Hourglass (모래시계, Moraesigye / 砂時計, Sunadokei) is a drug in Denma.

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It's first mentioned in A Catnap (162).



It's the drug that shapes into an hourglass when the people mix it in the water. It gets more expensive with a thinner waistline.

The Golden Hourglass is a top grade product and they only gave these out to the top elites of the universe eight.

20 years ago, the planet Aorica's main source of income was from their drug manufacture and trafficking, which account for a staggering 13% of the entire universe, and the so-called Hourglass series, in particular, it was their best seller, and whenever a new product from the series was released, it was instantly sold out, and the people could image how high the prices goes up.

The king of Aorica was used the profit he gained from the drugs to equip and even manufacture powerful weapons, and with all the work they put in their planetary defense, there was no telling just how strong their firepower really was, and he also had a planetary vigilante called 'The Thousand Men', consisting of literally a thousand Quanxs, more importantly, since the whole planet was a safe haven, even the Patrol won't lend their aid on this one.

In Volume 8, it's revealed that this book contains the first part of 「Kuan's Fridge」. 「Kuan's Fridge」 is a major variable in an object Quanx with a multi-dimensional space inside. In「A Catnap」, a result (?) of Aorica incident which gave a great shock to the whole universe was hidden in it. The collision between the universe eight's best noble family, Gosan family and the second noble family, El family, makes our eyes off.


In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, it appears, but it's called Aorica. It's used when entering the arena.

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20 years ago Edit

In A Catnap (162), the Corporal of Patrol puts a white drug in the water. The white drug turns into an hourglass shape. The man says the hourglass is exquisite, and the Corporal of Patrol says it's as gorgeous as his woman, so merchandise as fine as this will guarantee the best price too. The man says he'll add another 0.1% on his commission, but the Corporal of Patrol rejects this and he demands 0.2 and he asks he can take Agnes with him. The man, who's the king of Aorica rejects the plan and he would rather expand his drug distribution lines, and the Corporal of Patrol says if the sum is high enough to impress his boys, the Duke prick will probably give up on Agnes in a heartbeat. The Corporal of Patrol says they're going to make a news headline out of Agnes' kidnapping, then the Duke will never give up on her, and not with his ego and his title of a Patron, and if they can distract everyone on her kidnapping, they can distribute his newest products fast and in large quantities. The king of Aorica accepts it.

The Director of Pax Industries says he strongly urge the Duke to reconsider because it's too dangerous to go there by himself, and he explains to Aorica. The Duke says it's the drug which gets more expensive with a thinner waistline, and he gets to know that's where it came from. The Director of Pax Industries explains to Aorica and he says so the Duke can't go there. The Duke says so that's exactly why he has to does this himself. The king of Aorica says the Duke must has something up his sleeve, but there's not a faction who posed any threat to them in the entire universe, and with the firepower they've right now, they can take on the entire universe eight, if they wanted to, and they just needed enough diversion and time to ensure a smooth distribution of their brand new merch, and he might as well kidnap him too and asks for his ransom as well, that'll make things easier.

In the dick shaped spacecraft, the Duke's entourage says Aorica sell drugs to a whole planet but they go through all this trouble for some ransom, so it's strange, and they're trying to make a distraction from their real agenda, which is something like a major shipment or the launch of their newest product. In the planet Yana, Intersecting Space Bureau, a devil dog throw up the person with the universe thirteen in the toilet. The woman calls to the chief and asks about tonight's party. The chief orders he has to call it off, because it happened again just like last time, so they won't be able to have a party for a while. The woman to the manager and orders he may cancel the dinner party, because the chief says it's an emergency. The manager says someone that they're canceling the party tonight. Someone says they can't cancel the party now because if he can't pay them for the drugs for the party he put on his tab last time and for the ones today. A man calls to the Aorica member that they say it might take some time to make the payment. The Aorica member angry and says they should be grateful that they gave their merch at that price, and they can't even pay that, so they going to think Aorican rule is a joke. The Aorica member says he'll just take out all their batches from today's work bench. The Aorica member sees an Aorica's henchman who's watching porn, and he orders he should watch his post while he's out. An Aorica's henchman and another henchman talk that especially the pretty Devas like Agnes only hang out with the nobles. Suddenly, an Aorica's henchman says he wants to hold a service like nobles himself. Another henchman stops an Aorica's henchman. An Aorica's henchman says he's only trying to show his devotion to Madonna here, and she shouldn't discriminate if Agnes is a Deva, and for the next hour, they're the only ones here, and they can finish that service and the cleanup afterwards in one hour, and if she feels so ashamed to have held a service with a commoner, she'll keep her mouth shut, and so should another henchman. The person takes off its mask. The person is Abigail from the universe thirteen. Abigail thinks it's time to return to her. This huge butterfly effect occurs. It means the Duke broke his calculator because the calculate is error.

The Duke says the king of Aorica can get on his feet and they're here with his money. The Duke says he'll pay the king of Aorica right now so he can open the account for the transfer. The Duke takes out one of his five accounts and begins to send money. The king of Aorica surprised because the Duke's account isn't stop. The money is 10000000000000000000, it means ten quintillion. The king of Aorica says this is way over what he had in mind and the Duke must really care about Agnes so he asks he just forget the whole thing because this whole ransom was all just a ruse. The Duke becomes stony-faced and says the king of Aorica dare think he'd let him buy off Agnes with money, and this is the price for his whole planet.

In 1. A.E. (3), the White Police Guards kill The Thousand Men, and they say that 'All clear'. The Director of Pax Industries surprised to see this, and asks to the Duke that did what the Causality Calculator have to say about this. The Duke breaks the Causality Calculator and answers that it's broken. The Duke orders the White Police Guards that it's time to bring out the best of their abilities and complete the mission, and as for those of them who were stationed elsewhere, their masters will want to know why they were called in, so let them all know that they'll be streaming live from here, and once their mission is complete, they'll be the public enemy number one of the universe eight, and let's begin. The Duke says if they're going to do this, they might as well make it look like the merchandise Aorican used to sell here, so that the later generations of the universe eight would know too.

Kanu's Guardian priest reports that it looks like the White Police Guards details that were stationed elsewhere are streaming live so that the nobles they serve would all know what they're doing down the Aorica. Ran says the priest that this is the line of causality, and the Duke's tomfoolery shouldn't have taken place based on any calculation, and someone must've trespassed into the universe eight through the remaining Intersecting Space again. And his or her actions, whatever it may have been, changed the Duke's decision either directly or indirectly, which led to the anomaly in causality, and aside from the fact that there's no way to stop the invasion from the other universes which could break the causality of this universe, there're certain invasions that can put Ran in harm's way due to the changing causalities. Ran says from another Intersecting Space in which the church can't get officially involved, there's not much the people can do, and it's his fatal flaw and they'll be busy cleaning up afterwards. Ran thinks, and he prophesies the Duke will be brought to trial under the U.C.S. rules, meanwhile, his deal with the church will come to fruition and his family will be feared by the entire universe eight, and Kitten must kill him before the verdict is delivered and cover it up as a suicide so that his son Gosan won't hold a grudge against them of this universe, and if by any chance he does hold them accountable, that will ruin them all, and he'll probably try to hide his identity forever for what his father's done. Ran is curious that who was it that crossed over to the universe eight.

Federick calls to El and reports that he thought he might be wondering why the Duke summoned him the planet Aorica, so he can allow him to show him what the White Police Guards doing here. Federick shows the live feed from the satellite orbiting planet Aorica. El thinks what they're up to, and he surprised to see this. Scar face sees the news of here and doubts somebody did hack into their system or something.

1 month ago Edit

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (5), Denma and Quai see Aorica. On Quai's forehead, 難 is written, and it means difficult. Maybe Aorica's shape is difficult. Denma sees a hologram and says Aorica used to look like this. Denma asks to Cell that how can a planet remain in that state for over twenty years, and is that possible.

Cell says currently, there're dozens of Quanx abilities delicately put together, which delicately form what appears to be a planet in front of them, and that is the proof that the White Police Guards which is the Duke left Gosan never disbanded, and rather, it still exists to this day. Denma asks to Cell that why did the White Police Guards have to shape the planet like that. Cell answers right before the attack, the Duke ordered the White Police Guards to build it like this. The Duke said if they're going to do this, they might as well make it look like the merchandise Aorican used to sell here, so that the later generations of the universe eight would know too. Denma asks so this place used to sell hourglasses or something. Cell answers but it's not an actual hourglass, and Aorican sold drugs called the Hourglass.


Aorica's shaped like this.

Current time Edit

Volume 8

In Kuan's Fridge (4), in the planet Moab, the horse men covering the Bald with a pattern on the forehead's eyes, and take somewhere. Bald with a pattern on the forehead says they've been walking forever, and he can't tell where he's anymore. A horse man opens the Bald with a pattern on the forehead's blindfold. There's Kuan's Fridge. Sumai's henchman appears and says if the Bald with a pattern on the forehead succeed, he get 20%, and if he fail, for the sake of maintaining secrecy, he'll die, and he hopes he'd understand because it's not like they've much of a choice either. Bald with a pattern on the forehead says he'd better mean that 20% after he's done with this or he'll wipe him all out. Bald with a pattern on the forehead collects energy on his hands and shouts slash and uses his Slash Quanx ability, but nothing happens. Sumai's henchman kills the Bald with a pattern on the forehead through his head's round drone. Sumai's henchman says the Bald with a pattern on the forehead is supposed to be the guy who fought the Big four on Urano, but he got his hopes up for nothing, and it's there really no one who can open Kuan's Fridge.

In (5), Sumai asks to his henchman that how long did he say it would take to convert the item in that fridge into money and do a bank transfer. Sumai's henchman answers that, he assuming whatever it's in that fridge is top-notch like the rumors say, one week, so they're on a tight schedule here. Sumai says as Ibon just heard, they're running out of time, and if they can't get it open in two, OK, three days tops, he'll have to pay for all the interest they owe, because he said he'd handle it, and they counted on him, and they didn't even consider any other options, and ergo, it's his responsibility, and it's how business works. Ibon says he'll find a Quanx who can open that door in three days. Sumai says Ibon can take his time, and aside from the principle, he's the one paying for the delay, and he hangs up the phone.

The bullies hand over Kuan's Fridge Membership Card to the dealer. The dealer is curious as to why Kuan's Fridge Membership Card end up in the hands off those punks, and he lies that it's a membership card for a resort, and at the current rate, plus his commission around 300. The boss of these calls it's 400. The dealer calls it's 350. The bullies receive 3,500,000. The dealer calls to the General.

In (10), the secretary shows Ian to a hologram and reports they're Sumai's henchmen. The secretary reports the circumstances suggest Sumai's after some drugs one of the banished organizations left behind, and he seems to have high expectations for both the quality and quantity of the merch. Ian says the way Sumai sets his goals and carries them out it's so like him. The secretary reports it appears Sumai provided Quanxs to the outer planet dealers, and he didn't want people in planet Moab know about his dealings, about five or six Quanxs have made attempts so far, but they all failed, and he asks they should strike them now. Ian says they leave Sumai's henchmen, because Kuan's Fridge isn't something a Quanx can open anyway, besides, all they got at the moment is that he's after the fridge, too, but that's not enough of a reason to arrest him, and they've to deal with them inside the fridge. Ian says Sumai's henchmen probably expect to see some cheap drugs inside the fridge, and she wishes she could be there to see the looks on their faces when they see what's really inside. Ian takes out six Kuan's Fridge Membership Cards and says just all the lot these fridge members have collected. At this time, Ian is surprised to there's one key missing, and says if someone else gets a hold of the fridge before them, they'll bad.

The soldier reports to the General that if this really is a key to Kuan's Fridge like the dealer says, it's worth every penny of it, and as he may know, the fridge is made of a material from another world, and it was concluded that further research wouldn't do much good, so the army gave up on it a while ago, but considering the value of the items in that fridge, it wouldn't be strange if they mobilized an entire squadron to get it open, and based on the old man Kuan's will, it's only logical to assume that the keys of the other fridge members are also out there somewhere, and if he's interested, he advise him to make haste, and they wouldn't want the fridge to fall into the wrong hands now. The General orders the soldier meet the dealer and make the transaction in person.

The police calls and reports to Ian that Kuan's Fridge just opened. Ian sees the fridge and thinks she knew that, Kuan was up to something when he mumbled so he wanted this to happen. Ian orders to Alpha squad that they just secure their key first, and put them all inside the fridge and close it right away, and once the police retrieved the key, make sure he get out of there stat, and he use the key to get in and out of the fridge just like she told him, and in the meantime, have the other squad members open the fridge door again. All the rest go into the fridge, and they see heads. Sumai's henchman calls and reports to Sumai that the fridge is opened. Ian orders to police tactical team that they close the door. Ian orders that the police open the fridge again with the key he got, and it'll lead him to a different place, which is filled with the stuff Sumai is actually looking for.

Sumai's henchman says to another police that it's true that the law enforcement around here went corrupt after their bonuses got cut off, and the polices can just waltz in the Kuan's Fridge and snatch the goods from them, but they got here first, and they're here to get rid of all the witnesses and that's how get to be so trigger happy. Another police says that the thing about police paycheck isn't enough.

A robot cut a box, and a device there makes a sound. A police officer finds a box and sees something, and asks the other police officer that he can hand over one. A police officer puts a white liquid in the water. The other police officer says he has never seen one with such a thin waistline before. A police officer says that it's not one of those cheapos out there these days, and this is the Golden Hourglass he has only heard stories about. A police officer explains that the Golden Hourglass is a top grade product from a drug planet that went missing 20 years ago, and they only gave these out to the top elites of the universe eight. The other police officer tries to search this in network, but the firewall the U.C.S. set up won't allow him to look into it. A police officer says a guy he knows from narcotics told him what's looked up in Kuan's Fridge, and he said they've something to do with an incident U.C.S. erased from every data box in this universe, and apparently, the crazy noble mobilized his own Quanx vigilante to wipe that drug planet off the map, and the story goes that some of the Quanxs smuggled out tons of drugs before blowing the place to the smithereens, and according to the rumors that went around in the Underground market for a while, it was enough drugs to buy a whole planet and then some. The other police officer says if all these boxes carry goodies like this, he can see why rumors like that started. One police officer orders that they move it. A police officer says when they report the inventory to the assistant commissioner, let's just leave out a few of these boxes, and they're practically experts at this now so they can't get caught. A device which is with a box, it makes a sound. A shaved ice seller sees a hologram which is a panda flasher emoticon opens his trench coat and says it's open. Green guy and Crescent moon call to the shaved ice seller. Crescent moon says he trusts the guys as much as he trust himself, and he asks surely it wasn't one of them. They say that this creepy panda shows up when the box is forced open, and the fact that they got the signal means the entrance to the fridge is open now, and they don't think whoever opened the door is the one the fridge key originally belonged to. Crescent moon says it must be someone Kuan handed the key over, and he told him not to make any keys to their storage rooms. Shaved ice seller says it's time they meet in person, their old White Police Guards friends.

Shaved ice seller says to Aaron that that's it for the report, and OBs should go back to the field. Aaron says may OBs stay out of harm's way during their mission, and Shaved ice seller says may he stay away from tofu over them. They greet each other with "Phanta Rhei Devarim". In the Carlburn Quanx Legion, the inspectors of the council are arrive and start to investigate. A soldier calls the Battalion Commander to General and reports that they've received a request to dispatch mercenaries at the planet Moab. The Battalion Commander get to know that there's Kuan's Refrigerator and it has something, and he orders that the soldier should tell Lieutenant Bird to look into the value of this deal and report.

A police officer of the SWAT team says the Squad 1 isn't send words to them yet, and they should be out with the key by now. Sumai's bat drone flies to Sumai's spaceship. Sumai sees a hologram which shows a SWAT team move drugs, and he's disappointed that he's ruined, and his entire fortune now belongs to Hazz, that pig. Sumai rolls on the floor and shouts that it's the agony and the humanity. Sumai calls to Marvin who's holds his thermos lid, and says something. Marvin shouts that Master Hazz would never allows the drug to something. Sumai says this is a reliable message from those who were exiled from Moab, and it's not any normal quality or quantity he's talking about here, and what's inside are them. Marvin tells it to Mayhen, and it means that he's a spy of the Gosan family. Mayhen reports it to the Director of Pax Industries. The Director of Pax Industries runs to Gosan's room. Gosan sits to chair and calculates to his Causality Calculator, and Mayhen is next to him. The Director of Pax Industries reconfirms to Gosan that those are the drugs from Aorica. Gosan says it seems that way. The Director of Pax Industries asks that what Gosan is calculating now, and he answers just this and that. The Director of Pax Industries says if they really are the products from Aorica, then the rumor that a few members of the White Police Guards smuggled out a huge quantity of drugs was true. Gosan stands up and says he's going to get those products back. The Director of Pax Industries says they're drugs, and he asks that why the Gosan family would want to get their hands on that. Gosan says if they really are products of Aorica, then the Duke bought them with his money 20 years ago, so obviously, they're the Gosan family's to claim.

The other police officer call some bug robots that were carrying boxes, and orders that they put boxes in the car and get back to their posts. A police officer says they make sure to delete their GPS data later and they don't wanna leave any evidence behind, and he'll hide them where it's safe, and he'll call him as soon as he's done. OBs are arrive to Kuan's Fridge. Shaved ice seller says it looks like the people have already begun. The police officers ask that who they're, and say that they look like Teleportation Quanxs. Shaved ice seller asks that he demand to know who's in charge in the police. The in charge of SWAT team asks who they're and what they do want. Shaved ice seller answers they're friends of the old man Kuan and they're the protectors of this refrigerator. The in charge of SWAT team says Kuan gave them the key, so it's no longer personal property. Shaved ice seller says that was done without their consent, and they believe in Kuan's judgment, but they must take the key back, and they'll erase the SWAT team's existence without a trace. The police officer says he'll call as soon as he's done, but it's going to take a long time to take care of this, because with this much, he won't has to worry about money for the rest of his life, so he'll move to an outer planet and give the other police officer a call in his deathbed.

The in charge of SWAT team melts and Shaved ice seller dissolves rest of the police officers and reads a memory. Shaved ice seller says the key looks like he now knows who to go after. Green guy moves boxes to Kuan's Fridge via Psychokinesis, and flicks to bug robots and says it's annoying to get rid of every single buy in here. Crescent moon says he'll move them for now. Crescent moon closes to the fridge's door and replaces it to the underground strata. Crescent moon says now even if a memory reader gets here, there's no way he can find out where the fridge is. Glyph of forehead and White man arrive near the fridge. Glyph of forehead looks around and says there's nothing here, and White man says he feels someone's screams.

White man is touching the air above the wine color liquid in front of a strata which is different from others. Glyph of forehead taps and read the memories to White man's shoulder because he want to see something too. Glyph of forehead sees OBs' memories. Glyph of forehead says they're the old White Police Guards. Glyph of forehead and White man can't investigate any further so they find other traces. White man finds someone got out before all this mess. The police officer feels thirsty and finds T.O.B canned coffee and drinks it. At this time, White man and Glyph of forehead appear in front of the police officer's car, and he's surprised.

In Ian's bedroom, Shaved ice seller reads her memories. Ian is wakes up and surprised that they're in her home. Shaved ice seller says to Crescent moon that the keys are inside the toilet's water tank. Crescent moon says he didn't know the police also use a place like that to hide things. Ian tries to shoot the gun, but Shaved ice seller melts it. Green guy says they mean Ian no harm, and he flicks his ability at her and stuns her. Crescent moon finds the keys and comes to them. Shaved ice seller erases Ian's memories after the point she took Kuan's offer. Crescent moon says the keys are one short because there were supposed to be seven of them. Shaved ice seller says the last one seems to be inside Kuan's Fridge, and they should think of a way to get it. At this time, they see panda holograms. Shaved ice seller says he thought Green guy put drugs all in the fridge. Green guy says they don't doubt him and they need to check the location already. A device which is with a box, it makes a sound, and Glyph of forehead and White man find drugs and say that it looks like a cheese stick but it's a liquid, and these are drugs those retired White Police Guards smuggled during the Aorica incident. At the moment, OBs appear in front of Glyph of forehead and White man. Shaved ice seller says they didn't expect to see a loose end in a place like this.

Green guy asks to Glyph of forehead and White man that where they're stationed at and who sent him. White man answers it concerns the protocol and they're not liberty to say. Shaved ice seller whispers that did why it have to be the White Police Guards. Crescent moon whispers that they've nothing to do with them anymore so let's just do what they always do and find out who gave them the order. Glyph of forehead whispers that this isn't looking good, and White man whispers let's head back. Glyph of forehead and White man try to teleport, and Shaved ice seller grabs Glyph of forehead by the collar. Glyph of forehead, White man and OBs are fight and appear. Green guy says Federick gave them the order, and Shaved ice seller says he tried to keep them in check since Aorica. Federick says he didn't gave them the order. White man shows the memories which is what happened so far. Crescent moon says there're more places to clean up so it's great, and it just keeps on coming. Federick sees drugs, and says now he remember, and the drugs that supposedly disappeared during the Aorica incident, there were rumors going around, and he should've known OBs were behind it. Shaved ice seller says Federick don't know the whole story so he doesn't judge them with what little he knows.

Snowy hair and Orange hair White Police Guards members are arrive to in front of the White Snakes. Orange hair reads the White Snakes' memories from afar. Sunglasses angry and asks to Orange hair that who they're, and he shouts that Orange hair must stop reading their memories. Orange hair says the White Snakes are priests from the Church of Madonna, and it seems they've different goals, and perhaps they might use that to both their advantage, and he introduce that they're White Police Guards from the Gosans, full-time employees, he might add.

Glyph of forehead and White man reports to Hazz that they met the Old Boys from the White Police Guards. White man shows to Master Hazz by his hand which is keep a bit of distance to Hazz's hand. Hazz says this is unexpected, and he needs to have a word with those OBs right now. Sunglasses reads Orange hair's memories, and he says he ordered by his master that he should retrieving the package. Snowy hair sees a spaceship comes flying. Orange hair sees a skull shaped spaceship flying away and he reads its memories. Orange hair says the spaceship is Carlburn Quanx Legion, and they're on their way to steal from the Duke. Snowy hair tries to call to Master Gosan because he mentioned Carlburn Quanx Legion before, so he'll ask to him. Gosan gets the phone. After hanging up, Snowy hair tells to Orange hair that Gosan told them to wipe Carlburn Quanx Legion all out without a trace in self-defense.

Carlburn's Quanx Legion arrive to in front of the underground strata. Bird and another soldier finds Snowy hair. The other soldiers see White Snakes and say that something tells him they beat them to it. Sunglasses reads memories and says White Police Guards just had to run off on their own, and after all that big talk about helping each other, but Orange hair's Memory Reading ability is on a whole other level than his, at this late, they'll only get what's left over. Orange hair reads a box and truck's memories and he floats two holograms. Orange hair sees White Police Guards Old Boys' information and the seniors who got dispatched to the El family's information, and thinks for now, let's send all this information to the Duke right away, to find the object exchanged with the underground stratum, he needs the Old Boys' help. Orange hair reads a device which is with a box's memory, cut, and moves it to his hand. Orange hair thinks with this alarm device, he can lure OBs into the time and place he want, splendid, but first, he needs to see the Duke. Orange hair and a box teleports. Bird grabs Snowy hair by the collar and shouts that Carlburn's Quanx Legion are all Quanxs here. Snowy hair says to Bird that he can't breathe if he holds him like that, and his life is being threatened, which means this is self-defense.

Gosan sit in a chair and sleeping, and there's a message in front of him. Orange hair calls to the Director of Pax Industries. The Director of Pax Industries says Gosan is still asleep, if it's something urgent, Orange hair can just report to him. Orange hair says but Gosan gave him specific orders to report to him directly. Gosan wakes up and sees the message, and says to the Director of Pax Industries that he got a message. Gosan sees two holograms. The Director of Pax Industries says so it was true. Gosan says he knew it, that's what the Director of Pax Industries get for putting his trust in the wrong sorts, those ungrateful bastards. Orange hair reports that he has a box for him, and Gosan orders he can bring it in. Orange hair with a box teleports. Gosan sees it, and orders he wants more details, so Orange hair should give him all the memories that he read at the site, hold on. Gosan turns his head and calls Haggler, and the Director of Pax Industries and Orange hair see this, but strangely he isn't appears. The Director of Pax Industries turns his head, Gosan takes off his bread bag. Orange hair gives to Gosan's head that the memories. Gosan says it's interesting, and Orange hair should show it to the Director of Pax Industries as well. Gosan wears his bread bag, and Orange hair shows the memories to the Director of Pax Industries from hand to hand. The Director of Pax Industries says the Devarim's long-term plan that the disciples of the church spoke of something, and he can't believe this, so the whole reason OBs entered the White Police Guards was to something. Gosan orders Orange hair should bring the heads of the Devarim who're directly related with this, and the three Old Boys from the White Police Guards as well, make sure they're unharmed. Orange hair asks if they happen to collide with the church priests in the middle, they should avoid them. Gosan says he's not scared of those fanatics, because he's Gosan, so get rid of anything that gets in Orange hair's way.

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