Jiro (지로, Jiro) is a character in Denma.

Summary Edit

He's Denma's client. His orders so complicated.

His family lives in slum of the planet Moab.

He's a drug junkie Quanx. He's a Partial Teleporting Quanx. He's a Hyper-Quanx with Interplanetary Teleportation skill, but it's just estimated stats from the Georg filter, and there're lots of Quanxs with filter value capable of this skill, but there're only a few hundred of them, who can actually teleport in the entire universe eight, unlike any ordinary Teleportation, it's a skill that only shows up after enduring the most intensive training imaginable, and there's no way a drug addict would be able to go through that.

He has Scarlet hair and monobrow like his father. But he has ㅈ in his forehead.

Kuan is a Devarim race, so maybe he can see his family in a dream and indirectly give him one of the keys.

He's 24 years old, based on The knight (12).

Biography Edit

In Kuan's Fridge (18) - Ch.549, it reveals that 'The 10,000 Youth Entrepreneur Training Project', the government in the planet Moab picked out candidates for this project and vouched for them, they borrowed funds from the bank to get it started, but as the recession prolonged funds from the bank, ended up becoming the debt of the individual applicants, angered by the government's attitude that avoided responsibility, the bank made contracts with private institutions to get the principal plus interest back from them, the story goes they were notorious for being ruthless in their so-called collection, once the repossession team cleaned up the place, there was literally nothing left behind, but Mr. Holmes, who's an official in the local government in Moab and he goes way back with his father, he heard their attempts with all this foreclosure didn't help much in retrieving their funds back, they had to spend a fortune just to auction off the seized goods, so most of the seized items except valuables like jewelry went straight to the grinder, the foreclosure was nothing more than a way to make their point, the client, who knew this all too well, wanted to protect his friend's family at least, so using his position inside the government, he persuaded the repo team to have Mr. Kuan to take care of the seized items. His father failed in his business ventures all the time, and the repossession team take away everything clean every two or three years.

A few years front Edit

In Kuan's Fridge (27), he reads the business card's memories, and 2~3 years ago, in the past, Juwan gives a business card to him and says he's a professional Hyper-Quanx trainer slash dealer, and Mustache who's kind local dealer told him all about him, and he just wants to says it's a privilege to meet him in person. Juwan asks that can he tell them how many Quanx skills he has. Juwan finds a empty drug container and thinks he's a junkie. Mustache pretends not to know that. Juwan wears Georg filter sunglasses and sees him, and thinks if he'd known he was in this state, he wouldn't have bothered coming here at all, and he can't exactly blame Mustache either, and he does have skills like he said, but the wavelengths from his body show he's beyond recovery, and no amount of training will ever get him back to normal, and he should've known, and he'd dare toss him his way just because he's from an outer planet, and he only wasted his precious time. Juwan takes off his Georg filter sunglasses but he falls it. He picks up the sunglasses his Partial Teleportation ability and brings to Juwan. He says he has two Quanx abilities in total, one is the one Juwan just saw, and the other one is he doesn't wanna talk about it, or rather he can't tell him ever.

In (12) - Ch.543, (28), Juwan thinks he doesn't even care at this point, but he's a pro, so he'll keep it professional until the end. Juwan says he takes it there's a reason why he feel reluctant to share and he asks he did know that he has more than two Quanx abilities and among those skills which haven't been manifested themselves, he has the Interplanetary Teleportation. At that time, he says he doesn't need a new planet, and he just wish he could just teleport outta here, so he could get out of this slum. Juwan asks he does really want to escape this slum, and he says he asked that question out of genuine concern. Juwan says the Hyper-Quanx market in universe eight has grown at an incredible speed, and the main clientele being the wealthy nobles, and they never cease to fight over who has more territories, and it goes without saying that the inevitable violence calls for more firepower, but the U.C.S. strictly forbids any individuals from arming themselves, that's why they started looking for Hyper combat Quanxs as an alternative, and nobles are willing to pay anything for the firepower of a single highly-trained Quanx. Juwan says he searches for those kinds of battle Quanxs with potentials and help them reshape, so they can get the treatment they deserve as vigilantes of those nobles, and no matter how much a Quanx expects, he never fail to exceed their expectation, and he's quite a celebrity in this line of work, and it's their lifelong wish to be handed his business card among many Hyper-Quanxs, and which is also why he's sometimes bothered by mediocre, good-for-nothing dealers here and there, so if he want to get out of here, come see him, but of course, he doesn't just accept anyone who knocks on his door, and it won't easy, and after he pass the test, he still have to undergo three years of training which is that only 10% of the chosen Hyper-Quanxs endure through, but then again, he has a feeling they'll see each other again, and make sure he hold onto that business card.

Juwan says most of the Hyper-Quanxs that come looking for him are after money, it's their absolute motivation, and during the initial state of training, they train harder than anyone else, and the tougher the training gets, the harder they train, and it's almost as if they'll make it to the end, but when the training reaches its most extreme limit, most of them quit, and it's the ones who looked the most unpromising and unstable in the beginning, who end up showing the most remarkable perseverance under extreme conditions, and about those 10% who made it through the entire training process, if they had anything in common unlike the ones who gave up halfway, it's that they all had a clear goal other than mere fortune. Juwan says for example he said he wants to get out of slum and it's most admirable, however, people often deceive themselves in order to deny their harsh reality, and if his wish was to mean anything, the answer has to come from the bottom of his heart as well. Juwan says so he'll ask him one last time, and he asks that does he really wish to escape from his current situation. He didn't believe Mustache and Juwan, and he turned them down.

A few days later, Gyu-oh sees a crumpled paper and calls him. Gyu-oh's guard kicks him because he didn't answer to Master Gyu-oh. Gyu-oh orders to his guard that he doesn't hit him in the face because it'll be too noticeable. Gyu-oh says apparently, he has been handing out these leaflets around, and he orders to his guard that he should read it. Gyu-oh's guard reads that he needs their help, not too long ago, Gyu-oh has been charged by the prosecution, but in order to make him pay for all his crimes, he needs his help, make him pay for what he did to something. Gyu-oh says it's enough, and he made it sound like he's a real low life. Gyu-oh says he thinks that he would be gone for good, what just because those prosecutors charged him. Gyu-oh spits on to him. Gyu-oh says that he's ungrateful bastard, and even if he get a life sentence because of him, he'll just work on his biceps in the meantime and come back to him in just a few years, 'cause the King himself has his back.

There's a man who wear glasses and a woman who's red, are exist in the messy room. The woman says that how they did find out about this place, and all the evidence and the copies of the ledger they've collected over the past two years, gone, and they look them all, and their work is to rid this place of the malignant tumor rooted deep within, of course, she expected them to put up this much of a fight, even if they didn't attack them or steal all the evidence their work would've taken them at least three years, they'll just have to start again from the top. The woman cries, and the man calls her Doc. The Doc says she's sorry because she can't take this anymore and she thinks she was wrong, and she should've listened when they told her she should watch who she mess with, and it takes more than goodwill to win a fight and she was such a fool, and the one who made these poor people here suffer was her, not Gyu-oh's goons, and if only she didn't meddle with what's going on here all those phone calls from the children, from their parents, and they tell her that their parents or their children are either dead or dying because of her, that it's all 'cause she meddled with their lives and that she shouldn't run away and take full responsibility, and it seems the organizations that helped them are being threatened as well, it's all her fault. The man hugs the Doc. The man asks that he heard Gyu-oh's goons beat him good, so he's okay. He hands on the man's back and reads his memories. He asks how's Doc. The man answers that Doc said they should regroup and start over, but he's afraid he won't be joining them anymore, and that's what he came here to tell him. He asks that is that what the Doc wanted. He says that but the man will need his skills to steal Gyu-oh's goons' documents. The man says they'll look for someone else, and he tries to leave. He asks that this was the man's idea, he means, he always called him a junkie, of course, it was his idea, and something like this happens and all of a sudden, he's his number one obstacle. The man answers that it was the Doc's call, and the location of their hideout remained secret for two years, but his mother gave away the hideout to Gyu-oh, and it comes all the others ended up dead when he just got a few bruises.

He tries call to his mother, but the hologram notices that unable to send message due to an unpaid balance. He wears top and goes to meet his mother. The two comrades meets and beat him, and say that he knew this would happen from the beginning, and this is why he told the professor they shouldn't work with an addict because it's obvious they'd do anything to get their filthy hands on drugs. A comrade asks that Gyu-oh made him squeal for drugs, and how much did he promise him for the death of his comrades. A comrade says they won't kill him, but as of today, he'll be a complete outcast, and he'll spend the rest of his miserable life with junkies like him, and he'll be nothing but a burden to his family until the day him die. The other comrade spits at him. Gyu-oh says to his guard that, for the safety of him, he'll something to him. Gyu-oh asks to his guard that if he only took the beating, what will the others think. Gyu-oh's guard answers that the others had know he or someone from his family snitched. Gyu-oh says they need some penalty something others would sympathize with, and they'll have his younger sister take the penalty in his place, and she'll be sent off to a place where she can provide service to more customers, and she's pretty, so she'll earn more pity from others, which will keep his family safe. Gyu-oh says in exchange, they'll party like crazy before they get summoned for questioning.

He sheds a nosebleed and sits near his house. He sees his mother is hanged a hat to the hanger, and cooking. He takes his mother's hat with his ability and reads the memories and he's discouraged. His mother feeds his little brother with soup. He doesn't eat, and his mother asks that is something wrong. He tries to go outside and answers that the soup is too salty and he'll be out in the yard so she shouldn't come out. He does dope and lying on the bench. At this time, Gyu-oh calls to him because he had something to tell him. He run barefoot to somewhere, and he grab Gyu-oh's collar with his ability. He shouts that doesn't Gyu-oh dare touch his sister and he should give him the contract. Gyu-oh says this is all for his own good, and they've already talked about the contract, and he may bring him his money anytime, and he can get off the contract as soon as his hand over his money, but he hears a little bird telling him that, he's behind on his drug's bills too.

In (12) - Ch.543, (45) - Ch.576, he rushes to Gyu-oh's shop, but the shutter goes down so he strikes to it. He thinks something and he uses his ability and takes out something in the drawer. His mother sees this. He goes to the drug dealer's shop. The drug dealer says they don't do credit. He shouts to drug dealer's colleague that he may borrow his phone. He reached out to Juwan himself as if something urgent just came up, and he asks his offer is still good. But of course, Juwan had a condition, a reasonable one, he might add. He says he can quit the meds.

He says Juwan may just lend him 30 million and 120,000 won (about 26,565 $), then he'll quit the damn drug and sign a contract with him. Juwan says he has no interest in him and he didn't know he was a junkie. He says he'll quit the drug. Juwan starts smoking and says he feels so reassured after hearing that from him, like hell he'll, and he's tired so he'll hanging up now. Juwan hangs up the phone, and the drug dealer's colleague is angry because he just made an interplanetary call which is expensive. The drug dealer's colleague kicks his ass and drives him out of the drug store. He shouts that he's desperate here. A woman who's talking to another woman, she says she's acting so desperate, and he's the desperate one so she just something. He knocks a woman out of his power and calls again to Juwan, and says if he doesn't pay them, they'll sell his sister to somewhere much worse than here. Juwan says to him that put himself in his shoes and think for a second, how annoyed he'd be right now, and he'll hanging up now. He shows Juwan to his business card and says he came to planet Moab with one of his Quanxs' Interplanetary Teleportation skill, and the last time he checked, Teleporting between planets is a serious crime, and if the planetary immigration office ever found out about this three mil won't cut it, and he won't pay his way out of that one. Juwan angry and says he'll just deny it, and he isn't the first to blackmail him. He says remember before that there's this other Quanx ability that he can never tell Juwan about, it's Memory Reading, and he's holding his dirty little secrets, everything he's done, right here.

Juwan says he's junkie so he's too high to understand what he's doing right now, and he asks why he can't get thirty mil (about 26,459 $) himself with his precious ability and what he would do drugs but robbing banks is too much. He answers that his rap sheet is longer than Juwan had imagine, and his account is constantly being monitored, and detectives come looking for him if his balance goes over three hundred thousand won, and all his bank accounts are blocked, and they ain't hiring a junkie Quanx so nobody would hire him, above all else, and he desperately need a trace of account transfer, when he paid his debt in cash last time, Gyu-oh's goons often lied about not receiving any money, but if it's in the form of a down payment from Juwan, the police won't ask any questions about the money, so please help him because there's not a single person in this universe, and he'll pay him back, no matter what happens, and please don't let them sell his sister away. Juwan says he swear to god that's the last time he ever go to Moab. Juwan says if he wanna make money through him, quit the meds and bring this money in cash. He grateful to Juwan. Juwan is angry and shouts that just ask for 30 mil, but why'd he add 120 thousand at the end. He says that's his overdue phone bill. Juwan shouts to him that, he'll fill his freaking head full of drugs, and drop dead. In Korean version, Juwan shouts to him that, he'll fill his freaking head full of drugs, and go to hell.

He gives the 30 million won (26,408 $) to Gyu-oh. Gyu-oh says he's direct payment to his account to get the detectives off his back, and this money isn't earmarked for get his sister out of that contract, and the money will earmarked for the guys who said they'll buy her for twenty mil (17,605 $), but he'll use the twenty to soothe his heart for rejecting the offer, and he'll take the rest as interest. He asks where Gyu-oh is right now. Gyu-oh answers he's quite far from planet Moab now, and it's where the King is, a planet where even the prosecutors of the council can't touch, no matter how much money he pay, a scum like he can't come here, and he need to face the fact that he hold the fate of his sister, so he may keep sending him his interests from Moab. He's angry and goes to a community center and he beats a sandbag. The other staff of community center says to a staff of here that they got a strange one because this is the first time a drug addict from the slum came here to quite using. A staff says they can't even think of coming this community center, so afraid of how people here will think of them. The other staff says the new guy must be desperate, because the members from ordinary residence seem quite reluctant to have him this community center. A staff says it's funny because the members from ordinary residence are junkies just like the new guy, and yet they want to push slum folks away because they'll lower the real estate value, and those middle class assholes make him sick, and technically, this community center is legally open to people from the slum as well. A staff asks to the other staff that he may tell those middle class jerks to suck it just a few more days, because he has seen that fierce face so many times, but they're the ones who give up the quickest, and he gives the new guy three days tops and he'll start using the drug soon. A staff sees something and he calls to him that his hand is bleeding.

His hands become pointed. He thinks it's a withdrawal, and he did enough as a brother, and people from the slum's the same, and that's just how they live, and Gyu-oh is protected by the King, and above all, he's not even in the planet Moab anymore, so it's enough, and things have turned out okay. He calls Juwan who smokes, and says everything. Juwan says he knew it wouldn't last three days, and junkies can never quit, and he has made a complete fool out of him, and let's just say the money he gave him was for the charity, and if he mess with his business card again, he'll bury him alive, and he have to just doesn't torment his family or those around him, and die alone quietly. It took him three days before he started using again, and after that, Juwan and Mustache never heard from him again.

Few years later Edit

Volume 8

In Kuan's Fridge (6), Juwan gives a list of Hyper-Quanxs from Moab, a planet that has nothing to do with him to Ibon, and says he haven't got much time, so it'd be better start looking for a solution there, and maybe he'll get lucky and find someone who can open that door.

In (7) - Ch.538, Denma says to Cell that the recipient make his orders so complicated, and he can't just hands over the goods and be done with it. Cell says Denma is passing through a slum and his safety is the most important. Denma says he grew up in a slum himself, and Cell does have against these poor folks anyway, and the really dangerous ones her should look out for are the middle-class snobs with bidets up their asses, and she can't give him that stereotyped nonsense, and she can't label them dangerous. At this time, three bullies aim guns to Denma and Cell's Avatar. The one bully takes Kuan's Fridge Membership Card and says it seems some kinda security card. The other bully says that socket on the back of Denma's head looks really sturdy, and he shoots. Denma is falls, and the other bully says the socket didn't break and he knew it was rock solid, and he asks to his boss that what should they do with Denma. The boss says just leave Denma by the side of the road, and he sees Kuan's Fridge Membership Card's information. The boss thinks this package is for him. Someone steals a woman's purse using his Partial Teleporting Quanx ability and gives the money to one person. The person says he wishes he had someone's skills. Someone shakes and says he's hurry so the person should gimme the drugs. The boss thinks he's their friendly drug junkie Quanx that him.

Ibon arrives to the planet Moab. Ibon thinks he should be grateful he got this far, and right now, opening the fridge isn't his top priority, and the key is to show them how hard he's trying be coming all the way down the planet Moab to look for the right Quanx himself, and after all those years of doing business, he didn't expect them to drag him down like that, and if he get it open, great, if not, he'll sacrifice as many Hyper-Quanxs as possible until he get it open to calm their nerves down. Ibon sees a hologram and thinks first, him, who's a Hyper-Quanx and can Interplanetary Teleportation, he'll be able to open the fridge.

Near the adult entertainment district, a woman was bruised on her face by the customers so she calls her mother to cellphone. The woman says she sent her mother some money for this month. The woman's mother says let's have a video chat because she want to see her face. The woman rejects because she's still at work, and maybe some other time, and she asks how's him. His mother answers he's fine and he's at home. He's drugged. His sister says please her mother just send him away. His mother says her daughter don't start with that again, and she told her they're not having this conversation. His sister angry and shouts that he even got his little brother addicted too. His mother says her daughter come home on Monday because it's his birthday. He wakes up and drinks water. His little brother asks he give him more medicine. He takes two drugs and gives his little brother. He makes a hasty meal.


Mustache says to Ibon that he's a Hyper-Quanx with Interplanetary Teleportation skill, but it's just estimated stats from the Georg filter, and there're lots of Quanxs with filter value capable of this skill, but there're only a few hundred of them, who can actually teleport in the entire universe eight, unlike any ordinary Teleportation, it's a skill that only shows up after enduring the most intensive training imaginable, and there's no way a drug addict would be able to go through that, and even if he could teleport between planets, there's no guarantee he can open the fridge. Mustache sees a hologram and says these are all Hyper-Quanxs that no one really wants on the planet Moab. Ibon shouts he should've know Juwan wouldn't hand over useful ones.

The bullies are go to his home. His home's smell is bad. At this time, his mother arrives at home. The bullies are try to take him. His mother angry and shouts the bullies should leave him alone, and they can't take him because she knows they get him to do their dirty works. The boss of bullies grabs his mother by the collar and throws her. The boss of bullies says his mother says she doesn't like them, so he asks what's it gonna be. He says his mother can stop being so mean to his friends, and he'll be back soon. His mother takes his leg, and yells if he hang around these people, they'll just use him for dirty works. He kicks his mother and shouts that they can't it get any worse than it already is because they've reached rock bottom and that suits losers like them and this is exactly where they belong, so let's just live this way.

Cell wears a space suit and goes directly to Denma with a gun. Cell says Article 3 Paragraph 2 of Silverquick regulations, "When a package is lost, visit the recipient in person and notify them first." Denma says he's blind but Cell is tries to take him there. Cell says they lost it, and it's their responsibility, and if the recipient files a complaint to the company, Denma had have to pay for the lost package. Cell says they're entering the slum area now, and she'll keep Denma's safe, but she's shivering. The boss of bullies shows schematics to him, and says all he has to do is knock out those security cameras there, and he leave the rest to them, and if this pans out, he'll hand over six months' worth of meds on the spot. At this time, he reads the boss of bullies' memories to backwards and finds out the package they stole is for him, and they sold a Kuan's Fridge Membership Card, which is known as a membership card for a resort, and they plan to use that money to get some gear and hit that joint and let's he take care of those cameras.

He thinks he's got the same name as him whoever that's. The boss of bullies says the job is going down on Monday and he'll come pick him up then. He's shivering because he need drugs, and goes to his home. At this time, Cell says she's from Silverquick, and recipient's quick, precise, and secure intergalactic courier service. Cell says she's terribly sorry, they didn't expect an armed robbery. He thinks that Jiro was him. Cell says so they came here to tell him they're deeply sorry in person. He says he knows where that package is. He calls to the dealer. The dealer says now's not the best time, and if it's about a new merch, he'll call him in a bit, and he's with a customer right now. At the moment, he returns a Kuan's Fridge Membership Card instantly by Partial Teleportation, and says it's repossession. Cell informs to Denma that they just found the stolen item. He says Cell said this is a key to the old man Kuan's Fridge. Cell says this is what the sender wanted them to do, and first, deliver the key to him.

Cell says they'll have to escort him inside the Kuan's Fridge. At this time, he can't hold anymore drugs, and he finds them but he forgot he ran out, so he needs some right now. He goes to drug store, and Cell and Denma are follow him. In the drug store, the drug dealer and his colleague eat skewered food and drink beer. The colleague says they're closed, but he suddenly opens the door and his nose hits it. He says he needs drugs now. The drug dealer orders to him that hit his head on the ground until he get the meds, and he'd better say he's sorry to his friend over here. The drug dealer says his colleague make sure he doesn't take his head off the ground. He sorry to the drug dealer's colleague that he didn't mean to push him like that, and he can forgive him. Denma asks to Cell that what's going on here. The drug dealer brings the meds, but he says the money first. He says he'll get the drug dealer the money first thing tomorrow. The drug dealer says that ain't his problem, no money no drugs, and he knows how it's, so he should bring him the money first. He begs the drug dealer to he'll do anything he want right now, so give him the drugs. The drug dealer says he'd to go to the bathroom underground for his drugs, and he got his shoes all dirty, so he orders that he lick them clean, then.

He licks the drug dealer's shoes. Cell says to Denma that this could get ugly so he can go to this way. Denma thinks when he listening to their conversation, he sounds more and more like something. The drug dealer says now he can go and get the money. The drug dealer's colleague says that's enough. and he has made his point, so he just give it to him already because he says he'll bring the money tomorrow. The drug dealer rejects, because they can't make any exceptions and if they cut them some slack even once, they'll just show up empty-handed and hassle them over and over again. He delivers an uppercut to the drug dealer, and tries to bring drugs. The drug dealer catches the drugs quickly and throws them in a coal fire, and says that he's cutting him off. He puts his hand in the coal fire and pulls out drugs. Denma says to Cell that they're having a barbecue over there. He hits the dealer and his colleague with a steel pipe. Denma asks to Cell that they should call the police. Cell answers they're more likely to arrest the recipient, not them. Denma asks he's a junkie. Cell answers he seems highly addicted. Denma says he's a junkie Quanx. He shouts the drug dealer may cut him off but he'll never quit.

In the container, after he was drugged, Cell treats him. Cell says their client requested them to help him retrieve the items in the Kuan's Fridge, which have been seized from he and his family. He says the repossession team take away everything clean every two or three years, and he asks who's this client of Silverquick gave him the key. Cell answers his name is Mr. Holmes, and he's an official in the local government in planet Moab, he says he goes way back with his father. Cell asks is his father failed in his business ventures. He answers that all the time. Cell says Mr. Holmes also added that Silverquick explain to him everything clearly, so he won't get confused. Cell says twenty something years passed, the economy recovered slowly but steadily, ruthless foreclosure practices of those repo team were finally put to an end just recently after a long trial in court, along with a verdict that those seized items were to be returned to the original owners, and the government, who vouched for those initial applicants, were ordered to retrieve the bank's money on behalf of those applicants, with means other than foreclosure, so at this point when the new law is yet to take effect, their client wanted him to take back whatever he need from the seized items. He says there's nothing worth reclaiming among those seized items, and not a thing is worth squat, and his family couldn't afford anything valuable, not then, not ever, so they just take him home.

Denma says he likes his style so Cell just hurry up and get him to sign. Cell says he can sign here. He thinks maybe he can sell what's inside to buy a few months' worth of drugs, and he says he changed his mind, so let's go check it out. Denma tries curse to him. The soldier and The other soldier torture to the dealer. In the call, the General shouts the dealer is the one who wanted to make a deal, and he'd dare double cross him. The dealer says that crazy junkie stole it, and he'd nothing to do with it. The General angry and shouts that's what happens when the dealer can't keep his mouth shut, and now, he'll show them what he's really capable of. The container arrives at near Kuan's Fridge. He wears Quanx deliverer's outfit. Cell says the outfit can stretch to fit any body type, so go ahead and try it on. Denma says after they're done Kuan's Fridge's work, he can throw the outfit away. Denma says he's practically blind but Cell wants him to going out the container, so she's heartless. Cell says if she took part in this mission as well, Yahwah will be punish to her, so instead she'll do her best to Denma, so Cell's Avatar goes to there. Denma grips his back, but he angry and says he doesn't touches him and shut up because he's driving him insane. Denma angry and says it seems that he went coocoo with all the drugs in his system. He shouts Denma is blind so he can go back inside and take a nap because he annoys him. Denma thanks because he read his mind, and he orders to Cell that he demanded that he take a freaking nap, so he's going back inside. Cell and he see someone and they're surprised. The horse men are see them.

Moab's Hyper-Quanx says he can't stop, and if he can't open it, nobody can and he's the best Hyper-Quanx Sumai's henchman find on Moab and when he can't do it, he can't. The round drone on the top of Sumai's henchman's head flies and shoots a laser on Moab's Hyper-Quanx's back of the head. Sumai's henchman says Moab's Hyper-Quanx just stop if it's so hard, and he can't open it anyway, and all it takes is one shot to kill him like any other Hyper-Quanxs. At this time, the horse men catch he and Denma and arrive. Cell's Avatar says they're from Silverquick, and they're here to reclaim their client's seized possessions inside the fridge. Sumai's henchman catches Cell's Avatar and says that isn't some household appliance, and even a Hyper-Quanx can't open it, and probably another Quanx scrubs who wanna show off their cheap tricks, and do try and just know that if they fail, they'll end up with a hole in their head like Moab's Hyper-Quanx. He thinks if thugs realize he has the key, they'll kill him in a heartbeat and take it away, and he can't let them find out about the key in his glove, let's open the Kuan's Fridge, and he'll read the memories left in this card. Ibon and Mustache are recognize him. He opens Kuan's Fridge.

Ian sees the Kuan's Fridge and orders to Alpha squad that they just secure their key first, and put them all inside the fridge and close it right away, and once the police retrieved the key, make sure he get out of there stat, and he use the key to get in and out of the fridge just like she told him, and in the meantime, have the other squad members open the fridge door again. All the rest go into the fridge, and they see heads. Ian orders to police tactical team that they close the door.

Denma holds to Cell's Avatar and orders that she just answer him. Mustache says even the network went down when Kuan's Fridge closed. A police orders to Sumai's henchman and horse men that they should hand over the key to the fridge. He puts a key on one of the heads' mouth and reads his memory. Ibon says to Mustache that this is it so let's bail. Mustache tries to teleport with Ibon, but they hit somewhere. A police aims gun to Ibon and shoots him later. Another police aims gun to him. Sumai's henchman says it's true that the law enforcement around here went corrupt after their bonuses got cut off, and the polices can just waltz in the fridge and snatch the goods from them, but they got here first, and they're here to get rid of all the witnesses and that's how get to be so trigger happy. Another police says that the thing about police paycheck isn't enough, and he shoots to Sumai's henchman's chest. But Sumai's henchman still alive because he's a machine. The round drone on the top of Sumai's henchman's head flies and shoots lasers on Alpha squad's head. Alpha squad shoots their guns. He grabs Denma and thinks according to the memories he just read off the key card, as long as he doesn't get shot here, he'll be fine.

He hides with Denma in the heads when Alpha squad and Sumai's henchman and horse men are fight. He's in heads and Denma is outside. Sumai's henchman aims gun to a police and says the polices broke his remote control, and he shoots and says it's not like he'll pay for the damages. Sumai's henchman happy and shouts they beat the police tactical team. Sumai's henchman says to horse men that this fridge is theirs now. At this time, Sumai's henchman's head and neck, and a horse man's mouth is sliced by something.

He shows the key, to one of the robot that looks like spider. There are other spiders around. The spider just passes through Denma and Mustache sees this. The spider finds Mustache, he teleports near Denma, and he beaten by him. He thinks he never should've come Kuan's Fridge, let's get outta here, at this time, he sees a number, eight on key card. Denma and Mustache fight each other. Denma angry and says to Mustache that he's practically blind right now. He calls Denma and Mustache. He also shows the key to the spider and says these two kids are with him. The spider checks Mustache and Denma, and it passes through them. Mustache says those bugs did save them, and they're the only ones that made it out alive, and let's get out of here. He says they'd need open all the eight boxes that were seized so they can exit, and two people lead the way and they don't know what's out there, so they defend him. Denma angry and shouts that he'd wanna use a cute kid like him as a human shield. He says if Denma got a problem with that, they'll just let those machine spiders eat him alive. When Denma grabs Mustache's cape, he angry and shouts that no tugging him.

Denma tells Mustache to his story. Mustache says he has only heard stories about Kuan's Fridge too, but now that he's actually inside the thing. At this time, Mustache shouts to Denma that why he's holding onto his butt this time, and he says he gotta holds onto something, and he said he can't grab his cape, and this beats holding his arm. He thinks that Mustache guy looks familiar, and where has he seen him before. They see boxes. Mustache says this is gonna take some time. He does have to checks every single box in here. He's angry and kicks a box and shouts that, he's supposed to open all eight of them when there're millions of boxes inside, and they'll starve to death. Mustache says that junkie with an attitude. At this time, he opens a box through his key and calls Denma and Mustache. He says if Mustache see something worth anything, put it aside. Mustache says he isn't his servant. He shouts that it doesn't matter who does what right now. He sees a little box and says these are all confiscated recently. Mustache says that delivery boy told him what's going on, and if what he's saying is true, it would mean the further they travel into the fridge, the further they trace back to Jiro's family's past.

He says comes to thinks of it they're wasting their time because they won't find anything worth in here. Mustache finds a business card and says he kept it all along. He reads the business card's memories. He says now he remembers Mustache, and he came by his house before.

At this time, an Eve is appears who's the left eye is dug, the left ear and right hand is clipped.

He knocks Eve down. He says it's the same android as Denma's, except this one has different antennae. He says it probably got trapped in Kuan's Fridge during delivery, and let's hurry because they've only opened one of them, and at this rate, they're really going to starve to death in here, and he recalls again.

He wrinkles to the business card, and thinks that Juwan judging people from his ivory tower. He throws the business card. Mustache asks he's sure he won't want that later. He answers Mustache can have it if he want. When he looking for correct boxes, Denma floats a hologram. Denma is tired so asks to him that can they take a break, and he says he's been at it for hours now, and he doesn't ever get tired. Mustache says it's probably because of the meds in his system. Denma lies on the bare ground, and asks that Mustache can find it in his heart to bring some food to him. He says Mustache can check the backpacks of those police officers, and he might find an energy bar or something. Mustache refuses, but Denma and he point to him. Mustache teleports there and says he's elder. Mustache finds a gun and thinks he didn't take this in the first place, and Ibon owed him money for bringing him down here, until that cop made a hole in his head.

He finds box. Mustache distributes their energy bars, but he divides himself more bars, and his are all 51. Mustache says he may take some rest and he need to eat. He angry and kicks a box and shouts that how he's supposed to find boxes like this, and why they're screwing him over. Denma angry and shouts that why he does has to carry the energy bars, and Mustache just cause that because he's blind. Mustache says it's not that he doesn't want to help, he can't, because he's carrying two guns to protect them. At this time, one of Mustache's guns is broken by one of the monster babies.

The monster babies are swarming on them. Mustache shoots gun but the monster babies are many, he carries Denma and he and teleports to near the entrance of Kuan's Fridge. Mustache says he thinks the kid's androids are responsible. He surprised to sees the cops' head. Mustache says he thinks he shouldn't be the only one with a gun here, even if they managed to kill the monster babies all. He angry and beats Denma because he was doing just fine before he came along then he dragged him down in the fridge and they're about to die. Mustache stops a fight and asks to Denma that he's alright. Denma vomits blood and answers that he does look okay to him. At this time, he seems to have recovered his vision. Mustache thinks he'll forget about the money for a sec, because he's going to make it out alive with them. Denma beats him and shouts he's just a little kid. Mustache stops a fight, and he shouts that he doesn't give a shit if he's a client anymore and he should beat some sense into this psychopath, and he should get up. At the moment, He who's bleed at the nose is surprised to something.

He wipes the blood from his nose and sees it.

20190224 155952

There're many cut marks on his wrist. Denma beats to his head and kicks his back, and Mustache holds to him. When he gets up, Denma says now he must turn around and get his ass back here. He asks what they'll do now. Mustache answers they may look for weapons because it make sure he take everything he need so they don't have to come back here again. Denma sees him and says look at that idiot. Denma thinks he doesn't know what happened when he punched him in his head, but he can see better than before, maybe he should test his accuracy with this gun. Mustache says they make sure the plasma cartridge is loaded, and they can just take the ammo, not the cops' guns.

They're doing back somewhere again because Denma have something to take care of. Mustache teleports again because he's going to see check the perimeter. When he lay down, he touches a red box. He sees the red box. He angry and grabs a paper and thinks someone is a son of a bitch.

He crumples the paper and throws it, and hits the papers. Denma gets irritated to him because he's interrupted by him when he faces Eve's head smoothly. He shouts that he'll hunt Gyu-oh down to the end of the universe, and kill him with his own hands. Denma says his hand is bleeding. He sees it and thrash about in the ground with pain, and Denma says he gotta be kidding him.

After the recall, he sees his hand is bleeding. Denma holds to the Eve's severed head. At this time, Mustache teleports to here and shouts that they hurry up and shoot. The monster babies are appear.

Mustache, Denma and he kill all monster babies. Mustache says let's pack up and get the outta here, and he teleports somewhere. Denma lays on the floor and asks what those things are Moab monkeys. Mustache answers that there's no such creature in Moab, and they're not from around here, and he hopes Kuan's Fridge isn't full of monsters like that. He sees his hand. He takes out a drug and starts dope, and Mustache sees this and thinks he's doing dope in front of a kid. Mustache tries to cover Denma's eyes, and points toward somewhere and asks what's that. Denma answers that he sees a junkie doing drugs, and he clicks his tongue and says once he start using drug, that's it, and he's done for he can never quit, and a young man is a waste because he's like that.

Denma sees his hand and thinks it's not important if he's doing drugs in Kuan's Fridge, and he wonder what happens to him.

He restores to reason. He eats an energy bar. Mustache says to Denma that he knows this because he was a pretty good Quanx trainer, and before he became a lousy Quanx dealer, that is, the pay used to be better too. He hears this. Mustache says to Denma that he has seen all types of Quanxs from here and there, and the sockets might be shaped differently, but there were many cases like him, and he has seen them with his own eyes when he trained them. He finds a box and shouts that Denma and Mustache stop yapping and come help him with this.

Denma isn't doing anything. Mustache says to him that he may leave the kid be, because he's in panic after realizing how screwed up he's. He says he doesn't give a shit if Denma's panic or not, and he dragged him all the way down Kuan's Fridge, so he should take responsibility, and if he couldn't even take responsibility be responsible for his actions. He beats a box and shouts that, he should take responsibility and he's coward and he's so weak and he's moron. Mustaches wonders who he's that lunatic talking to, and he thinks that both of them lost their minds, and now he's worried, so he should empty the bullets out of their guns, and nothing but worthless junks, and how he's supposed to get of of the fridge. Denma thinks let's just make peace with it, for now, let's just stay this way, if he start moving again, they'll make him work. Mustache finds a book. He shouts that of course his damn house is nothing to sell in this pile of junk. Mustache says this book looks like his mother's journal. He finds foreclosure stickers, and he thinks why his mother did collect these. At this time, he thinks if he read the memories of the boxes and calculate the dates, they can get out of the fridge. He shouts that they can get out of the fridge right now.

He shouts that, let's go find the next box, so they may help him out here. He sees a foreclosure sticker and thinks that this is the latest date after the second box. Mustache teleports and takes Denma and him. He reads a box's memories, and thinks this is after a year since the foreclosure. He asks to Mustache that he can take him deeper inside the fridge so he can calculate the time gap. They arrive the deeper inside the fridge, and he reads a box's memories, and thinks this is six months before the foreclosure, then the third box should be around. He draws something and explains to Mustache that the third box should be around one-third of the distance they just moved to the outside, so let's go. They arrive there and he says they're close to the date of the foreclosure so they wait here. Mustache asks to him that he does realize he's the only one excited here. He reads some boxes memories, and he finds a box. Mustache says he was reading memories of those objects, and that makes if easier for them. Denma thinks who'd have guessed a junkie would be a Hyper, and finally he'll get out soon. At this time, Denma realizes something, and he shouts to Mustache that he can read memories. Denma asks to him that he can read his body's memories. He answers that he can't because his brain is busy as it's with his own damn memories. Denma pleas that it's a matter of life and death for him, and he'll do anything. He says Denma lick his foot clean, then he'll read it for him.

He says Denma can go on then, because he thought it was a matter of life and death. Denma finds a water ball and pencil, and he throws the ball to him. He's hit by the ball and hurts, and tries to beat Denma, but he avoids it and stabs to his hand with the pencil. Mustache thinks one of them is going to die, and he can't has that. Mustache rushes and shouts to both of them that, they should stop it.

Volume 9

Mustache attaches patches to his hand, and says it's not that deep. Denma thinks he would've known that drug junky had the ability to read memories off of objects, and he should've been nice to him, this is the best chance he got to read the memory from his body, with him, he can't get the memory safely and without those damn Silverquick bastards interfering. Mustache asks to Denma that how he's holding up and his feeling better now. He tries to throw something to Denma. Denma thinks he doesn't need him, but still, it's too good of a chance to just pass by. He throws something, and Denma avoids it, and says he's frightened, because that crazy junkie is around.

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He finds and tries to throw a purple star, but he stops and see it and reminisce something. Mustache says to him that he can reminisce all he want, but save it until they get the hell out of this fridge. Denma thinks how can he convince him to read his memory.

He thinks that what the hell Mustache is saying.

He angry and shouts that, they can shut up and make some sense at least.

Mustache teleports with Denma and him. He puts the purple star in the bag. He suddenly grabs Denma by the collar. Mustache says he can give it a rest. At this time, Denma and he sees the survivor who's on the surface of the box. The survivor runs away. He hits the survivor with his ability. The survivor comes out of the box's surface, and sees Denma and his suit's Silverquick marks. The survivor shouts Silverquick. He strikes the survivor with his ability, and stuns him. He says the survivor came right at him. Denma says the survivor is still here that means there's a Transcriptome roaming around in here.

The survivor eats an energy bar and says to Mustache and Denma. Meantime, he looks for the boxes with his abilities. He finds a box.

He looks through a box because he looks for something worth money. At this time, he shouts that someone can come help him find anything useful. Denma says that charming bastard is their ticket out of Kuan's Fridge. The survivor is pleased because finally his prayers have been answered, so he'll help Denma with whatever he can, and he goes to him.

The survivor gives a bag and asks to him that how about this, and it looks expensive to him. He reads the bag's memory and throws it, and says it's a cheap knock-off, and he needs some rest. Denma whispers to the survivor that he's a drug junkie, and he probably ran out of juice again. Mustache says he's exhausted, and he just realized he hasn't had any sleep since he came to Kuan's Fridge, and he asks to Denma and the survivor that they close up the box and stand guard for a minute. Denma says to the survivor that if anything happens, he can wake that Mustache guy first. In the box, he and Mustache sleep, and the survivor shows Denma to his locket.

He wakes up, angry and shouts to survivor and Denma that they keep it quiet because he can't sleep, and he's hungry. He finds an energy bar, and he throws and shouts that he's sick of this. Denma says Jiro can go take his pills then. The survivor says how about some chicken soup, and there are quite a lot of boxes with food in them, and he has recently found a box full of soup. He calls Mustache, but he sleeps like a rock. The survivor says to him that they can get some for Mustache, so let's go now. He says how he's supposed to boil this thing. Denma says this gets heated when the people pull the lid. The survivor says they can hurry and get their cans and let's get back. He pull the lid. The survivor takes the box, and Denma and he drink chicken soups. Denma says the soup is so tasty. He throws the can and says he'll have one more, and Denma agrees. The survivor says after they get back. He says just one more, and Denma agrees. At this time, a can is falls, and they face to Adam. He tries to shoot guns to Adam, and says he didn't throw it at it on purpose. Adam runs to them.

He uses his ability to beat Mustache, wakes him up, and grabs him by the collar. The survivor hides on the surface of the box with his ability. He bleeds on his face, and calls Mustache. Denma runs away and shouts to Adam that, it should stay away from him. Denma falls over. Mustache teleports to here. Denma cries and shouts to Adam that he can't die like this. Adam cuts Denma's right ankle.

He closes Denma's mouth, and says that, he should shut up because the thing will chop his head off too. The survivor says it's okay. The survivor gets the cross sections together, and to make sure Denma's leg doesn't fall off, and he removes the cut. Mustache asks that it just latches on, just like that. The survivor answers that this was just a temporary measure to stop the bleeding, and he uses his ability to change his hand to 2D. The survivor moves up and down his hand, he's continuously collecting the information from the cross sections of the normal Denma's leg parts that goes through his hand, and projecting them onto the wounds, sort of synchronization. He asks to Mustache that what the hell was it. Mustache answers that it's a Transcriptome. Mustache explains the Transcriptome, and says that of course, they'll get out before that happens. The survivor says to Denma that he doesn't feel anything out of sync with his hand, so he can try moving his ankles. Denma moves his ankles, and the survivor asks that he can get up. Denma gets up. Mustache says to the survivor that what a relief, and he has got some skill there. The survivor says that thank got it didn't take that long, good thing that nothing gets decomposed in here, Denma's leg was still fresh. Denma feels pain in his ankle. The survivor says to Denma that he might feel slight pain, his body still remembers the shock from the amputation, that pain will come and go for a while. He thinks that if what Mustache says is true, the only way to be safe from that monster back there's either they get out of here, before that thing shows up again, or if all else fails, they get rid of the survivor.

Denma is too shy to say thank to the survivor, so he talks to himself. He and Mustache see this. The survivor heals his forehead. Mustache guesses Denma's situation. The survivor surprised to something. He says that he's not bleeding anymore, and the problem solved, but he still hold-up. The survivor says to him that his wound is all healed now. He says that they're gonna lose their heads if they stayed here any longer, these scraps aren't worth it, and they should get their stuff and get on outta here, and he needs a minute, because he needs to take a piss, and he doesn't wanna get chased down by that rice cake while he's taking a piss. Denma says that they can give the man some privacy. and it's time for him to take his medication. When people get out, he shouts a gun and thinks that this gun works just fine, Mustache removed the firing pin, and he'll afraid that that son of a bitch might do something crazy because it doesn't matter if a junkie dies, and he almost died out there, and he was shooting a blank gun at that monster, so he switched his gun with his, now the joke's on him. He takes out a drug. The survivor asks that how does he clean his head off, and Mustache got any of those soup cans left. The survivor moves up and down his 2D hand to the soup, and says that he's washing his hand. The survivor says that he with his condition, he's better off dead.

The survivor says that due to the nature of this place, washing his hand will only change the taste. Mustache drinks the soup, and the survivor says that he really doesn't wanna eat it. Mustache asks that what's wrong with this soup. Denma also drinks the soup, and Mustache asks that why does it taste so weird now. Denma angry and shouts that the soup tastes like he wanna punch someone in the face really hard. The survivor says that while he was treating the wound on his forehead, his hand went through his brain repeatedly, and he'd this negative vibe that kept getting in the way.

Dark Energy

The survivor says that the truth is he has made a name for himself for illegal medical practices back in his home planet, he has treated all sorts of patients, and that fella right there, he was a serious drug problem, so serious that he can't even imagine treating him, the aura he breathes out is too dark and way too heavy, and he's not being metaphorical here, his actual energy is heavy, he keeps sinking down from his self-pity, pessimism, depression, anxiety, and fear, if completely devours the positive and healthy energy field around him as well, anyone around him will fall into the swamp of dark energy, and end up dying either from an injury or a disease, he should just die alone, that way, he wouldn't spread so much misery around, and if they weren't inside this fridge, it wouldn't have been just the taste that changed, it would've spoiled the whole soup, for the lack of a better word, he's literally breathing out death each minute. Mustache and Denma vomit the soup. Denma says that the survivor could've told them before they ate the damn thing, he knew he'd a bad feeling about him for a reason, and he'll getting out of here, now. Denma calls him, and shouts that the junkie said they should hurry, and he asks that he grows his own weed in there or something.

He, Mustache, Denma and survivor face a pile of containers. He says that he judging from the dates here, the box they need to open right now is in this pile. He reads memories of boxes. He angry and shouts that all the boxes came in here on different dates, and they're all mixed up. Mustache says that he should quiet down because the Transcriptome might find them. The survivor says that he has always made a detour around here, something about this place creeped him out. The survivor asks to Denma that he thinks the Silverquick Quanxs who got here first stacked up all these. Denma asks that for what, and the survivor answers that he can ask that Memory-Reading Mr. Sunshine over there. He asks the survivor to help him out here, because his hands can't reach that far so he can't read the boxes inside, and in the meantime, Mustache and Denma stay on top and watch out for that Transcriptome or whatever.

He says to the survivor that if the key fits, it'll first make a 'tick' sound and open with a 'tchhh.' The survivor says that thanks for that, and that really helped a lot, but no luck so far. He says that the survivor can try further inside, and he has roughly done some math, and the boxes inside are closer to the date they're looking lot. He calls to the survivor that how far down did he go, and asks that is he checking out the keys or what. Denma bows to him that he can help him out, the moment he make it out of here alive, he'll pay him in cash, for his precious medication. He asks to Denma that how much are they talking about. Denma hugs Mustache and says that he just need to check if it's the same guy because it's really important to him. Mustache says that it's his privacy. Denma says to him that he'll pay him double so he can talk some sense into him. He says to Mustache that if this is about giving him an empty gun, he'll forget about it, but he need the money, so if he cooperate, they'll all get out of here a lot sooner. He reads Denma and Mustache's memories. He says that Mustache was quite a hot shot back in the days. Mustache says that he may get on with it and check that Jet fella. He reads Denma's memory and surprised to see someone, and he thinks that it's none of his business. He says that Jet is a different hairstyle, but it's definitely the same person, and this looks really complicated, whatever, he may wire him that money he promised. He says to Mustache that he's an alright guy, and he may watch out for that Transcriptome. He goes to the boxes and thinks that who's that girl trapped inside Denma.

Mustache says to Denma that he might be able to help. Denma says that it's just amazing that they know the same person in this vast universe. Mustache says to Denma that Jet must've owed him a lot of money, otherwise, he wouldn't spend money on a junky to read his memories. At this time, Denma surprises and gets up and says that he didn't think of that before. Denma goes to him, and says to Mustache that he'll give that junky more of his money.

He reads Denma's memories and says that he went the planet Carlburn after the collapsing incident in planet Negev. Denma asks to him that he may read everything he has been through Negev, and he can't leave anything out. He asks that Denma really have the money to pay him, and if he try to run away with his money he talk as if he owed him that money for ages. Denma says that he'll pay him, but he gotta be precise every word and every action matters everything could mean a lot to him. He says that he sees two people getting off a spaceship, one has white hair and wearing a black suit, almost looks like him before he lost weight, the other is a kid with a red bowl haircut, the same uniform as Denma's, it looks like he call them by their hair colors, and he call them white and red, and the red-haired one has some kind of a socket at the back of his head, like him, and he's an Ephraimite Quanx, and he call a guy named Jet and say he found something.

Denma grabs him by the collar and shouts that he can read Guyrin's words again because she would've never said something like that. He angry and says that Denma is annoying and he'll tell him one last time so he can listen closely. He tells that Guyrin said Dike holds her in his arms but she isn't because she's just staying with him for the moment, and she want to Pentagon's leader to sell her to El through the slave market, and she doesn't trust Dike, and she needs El's protection. He says that he has done all the work Denma promised so he should pay him. He says Denma to go stand watch again. The survivor gives him to his card and says that he opened the box. The survivor says that they should get out of here because there's something buried underneath which is looked dangerous.

It's Transcriptome

The survivor says that it the dangerous thing is what he thinks it's something. At this time, Mustache teleports and shouts that it's Transcriptome. Denma sees Adam and he's surprised. Mustache asks that why Denma is watching there all by himself. Denma feels pain in his ankle again, and he escapes the danger of being cut off his neck by Adam. Mustache arrives in front of Adam. Mustache tries to shoot his guns, but both of his guns have no bullets. Adam cuts Mustache's neck.

He and the survivor are surprised. He shoots to Adam. Denma tries to shoot the gun but the clips are empty. Denma enters the gap between the boxes. He enters the gap between the boxes. He says to the survivor that he can reattach Mustache's head. The survivor says that the death from a heading can't be undone even with the two-dimensional logic, and he seemed like a good fella so it's pitiful. He asks the survivor to put him inside the wall too. The survivor denies that he can make it but except his head because he can't recover his consciousness or intelligence back to full when he pull him out of two-dimension into three-dimension, and when he use that ability he'll be as smart as a reptile after that. He says that he's already living like a reptile. At this time, he sees Adam and he shoots to it. He runs away to the other side. He thinks that the Transcriptome will chase him until when his bullets run out or cut his head off so if that's the case, then he'll kill the survivor.

Adam finds him. He shoots guns to Adam, and he tries to give his key to the survivor. The survivor goes to him. At this time, He shoots the survivor's left leg. Adam's left leg also breaks. He aims gun to the survivor and says that Mustache was right all along. The survivor is embarrassed and says to him that he saw how useful he's, so he can't die in Kuan's Fridge because he has a family waiting for him at home. He says that he get what the survivor is saying. The survivor asks to him that he has the patients waiting for his help too. Adam jumps to him. He says that there's no other way. He shoots Adam and the survivor. Adam falls. He says that this is self-defense. He shouts to Denma that he should give his money, and it was self-defense.

Denma sits and thinks about the survivor and him. Denma pulls out a chocolate bar and thinks that he gotta survive for now, and the survivor and he have the key so they'll manage to get out somehow. He finds a bag to put food and supplies in. He puts a backpack on. He reads a box's memory. He goes to somewhere and thinks that it's a long walk to the next box. He's surprised to hear the sound.


He goes to some planet because of Consonant Guard ㄴ, but saved by him.

3 years later Edit

In The knight (104), Lot sighs and asks to Nazareth that what is this, remember what she told him, the best in the universe, the four shields, blah blah, how long he dies have to keep delivering tampons, and when is this team going to be complete, when will the last one finally join them. Nazareth answers not the last one, but two. Lot says Nazareth said there were four. Nazareth says there are two here to be shields, and there will be two more.

Lot asks to Nazareth that himself, Gauss, and the Lewd, weren't there three of them, is someone going to die, and did she read his dreams. Nazareth says it's not about someone dying, all she can say is one of the three is going to take a step back and help the four time to time. Lot says he thinks he knows who that's going to be. Lot asks then when are the other two coming. Nazareth answers in two or three years. Lot asks Nazareth doesn't tell him there's someone stronger than him. Nazareth answers that's what important to Lot, it's rather hasty to be so sure about an image in a dream but, a Hyper-Quanx will come first. Lot asks a Hyper coming first, that means the last one isn't a Hyper.

A year later Edit

Then... Jiro will help him

One year later Edit

In The knight (184) - Ch.974, one month later, Nazareth woke up and smiled, thinking that it's finally today as if she had seen something in a dream. At this time, there is speculation that the color of the flowerpots next to the bed seems to mean each shield.

In the interview, Lot says to the people that that's all they guys got, they've got to be louder, they do think they'll be able to stand a chance as villains with that kind of attitude, but he doesn't expect they all to be a complete combat Quanx like him, if they were, they wouldn't even be here, they'd be taking over the universe eight, he means, who cares if they're not a Hyper, they guys have the skills to subdue Hyper-Quanxs, he's just asking them to talk with confidence. Gauss says it's okay, so next is come here. Lot says to Dike that he sees he has gone through the reinforcement, and he's also known as the Invincible Death of Urano, looks like tears of blood marks on his face. Lot asks to Dike that why he's called the Invincible Death, and does he just call himself that. Dike answers to Lot that it's a name given to him because of his skill. Nazareth remains expressionless. Dike explains to Lot that his skill called Equivalent Mass Exchange. Nazareth is surprised to hear this, and thinks that finally this is the day when the four shields who'll protect the Dark Lord come together.

Four shields (Lot, Dike, Gauss, Jiro) of the Dark Lord (Noph)

5 years later Lot and Jiro

In Chapter 2 3. A.E. (1), a Blank reports to him that there's a fight, and it's between some guy named Hicks and a newbie called Dike.

Hicks throws Dike to the wall and says to him that what a small would they live in, he didn't expect to see his comrade from Urano here, he knew they were blood allies by fate. Hicks kicks to Dike and says to him that or how else would he end up here, although this is a place for villains, and they're the villains, it's just so strange. The Blank asks to him that why he's just looking, he can going to stop them. He says to the Blank that he thinks they're better off fighting rather than talking it out, the guy who's getting beaten seems pretty relaxed, it seems like they had some problems in the past, it's best to let them solve it their way, so he should prepare some bandages.

In 3. A.E. (3) - Ch.978, Urusa calls to Lot and reports it. Lot asks to Urusa that why does he have to do that. Urusa says to Lot that whop else is gonna do it then, Gauss can't get involved herself, because of her past involvement with the Blanks. Lot says then have him handle it, he's the one with the big price tag, he'll figure it out. Urusa answers to Lot that he's on duty as the Dark Lord's personal bodyguard right now.

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Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit

Unit 81


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-45-00

Jiro's default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-45-10

Jiro's growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Fire attribute

Vitality 15456
Damage 747
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Increased critical hit 7 Increased critical hit
(치명타 증가, Chimyeongta jeungga)
Passive Increases character's critical rate.
Sudden attack 4 Sudden attack
(기습, Giseup)
5' Suddenly uses a Quanx skill to an enemy character with the lowest vitality and inflicts damage and stuns.
Negative energy 4 Dark energy
(부정 에너지, Bujeong eneoji)
16' Towards the enemy with the most vitality, the character emits dark energy, damages enemies within the frontal area, and forms a negative area. The enemies that touch the negative energy have reduced moving speed and power of recovery.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Iron fist
(무쇠주먹, Musoejumeok)
Passive Stuns the enemy at probabilistically during a basic attack.
  • Character Description

He's a drug junkie Quanx who lives in Moab. He explores Kuan's Fridge with Denma. He has explored it and involved in a big event.

Screenshot 2016-11-12-02-51-03

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Jiro is a playable character.

Unit 83

Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-50-30

Purgee Jiro's default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)

Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-50-35

Purgee Jiro's growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Light attribute

Vitality 29660
Damage 1365
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Increased critical hit 7 Increased critical hit Passive Increases character's critical rate.
Go around and kill 4 Go around and kill 9' Suddenly uses a Quanx skill to an enemy character with the lowest vitality and stuns and inflicts damage.
Revenge of grudge 4 Revenge of grudge 18' After the character rushes, to the enemy with the lowest vitality, it shoots off sharp energy, inflicts damage on the enemy within range, cause to bleed, and teleports back to its original position.
Absolute Immobilization 4 Absolute Immobilization Passive At every cooldown, the character makes immobilizing and stuns to the character with the lowest remaining vitality, And when the target is immortal state, it kills instantly.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Iron fist Passive Stuns the enemy at probabilistically during a basic attack.
  • Character Description

He was broke drugs with his own will and trained his skills under Juwan. He entered the White Police Guards, but was ejected to some reason.

Screenshot 2016-11-25-15-19-39

Screenshot 2016-11-25 10-32-21

Screenshot 2018-03-03-19-11-52

Main images

The Knight Jiro

Jiro the knightIcon

Jiro the knight Denma with NAVER WEBTOON 2019-07-22-15-04-45

Screenshot 2017-06-15-23-15-44

Jiro the knight skin

Additional stat: Damages 10% In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Jiro and Purgee Jiro are playable characters.

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  • "Th-that's... overdue phone bill..."
  • 'Who's that girl trapped inside that kid?'

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Denma the Quanx 13

  • In Volume 13, Jiro put his face on the cover.
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