Mustache (콧수염, Kotsuyeom) is a character in Denma.

Summary Edit

He's a Quanx dealer in the planet Moab, and also Quanx. He's a Teleportation Quanx.

He was a professional Hyper-Quanx trainer, and before he became a lousy Quanx dealer.

His ears are like elf's ears. His nose is round. He has a mustache like his nickname. His height is as small as a dwarf. His forelock covered his eyes, and they're cute.

He knows El's mark.

His employee is exist. It's guessed that his employee is his son because his bangs and hair color are similar to him.

Biography Edit

Few years ago Edit

In Kuan's Fridge (27), Jiro reads the business card's memories and in the past, Juwan gives a business card to him and says he's a professional Hyper-Quanx trainer slash dealer, and this kind local dealer told him all about him, and he just wants to says it's a privilege to meet him in person. Juwan asks that can Jiro tell them how many Quanx skills he has. Juwan finds a empty drug container and thinks Jiro is a junkie. He pretends not to know that. Juwan wears Georg filter sunglasses and sees Jiro, and thinks if he'd known he was in this state, he wouldn't have bothered coming here at all, and he can't exactly blame him either, and he does have skills like he said, but the wavelengths from his body show he's beyond recovery, and no amount of training will ever get him back to normal, and he should've known, and he'd dare toss him his way just because he's from an outer planet, and he only wasted his precious time. Juwan takes off his Georg filter sunglasses but he falls it. Jiro picks up the sunglasses his Partial Teleportation ability and brings to Juwan. Jiro says he has two Quanx abilities in total, one is the one Juwan just saw, and the other one is he doesn't wanna talk about it, or rather he can't tell him ever.

In (12) - Ch.543, (28), Juwan says he's quite a celebrity in this line of work, and it's their lifelong wish to be handed his business card among many Hyper-Quanxs, and which is also why he's sometimes bothered by mediocre, good-for-nothing dealers here and there, so if Jiro want to get out of here, come see him, but of course, he doesn't just accept anyone who knocks on his door, and it won't easy, and after he pass the test, he still have to undergo three years of training which is that only 10% of the chosen Hyper-Quanxs endure through, but then again, he has a feeling they'll see each other again, and make sure he hold onto that business card.

Juwan says most of the Hyper-Quanxs that come looking for him are after money, it's their absolute motivation, and during the initial state of training, they train harder than anyone else, and the tougher the training gets, the harder they train, and it's almost as if they'll make it to the end, but when the training reaches its most extreme limit, most of them quit, and it's the ones who looked the most unpromising and unstable in the beginning, who end up showing the most remarkable perseverance under extreme conditions, and about those 10% who made it through the entire training process, if they had anything in common unlike the ones who gave up halfway, it's that they all had a clear goal other than mere fortune. Juwan says for example Jiro said he wants to get out of slum and it's most admirable, however, people often deceive themselves in order to deny their harsh reality, and if his wish was to mean anything, the answer has to come from the bottom of his heart as well. Juwan says so he'll ask Jiro one last time, and he asks that does he really wish to escape from his current situation.

Current time Edit

Volume 8

In Kuan's Fridge (9) - Ch.540, Ibon calls to him. He says this isn't allowed, because he doesn't know if Ibon isn't a scout from an outer planet, and nowadays, bunch of thugs out there move from planet to planet, selling off any decent Quanxs to the nobles, there's such a thing as business ethics, and they think they can do whatever they want in someone else's turf. Ibon says if he can't Kuan's Fridge open in three days, he's in big trouble, that's why he's in the planet Moab. He says Ibon is the numnuts Sumai screwed over this time. Ibon angry and says he doesn't talk as if it's some gossip him overheard. He says he lend Ibon a Teleportation Quanx, and normally, he charge 1,000, but he's feeling generous, so he'll give him one for 700. Ibon says he knows 500 is more than enough. At this time, he teleports and says for 500, he'd have to do it himself, and he thanks for the shaved ice.

He says to Ibon that Jiro is a Hyper-Quanx with Interplanetary Teleportation skill, but it's just estimated stats from the Georg filter, and there're lots of Quanxs with filter value capable of this skill, but there're only a few hundred of them, who can actually teleport in the entire universe eight, unlike any ordinary Teleportation, it's a skill that only shows up after enduring the most intensive training imaginable, and there's no way a drug addict would be able to go through that, even if he could teleport between planets, there's no guarantee he can open the fridge. He sees a hologram and says these are all Hyper-Quanxs that no one really wants on the planet Moab. Ibon shouts he should've know Juwan wouldn't hand over useful ones. He says still, he sees a few of them with potentials, and let's get a move on after having lunch.

Ibon, Moab's Hyper-Quanx and he see Kuan's Fridge.

Ibon, he and Sumai's henchman are waiting to open Kuan's Fridge. Moab's Hyper-Quanx uses explode Quanx ability to Kuan's Fridge, but nothing happened. Moab's Hyper-Quanx says if the word got out about Kuan's Fridge, he bets that this place will be swarming with all the Quanxs on Moab, but that'll never happen because he, the greatest Quanx on Moab, is gonna open it right now.

Moab's Hyper-Quanx says he can't stop, and if he can't open it, nobody can and he's the best Hyper-Quanx Sumai's henchman find on Moab and when he can't do it, he can't. The round drone on the top of Sumai's henchman's head flies and shoots a laser on Moab's Hyper-Quanx's back of the head. Sumai's henchman says Moab's Hyper-Quanx just stop if it's so hard, and he can't open it anyway, and all it takes is one shot to kill him like any other Hyper-Quanxs. At this time, the horse men catch Jiro and Denma and arrive. Cell's Avatar says they're from Silverquick, and they're here to reclaim their client's seized possessions inside the fridge. Sumai's henchman catches Cell's Avatar and says that isn't some household appliance, and even a Hyper-Quanx can't open it, and probably another Quanx scrubs who wanna show off their cheap tricks, and do try and just know that if they fail, they'll end up with a hole in their head like Moab's Hyper-Quanx. Ibon and he are recognize Jiro. Jiro opens Kuan's Fridge.

Ian sees the Kuan's Fridge and orders to Alpha squad that they just secure their key first, and put them all inside the fridge and close it right away, and once the police retrieved the key, make sure he get out of there stat, and he use the key to get in and out of the fridge just like she told him, and in the meantime, have the other squad members open the fridge door again. All the rest go into the fridge, and they see heads. He says he hopes the heads aren't how they're gonna end up in a few hours, and it's an object Quanx with several spaces on the inside and this is way bigger than he expected. Ian orders to police tactical team that they close the door.

Denma holds to Cell's Avatar and orders that she just answer him. He says even the network went down when Kuan's Fridge closed. Ibon says to him that this is it so let's bail. He tries to teleport with Ibon, but they hit somewhere. A police aims gun to Ibon and shoots him later.

Jiro shows the key, to one of the robot that looks like spider. There are other spiders around. The spider just passes through Denma and he sees this. The spider finds him, he teleports near Denma, and he beaten by him. Denma and he fight each other. Denma angry and says to him that he's practically blind right now. Jiro calls Denma and he. Jiro shows the key to the spider and says these two kids are with him. The spider checks he and Denma, and it passes through them. He says those bugs did save them, and they're the only ones that made it out alive, and let's get out of here. Jiro says they'd need open all the eight boxes that were seized so they can exit, and two people lead the way and they don't know what's out there, so they defend him. Denma angry and shouts that Jiro had wanna use a cute kid like him as a human shield. Jiro says if Denma got a problem with that, they'll just let those machine spiders eat him alive. When Denma grabs his cape, he angry and shouts that no tugging him.

Denma tells him to his story. He says he has only heard stories about Kuan's Fridge too, but now that he's actually inside the thing. At this time, he shouts to Denma that why he's holding onto his butt this time, and he says he gotta holds onto something, and he said he can't grab his cape, and this beats holding his arm. Jiro thinks that mustache guy looks familiar, and where has he seen him before. They see boxes. He says this is gonna take some time. Jiro does have to checks every single box in here. Jiro is angry and kicks a box and shouts that, he's supposed to open all eight of them when there're millions of boxes inside, and they'll starve to death. He says that junkie with an attitude. Denma asks to him that who's he and is he with those guys who carried him in here. He answers that he's a Quanx dealer on Moab. Denma is cautious about him because he thinks he's a Quanx-selling Savoy. He denies and says he said he's a dealer, and he's a Quanx too. At this time, Jiro opens a box through his key and calls Denma and him. Jiro says if he see something worth anything, put it aside. He says he isn't Jiro's servant. Jiro shouts that it doesn't matter who does what right now. Jiro sees a little box and says these are all confiscated recently. He says that delivery boy told him what's going on, and if what he's saying is true, it would mean the further they travel into the fridge, the further they trace back to Jiro's family's past.

Jiro says comes to thinks of it they're wasting their time because they won't find anything worth in here. He finds a business card and says he kept it all along. Jiro reads the business card's memories. Jiro says now he remembers him, and he came by his house before.

At this time, an Eve is appears who's the left eye is dug, the left ear and right hand is clipped. Jiro knocks Eve down. Denma touches Eve. Jiro says it's the same android as Denma's, except this one has different antennae. Denma slaps Eve's face, and he grabs his hand and sees El's mark. Jiro says it probably got trapped in Kuan's Fridge during delivery, and let's hurry because they've only opened one of them, and at this rate, they're really going to starve to death in here, and he recalls again.

Jiro wrinkles and throws the business card. He asks Jiro is sure he won't want that later. Jiro answers he can have it if he want. When Jiro looking for correct boxes, Denma floats a hologram. He thinks that's definitely El's mark, and he's curious that this kid is a runaway slave or something, and what's the deal with him. Denma is tired so asks to Jiro that can they take a break, and he says he's been at it for hours now, and he doesn't ever get tired. He says it's probably because of the meds in his system. Denma lies on the bare ground, and asks that he can find it in his heart to bring some food to him. Jiro says he can check the backpacks of those police officers, and he might find an energy bar or something. He refuses, but Denma and Jiro point to him. He teleports there and says he's elder. He finds a gun and thinks he didn't take this in the first place, and Ibon owed him money for bringing him down here, until that cop made a hole in his head. He thinks whatever the kid's story is, it looks like he just hit a jackpot because he has El's mark.

Mustache distributes their energy bars, but he divides himself more bars, and his are all 51. Denma asks how many types of energy bar he does have there, because they taste a bit different. He says one of energy bars is called 'Fifty', a 50 gram low-calorie energy bar, and the other is 'Fifty-one', a 51 gram high-calorie energy bar, and he thought the cops were on a special diet, but this is just what they can buy from a convenience store. Denma holds 51 and asks to him that this is Fifty-one, because it's just that this feels heavier, and one gram makes a difference. He's surprised and says like the name suggests, this one is actually one gram heavier, and it became an instant hit. Denma holds 50 and says this one's Fifty and this one's Fifty-one. He says that is amazing, and Denma says his Teleportation skill is more amazing. Mustache asks to Denma that what skills does he has. Denma thinks it should be okay to tell him. Denma answers it's Equivalent Mass Exchange. He says that reminds him of Dike, the so-called Invincible Death of Urano. Denma thinks even people all the way out Moab know about Dike. He says Dike is a complete bastard without an ounce of decency, that one, but something doesn't add up about his master, the Little Emperor, El, a slave messes with his woman and he'd something, and if it were up to him, he would've beheaded him right then and there, and he can't believe he just chopped off one hand to pardon him. Denma is surprised and asks that what he's talking about.

He says to Denma that all the major players in the industry knew about it, and he asks does he know Dike by any chance. Denma answers he just heard stories about Dike, and cause they use the same ability. He thinks then how will the kid explain El's mark on his palms, and they both have the same master and the same power, so they must know each other well, and it doesn't really matter now, and he's gonna take him to El anyway. He says Jiro may take some rest and he need to eat. Jiro angry and kicks a box and shouts that how he's supposed to find boxes like this, and why they're screwing him over. Denma angry and shouts that why he does has to carry the energy bars, and he just cause that because he's blind. He says it's not that he doesn't want to help, he can't, because he's carrying two guns to protect them. At this time, one of his guns is broken by one of the monster babies.

The monster babies are swarming on them. He shoots gun but the monster babies are many, he carries Denma and Jiro and teleports to near the entrance of Kuan's Fridge. He says he thinks the kid's androids are responsible. Jiro surprised to sees the cops' head. He says he thinks he shouldn't be the only one with a gun here, even if they managed to kill the monster babies all. Jiro angry and beats him because he was doing just fine before he came along then he dragged him down in the fridge and they're about to die. He stops a fight and asks to Denma that he's alright. Denma vomits blood and answers that he does look okay to him. At this time, he seems to have recovered his vision. He thinks he'll forget about the money for a sec, because he's going to make it out alive with them. Denma beats Jiro and shouts he's just a little kid. He stops a fight, and Denma shouts that he doesn't give a shit if Jiro is a client anymore and he should beat some sense into this psychopath, and he should get up. At the moment, Jiro who's bleed at the nose is surprised to something.

Jiro wipes the blood from his nose and sees it. There're many cut marks on Jiro's wrist. Denma beats to Jiro's head and kicks his back, and he holds to him. When Jiro gets up, Denma says now he must turn around and get his ass back here. Jiro asks what they'll do now. He answers they may look for weapons because it make sure he take everything he need so they don't have to come back here again. Denma sees Jiro and says look at that idiot. He asks to Denma that can he see now. Denma answers that he can't see yet. He throws to an energy bar, and Denma catches it. Denma says he can't see yet and he still has to fumbles around, and he picks up a gun. He says they make sure the plasma cartridge is loaded, and they can just take the ammo, not the cops' guns.

He asks to Denma that did he find someone he knows. Denma grabs him by the collar and shouts what's this place and who's this Kuan. He answers Kuan is just a normal Devarim. Denma says Devarim of precognitive dreams. He says he just stop babbling and get himself armed already.

They're doing back somewhere again because Denma have something to take care of. He teleports again because he's going to see check the perimeter.

He teleports to here and shouts that they hurry up and shoot. The monster babies are appear. Denma says he'll test with one of them, and he tries to use his Mass Exchange technique with an empty gun. But Denma can't use this, and he shoots a monster baby and shouts that he told him to shoot with the thing, not stare at it.

He, Denma and Jiro kill all monster babies. He says let's pack up and get the outta here, and he teleports somewhere. Denma lays on the floor and asks what those things are Moab monkeys. He answers that there's no such creature in Moab, and they're not from around here, and he hopes Kuan's Fridge isn't full of monsters like that. Jiro sees his hand. Jiro takes out a drug and starts dope, and he sees this and thinks he's doing dope in front of a kid. He tries to cover Denma's eyes, and points toward somewhere and asks what's that. Denma answers that he sees a junkie doing drugs, and he clicks his tongue and says once he start using drug, that's it, and he's done for he can never quit, and a young man is a waste because he's like that.

Denma tries to use his ability with an energy bar but he also can't use this. He asks to Denma that what's wrong. Denma shouts that he feels like he can use all the techniques from his original body, but he can't use his skills. He says the thing stuck at the back of his head was a Neuro-scanning device, and he knew he talk too much like an ass for a kid, and it's probably because his body's resisting, and he doesn't know what his story is, but he's borrowing the body of a little kid who's not a Quanx. Denma says he has been using basic techniques with this body just fine so far. He explains to Denma that the basic techniques that the kid's body could handle, and if he use Quanx skills with an ordinary person's body like him, it'll overload the body eventually, but of course, the body still adapts to it, that means his consciousness as a Quanx is synchronizing, and as time passes, as the synchronization further proceeds, he'll be able to use more complicated and detailed techniques with intensified physical errors, but at the same time, it'll pressure his body just as much, and after reaching the limit, the body will eventually refuse to be exposed to Quanx techniques, there're two possibilities, the first is where his immune system fails because of the pressure, malignant tumors will grow all over his body which will result in his horrible death, and there's possibility where his body endures and pulls through, but enduring doesn't mean getting over it, there's minor difference along the way, but there's only one conclusion, when the body reaches its limit, it'll break completely. Denma is surprised.

Denma grabs him by the collar and says that he loves how he sound so calm about it, and it's none of his business, and he asks that how does he know so much about this stuff. Denma tries to reveal his forelock, and says how he can even see straight when his eyes are all covered, and he tries to stop it.

Denma and Mustache

Denma sees his bright eyes and says they're so damn cute. Denma says if what he's saying is true, that means he's dying super fast. He says he knows this because he was a pretty good Quanx trainer, and before he became a lousy Quanx dealer, that is, the pay used to be better too. When Jiro restored to reason and eating an energy bar, he hears this. He says to Denma that he has seen all types of Quanxs from here and there, and the sockets might be shaped differently, but there were many cases like him, and he has seen them with his own eyes when he trained them. Denma lies on the ground and says if what he's saying is true, then why he's trapped in a socket, and because they couldn't control him, but he has seen plenty of guys who were rougher than him, and most of them worked in their own bodies, and it's not like his skills are anything special. He sounds Denma out about cheer up Dike, the Invincible Death of Urano. Denma is devastated and says what he did ever do to Silverquick, and why they didn't just kill him, and why they would torture him like this. Denma smirks and says he's so pissed off, and all he can does is just laugh. He sees Denma and thinks he knew he didn't hear it wrong when they were shooting back there, and he heard his whereabouts became unknown after he ran away, and if Invincible Death Dike really trapped in a kid's body, then this is his chance, and with the bounty El put on his head, and his life could turn around again. Jiro finds a box and shouts that Denma and he stop yapping and come help him with this.

Denma isn't doing anything. He says to Jiro that he may leave the kid be, because he's in panic after realizing how screwed up he's. Jiro says he doesn't give a shit if Denma's panic or not, and he dragged him all the way down Kuan's Fridge, so he should take responsibility, and if he couldn't even take responsibility be responsible for his actions. Jiro beats a box and shouts that, he should take responsibility and he's coward and he's so weak and he's moron. He wonders who Jiro is that lunatic talking to, and he thinks that both of them lost their minds, and now he's worried, so he should empty the bullets out of their guns, and nothing but worthless junks, and how he's supposed to get of of the fridge. Denma thinks even if what that he says is true, what difference it does make, and if doesn't matter if the situation seems worse than he thought, that just means he just has to move his escape plan ahead of schedule, and he gotta escape this body sooner or later, it doesn't matter, let's just make peace with it, for now, let's just stay this way, if he start moving again, they'll make him work. He finds a book. Jiro shouts that of course his damn house is nothing to sell in this pile of junk. He says this book looks like Jiro's mother's journal. Jiro finds foreclosure stickers, and he thinks why his mother did collect these. At this time, Jiro thinks if he read the memories of the boxes and calculate the dates, they can get out of the fridge. Jiro shouts that they can get out of the fridge right now.

Jiro shouts that, let's go find the next box, so they may help him out here. Jiro sees a foreclosure sticker and thinks that this is the latest date after the second box. He teleports and takes Denma and Jiro. Jiro reads a box's memories, and thinks this is after a year since the foreclosure. Jiro asks to him that he can take him deeper inside the fridge so he can calculate the time gap. They arrive the deeper inside the fridge, and Jiro reads a box's memories, and thinks this is six months before the foreclosure, then the third box should be around. Jiro draws something and explains to him that the third box should be around one-third of the distance they just moved to the outside, so let's go. They arrive there and Jiro says they're close to the date of the foreclosure so they wait here. He asks to Jiro that he does realize he's the only one excited here. Jiro reads some boxes memories, and he finds a box. He says Jiro was reading memories of those objects, and that makes if easier for them. Denma thinks who'd have guessed a junkie would be a Hyper, and finally he'll get out soon. At this time, Denma shouts to him that Jiro can read memories. Denma asks to Jiro that he can read his body's memories. Jiro answers that he can't because his brain is busy as it's with his own damn memories. Denma pleas that it's a matter of life and death for him, and he'll do anything. Jiro says Denma lick his foot clean, then he'll read it for him.

Jiro says Denma can go on then, because he thought it was a matter of life and death. Denma finds a water ball and pencil, and he throws the ball to Jiro. Jiro is hit by the ball and hurts, and tries to beat Denma, but he avoids it and stabs to his hand with the pencil. He thinks one of them is going to die, and he can't has that. He rushes and shouts to both of them that, they should stop it.

He attaches patches to Jiro's hand, and says it's not that deep. He asks to Denma that how he's holding up and his feeling better now. Jiro tries to throw something to Denma. Jiro throws something, and Denma avoids it, and says he's frightened, because that crazy junkie is around. Jiro finds and tries to throw a purple star, but he stops and see it and reminisce something. He says to Jiro that he can reminisce all he want, but save it until they get the hell out of this fridge. At this time, Denma sees something and drops a pencil and he's terrified. Adams are sitting in the box.

Volume 9

He sees Adams and asks Denma to that's his company's Transcriptomes. Denma answers the beheaded Quanxs they saw at the entrance of this fridge may also be their work. Denma vomits. He teleports and pokes to Adams. Denma surprises and says he's Quanx expert but he's doing something, so he'll outta here. He teleports again and says the Transcriptomes are all dormant, and their connection with their partners must've severed when they got locked up in here, and each of them individually correspond with a Quanx, and they may all look alike, but each of them has a specific partner, in other words, the people can think of a Transcriptome as a phenomenon where the so-called Super-Transcriptome or a Transcriptome controller recognizes a physical anomaly, and he heard they see a Quanx as an empty hole, and they've the ability to manifest an image, something that can fill up that empty hole in their own way, simply put, Transcriptome is an inner image taken form. Jiro thinks that what the hell he's saying. He explains that when the Quanx inside the cognitive region dies, and the hole gets filled up, it's natural for the physical form of a Transcriptome to disappear shortly after, but they're inside a fridge where even the quantum communication gets disconnected, once it's shut, in general, big object Quanxs can't make Transcriptomes, and it's because the system gets overloaded to make up for the overwhelming error, actually, there were a bunch who got overly curious, and made a simulation about this, they hypothesized they can make a Transcriptome out of this sort of object Quanx, surprisingly, if the physical error exceeds a certain point, there can be a massive explosion when the object Quanx and its Transcriptome combine, massive enough to blow up an entire planet.

Denma grabs him by the collar and asks that is he saying it's safe in the fridge or not. He answers to Denma that if the Transcriptomes weren't dormant, he thinks they'd just sit there like that. Denma says Adams look like they're gonna come at him any second. He says to Denma that those beheaded Quanxs at the entrance, the ones from his company, his bet is that they entered here with their partner Transcriptomes, but once they got disconnected from their partner Quanxs, they must've remained faithful to their basic instincts to kill Quanxs while they were here, and let he remind him that the quantum communication is disabled in here, if a partner Quanx dies, the Transcriptome manifested by the controller should disappear as well, however, the Transcriptome controller can't sense the Quanx's death nor the physical anomaly being resolved, that's why they're still around with their systems shut down, so they can't disappear nor move. Denma lies on the ground and says it still doesn't add up, then who piled up all those heads there, and if what he's saying were to be true, it shouldn't there be heads and torsos rolling on the ground all over the place, and even the Transcriptomes for that matter, and he bet the Quanxs ran for their lives, as for the Transcriptomes who went after them they must've stopped dead on their track the moment their partner Quanx was killed by another Transcriptome, maybe it was the spider robots at the entrance, and the heads were piled up so neatly, it doesn't make sense either, most of all, if all the Transcriptomes were to be stopped, the last two pairs have to kill each other's Quanx at the same time, but a neat execution in the middle of all that mayhem, he doesn't think so. He says to Denma that he's right, and in other to make sense of this situation, there had to have been a last pair who cleaned up all this mess afterwards, and if they come across another dead Quanx from his company, he must've been the last survivor, and if not, that means him and his Transcriptome are still inside this fridge. At this time, somewhere the boxes were poured, the last survivor's Adam strikes a box and sees something and he surprises.

Denma says if what he's saying is all true, all his friends will be surprised, and the coexistence of a Transcriptome and its partner Quanx even though they were created to fill up the hole in the beginning, they also have the property of a living organism, since they each correspond with an organism, and they know that they'll be gone if their partner dies, that's why they can't attack their partner Quanx, that means they know who their partners are. He says it's right and instinctively. Denma asks how can a Quanx recognize his partner Transcriptome. He answers to Denma that if there are a bunch of Quanxs gathered around like he said, if one of their arms of legs are cut off, that portion of the body will be missing from the Transcriptome as well, since the size of a Transcriptome depends on that of a physical anomaly, in this case, the Quanx, they've gotta at least break the Quanx's arm or his leg to find out. Denma says it still doesn't add up, and he asks that he said Transcriptome is made from a physical error, then why can't it find its own partner. Jiro angry and shouts that, they can shut up and make some sense at least. He says so the message that tells them to combine with the controller's partner is basically like a self-destruct command to those Transcriptomes, and when the Transcriptome combines with its partner Quanx, there are two possible results, when it's a normal Quanx, his Quanx ability will be gone along with the Transcriptome, but if it's a Hyper-Quanx whose size of the physical error is relatively larger, he dies from a shock, as the Transcriptome fills up the anomaly. Denma says he means the Super-Transcriptome and these controllers are the strongest. He says those Super-Transcriptome or controllers are made and controlled by ordinary human beings, and it doesn't matter what kind of skill a Quanx has, or how many skills have, humans might look unbelievably feeble, they get injured just from tripping over their shoelaces, it may look like they're just a part in this intertwined chain reaction among a Quanx, a Transcriptome, and a controller, but in fact, they're at the top of the food chain, it's just the way it has to be, humans label them as physical errors, and they think they came to be in the first place, but he doesn't think Quanxs aren't the errors of this vast cosmic principle that creates and leads the natural world, what if their existence has a specific purpose, for example, like the Transcriptomes of human beings created by the god, what made him think like this, and humans eat even when they're not hungry, it's that a grave physical error itself, error big enough to disturb the order of this universe, and he has never seen a bigger physical error than the greed of ordinary human beings, this is why Quanxs with their cheap tricks can never beat humans.

He teleports with Denma and Jiro. Jiro suddenly grabs Denma by the collar. He says Jiro can give it a rest. At this time, Denma and Jiro sees the survivor who's on the surface of the box. The survivor runs away. Jiro hits the survivor with his ability. The survivor shouts Silverquick. Jiro strikes the survivor with his ability, and stuns him. Jiro says the survivor came right at him. He slaps the survivor in the face. Denma says the survivor is still here that means there's a Transcriptome roaming around in here.

The survivor eats an energy bar and says to he and Denma that Adams showed up on their transport heading to his hometown after the farewell ceremony, and he almost shat his pants, luckily, they didn't hurt him, so he passed out on the convoy. The survivor says the next thing he knows, he's here in this weird place, and he found out that the Silverquick had deceived them all along, all his former associates who he thought to have retired and gone back home were, in fact, all dead with only their heads rolling on the floor, just as he calmed himself after he found out a survivor something unexpected happened, the Adams from both sides stayed dormant, but they came at him and his friend like a predator that found its prey, his friend lost an arm from that sudden attack, but the Adam who came charging at him also lost its arm, soon, when his head was cut off, it just stopped right in front of him, he still doesn't understand what is happened. He whispers to Denma that it must be the partner Transcriptome, and the survivor probably doesn't know how the Transcriptomes work yet. The survivor says what he saw next was beyond horrifying, something he has never seen in Silverquick, that Adam was eating the headless corpse. Denma fears and shouts that the survivor don't talk about stuff like that while he's eating. Denma asks to him that he'll explain for a Transcriptome eating a Quanx. He says Silverquick is really screwed up big time. Denma says he just tell him something he doesn't know. He says that explains all the heads piled up at the entrance, their bodies were all eaten, all the moments conducted while disconnected from the Transcriptome controller are the default orders that were entered at the beginning of the Transcriptome formation, with that, they can assume the purpose of a Transcriptome, if Silverquick simply killed a Quanx, it was probably meant to quiet down the commotion, to set an example for the rest of the Quanxs, but eating them is completely different, it's elimination, not crowd control, from the beginning, they never meant to keep Quanxs alive.

The survivor says this is just horrible, so why would Silverquick that does it, and they should let the Quanxs at the Headquarter know right now, they need to know what they do to them after they're done exploiting them. Denma says the survivor is right, and to hell with Adams on guard back at the HQ, it'll be a riot either way. The survivor asks to Denma that he said he didn't quit the company, that does mean Silverquick sent him in Kuan's Fridge on a job, and that's a bit odd. Denma answers that why Silverquick would send him over in the fridge where he'll find out what they'd done, surely, they knew what he would does once he return back to base. He says to Denma that maybe Silverquick chose this fridge to get rid of him somehow. The survivor says to Denma that but he doesn't look all that dangerous to him, and he asks why Silverquick would go to such length to kill him. Denma denies it because he's the meanest, most dangerous Quanx the survivor will ever meet. Denma shouts that not if he has anything to say about it, and when he return back to base, he'll start a riot and tear a new one down at the Silverquick. The survivor says to Denma that he knows how to get out of the fridge. At this time, Jiro shouts that someone can come help him find anything useful. Denma says that charming bastard is their ticket out of the fridge. The survivor is pleased because finally his prayers have been answered, so he'll help Denma with whatever he can, and he goes to Jiro. He asks to Denma that they do need anything else from the survivor. He says to Denma that if he got what he needed, he wouldn't get too close to that fella, because what if his Transcriptome partner shows up, they'll have to make a decision sooner or later, and if they want to feel less guilty when the time comes, they need to keep some distance from him is all he's saying. Denma says he thinks he's a teenage girl or something, and he didn't peg him for the sentimental type, and he's a coldhearted bastard, so he can worry about himself.

The survivor gives a bag and asks to Jiro that how about this, and it looks expensive to him. Jiro reads the bag's memory and throws it, and says it's a cheap knock-off, and he needs some rest. Denma whispers to the survivor that Jiro is a drug junkie, and he probably ran out of juice again. He says he's exhausted, and he just realized he hasn't had any sleep since he came to Kuan's Fridge, and he asks to Denma and the survivor that they close up the box and stand guard for a minute. Denma says to the survivor that if anything happens, he can wake him first. In the box, Jiro and he sleep, and the survivor shows Denma to his locket.

Jiro wakes up, calls him, but he sleeps like a rock. The survivor says to Jiro that they can get some for him, so let's go now. Adam runs to Jiro, survivor, Denma.

Jiro uses his ability to beat him, wakes him up, and grabs him by the collar. Jiro bleeds on his face, and calls him. He teleports to here. Denma cries and shouts to Adam that he can't die like this. Adam cuts Denma's right ankle.

Jiro closes Denma's mouth, and says that, he should shut up because the thing will chop his head off too. The survivor says it's okay. The survivor gets the cross sections together, and to make sure Denma's leg doesn't fall off, and he removes the cut. He asks that it just latches on, just like that. The survivor answers that this was just a temporary measure to stop the bleeding, and he uses his ability to change his hand to 2D. The survivor moves up and down his hand, he's continuously collecting the information from the cross sections of the normal Denma's leg parts that goes through his hand, and projecting them onto the wounds, sort of synchronization. Jiro asks to him that what the hell was it. He answers that it's a Transcriptome. He explains the Transcriptome, and says that of course, they'll get out before that happens. The survivor says to Denma that he doesn't feel anything out of sync with his hand, so he can try moving his ankles. Denma moves his ankles, and the survivor asks that he can get up. Denma gets up. He says to the survivor that what a relief, and he has got some skill there. The survivor says that thank got it didn't take that long, good thing that nothing gets decomposed in here, Denma's leg was still fresh. Denma feels pain in his ankle. The survivor says to Denma that he might feel slight pain, his body still remembers the shock from the amputation, that pain will come and go for a while. Jiro thinks that if what he says is true, the only way to be safe from that monster back there's either they get out of here, before that thing shows up again, or if all else fails, they get rid of the survivor.

Denma is too shy to say thank to the survivor, so he talks to himself. Jiro and he see this. The survivor heals Jiro's forehead. He guesses Denma's situation. The survivor surprised to something. Jiro says that he's not bleeding anymore, and the problem solved, but he still hold-up. The survivor says to Jiro that his wound is all healed now. Jiro says that they're gonna lose their heads if they stayed here any longer, these scraps aren't worth it, and they should get their stuff and get on outta here, and he needs a minute, because he needs to take a piss, and he doesn't wanna get chased down by that rice cake while he's taking a piss. Denma says that they can give the man some privacy. and it's time for him to take his medication. When people get out, Jiro shouts a gun and thinks that this gun works just fine, he removed the firing pin, and he'll afraid that that son of a bitch might do something crazy because it doesn't matter if a junkie dies, and he almost died out there, and he was shooting a blank gun at that monster, so he switched his gun with his, now the joke's on him. The survivor asks that how does he clean his head off, and he got any of those soup cans left. The survivor moves up and down his 2D hand to the soup, and says that he's washing his hand. The survivor says that Jiro with his condition, he's better off dead.

The survivor says that due to the nature of this place, washing his hand will only change the taste. He drinks the soup, and the survivor says that he really doesn't wanna eat it. He asks that what's wrong with this soup. Denma also drinks the soup, and he asks that why does it taste so weird now. Denma angry and shouts that the soup tastes like he wanna punch someone in the face really hard. The survivor says that while he was treating the wound on Jiro's forehead, his hand went through his brain repeatedly, and he'd this negative vibe that kept getting in the way.

Dark Energy

The survivor says that the truth is he has made a name for himself for illegal medical practices back in his home planet, he has treated all sorts of patients, and that fella right there, he was a serious drug problem, so serious that he can't even imagine treating him, the aura he breathes out is too dark and way too heavy, and he's not being metaphorical here, his actual energy is heavy, he keeps sinking down from his self-pity, pessimism, depression, anxiety, and fear, if completely devours the positive and healthy energy field around him as well, anyone around him will fall into the swamp of dark energy, and end up dying either from an injury or a disease, he should just die alone, that way, he wouldn't spread so much misery around, and if they weren't inside this fridge, it wouldn't have been just the taste that changed, it would've spoiled the whole soup, for the lack of a better word, he's literally breathing out death each minute. He and Denma vomit the soup. Denma says that the survivor could've told them before they ate the damn thing, he knew he'd a bad feeling about Jiro for a reason, and he'll getting out of here, now. Denma calls Jiro, and shouts that the junkie said they should hurry, and he asks that he grows his own weed in there or something.

Jiro, he, Denma and the survivor face a pile of containers. Jiro says that he judging from the dates here, the box they need to open right now is in this pile. Jiro reads memories of boxes. Jiro angry and shouts that all the boxes came in here on different dates, and they're all mixed up. He says that Jiro should quiet down because the Transcriptome might find them. The survivor says that he has always made a detour around here, something about this place creeped him out. The survivor asks to Denma that he thinks the Silverquick Quanxs who got here first stacked up all these. Denma asks that for what, and the survivor answers that he can ask that Memory-Reading Mr. Sunshine over there. Jiro asks the survivor to help him out here, because his hands can't reach that far so he can't read the boxes inside, and in the meantime, he and Denma stay on top and watch out for that Transcriptome or whatever. He and Denma arrive to the top. Denma asks to him that how long have they been in here exactly, and what if it's been a hundred years since they got in here. He answers that Denma got him, and every object Quanx has its own characteristics. Denma says if some hundred years have passed and the whole Silverquick is gone, he can live with that. Denma says that this is all because Jet, when he makes it out of here, he's never making another stupid bet with that bastard again. He says that one of his trainees had the same name. Denma says that it's one of those cliche names he find millions of in this universe. He says that his trainee said he didn't like his real name because it only gave him his nickname, so he gave him a new name when he finished his training and it took some effort, and his real name is Hank, in his old home planet, before it vaporized, people used to call him "Junk Hank", 'cause he's always crazy women. Denma thinks something and asks that what kind of skills did Hank have. He answers that when Hank first met him, he was only able to Bond objects together, but little did he know he was a Hyper, lucky for him, he met a good teacher, he developed a new skill, he can manipulate gravity now.

Denma says that he doesn't know the trainee, and the guy he know isn't a Hyper. He says that there're some cases among Hypers, who discover their additional skill rather late, that fella was one of them. Denma asks that where is this fella right now. He answers that his students know how to handle themselves so he could be anywhere. Denma says he can't stand this anymore. Denma hugs him and says that he just need to check if it's the same guy because it's really important to him. He says that it's his privacy. Denma says to Jiro that he'll pay him double so he can talk some sense into him. Jiro says to him that if this is about giving him an empty gun, he'll forget about it, but he need the money, so if he cooperate, they'll all get out of here a lot sooner. Jiro reads Denma and his memories. Jiro says that he was quite a hot shot back in the days. He says that Jiro may get on with it and check that Jet fella. Jiro reads Denma's memory and says that Jet is a different hairstyle, but it's definitely the same person, and this looks really complicated, whatever, he may wire him that money he promised. Jiro says to him that he's an alright guy, and he may watch out for that Transcriptome.

Denma sits absent-mindedly. He asks Denma if his student is his arch-nemesis or something. Denma asks that he really doesn't know anything about Jet's whereabouts. He answers to Denma that, he might've heard Jet joined the Wolves' Den of that planet Urano. Denma sighs. He says that he might be able to help. Denma says that it's just amazing that they know the same person in this vast universe. He says to Denma that Jet must've owed him a lot of money, otherwise, he wouldn't spend money on a junky to read his memories. At this time, Denma surprises and gets up and says that he didn't think of that before. Denma goes to Jiro, and says to him that he'll give that junky more of his money. He thinks that he didn't expect to hear anything about Jet from Denma, so it's become clear, Dike, the Invincible Death of Urano is Denma, so he's handing him over to Count El no matter what.

In (137), he sees something and he's surprised.

It's Transcriptome

He teleports and shouts that it's Transcriptome. Denma sees Adam and he's surprised. He asks that why Denma is watching there all by himself. Denma feels pain in his ankle again, and he escapes the danger of being cut off his neck by Adam. He thinks that he must save Denma because he's worth of fortune. He teleports and thinks that his guns may not be able to kill the Transcriptome, but this should be enough to make it fall back. He arrives in front of Adam. He tries to shoot his guns, but both of his guns have no bullets. Adam cuts his neck.

Jiro and the survivor are surprised. Jiro enters the gap between the boxes. Jiro says to the survivor that he can reattach his head. The survivor says that the death from a heading can't be undone even with the two-dimensional logic, and he seemed like a good fella so it's pitiful.

Adam finds Jiro. Jiro shoots guns to Adam, and he shoots the survivor's left leg. Adam's left leg also breaks. Jiro aims gun to the survivor and says that he was right all along. Jiro shoots Adam and the survivor.

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