June (, Jun) is a character in Denma.

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In Rami Record (2) (Korean, In Denma, it's (1)), at the House of Dancing Flowers, Rami sees Deva Agnes and her Guardian priests with 2 other friends. Around Agnes, there're 4 of her Guardian priests. They're Red long hair, Abigail, Scar face and him.

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In A Catnap (4) - Ch.326, a Deva and her Guardian priests are going to retreat place on the ship. a Guardian priest uses the Scar face as a chair and him as a footrest. The Guardian priest reads the letter from Y.J. and laughs. The Scar face and him are surprise and they're talk that the Guardian priest is definitely laughing. At this time, Deva Agnes calls the Guardian priest Abigail.

Somewhere, Abigail calls that Max was taken to the medical room now he'll move on to the next mission and he doesn't think the Security Department will be much help to him so he'll goes here and tell Agnes about this and bring him a gun on the way. Hades finds out the Transcriptome shield is already reactivated so he avoids it. Abigail and he arrives at behind Hades and Abigail aims a gun at him.

Abigail shot Hades from the back to kill him, but he missed him because the gun was a BB gun. Abigail says it doesn't work because when he used Passionate Banging, he implanted a tracer in Hades's head. Abigail calls him by a monk from Western Church who's against killing. Max calls Abigail and says he should bring Yellow hair from Balack to the Security Department and he's already asked Agnes because he can't control them right now.

Abigail and him are appears and Abigail says to Gatsu that he want the witness.





Gatsu aims his finger to Abigail. He tackles to Balack, and Abigail aims BB gun to Gatsu and he says he's in Acceleration Mode and he's faster than him so he should give the witness.

At this time, Purple hair appears and attacks him. Gatsu's an arm is broken by Abigail and aimed by BB gun in his mouth, and he threatens to Balack. After all, Balack hands Abigail a person and his limbs which were confined into planes. He says to Purple hair that he finally finds someone strong, and he tears his outer suit. Abigail says they're done here. He says Abigail should have told him before he tore it. Abigail shoots him to BB gun, and others are astonished at the sight. Abigail and him are disappear. Gatsu heals his arm and orders to Purple hair that he take the Yellow hair to the locker in the transport now, and he says to Balack that they've the witness from the Security Department and those priests will be back with real guns next time, and before things get any more complicated so they'll get Hades and head back.

Since Hades was arrested

Abigail asks if he can't teleport from planet to planet. He answers that very few people in the universe can do that. Abigail isn't going to see Agnes before him go because his work isn't done yet, and Hades was transported to the Internal Affairs Department so he needed to prepare himself, such as equipment, uniform, and disguise, his new ID card inside the See, so he did get here. He finds out Abigail is taking the suicide bomb capsule. Abigail says he can't let See know that Agnes has anything to do with this so if the Internal Affairs guys captures him, he's using it. He's surprised, and Abigail says he has to get rid of Hades because it's Agnes' order, and he shouldn't tell anyone about this because it's a personal mission. Abigail says if he doesn't come back he can use his locker.

Hades' second escape Edit

Volume 6

The Internal Affairs tells the prisoners that were in special cells escaped. Abigail calls him to come take him before the defense system recovers, because he knows he's feeling sorry for him and still staying around here.

Abigail arrives in the ship through him because Hades escaped again and with other guys this time. He asks he'll call for more help. Abigail answers this is his personal mission and the safety at Deva's retreat comes first they should stay there. Abigail sees the data when he got from the Internal Affairs, and he says one of them are moving with Hades, uses the same skill as he does. Abigail says he thinks he has heard of the name "Haaken" before. He brings Abigail to a gun with actual bullets. Abigail says he's coming with him and aims a gun to him.

Abigail says Max will call him because of Hades 'cause what can break his cube. Abigail finds a lead bullet, which is prohibited. He says he brought lead bullets from their armory because the ammo storage was full of it, and he thought he kept them there. They're go to armory, and Abigail finds Roots and says this place is full of prohibited items so he can show him the surveillance footage of the latest shipment. Abigail says if they find out about this during the monthly inspection Deva will be held accountable for this, and if someone from the outside finds out about this the security team and the patrols of U.C.S. will try to handle the issue themselves. At this time, Abigail is surprised to see that the person carried the prohibited item was himself. Abigail still dazing out and he's angry and he says these're heavy so they need to move these away quickly.

He says Abigail really didn't do anything. Abigail says he need to take care of what happened here first so he need to clean up all the items. He's angry and says he already did like Abigail told him. At this time, Roots, the signal from the tracer informs Hades is in the Palace. Abigail and him appear in front of Hades. Max says the Security Department have prepared all this just to get them, and he says to him that he should focus on what's going on and look ahead. Haaken faces Abigail. Hades says Abigail is used the same acceleration ability as Haaken's to break his cube, and Haaken tells him to throw his cube at him, but Honma reflects this.

Abigail tries to fight against Haaken, who has the same ability as himself, but Abigail, Max, him are assaulted by Haaken.

People fight each other. He puts blue skin's both hands on the wall with his Teleportation ability, and he says he'll get bomb guy he can talk to, but he's struck by Haaken.

Haaken beats Abigail. He thumbs up and says Abigail is getting beat up and he has never seen he get beat up like that. Abigail also thumbs up. Abigail and he are disappear, and arrive again. Abigail and him are eat bread and see the Internal Affairs says the Transcriptome controller is destroyed. He says it looks like the Internal Affairs opened up the network deliberately trying to tell everyone that the defense is disabled.

Agnes sees the footage. Scar face says Abigail and him are both offline right now, and if he's the same person maybe a time warp.

People are avoid explosion by teleportation. Agnes's other Guardian priests are contact to him. After confirming that the eavesdrop device is now connected to the church channel, Lee Kyu orders his junior to trace the line and find out the location.

He says another Abigail's look, tone, gesture is same so he's not just similar, and it's Abigail and now that he looks at this scar, it matches the scar with the one in the surveillance footage and this healed scar is him in the future, and when it's time warp, he'll be executed by the Patrols instantly and he already know that. He says regardless of the truth Abigail is being chased already.

Volume 7

The Director of Internal Affairs is been sitting on the top of the Intersecting Space lid and casting a spell. The explosion occurs and the hallucination ability breaks. At this time, a Transcriptome appears. The Transcriptomes surrounding them. The Intersecting Space lid is broken by explosion, and they're fall in to the Intersecting Space. The Transcriptomes can't come inside. Blue skin slams to core of the Intersecting Space. Abigail choking Hades' neck and he comes at Blue skin. Honma beats him and choking Abigail's neck. Rami is wakes up and Hades catches her when Honma is choking his neck. At this time, Blue skin's a stone is broken, together core of the Intersecting Space is cracked. Blue skin says to Hades that he thinks they're almost done here and just one more swing will breaks the core. While Honma and Hades are confront each other, Rami bites Hades' arm and Abigail rushes and beats to him.

Hades breaks the core and he says it's nothing happened. Gatsu says the space is dividing up now, and it's not what he imagined and it's very subtle. Gatsu explains that once they're in the Intersecting Space, they exist in multiple parallel universes at the same time, and simply put, this is the multiple dimension intersecting space of numerous spaces, and what he just destroyed what the tie that held the spaces together, as it's now destroyed, an individual "A" now exists in a multiple universes, as many as they're divided. Gatsu says Hades, in the universe eight will stay in universe eight as he's. Hades yells this isn't what he had in mind, and he wanted to spread his existence all over the universe and leave the universe eight for good. Gatsu says Hades will get his wish come true, and despite all that's happened and he's actually grateful, because they'll all get to live in those many universes, and if it's not universe eight, there's no reason for them to fight and they can make a fraternity in a completely new world while they're at it. At this time, the division has stopped. Gatsu says they're surrounded by the Transcriptomes so they're probably at universe eight. Hades angry and catches Rami, and he says he'll survive. Honma beats Hades and Rami lower her body. At this time, in the core, the glowing ball is appears.

The glowing ball is getting bigger all of a sudden and Honma, Hades, Rami are get sucked inside. The glowing ball is snowball and other people are run away. Abigail says maybe he poke it with his finger, see what happens. He says then he can't pick his nose later. The glowing ball is stopped and shrink. Gatsu thinks the glowing ball is seems to some sort of a counter-reaction from the emission waste still left on the tie. The glowing ball is getting really small and disappearing, and Abigail says he knew he should've just poked it. In the glowing ball, Hades' voice says he'll survive. Honma's voice says Hades should leave Rami alone. That voices sound in people's heads. Rami's voice says Jay is in danger. The glowing ball is rising and growing, and Hades' voice is says. The glowing ball becomes Hades' shape.

At first, the three merged body become Hades form, and his face is cracked open and Honma comes out of him. The Transcriptomes are come inside and the Intersecting Space barrier is lifted too. He realizes that their Quanx abilities are back too, and he teleports with Abigail.

Abigail and he arrive outside of Palace. Abigail says they've to get back inside because they still have a job to do. He asks why Abigail is so obsessed on this mission in particular, and he was never known for his professionalism. Abigail gets his own head screwed on, then he realizes he got a message. In the video message, another Abigail says he's Abigail from the universe seven, and he has something to tell Abigail and it's about the series of events that he has witnessed so far.

He says Abigail from the universe seven can't seriously expect them to believe this, and Abigail says he doesn't think he was lying because he had that look he has when he's serious. He says even Abigail has hard time keeping track of his emotion or mental state, and it's just like what the other brothers said the chemicals must've mixed up his emotional reaction circuit inside his brain. Abigail says let's go find Agnes.

The ship the Church of Madonna sent arrives and the robot comes down, but it can't escort Agnes because of Space Patrols. Lee Kyu and a Patrol fight to Agnes' priests, and it looks like the other priests haven't arrived yet. Abigail and he see this. Abigail says he can take those two outside for a moment. He says they're Guardian priest but they'll be handling Deva to the Patrols themselves. Abigail says they're only doing their job. He takes priests outside. Abigail appears and says Agnes can follow Patrols and he'll inform the Duke of what happened here and he'll explain everything in email. Lee Kyu is surprised and he orders they must cease him. Abigail runs away. Lee Kyu takes Agnes.

Red hair says the old fools at the church aren't happy, and 100 lashes and a month of solitary confinement for all the Guardian priests at the Retreat, and Abigail will become an iron dog in Gaia, and if they look at it with nothing but facts, he should be grateful that he's only getting the iron dog punishment. He says they can ask the Duke for help. Red hair says an outsider can't know of what's going on inside the church, and besides, there's no reason for the Duke to help them. At this time, a message is sent. The message's content is the Duke sent out his White Police Guards to capture him and hold him responsible. Red hair says it should the White Police Guards catch him and find out the whole story, the conflict between the church and the Patrons will be grow big, so he orders he should inform Abigail of what kind of mess he's into right now. Abigail sees Agnes' message late, and he also sees his message.

Agnes' Guardian priests visit to Agnes and says the Internal Affairs has Abigail in custody right now. Agnes asks that it's true what the Patrols said about Abigail. Red hair and he say that all the Guardian priests can tell Agnes right now is to have faith and wait, and once the incident with the Head Bishop is taken care of, the Internal Affairs will shortly make a decision. He asks how long will Agnes be staying here.

Abigail recalls. In the message, Abigail from the Universe seven introduces himself, and he says it concerns the series of events that Abigail have witnessed so far, and as the Intersecting Space dissipated, he came to exist in the Universe seven due to space division, and one thing led to another, and he finally came back to the Universe eight through another Intersecting Space in two years, and the space division never felt so real when he saw another version of himself here, and it didn't take long before he realized Agnes' death which was two years ago and the Head Bishop was behind the explosion. Abigail says they came this far by twisting the space, now it's time to twist the time axis. He worries about the watchers of causality ever find out, he and Abigail will be executed on site. Abigail needed to make some adjustments, if he'll, to avoid Agnes' accident. Abigail and he have come to a conclusion that they need the outside intervention to interfere with the church, that's where the Patrols came into the equation. It took considerable time and sacrifice to squeeze through the time axis. He who accompanied Abigail killed. Abigail from the Universe seven says that he who stood by his side until the very end asked him this question right before he died, they did really have to go this far.

In the universe thirteen, Intersecting Space Bureau, the one person is all ready to cross over. The person is the only one who survived out of everyone from the universe eight. It means that he from universe thirteen is dead.

Dr. Kitten says to Agnes' Guardian priests that until she's fully recovered, he's afraid they can't allow any visitors for a while, and also that was what the Duke wanted as well. Scar face sees the news of planet Aorica and doubts somebody did hack into their system or something. At this time, Abigail calls to Agnes' Guardian priests, and when they surprised, he calls them to monkeys. Abigail says he was at the universe thirteen this whole time, and he just came back yesterday morning, and if he returned on his own, he might put Agnes in danger, so they can come get him, and he need a priest who can teleport between planets, and someone might be tracing this call so he can't talk too long, and he'll explain everything when they meet. Red hair gives a guess that perhaps there're multiple Abigails spread throughout different universes. Red hair is curious that the guy who came to save Agnes last time, and he says there's going to be an army of Abigails from each universe. He says let's save that Abigail first.

Abigail from the universe thirteen arrives and thanks to the priest who can teleport between planets. The priest says Abigail should pay him for ten grand. Abigail calls to him, and he surprised. The priest angry and says to Abigail from the universe thirteen that he can return him where he found him. Agnes' Guardian priests see Abigail. Abigail asks where's Agnes. He answers Agnes is recovering here with the help of the Duke. Abigail from the universe thirteen says he'll let the priest touch him for 10 grand worth instead. At this time, Abigail sees Abigail from the universe thirteen and he surprised.

Red hair says Agnes' Guardian priests just hang up for now and tell Abigail that they'll call him back through this line. At night, Abigail from the universe thirteen sleeps. Red hair says it was definitely Abigail even with the space division, and Abigails all seems to think that they were just transported from one universe to another, and none of them seems to realize that there's another version of themselves. He says but he was there with Abigail too, and Red hair says maybe there was an incident to deny such a fact. He says they can tell Abigail the truth. Red hair says he thinks they should tell the Abigail who's become an iron dog in Gaia never to call them again, because he's not getting out anyway, and even if he somehow manages to escape, there's no place for him here now, and he's replaced by none other than himself. He asks how Red hair can be sure this won't happen again. Red hair says the U.C.S. won't let that happen over and over again, so it'll never happen again. He angry and shouts that Red hair is coldhearted bastard. Red hair says this is an accident while on duty, and Agnes doesn't have to be responsible for their deaths when they die on duty. Red hair says they patch him through to Gaia and he'll tell the iron dog Abigail himself.

Red hair calls to Abigail again. Red hair says they'll do their best to save the Abigail from the universe thirteen from double jeopardy. Abigail says he doesn't need the details, and this is going to be his last call with them. Abigail says Gaia turned out to be a really busy planet, and there's just no time for a normal folk like him to sit back and chit chat with Quanxs, and they may take good care of Agnes. Abigail calls them to monkeys and he hangs up the phone. Abigail lifting his one arm because he has a lingering affection.

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