Hallucination (환각, Hwangak) is a Quanx ability in Denma.

Summary Edit

The users can manipulate hallucinations.

The hallucinations that the people are seeing now and the memories that they don't want to remember, because they're Quanxs, most of them are about how they got their abilities or terrible incidents that they couldn't handle even with their abilities, so overwhelmed by regret or sorrow, they'll get trapped inside the prison of themselves.

The Director of Internal Affairs is been sitting on the top of the Intersecting Space lid and casting a spell. Abigail says the Director of Internal Affairs seems to have a Quanx ability to make his butt heavier.

Then Hades, Abigail, Haaken, Bomb guy see hallucinations. Hades, Abigail, Bomb guy see young Hades, young Abigail, Abigail's younger sister, Bomb guy's dog Navi, so they see that how they got their abilities. Haaken sees a baby who's his daughter Guyrin, so he sees the terrible incident that he couldn't handle even with his ability.

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