Kanu (카누, Kanu) is a character in Denma.

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Unlike the English version, she's maybe a woman because she has a Guardian priest. Her feet aren't pointed, but if it goes like this Min-G can be a man too.

In A Catnap (97) - Ch.418, eventually, the translation turned into 'she'.

She last mentioned in Epilogue.

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Hades' first escape Edit

In the past, she meets the Duke and the Chief Bishop. The Duke is the biggest investor for the See's new courier service business. The Duke asks what does making Hades terrorize the facilities of the See have anything to do with the See's new business. When the Chief Bishop says he doesn't know the details, but there's absolutely nothing for him to worry about investing, the Duke says the See treats them Patrons like pushovers, because he's putting in a lot of money 'cause he trust them but he doesn't know what exactly is behind their terrorizing their own place. She answers that when this is over, they're expecting a change in the structures within the See like a reformation of the Security Department and the Internal Affairs Department. The Duke asks the dissolution of the Security Department does that benefit him. The Chief Bishop says the See is always trying to pay their investors the highest dividends in return so the Duke may trust them and keep the non-disclosure agreement, and he accepts it.

In A Catnap (2) - Ch.324, the Internal Affairs member reports to Gatsu that Hades is escaped because the control systems were all disabled. Gatsu says he'll report to the Boss and orders they have everyone on emergency stand-by. When the Internal Affairs member goes out, Gatsu calls her and reports that Hades escaped successfully. She says now the Inspection Commander will form a search team to chase Hades down, and the Security Department should know this by now and they'll form another search team to chase him separately. She orders that Hades can't get caught by either team until his job is done, so Gatsu has to chase him but the point is to never capture him or has him captured, and tell the Inspection Commander that he want to lead the search team, once the job's done he'll be in charge of the Inspection Department.

Gatsu recalls she said that having experienced this she hope they draw a bigger picture from this incident. Gatsu thinks he just drew a rough sketch for the big picture.

After the explosion, Hades leaves from the Palace with Teleportation, and he recalls. her Guardian priest ordered Hades to attack the chemical complex of Holy See, the biochemical lab, the Palace that has the Intersecting Space, and the Main Palace of Holy Madonna, because she's got other plans so she won't be there, and when he get in return, he can go through the Underground clinic and enjoy the freedom. Hades said the purpose of terrorizing the Main Palace must be to have the fundamentalists who support the abolition of Holy Madonna system but he can't understand the rest. Her Guardian priest said there's been a rumor that the Palace will be shut down and it sounded like that his mission is related to the new business plan of the church, which is intergalactic courier service, and they'll be using Quanxs as the serviceman. Her Guardian priest said Bishops won't let him free that easily and those old bums are about to make Hades a patron saint when his mission is over. Hades thinks the Bishops will get rid of him when his job's done, because his old friends will be the Main Palace and they're all Hyper-Quanxs guards, and there's no place safe in the eight universe, so he'll go into different universes by going through the Intersecting Space at the Palace because he'll exist many as the number of the intersecting spaces. Hades thinks he'll make his cube the symbol of horror and death, so before he leave, he has to get rid of this dirty feeling completely and he'll leave a trace of himself so that the Bishops will know he existed in the eight universe, so he'll burn down this city of the Palace.

Her Guardian priest reports to her that Hades is still there. She says Holy Madonna's on schedule to be at the Palace, and she asks why hasn't Hades terrorized the Main Palace already and the explosions in downtown. Her Guardian priest answers Gatsu reported that Hades needs to redeem his pride. She orders go tell Hades to stick to the plan and don't mess it up, and thinks she did give him a task he can't handle and, perhaps if he does have other plans.

Her Guardian priest reports to her that Holy Madonna's called off all schedule and returned to the Palace because she found out about the terrorism at there and the explosions in the city, and the Heads of the Security Department and the Internal Affairs have both been called in. She thinks Hades overdid it so perhaps it was too much to terrorize the Main Palace. When her Guardian priest reports he hasn't attacked the Main Palace yet, she says she'll recycle Hades, so she'll explain to Gatsu what's going on and she'll tell him to capture him. Gatsu gets report from her over the phone.

Her Guardian priest orders to Hades that he want him to stop approaching the Main Palace.

Since Hades was arrested
She saw 2 Internal Affairs agents dead, and she says to Gatsu that this is a high quality picture so now she want him to finish up the details so the art won't lose its value, and now they can make the dissolution of the Security Department as the main issue on the agenda of Holy See's Command Center.

The woman says to Agnes that they're trying to recycle Hades right now and she's displaying her arrogance, and a disposable shouldn't be recycled, and Mr. Gatsu from the Internal Affairs seemed to have drawn a decent picture, and she asks that her dog isn't enough for Hades. Agnes answers there's been an order that they should follow the Internal Affairs Department regarding eliminating Hades. The woman says let's just do that this time because everyone must be flustered by Holy Madonna's return to Palace so let him do his job, and it's impossible to jump into the Internal Affairs Department to take out Hades alone, but by trying that they could be sending a warning to those old punks, and she's sorry for Agnes' baby dog.

She says to her Guardian priest that when the Command Center is done investigating all archbishops will be called in regardless of its result, then she thinks this collision between the Security and Internal Affairs actually helped with the situation so they'll use this opportunity to start a war between the principalists and reformists, and it looks like that they'll get the result that they want because Gatsu's sketch was the decisive factor.

Gatsu reports Balack (Balak) saw the scene but he doesn't get rid of him, because if the issue maker of the See dies it'll only bring attention to the things that they would've just passed by, and he knows the situation he's in right now.

Black hair reports to the Director of the Security Management Department that Gatsu killed Gray marks and he did a personal investigation on it because there was something suspicious of the results of the Command Center's investigation. The Director of the Security Management Department says it'll cause a ramification so she'll handle this herself.


Actually, the Director of the Security Management Department is her. Gatsu covered it as an accident that suffocated and killed them both because of the malfunctioning of the ventilation system when the waste management company changed the fuel rod, so they're each died in the bed and sauna. She orders Gatsu to get rid of Balack immediately.

Hades' second escape Edit

Gatsu reports there was a small accident right when the fuel rods were being changed. She says Gatsu is seems to taking orders from others because he need more money for higher status in the See, and she has seen many guys who went with rich Patrons and ended up die, and the Internal Affairs Department doesn't just open up like that. She orders she want Gatsu to prove to her that he's being loyal to her, and she doesn't like what's going on right now so he should clean it all up now.

In the past, Gatsu gives a instruction to Balack that he cut the power for cable line 35. She sees this sight by CCTV, and she asks to Purple hair that what's the cable No. 35. Purple hair answers that it becomes the electric cable for the Transcriptome defense system when the main electric cable is off during the change of fuel rods. Purple hair says the behind was an outer channel, so it's not confirmed yet, but it seems like a channel that the Patrons use, and it's likely that the Patron could be one of the highest ranks since Gatsu did it knowing her position in the See. She thinks Gatsu needed money for the connection with her since he survived the bribe competition, but still lying to her and disobeying her order isn't acceptable so she'll get rid of him. She orders Gatsu is forming a pursuing team so Purple hair tell the Director of the Internal Affairs to put he and Balack in the advance party with him, and she shows the reference which is a big picture that he drew out in the last non-disclosure pursuit, so she want him to draw a picture that could show the See's decisiveness to the Patrons. She says Purple hair is an agent from the Security Management Department who's working as the Black priest of the Internal Affairs Department so he should work away from the office this time. Gatsu is out of the surveillance to deliberately connect to the outside channel, and requests to the projector that he would connect to the Command Center's human resources network and tell him if there're any other agents from the Security Management Department in the Internal Affairs Department. Gatsu thinks she's the Director of the Security Management Department so she's definitely going to tell her agents to do something.

She sees the Duke's image and asks to Purple hair that he's really gave Gatsu his work. Purple hair answers that the Duke is right according to the channel analysis, and she thinks he's very unpredictable. She thinks the Duke isn't satisfied so he ignored the nondisclosure agreement and caused all this mess in the Internal Affairs Department. She orders Purple hair to make sure to handle this right.

In the call, she says to the Chief Bishop that she thinks the Duke is still discontent about the past. The Chief Bishop angry and says so the Duke let Hades loose, and his point is what is he trying to achieve from his escape. The Chief Bishop orders she doesn't make capturing Hades the main goal and stop whatever he's trying to does so there's no need to capture him.

Gatsu says to Purple hair that he can tell the Bishop that he know very well to whom his life depends on and that he'll be more useful later on so she should use him a lot more.

She reports to the Chief Bishop that, she had requested to the Command Center to approve of the disabling of the defense barrier. The Chief Bishop tells since Hades was used without his intention to do so, he'll has to take back what he said about not capturing him alive, and he just hope that he'll do some serious damage to the Palace. The Head Bishop says the Duke is known to be unpredictable but he's a legitimate leader of the Patron alliance, and the church couldn't have expected that Hades is trying to use the Intersecting Space to get out of the Eight universe, and it's unlikely that there's something between the Duke and Hades because if there was, he wouldn't have deployed his White Police Guards whom he cherishes so much. The Chief Bishop says the Duke trying to convince the Patrons and destroy the Intersecting Space which belongs to the church to keep the church in check, and considering their relationship with U.C.S. the two Intersecting Spaces in the eight universe are the symbols of the universal power one is owned and managed by the U.C.S. and the other is owned by the Church of Madonna, this had to be the biggest issue between the church and the U.C.S., and they claims that it's too dangerous for a certain religious group to own one, that's why they're still using the eight universe law to demand the transfer of ownership for it so it's possible that they want to get rid of the trouble by using the breakout situation. The Chief Bishop says there's something that the U.C.S. and the Patrons don't know, and the church have already got all the data that they wanted from the Intersecting Space and now they can start the courier service business.

The Chief Bishop says a logistics business is good enough to be a revenue-making business model so no one would ever guess the real purpose of it, and this has to be done by someone who's able to control his power and this will compensate for the persecutions and the damages that the church has been taking. At this time, a teleporting Quanx appears and reports that someone opened the one of the top secret files of the church, and all the top secret files when opened, record who's reading it and send it. This is the courier business and the Duke opened it. The teleporting Quanx says maybe the Duke used one of the White Police Guards that the church doesn't know. The Chief Bishop angry and orders he want the teleporting Quanx to purchase all the channels that the Duke uses and watch everything that he does, and tell him want they found out about and that the top secret files can record, view, and transfer information, and he orders he should make sure to check if the number of views increases again, and he says he'll go see him right now, and there's only one way to faces his White Police Guards is she should tell the Archbishops of the Western church about the situation and get ready, which is they're going to war against the Patron alliance.

She informs the Chief Bishop that the Duke responded this quickly because it sounded like he didn't want to go to war against them, and he said that he'll decide whether he'll copy and share the top secret with others depending on how the meeting goes, and he wants to make a deal with the church. The Chief Bishop says they'll go with Agnes because he heard that the Duke really likes her so let's use this opportunity and find out how faithful he's. The Chief Bishop explains the finding out how faithful the Duke is means, he want him to see the consequences that he caused, and how he'll overcome it with his faithfulness, so he want her to tell Agnes to go back to him, and take the ship that they'll send leaving the Guardian priests at the Retreat, and as she flies to him the ship will explode. The Chief Bishop says this is the consequence for the Duke's action because he's doing it 'cause he did it and the Deva can't miss the meeting even during the Retreat, and if his attitude doesn't change, they've got plenty of Devas that are as good as Agnes, one of the kids who're good with medicine will replace her.

She calls and orders Agnes is going to be with the Duke and the Chief Bishop so she has to be a good mediator in the middle as Deva, so she should tell him about it and go to him immediately and she'll send her a ship right now, but she doesn't bring any Guardian priests with her because she want her desperation to be appealed in this meeting. After that she recalls and thinks me-thu'-sha-el.

The Chief Bishop hears something through her that one of the Guardian priests was involved in illegal arms trade in Deva's name so Agnes was arrested at the scene by the Patrols. The Chief Bishop angry and says she giving excuses to the outsiders to intervene in church matters, and he warned her never does anything to draw attention from the U.C.S. The Chief Bishop flips the table. She says it all happened too quickly before the priests could do anything about it. The Chief Bishop asks who was let the Patrols find out about something like that. She answers that he's named Abigail with baptismal Church of Madonna's name. The Chief Bishop is very upset so he breaks hologram and orders that he'll set an example out of this incident to discipline the church Guardian priests so he'll set them straight, so he'll cut the arms off of that Abigail who's caused all this mess, and let him rot in Gaia and he'll live like a stray iron dog until the day he dies, and as for the Guardian priests who let Deva get taken away 100 lashes and one month in solitary confinements, all of them. She thinks she has never seen the Chief Bishop this angry and she guess it's only natural because after all those efforts to keep the church at bay from all those meddlesome outsiders. The Chief Bishop says since it's come to this, he has no other choice so they'll strike the Duke now.

After the meeting, the Chief Bishop calls her and says these quarters are probably filled with prying eyes. The Chief Bishop says he'll leave tomorrow to meet the archbishops right now. She reports the Internal Affairs just started Abigail's search.

Her Guardian priest reports to her that the Chief Bishop's spaceship exploded right before it could warp, and there's an incoming transmission and he says it's about the incident. The Duke calls to her and he says he just heard about the Chief Bishop is dead. She thinks so it was the Duke's doing. The Duke says since this incident took place on his planet and he's a Patron of the church and this happened right after the meeting he had with the Chief Bishop, so he'll make sure that his people clear the site and recover the body for her as soon as possible. She says it's a church matter so they'll use all the resources they've to get to the bottom of this incident on their own. The Duke says he only asks her to continue on with the Chief Bishop's unfinished business, and he humbly asks her to arrange a meeting with the archbishops because he wants the sole right to participate in the church's new business ventures as a Patron. The Duke shows Joshua's eye and says it's a gift he received from a noble in his domain, and it's the most sacred halidom of the Church of Madonna, and now it wouldn't be right for a common believer such as himself to have this, and the Chief Bishop position will have to be filled sooner of later by one of the Bishops. She surprised to sees this and accepts it.

In 1. A.E. (6) - Ch.500, her Guardian priest reports that it looks like the White Police Guards details that were stationed elsewhere are streaming live so that the nobles they serve would all know what they're doing down the Aorica. She thinks the Duke is doing right before their deal, but she had no idea the White Police Guards had this much firepower.

She reports to the Head Bishop of what had happened so far. The Head Bishop says the Duke have a top secret, and he killed the Chief Bishop, and he done something to the planet Aorica but the church need him so they need to get the consent from the archbishops and get him aboard the courier business so she'll meet him set up a meeting. She asks how will the Head Bishop convince the other archbishops. The Head Bishop answers that, it's the money problem so the U.C.S. will be the judge of the Duke's action, and he's getting a death sentence, but then again, he'll gather the best lawyers in the entire universe, he'll somehow reduce his sentence, but he'll still be behind bars. The Head Bishop explains, with the Duke out of the picture, his vast fortune will be all the remains, she'll propose to those archbishops to share the leftover fortune, and then she'll use him who just loves the spotlight as a scapegoat for the U.C.S. should a problem arise, the church can blame him, these two will be more than enough to get their consent. The Head Bishop says if things go according to Ran's calculation, it'll be perfect, but it's not that big of a deal if the calculation doesn't match, it's his problem, not theirs, and she's pretty sure he's already finished his calculation by now and started making his moves for the benefit of the church. She reports there seems to have been a problem at an Intersecting Space owned by the U.C.S. the word is they'll undergo major restructuring. The Head Bishop says something must've crossed over from another universe, maybe Ran is too overloaded with all those causality calculations, and there's something he's gravely mistaken, he thinks that he knows everything, and he thinks the church move according to his calculations, but he calculates the causality according to the church agenda after they make a move, so he's not predicting the future and he's more of a janitor, but considering all his hard work, they let him live in the illusion that he's under control of everything.

7 years 1 month ago Edit

In Sixteen (30), Bishop Metuera sees Toshka case file and talk to herself that looks like Balak (Balack) brought her a really expensive gift. At this time, the nearby dog-shaped android make the most of a chance through Metuera's sleep and shows the Toshka case file to Max. Max sees Toshka case file and responds like Metuera, because it's mentions assassination of Mother (Holy) Madonna. Inside this file are some character, a character that looks like Gatsu, and some Bishops.

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