to reflect all the attacks against him and return them to the user. Max says he doesn't remember seeing that ability from the profiles of the Security Department team. Honma says he's an unofficial member of the the Security Department, and the Duke has ordered to help Max and he's from the White Police Guards.

Blue skin says the prisoners have to get out of here now because the search team will be here soon. Honma says Max don't ask for any more backup because the things will get more complicated, and he can take care of the prisoners by himself, and the Duke wants him to take all the credit for this. Honma says there won't be any more help on their side so they don't run away. Blue skin says their goal is to get out of the eight universe without wasting their energy, and even if they don't call for help once they start crashing, people will be coming in from everywhere. Bomb guy says they should retreat and wait for another opportunity, but Haaken says it's clear that they already know what their goal is because they're here, and it they wait for another opportunity, they'll have to face more guys. Haaken flies at Honma, but he reflects so he backs to him. Honma overlaps Hades' one hand with his one hand through intangibility ability, and says he'll be teleporting with him now. Abigail shoots a bullet which isn't a lead bullet, but Honma reflects this, causing him to have the same wound as another him. Honma thinks his other job is to help the ugliest escaped prisoner. Bomb guy and Blue skin are go to here and he says let Hades and Haaken handle them, and they'll work their way toward the Transcriptome barrier. Bomb guy and Blue skin are arrive to the last line of defense, Max fights back to them and says that's where they stop.

People fight each other. June puts Blue skin's both hands on the wall with his Teleportation ability, and he says he'll get bomb guy he can talk to, but he's struck by Haaken. Haaken trying to pull out Blue skin's both hands with his ability, but he's blocked by Max. Haaken tries to aim by gun, at this time, Abigail applies a pain relief spray to his eyes, and he says he can't use Acceleration ability while trying to aim a gun, and he need fingerprints to use that gun so he'll give him back what he owes him. Abigail beats Haaken. Haaken beats Abigail. Abigail and June are disappear. Max beats Blue skin, but Max is attacked by Haaken. Haaken wakes Bomb guy up. Blue skin says his breath is in trouble, and his arms are already integrated with the wall so he can't move, so Haaken just go. Haaken really accept it. Max says Haaken is done, but he says he's in his dream. At this time, Honma appears and he says it's not a dream but a reality that will hit him in seconds. Max catches Haaken's ankle. Honma penetrates Haaken and Bomb guy. Haaken says he doesn't like how it feels. Honma says they should still if they don't want to be penetrated, and he'll pin them into the wall like Blue skin. The Internal Affairs is appears, and the Director says they'll handle the rest because they'll be sent to Internal Affairs prison anyway.

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At this time, Bomb guy uses Explosion ability. Honma flees with Max, and he thinks he caught them off guard. Hades takes Rami up and appears, and he says the Transcriptome barrier is off now so that means it's a chaos. Hades is disappears, and a Transcriptome is appears.

The Transcriptomes are blow up people because the barrier for here's already set up. The prisoners are disappear. Hades says once the Transcriptome defense is disabled, the prisoners will head to the Intersecting Space, and he couldn't find the Transcriptome controller and the Internal Affairs should know what the prisoners are going after by now so that's why they'll disable the barrier. Hades did place cubes inside here. Gatsu says to the Director of Internal Affairs that, Hades is based on the dice positions so the prisoners are after the Transcriptome controller. The Director of Internal Affairs says the prisoners must be trying to use the Intersecting Space to get out of the eight universe, because they understand that the Internal Affairs will never give up on them. The Director of Internal Affairs says the Internal Affairs need to come up with a quicker response, so they should disable the Transcriptome defense barrier. The Director of Internal Affairs says there's no place in the eight universe that the prisoners can hide, and if they get caught again exceptional rules will be applied and Hades will be executed, and based on the circumstances, the previous escape was to try to send a message to the church, this time, this is for personal interest, and he brought other prisoners to sacrifice after removing the tracer and re-entered here, he left the dice to go straight through the Intersecting Space, so it's hard to believe that he's trying to confuse the pursuing unit, and inside the Intersecting Space, Quanx abilities can't be used, he's being careless because he's not alone, and the main pursuing team will arrive. The Director of Internal Affairs says they should tell the Command Center to disable the barrier, and it can't be disrupted by the Security Department, and he says the Internal Affairs are going to need Security Management guy's help.

Kanu reports to the Head Bishop that, she had requested to the Command Center to approve of the disabling of the defense barrier. The Head Bishop tells since Hades was used without his intention to do so, he'll has to take back what he said about not capturing him alive, and he just hope that he'll do some serious damage to here. The Head Bishop says the Duke is known to be unpredictable but he's a legitimate leader of the Patron alliance, and the church couldn't have expected that Hades is trying to use the Intersecting Space to get out of the Eight universe, and it's unlikely that there's something between the Duke and Hades because if there was, he wouldn't have deployed his White Police Guards whom he cherishes so much. The Head Bishop says the Duke trying to convince the Patrons and destroy the Intersecting Space which belongs to the church to keep the church in check, and considering their relationship with U.C.S. the two Intersecting Spaces in the eight universe are the symbols of the universal power one is owned and managed by the U.C.S. and the other is owned by the Church of Madonna, this had to be the biggest issue between the church and the U.C.S., and they claims that it's too dangerous for a certain religious group to own one, that's why they're still using the eight universe law to demand the transfer of ownership for it so it's possible that they want to get rid of the trouble by using the breakout situation.

Volume 7

Hades covered by cube and he protects attacks. Hades says this cube isn't to protect himself from the Internal Affairs, and there're four guys that escaped. At this time, Bomb guy appears and uses explode skill. Blue skin beats a guy by his stone hands. Haaken says the prisoners are going straight to the Intersecting Space.

The Director of Internal Affairs is been sitting on the top of Intersecting Space lid. Hades with Rami appears and he says he made a few more dices around so he's late. The Director of Internal Affairs casting a spell. Abigail says the Director of Internal Affairs seems to have a Quanx ability to make his butt heavier.


Then Hades sees a hallucination. In memory, Hades had to be lock up to a cube by the tribe. Because when Hades' mother hang around with the outer planet folks and she get a hideous child and it's a disgrace, so the tribe made it as an example to all the virgins in the village so they'll get the message. Young Hades cries and says when he get out of a cube, he'll trap everyone who trapped him in this box. Abigail sees the hallucination that when he was a child, his younger sister falls down so he says she may come across. At that moment the subway appears and strikes Abigail's younger sister. Young Abigail cries and thinks, if he was just a little bit faster he could save his younger sister. The Director of Internal Affairs thinks the hallucinations that they're seeing now and the memories that they don't want to remember, because they're Quanxs, most of them are about how they got their abilities or terrible incidents that they couldn't handle even with their abilities, so overwhelmed by regret or sorrow, they'll get trapped inside the prison of themselves. Haaken sees a baby and cries and thinks she's his daughter Guyrin. Bomb guy sees a dog and calls it's Navi. Balack sees Bomb guy and says he got him now, and he's throws an explosion.

Purple hair who's attacked by Gatsu, he tries to call to the Director of Internal Affairs but the connection is lost, so he thinks he should turn on the Transcriptome shield. The explosion occurs and the hallucination ability breaks. The Director of Internal Affairs and Hades are fall unconscious. Honma discovers Rami. Haaken thinks he thought Guyrin, so he got to time to waste here. Haaken says he's done here so they can go, and he's staying in the Eight universe, because he forgot about something important that he should take care of. Haaken goes out of here. Gatsu says they can't afford to lose anyone but Hades. At this time, a Transcriptome appears. The Transcriptomes surrounding them. Honma thinks he can't teleport into the Intersecting Space and he hope Hades didn't give up on here. Bomb guy hurts and looking for his dog Navi and says he can't see anything and it seems to blocked so he has to break through. Bomb guy uses his explosion ability, and he beheaded by a Transcriptome. The Intersecting Space lid is broken by explosion, and they're fall in to the Intersecting Space. The Transcriptomes can't come inside. The fireships are everywhere. The second backup team of the Internal Affairs has arrive at here. When Wine hair says to team leader that there's no response from them, he orders he'll secure the perimeter here and the assault team should go to the Intersecting Space, and the Transcriptome shield is still active so stay sharp and the escaped convicts should shoot to kill.

The rest of the kids, trapped in the collapsed ceiling, when they come to consciousness, they make a plan to get out through the wind blowing from outside. Jay thinks and cries that Rami is really happy that he's in this mess, because he always cause trouble and he couldn't even protect Soy. One of kids senses someone's presence and yells anybody in there, but he doesn't answer and turns onto his left side. The other kid says he can stop yelling because it might collapse again, and even if there was someone down there, there's nothing they can do about it. Gatsu says the space is dividing up now. At this time, the division has stopped. Gatsu says they're surrounded by the Transcriptomes so they're probably at universe eight. The Black Priests in the support team enter the Palace and finding Purple hair's dead body. However, when they see Purple hair's exit wound, an agent reads his memories, informs the senior agent.


The senior agent orders that the agent should alert the team leader and send this image to all agents inside here. The agent tuning in to the Internal Affairs frequency and sending the image. Gatsu was shoot Purple hair. The agent reports team leader that this is the memory recovered from Purple hair's wound. Gatsu sees image someone just used Telepathy. Balack says he saw Gatsu in his dream. Gatsu thinks it was a projection sent to the entire crew and he's discovered by the backup.

The Transcriptomes are come inside and the Intersecting Space barrier is lifted too. June realizes that their Quanx abilities are back too, and he teleports with Abigail. Gatsu says they aren't in Intersecting Space now. Balack rips the bottom but he says it's so deep even with the highest level of complanation, he still couldn't break through it. The rest people are surrounded by the Transcriptomes and are in crisis. At this time, Honma form turns into Rami form. Rami form is takes control of the Transcriptomes surrounding the Intersecting Space, and then rush out to save Jay. The Transcriptomes' face are turn into Hades. Thanks to it, the rest people inside the Intersecting Space are survive.

Gatsu says to Max that Hades, Honma, Rami are must've been some sort of a fusion in the form of Mating and he can't explain how it works but of all the incidents that took place in an Intersecting Space, there have been ones with a similar outcome like this known as it. At this time, Balack rips sidewall and urges to Gatsu that they can go out because the sidewalls aren't as strong. Rami form and Transcriptomes meet backup and the Transcriptomes attack to them. The rest of the people flee. Balack arrests Blue skin with his skill, but he beat by him. Max takes to Blue skin, and he says that he can't show up empty-handed to his peers. Max thinks the thing was clearly controlling the other Transcriptomes, and it has to be a Super-Transcriptome and he has only heard stories of, and there's only one way to overpower that abomination.

Wine hair sees Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes, and reports it to team leader. The team leader orders them to call the Command Center. Wine hair sees Gatsu. Gatsu thinks the Internal Affairs all found out about what he did, so he has to get out of here and ask the Duke for help. At this time, Gatsu and Wine hair are walking into each other. Gatsu is arrested by Wine hair. Wine hair asks it was true that Gatsu were the one behind the feud between the Security Department, and he answers it was a self-defense. Balack aren't going to do anything, and he's coughs. The team leader calls to Command Center, and he thinks a Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes should've reached them by now.

The team leader orders the Internal Affairs just hold on until the Command Center regain their control over the Transcriptomes, and they don't let them out of the Palace and especially the Super-Transcriptome seems to be controlling all the others, and they should focus fire on this, and they don't fight the other Transcriptomes head on. Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome digs in the bottom. Max reports to the Chief of Security Department. As Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome digs the ground, its body gradually shrinks and regains Rami's original shape, and she's naked, and there's blood in her hands. Finally Rami finds Jay, but he died in despair because the Emotion transferring bot's avatar is smiling. The Chief of Security Department tells Max that the Command Center already received a distress call from the Internal Affairs' reinforcements, but the Security Department will also dispatch more personal immediately. Max thinks that where he would be.

20180919 230819

Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome hugs Jay's dead body and she cries. At this time, a Black Priest attacks Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome and Jay, so his body is disappeared by the explosion caused by the laser. But Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome recovers its body. The right side of the Super-Transcriptome's face is yet her and it bleeding, but the left side of its face is angry Honma. The Super-Transcriptome is attacked by one of the Internal Affairs, and its neck has cut off, but immediately after the attack, its neck is attached again so virtually no effect. The concentrated attacks of the Internal Affairs fall on the Super-Transcriptome, but it blocks by the Cube.


The Super-Transcriptome says they're stupid Quanxs. Abigail and June arrive outside of Palace. Gatsu says if Wine hair let him go, he'll introduce him a patron. Wine hair says he's more devout than he might come off as. Gatsu tells to Wine hair that in a whisper. Wine hair is in disturbance. Max sees the Super-Transcriptome and Transcriptomes and he surprises.

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Here's a Intersecting Space of the parallel universe, strictly limited and managed only for the mission of Holy visits, dispatch of priests, and business of church body. Using this place for private purposes the parallel universe can collapse with little carelessness. In fact, in the past, there was a catastrophe that caused a virus called Lou's teeth that crossed through here and made one of the parallel planets completely dead planet.

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