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Kuan's Fridge (콴의 냉장고, Kwanui naengjanggo) is the Chapter 2's second episode of Denma.

A.E.'s order is 'Number (episode's number). A.E. (A.E.'s number)', so 2. A.E. means the second episode's A.E.

In the English version, the translator skips the Rami Record and translates this, so the readers protest that why skips the Rami Record. First of all, the readers will have to wait for the translator to translate the Rami Record. Never go over to the next Denma's episode.

In Volume 8, it's revealed that this book contains the first part of this. This is a major variable in an object Quanx with a multi-dimensional space inside. In「A Catnap」, a result (?) of Aorica incident which gave a great shock to the whole universe was hidden in it. The collision between the universe eight's best noble family, Gosan family and the second noble family, El family, makes our eyes off.

In Volume 9, it's revealed that this book contains the middle part of this. The Duke Gosan and the Count El are entering the preparations for war in the supremacy of the universe eight. El's butler, Hazz draws the old White Police Guards that were forsaken by Gosan. And Cain who's El's son, holds hands with the Church of Madonna. However, the situation flows in a strange direction, because Gosan is shot by his cousin who opposes the war of the two families, so he falls down. In the meantime, Denma wanders through Kuan's Fridge, discovering the secret that Silverquick has hidden. And the Devarims prophesy the emergence of a new dark lord after the war.

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Chs. Edit

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Characters Edit

  1. El
  2. Hazz
  3. Denma
  4. Cell
  5. Quai
  6. Jet
  7. Randolph
  8. Adam
  9. Yahwah
  10. Duke
  11. Agnes
  12. Director of Pax Industries
  13. Gosan
  14. Mayhen
  15. Kitten
  16. Daniel
  17. Double Gosan 1 (debut)
  18. Double Gosan 2
  19. Double Gosan 3
  20. Uncle (debut)
  21. Guyrin
  22. Federick
  23. Dike Heubing
  24. Mirai Datsu
  25. Gaal
  26. Directors of Silverquick's station 7
  27. Another inspector
  28. One inspector
  29. Deputy director of Internal Affairs
  30. Deputy director of Internal Affairs' secretary
  31. Arcel
  32. Korah
  33. God
  34. Marvin
  35. Ayn
  36. Cain (debut)
  37. Lot
  38. Glyph of forehead (debut)
  39. White man (debut)
  40. Gaya (debut)
  41. Bowl cut
  42. Ha'ken
  43. Haggler (mention)
  44. Blue accountant
  45. Glasses accountant
  46. Brown hair accountant
  47. Another accountant
  48. Senior manager (debut)
  49. Manager Bishop (debut)
  50. Senator (debut)
  51. Hador
  52. Military officer
  53. Maggie
  54. Ford
  55. Battalion Commander (debut)
  56. Uriel
  57. Bahel
  58. Pfff
  59. Buzz hair
  60. Hoon
  61. Blue skull 13
  62. Camael
  63. Guido
  64. Eyebrow hair
  65. Amethystine eyes
  66. Horse men
  67. Bald with a pattern on the forehead
  68. Sumai's henchman
  69. Ibon (Ivon)
  70. Sumai
  71. Eldgon
  72. Hyper-Quanx
  73. Baron
  74. Juwan (debut)
  75. Boss of bullies (debut)
  76. The other bully (debut)
  77. Another bully (debut)
  78. Jiro (debut)
  79. Drug dealer (debut)
  80. Dealer (debut)
  81. General (debut)
  82. Mustache (debut)
  83. Ian
  84. Jiro's little sister (debut)
  85. Jiro's mother (debut)
  86. Jiro's little brother (debut)
  87. Soldier (debut)
  88. Drug dealer's colleague (debut)
  89. Moab's Hyper-Quanx
  90. The other soldier (debut)
  91. Holmes
  92. Jiro's father (debut)
  93. Police SWAT team (debut)
  94. Spiders (debut)
  95. Kuan
  96. Eve in Kuan's Fridge
  97. Green guy
  98. Shaved ice seller
  99. Crescent moon
  100. Manager Bishop's secretary (debut)
  101. White Snakes (debut)
  102. Monster babies
  103. Expired deliverer
  104. Ran
  105. Sumai's the other henchman
  106. Gyu-oh (debut)
  107. Gyu-oh's guard (debut)
  108. King (debut)
  109. Consonant Guard ㄴ
  110. Consonant Guard ㄷ (debut)
  111. Consonant Guard ㄹ
  112. Consonant Guard ㅇ (debut)
  113. Consonant Guard ㅁ
  114. A staff of community center (debut)
  115. The other staff of community center (debut)
  116. Scarlet hair
  117. Sunglasses
  118. Elder
  119. Aaron
  120. Devil dog
  121. Ran's secretary
  122. Green hair
  123. Owner of planet Bella
  124. Bird
  125. Snowy hair
  126. Orange hair
  127. Red man (debut)
  128. Priest
  129. Edel
  130. One man of Church of Madonna
  131. The other man of Church of Madonna
  132. Mori
  133. Survivor (debut)
  134. Old man

Quanx ability used Edit

Quotes Edit

  • 'The battle between Gosan and El... the galactic war... of the universe eight.' -Yahwah
  • "Marvin! Marvin!" -Hazz
  • (To Hazz) "God damn it! Would you shut the hell up about Gosan already?!" -Cain
  • "If it weren't for him, I would've fired you ages ago after I take everything you stole from us behind our backs!" -Cain
  • (To Hazz) "You just used him, cause he was so indecisive. You only cared about your own gain! Don't think I know what you've been doing around here?" -Cain
  • "We'll see what happens, Hazz. You greedy fat pig! I'll get you for this!" -Cain
  • 'That son of a bitch...' -Federick
  • "Lot..." -El
  • (To Hazz) "But we're up against Gosan, who's said to be even worse than his old man." -El
  • (To Lot) "One day, If you keep it up, you'll get what's coming for you." -Federick
  • (To Lot) "Out of all the Five Fingers, I'm El's thumb!" -Federick
  • (To Federick) "Let's see... If you are his thumb, then... maybe I'm his middle finger." -Lot
  • Conversation between Ayn and Marvin
    • "Hahaha! What if we end up buying the whole White Police Guards?" -Ayn
    • "Haha... I know, right?" -Marvin
  • (To accountant) "Of course, those two are quite strong, but my bet is Haggler. You know, the one Duke Gosan always keeps around. He wouldn't have made it as the Duke's personal bodyguard if he's weak, right?" -Ayn
  • "Hey, why are you getting so tense? You'll never run into him anyway." - Glasses accountant
  • (To Federick) "What's there to think about? Then you get whoever's paying more as your new master, you idiot!" -Lot
  • (To Gaya) "Timing Bitch!" -Lot
  • (To accountant) "Of course, those two are quite strong, but my bet is Haggler. You know, the one Duke Gosan always keeps around. He wouldn't have made it as the Duke's personal bodyguard if he's weak, right?" -Ayn
  • (To accountant) "Hey, why are you getting so tense? You'll never run into him anyway." - Glasses accountant
  • (To Federick) "What's there to think about? Then you get whoever's paying more as your new master, you idiot!" -Lot
  • (To Hador) "Likewise! I'd be a dead man if it weren't for you on Urano." -Battalion Commander
  • (To Jet) "I don't know why, but why does it sound like he'll stab us in the back when I hear you say someone's reliable?" -Denma
  • (To Cell) "The really dangerous ones you should look out for... ..are the middle-class snobs with bidets up their asses." -Denma
  • "Hey, Cell!" -Denma
  • "I hope that's not how we're gonna end up in a few hours..." -Mustache
  • 'N-no! Dike!' -Denma
  • Conversation between Mustache and Denma
  • (To Jiro) "Do you really wish... escape from your current situation?" -Juwan
  • (To you) 'I'm sorry... you were always kind to me.' -Denma
  • (To Shaved ice seller, Green guy) "I trust you guys as much as I trust myself." -Crescent moon
  • 'Am I going to make it out alive with these two clowns?' -Mustache
  • (To Jiro) "Make sure you take everything you need so we don't have to come back here again..." -Mustache
  • (To Eve in Kuan's Fridge) "I'm sorry... you were always kind to me." -Denma
  • Conversation between Juwan and Jiro
    • "Quit the meds and bring this money in cash." -Juwan
    • "Just ask for 30 mil. Why'd you add 120 thousand at the end? What's that about?" -Juwan
    • "Th-that's... overdue phone bill..." -Jiro
    • "Ahhh.... Just fill your freaking head full of drugs, and drop dead!! (go to hell!!) (Korean)" -Juwan
  • "Those middle class assholes make me sick..." -A staff of community center
  • (To a inspector of the council) "That's a personal data! It has nothing to do with the legion's mission! Do you have any idea how long it took to collect those videos...?!" -Military officer
  • (To Sunglasses) "Ah, if you're a priest, it'd be best if you didn't read me..." -Orange hair
  • (To Orange hair) "Oh... Whoa... What a night you had!" -Sunglasses
  • 'You lucky bastard... I should quit being a priest and...' -Sunglasses
  • (To Mustache) "C'mon! You think I'm a teenage girl or something? I didn't peg you for the sentimental type." -Denma
  • (To Gaya) "How about I spank your ass, see if it's back to normal?" -Lot
  • (To Snowy hair) "It may look simple, but what you see here is... ...a combination of not one, but three Quanx powers!" -Lot
  • Conversation between Orange hair and Lot
    • "When someone grows up all alone and even gets bullied, they also develop a desire for attachment. So they crave to get inside someone else's space..." -Lot
    • "! I-it can't be...!" -Orange hair
    • "Oh, yes, it can. Come here. You disrespectful son of a bitch." -Lot
  • (To Lot) "My master... busy." -Daniel
  • "Fuck..." -Lot
  • "Fuck, it hurts!" -Lot
  • "Oh, no, no, no, no. After everything we've done for you? And this is how you treat us? You can't throw us away like a piece of trash!" -Lot
  • 'Yeah, if we can't control him... we'll just have to get rid of him.'
  • Conversation between Hazz and Marvin
    • "It looks like the Gosan's are getting emotional and provoking us for buying off their old White Police Guards. Who would benefit the most from causing this mayhem? ... Marvin!" -Hazz
    • "Sir?" -Marvin
    • "If this wasn't a simple accident, who do you think is behind this?" -Hazz
    • "I'm... not sure. I don't think it's Gosan... unless he's an idiot. I'd have to say the church body of Madonna...? After all, they're the ones who'd gain the most from the conflict of the two families..." -Marvin
  • (To Manager Bishop's secretary) "Just like how we're not stupid enough to wreck our own ships and blame someone else." -Cain
  • (To Hazz) "You don't give a shit about us, do you? You're busy keeping your pockets full." -Cain
  • (To Hazz) "These corpses are proof that you're just a greedy pig! You ungrateful, despicable, greedy bastard! We took you in when you were starving on the streets. And now you think you own the place?! Oh, and I know what your little angle was when you let those Devarim bums in our house..." -Cain
  • (To Hazz) "You wanted to put us in harm's way, just so you can take over this family all by yourself when we're gone! Right?! Just how stupid do you think we are? You damn hypocrite!" -Cain

Trivia Edit

  • In (47), Juwan shouts to Jiro that, he'll fill his freaking head full of drugs, and drop dead. In original version (Korean), Juwan shouts to Jiro that, he'll fill his freaking head full of drugs, and go to hell.
  • In (49) - Ch.580, the Manager means the Manager Bishop, so that person is woman.
  • In (63) - Ch.594, there are many people who mistranslated or misnamed Federick's name to Patrick (패드릭, Paedeurik).
  • In (87) - Ch.618, (89) - Ch.620, (93) - Ch.624, the people calls Count El to Duke. They're mistranslated. In 2. A.E. (2) - Ch.509, it reveals that El is the second most powerful man of universe eight, and if the people look at the revenue chart of the nobles in this universe, he's not even in the top one hundred, but surprisingly, if he only look at the net profit, he ranks the second, so he's the real deal. The people don't know why El hides all this, maybe to avoid taxes, and he's spending quite a fortune to hide his profits. So El family can fight Gosan family. These misinterpretations were later corrected.

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