Kadesh (가데스, Gadeseu) is the planet of Denma.

Gardeth is old English version's name.

History Edit

17 years ago, the war between Kadesh and Barnea ended in the in a huge victory for Kadesh. The slaughtering and looting by the victor was so brutal that it became a U.C.S. agenda. The U.C.S. knew its limits in mediating and intervening, so their solution was to have Kadesh pay off their planetary debt by selling Barnean captives.

But the U.C.S. member planets didn't show much interest in such humanitarian approach. Some missionaries were just in it for the Kadeshian festivals celebrating its victory. The congressmen of Carlburn were no different. They left their mission in the hands of their bodyguards.

Kadeshian extremists attack to Turtle ship No.8956. There were Hitcher Greg and Weygun, the refugee children of the Turtle ship, and the congressmen of Carlburn. The accident killed congressmen of Carlburn.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Kadesh is comes from the Kadesh, to the Hebrew Kadesh-Barnea, to the Hebrew קָדֵשׁ origin. It means "sacred".
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