Hador (하도르, Hadoreu) is a character in Denma.

Hadore is old English version's name.

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He first mentioned in 2. A.E. link - Ch.11.

He's Master Sergeant of Carlburn's Quanx Legion.

His face is a mask, and his right hand is an artificial hand. He seems to be very intimate with Sergeant Maggie.

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In 2. A.E. link - Ch.11, when Sergeant Maggie saw Denma's Quanx ability, he told Nasty Jade had a kid who used the same ability as him.

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He first appeared in God's Lover (5). He has Equivalent Mass Exchange Quanx ability like Denma, and he wears a helmet which is written the word 'HDR' of Hador, and his right wrist is an artificial hand. He wears a helmet which is written the word 'ㅎㄷㄹ' of 하도르. The English version, he wore a helmet which was written the word HDR.

The soldiers of Carlburn Quanx forces are go to the one of the safe houses of Carlburn's Savoys, the building is built to withstand attacks from ordinary fire weapons. Sergeant Maggie sees the record of visitors who entered through the city gate. He uses his Quanx ability to steal the chocolate bar that Maggie is eating. He says the redhead must be related to the EMP incident and the thing on the back of his head is a Neuro-scanning device used for mind-body transfers, and his actual self is probably an Ephraimite. And he says he has seen something similar before. Then he says the white hair must be a priest or a guardian from the Church of Madonna and he's a dimension manipulating Quanx. And then he says if the rumor about a company that abducts and enslaves Quanx to do their courier deliveries is true, he suspect Silverquick backed by the Church of Madonna, so he'll need U.C.S. on his back and he'll dig more info because an EMP went off in the middle of the city, that's an act of terrorism that jeopardizes the security of Carlburn. And he says above all else, he want to meet the kid with the orange hair.


Then he uses the Equivalent Mass Exchange of chocolate bar to blow a female soldier's button. And the female soldier uses fire breath to him and Maggie.

The planet Carlburn, 'T.A.Q.' of the 17th division of the 3rd corps, he and Sergeant Maggie suggests to the military officer that he request an authorization from the U.C.S. to investigate Silverquick. The military officer says he'll file the request to the U.C.S., and the council isn't entirely fond of them Quanx troops. Sergeant Maggie is worried that they're going to far. However he repairing the artificial hand, he says selling off a few low level Quanx only gets them chump money, and this place has the best intel on all Quanx in the 8th universe, but they don't know so little about Silverquick, so it's a jackpot waiting to happen. At this time, Master Sergeant Ford comes and says to Sergeant Maggie that, he made Jade write his work log and he are out here having a smoke, and he beats to him. Then Master Sergeant Ford also beats to him and says, just because they're the same rank doesn't mean they're equal, and he's way above his head in the count of years in here. Master Sergeant Ford throws his artificial hand and says, the Battalion commander can cover for his ass only so much.


Then, in the cut, the scene where he's standing still comes out, and although the facial expression isn't seen at all because of the mask, deep anger are feels.

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (20) - Ch.527, the Manager Bishop gives a bribery to the senator and says he can investigate Silverquick's station 7 whenever he like but in exchange the church have a demand of their own, and she request that he investigate Carlburn's Quanx Squad too, and she want to know why they made such an organization, taking advantage of loopholes of council rules, how they're organized, how much firepower they're hiding, and most importantly whose idea it was to request an investigation upon Silverquick. The Military officer angry and orders to he and Maggie that, as of this moment, he wants them out of his sight, because he was meet their demands so he put in a request to have Silverquick investigated, and now, the council has decided to audit the Carlburn's Quanx Squad too. The Military officer says so much for getting promoted, and he asks so what are he and Maggie going to do about this. At this time, he and Maggie disappear. Outside, Maggie says they messed everything up for nothing so they should've just kept taking money from the Quanxs, and he asks what they're going to do, it looks like they're going to hold them responsible for this. He says council suddenly did this, so they were bribed. He says let's just leave. Maggie surprised and asks it mean desertion. At this time, someone appears and he says like hell he and Maggie are.

Ford angry and says after all the mess he has made the Carlburn's Quanx Squad, he talk about desertion, and he don't care what happens to the rest of them as long as he get to live another day. Ford beats him and says he did expect would happen after the squad gets disbanded because of him, and they won't just lose their jobs and they'll all be hunted down by the Savoys. Ford stepped on his right hand and let his artificial hand off his arm. Maggie holds so he stops Ford back. Ford tries to beat Maggie, but his hands are respectively Equivalent Mass Substitutes by his artificial hand. He says he's not deserting, and he's retiring, and Ford won't be able to use his Quanx abilities anymore, so there's no reason for the Savoys come after him. Maggie says Ford is bleeding so he should lift his arms quickly, and he asks what he's gonna do now. He answers he can't stay the Carlburn's Quanx Squad anymore anyway, so he doesn't know what he's gonna say to the Battalion commander. Maggie says let he know if he find somewhere better than the squad. Maggie says now let's get Ford to the infirmary. And Maggie says he can call him. The Battalion commander smokes and says he guesses this is as far as they go. he says sorry to the Battalion commander because it's all his fault. The Battalion commander says it was bound to happen, and Carlburn's central command is no easy target, and the council will have to give up their meddling sooner or later. He says he'll always remember the kindness and care he has shown him. The Battalion commander says likewise and he'd be a dead man if it weren't for him on Urano, and for what it's worth, he wish him all the best. He wears white top similar to Kaiser's El's men's uniform, and he thinks if feels like everything suddenly got sorted out, then again, it was time for him to move on anyway, and he could recover his body while he was the Carlburn's Quanx Squad, and he could get some information about the Quanxs spread all across the universe eight, except for one the Silverquick, a group disguising itself as a delivery company when in fact it abducts Quanxs, and if someone still alive, one must be there, but how he's going to get there. At this time, Uriel, with Adams who're wear trench coat, are meet him.

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In Kuan's Fridge (33) - Ch.564, Denma says his skill is Equivalent Mass Exchange. Mustache says that reminds him of Dike, the so-called Invincible Death of Urano. Denma thinks even people all the way out Moab know about Dike. Mustache says Dike is a complete bastard without an ounce of decency, that one, but something doesn't add up about his master, the Little Emperor, El, a slave messes with his woman and he'd something, and if it were up to him, he would've beheaded him right then and there, and he can't believe he just chopped off one hand to pardon him. Denma is surprised and asks that what Mustache is talking about. At this time, he takes a ship to Silverquick.

Uriel says the people get off in an orderly fashion. He arrives to Silverquick.

He meets Red man in the dark room. Red man says it's so far away from home, and he asks where they're and where he's, then again it doesn't matter where he's, wherever he's, all he has to does is send them money every month. Red man shows him his family photos, and says they send him these messages every time he send them money, 'We're doing well.', 'We miss you.', 'Hang in there, dad.', 'You get the idea.', but they say the same thing every time, sometimes he wonders if they just copy paste the same message over and over, he delays the transfer, then he can get more heartfelt messages with more emotion, he bet they've their own problems to deal with, he gets that, but still, he just feels like pouting a little, it feels like he's getting only meaner as he grow older, but now he can't even get those messages anymore. Red man holds out his hand and says he blabbering, let's introduce themselves. Red man shakes hands with him, and introduces that his name is '...'. He introduces himself, and asks to Red man that what's his name again. Red man reintroduces that his name is '...'. He says to Red man that so he doesn't want to share his name, and he wasn't that curious anyway, and he can let go now. At this time, Red man gripes his hand, and says he's not letting go just yet, and he can't send any more money to his family because of him, and it's because of him that he can't get any more messages from his family, so he's taking him to where he's. He shouts to Red man that he should let go, and who he's. Red man says to him that he's breaking his heart because he did forget about him already. Suddenly, Red man bleeding from his face, and he calls him to a murderer, and he calls him Uncle.

He awakes from sleep, and next to him is Eunguy asleep. After he left the room and thinks that who was that in his dream again, and how much longer he does has to suffer like this. Blue skull 13 comes and asks to him that if he had a rough night. Blue skull 13 offers a cigarette and he refuses. Blue skull 13 asks to him that where he's from. He answers that just here and there now he's in the Silverquick. Blue skull 13 says that was one lousy answer, and he looks at personal information and says his name is Hador, and he's from Carlburn's Quanx Legion, and his specializes in Equivalent Mass Exchange, and then he has the same skill as Denma. Blue skull 13 says if he's a supervisor like him, he can look at personal information. He asks that can Blue skull 13 look up the Quanxs from planet Urano, because he has been looking for someone. Blue skull 13 refuses because this is a privilege only granted to supervisors. He puts Blue skull 13 down and tries to beat him with his fist. He says Blue skull 13 should show personal information to him. Blue skull 13 asks that does he realize what price he'll pay for this. He answers what, Blue skull 13 is gonna kill him or something, but that'd be too much. Blue skull 13 says he'll be locked up in a solitary confinement. A sharp point pops out of his artificial hand. He says that's it, then he'd has no problem smashing Blue skull 13's face before that. Blue skull 13 asks Adam to arrest him. He looks at personal information and finds Denma, and thinks his name is quite strange. At this time, he finds Jet, and thinks that bastard was in the Silverquick all along. Adam arrests him.

Jet calls to another Apple member that he can play a game, but he asks that he was from planet Urano. Jet says that's right, and another Apple member says the rookie asks it. Jet calls to Blue skull 13. Blue skull 13 says he went easy on the rookie, and he didn't wanna leave a scar on his pretty face, is all. Jet asks that the rookie did say why he was looking for Uranians, and Blue skull 13 answers he doesn't know, and he asks Jet is from planet Urano. Jet thinks something, and asks that let him talk to the rookie for a sec. Blue skull 13 calls to a priest and says something. The priest says to him that someone wants to speak with him. Jet says he heard the rookie is looking for folks from Urano, why. He thinks something and says it's been a while, Cast ironny. Jet is surprised and says the rookie is Uncle. He asks that how Jet has been, and says Pentagons came after him, it's a long story, and asks that how he did end up in the Silverquick. Jet says he was also, and asks what's with the mask anyway. He answers because there was this ginormous son of a bitch from Pentagon, and he got burnt pretty bad. Jet thinks the ginormous son of a bitch means Randolph, real name Eunguy. The priest orders to him that time is up, and get ready to enter the solitary confinement.

The priest prepares something. He thinks he's quite used to solitary confinement, and if this is what he get for mutiny, he would gladly. The priest put a patch on his arm and says, this is has two uses, one is for nutritional supplement while he's in there, and the other is for killing himself, and press this button when it gets too scary or if he can't stand it anymore, and he says to Adam to come this way. Adam hugs him and goes to the priest's way. Another priest shakes ankh with incense on the dead deliverer. Edel hugs a deliverer from Room 7 and says he can close his eyes, and doesn't open them yet. The deliverer shakes in his shoes and says to Edel that please he doesn't let go of him. Edel says he doesn't, and he'll hold on tight, now the deliverer relax and breathe slowly in and out. The priest says the deliverer pulled through, and orders to Edel that he should send him over to the sickbay when he calmed his nerves down. Edel says the solitary confinement is half full today. The priest says that pretty much means the Headquarter is slacking off today. The priest open the Room 9's door, and orders to him that they'll take this one. Hador asks what is in these rooms, and what the priest did do to make them go crazy like that. The priest answers that it's not a thing, and it's a space of nothingness, and the solitary confinement is a type of an object Quanx, once the door is shut, it becomes an infinite space, and absolute darkness where there's no light, sound, scent, flavor, or touch, zero-gravity with no space and time, and his every sense is shut off, a complete state of panic and as time passes by, his self-identity will be all that remains, and when all his energy is focused on his identity, all his deepest fears that he consciously hid and the monsters that stayed hidden in his unconsciousness will start to open their eyes, one by one, it'll be quiet an experience, and like he said, he can just press the button on the top if he can't stand it anymore. He swears, and Adam throws him in the room, and the door is closed.

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Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit

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Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-42-33

Default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-42-40

Growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Fire attribute

Vitality 22224
Damage 926
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Increased critical hit 7 Increased critical hit Passive Increases character's critical rate.
Throwing artificial hand 4 Throwing artificial hand 7' Throws a artificial hand to the enemy with the lowest maximum vitality, causing damage and stunning.
Continuous substitutiont 4 Continuous substitution 15' Reduces the damage done to the mental concentration state and inflicts substitution skill to random effects within the range, and causes bleeding.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Resurrection Passive Character will be resurrected once in death.
  • Character Description

He's from Urano and he's Equivalent Mass Substitution Quanx. He belongs to the Carlburn's Quanx Unit, and the rank is master sergeant. He's looking for someone.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Hador is playable character.

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