Liquid Mimicry

Liquid Mimicry is a Quanx ability in Denma.

Summary Edit

The user can transform into or have a physical body made up of liquid substances.

When the users' body parts are cut off, they can recovered them immediately.

In A Catnap (131), a Black Priest attacks Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome and Jay, so his body is disappeared by the explosion caused by the laser. But Rami form of a Super-Transcriptome recovers its body. The right side of the Super-Transcriptome's face is yet Rami and it bleeding, but the left side of its face is angry Honma. The Super-Transcriptome is attacked by one of the Internal Affairs, and its neck has cut off, but immediately after the attack, its neck is attached again so virtually no effect.

It's presumed to be Honma's Quanx ability, because Hades don't use this ability, and Rami isn't Quanx.

In The Idolatry of Web fiction Record the Quanx - Denma S.E., Daniel uses this ability and pass through the drainage hole, and he cuts Caesar's arm by liquid beam emission.

In Kuan's Fridge (101) - Ch.632, in the process of fighting Lot, Daniel's attacked part shows this ability to recover immediately. Even if Daniel's neck cut off, he's recovered immediately.

Users Edit

  1. Yahwah (Super-Transcriptome)
  2. Honma?
  3. Daniel

Applications Edit

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