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Memory Reading (기억 읽기, Gieong ikgi or 기억 리딩 (Spoiler), Gieong riding) is the Quanx ability of Denma.

Summary Edit

Read the history of objects or space includes creatures.

The user can read the past at different hours of time. They can impart their memory to others.

The user or target reading the memory, they shine the eyes.

The user can use this ability to see someone else having sex with other. In Sixteen (25), Korah sees Balak's sex scene.

In A Catnap (23), if someone blow the place up, so even when the memory tracers come they won't find out what happened.

Some users can reading the memory and project this to hologram.

If the user read the target's memory, it shows the memories to backwards.

If the user see inside a Devarim's head all user's brain nerves will be overloaded and burned.

In Kuan's Fridge (27), Jiro don't wanna talk about this skill, or rather he can't tell the people ever. Perhaps some people will avoid the users because they think they know their vices.

Memory Erasure

Shaved ice seller can erase the memories of the something or someone. Maybe it's a superior ability of Memory Reading.

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It's rude for users to read others' memories without consent.

Usually the user may require physical contact with the target, but maybe the high level Memory Readers are possible read memories of distant target.

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As the ability grows, the distance to read the memory increases.

Mori can read target's memories through his hair. But it isn't know if Mori is a Quanx. It may be a race characteristic. The El family calls Mori even though their Quanxs have this ability. Maybe Mori seems to be specialized in this ability.

Users Edit

  1. Korah
  2. White hair
  3. Investigator of the Command Center
  4. Senior Internal Affairs agent
  5. Jiro
  6. White Police Guards
    1. Old White Police Guards
      1. El's Five Fingers
        1. White man
        2. Glyph of forehead
      2. OBs
        1. Shaved ice seller
    2. New White Police Guards
      1. Orange hair
  7. Mori

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