Nazareth (나즈레, Najeure) is a character in Denma.

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She's a head of Devarims who's heterochromia.

She's standing up to the Church of Madonna.

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In Kuan's Fridge (66) - Ch.597, she and the other heads of Devarims are call to Aaron. She says to Aaron that she doesn't think they've ever had a dream with such a huge scale, with so much turmoil. Aaron says they can relax, and he just woke up, and he needs some time to think over the message. Aaron says they'll carry on their discussion later. Aaron and the other head of them greet each other.

El sees the Devarims include Keffiyeh Devarim, Aaron, she and Permed Devarim.

Gaya, Lot and Nazareth

She's surprised and asks Aaron if she should do this. Aaron says to her that she's perfect for the job. She says that she doesn't think she can handle such. Aaron says that she can't need for worries, she'll do just fine. Aaron says that his role ends when the El family becomes the rulers of the universe, after that, there will rise a new conflict, her job is to help the enemy of the El's grow in power. She asks to Aaron that is it gonna be someone from the Gosan's. Aaron says to her that he's afraid he doesn't know that far, it's a grey area of the future he saw, this war is between the Gosan's and the El's, the next one that she'll look over will be fought between the El's who'll have taken control of the universe by then and the new rising force of universe eight, the Dark Lord.

Aaron says goodbye to her that he's sorry to be leaving her with so much responsibility. She says to the Devarims that Panta Rhei Devarim.

3 years later Edit

In The knight (104), Nubre, Lot, and Noph arrive at the teleportation. Sharp and she goes to the outside. Lot gives a bag of something to Sharp and asks what about the Lewd. Sharp answers that she's working hard on her novel. Lot says the book's in there, the elderly dropped by the bookstore to get the Lewd's autograph, and he started reading her erotic novels recently, became a big fan. Sharp says that is kinda embarrassing. Lot says to Sharp that the novel sure was based on real experience, he'll hard it to the elderly in tomorrow's meeting, so she should tell the Lewd to sign it right away. Sharp says Lot to thanks him. Lot sighs and asks to her that what is this, remember what she told him, the best in the universe, the four shields, blah blah, how long he dies have to keep delivering tampons, and when is this team going to be complete, when will the last one finally join them. She answers not the last one, but two. Lot says she said there were four. She says there are two here to be shields, and there will be two more.

Lot asks to her that himself, Gauss, and the Lewd, weren't there three of them, is someone going to die, and did she read his dreams. She says it's not about someone dying, all she can say is one of the three is going to take a step back and help the four time to time. Lot says he thinks he knows who that's going to be. Lot asks then when are the other two coming. She answers in two or three years. Lot asks she doesn't tell him there's someone stronger than him. She answers that's what important to him, it's rather hasty to be so sure about an image in a dream but, a Hyper-Quanx will come first. Lot asks a Hyper coming first, that means the last one isn't a Hyper.

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