Madonna's Bible (모태경, Motaegyeong / 母胎経, Botai he / 母胎圣, 母胎経, Mǔtāi shèng) is first mentioned in the Sixteen (4).

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It's the scripture of the Church of Madonna. The motif is the Bible.

In the Reformation Institution, the problematic priests are held in solitary confinement and read this to them. But No.14 lying down even at the time to read this because he's an exception.

It's also read to the troublemakers in the Purgatory.

On the last day, the Lord created a woman. The Lord's other creations on previous days were merely practices for creating her on the last day. She, who was the last to be created, was an absolute, perfect beauty.
~ Nell on Sixteen (12)

Some of the contents are as follows.

A Guardian priest that desires a Deva will suffer the living hell. But it wasn't a single verse that prohibited love between a priest and a Deva. But it's forbidden because they need to keep the order within the church body.

Matrix-Bible is old English version's name.

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