Jato (자토, Jato) is the planet of Denma.

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Edel asks O to find out where Nell is. So O found Nell. Edel heard the news about Nell from O. O tells Nell was in great condition after spending 5 months at the hospital, but her test result on Space disease came out positive and she serving as level zero care nurse out in the battlefield, in here. O shows Edel to Nell's blog. The blog tells they say that there'll be a final air raids in 5 days. That will be the end of everything.

Edel breaks out of prison and break through battlefield. Then Edel meets again Nell, who was in a state just before the death because the underground bunker is collapses.

Mr. Tear says to bull horn that they aren't done until they see Edel's dead body, so they're going in as soon as the raid is over. Edel and Nell both kisses.

Ham (Balak) prevents the air raids. She continues to kisses with Edel for half the day under the protection of his uncle. The problem is that when Ham was worn out, Edel is chased by bull horn and Mr. Tear. Mr. Tear fires a ray through the machine in his mask's mouth, and Edel blocks the attack. However, bull horn uses teleport to send Mr. Tear to Edel's back, and Tear tries to cut Edel's limbs and neck. Fortunately, Ham succeeds in dimensional manipulating before Edel's body is torn.

Mr. Tear is about to kill Ham (Balak) as well. But strangely Max gives an order they don't expect. When Gatsu's men arrives at the scene, they finds unconscious Balak lying on the ground, Edel dismembered in 2 dimension, and a crying Deva.

Korah reads Nell's memories and shares them to horned nose. And Korah asks if she would drink water. She can't leave because she doesn't want her brothers off the aid. But they can't leave her alone on here. Administration says to horned nose that he can bring her here on his ship if it's so urgent. In the ship, horned nose is shout out of anger that picking up abandoned Devas isn't part of their jop description. She has no idea of all the insults and shaming she's about to face at the Bureau of Admin.

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