Haaken (하아켄, Haaken) is a character in Denma.

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He first mentioned in A Catnap (73).

He's Acceleration Quanx. He's faster than Abigail.

He's Guyrin's father.

20 years ago, the Duke says he has heard of this name before, and Abigail also says he thinks he has heard of this name before. These two are related to Agnes. He should've been the Guardian priest for Agnes Deva instead of Abigail, but for some reason, he declined the offer the position so he took that position. He leaving Guyrin to Rosa and he totally forgot about them all this time while he was locked up after the church set him up. He was a life-term prisoner of the Internal Affairs. His comrades resist El, but Kaiser becomes his man.

He's Kaiser's friend.

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He shoots an object Quanx bullet to El, so he wears mask.

20 years 1 month ago Edit

20180628 221817

In A Catnap (72), Blue skin pushes the members of the Internal Affairs with his Quanx ability. Blue skin and Bomb guy are curious that Hades lets them go or it's a blackout. Hades says the Transcriptome defense system is down, and he doesn't know what went wrong but the system will be back up in a few minutes, so he suggests them to breakout from prison. Bomb guy says Hades should know his place because he got rearrested after escaping the prison. Hades says the Internal Affairs are the See's infamous Black Priests, so if Blue skin, Bomb guy, him are inside the eight universe, they'll end up dying, and it's a matter of time so follow him outside. Hades says they're all sentenced to life in prison so they would've only left here after death, so just shut up and come with him.

Abigail finds out Hades has disappeared from the Internal Affairs Department through Teleportation. At this time, the Internal Affairs tells the prisoners that were in special cells escaped. Gatsu thinks he didn't think that the prisoners would be moving together. Gatsu reports to the Duke. The Duke says something unexpected happened is never want to hear, and he orders Gatsu send him the personal information of the guys that are moving with Hades. The Duke wonders about that Hades is leading the group because of the Transcriptomes that are guarding the Palace. The Duke sees personal information and says he can't blame Gatsu for this because he set it up that way too, and he wonders how much impact that these guys can make on Hades each one is pretty tough maybe he need another plan. At the moment, the Duke sees him and he says he has heard of this name before, and he asks if his nickname is something from hell. The Duke taps the calculator and surprised because he sees the result.

Abigail arrives in the ship through June because Hades escaped again and with other guys this time. Abigail sees the data when he got from the Internal Affairs, and he says one of them are moving with Hades, uses the same skill as he does. This data says 'HAAKEN. He is really dangerous and really really crazy. (Peace was not where / Please run out when) look at this guy you will.' Abigail says he thinks he has heard of the name "Haaken" before. June brings Abigail to a gun with actual bullets. Abigail says June is coming with him and aims a gun to him.

While talking to Honma, Max sees a sight which is the prisoners, including Hades and him are arrive in front of them. Hades asks did Max know they were going to be here. Max says the information network of the Security Department won't miss a simple plan like this. Blue skin says he used his detecting ability and there're only them who're Quanxs in the area, so that's strange. Hades says Max did plan a surprise party when they show up like this, but they already know where he's patrolling via the Internal Affairs network. At this time, Abigail and June appear in front of Hades.

He faces Abigail. Hades says Abigail is used the same Acceleration ability as his to break his cube, and he tells him to throw his cube at him. Honma reflected cube, and he says he has the ability to reflect all the attacks against him and return them to the user.

Blue skin says the prisoners have to get out of the Palace now because the search team will be here soon. Honma says Max don't ask for any more backup because the things will get more complicated, and he can take care of the prisoners by himself, and the Duke wants him to take all the credit for this. Honma says there won't be any more help on their side so they don't run away. Blue skin says their goal is to get out of the eight universe without wasting their energy, and even if they don't call for help once they start crashing, people will be coming in from everywhere. Bomb guy says they should retreat and wait for another opportunity, but he says it's clear that they already know what their goal is because they're here, and it they wait for another opportunity, they'll have to face more guys.


He flies at Honma, but he reflects so he backs to him. He, Bomb guy, Blue skin try to come at Max. Abigail tries to fight against him, who has the same ability as himself, but he, Max, June are assaulted by him. Abigail thinks he's faster than him.

Bomb guy and Blue skin are go to the Palace and he says let Hades and him handle them, and they'll work their way toward the Transcriptome barrier. He beats Abigail. Abigail says he's win so he can calm down, and he take this gun too. He says if he see Abigail again, he's dead so he should stay where he's.

People fight each other. June puts blue skin's both hands on the wall with his Teleportation ability, and he says he'll get bomb guy he can talk to, but he's struck by him. He trying to pull out blue skin's both hands with his ability, but he's blocked by Max. He tries to aim by gun, at this time, Abigail applies a pain relief spray to his eyes, and he says he can't use Acceleration ability while trying to aim a gun, and he need fingerprints to use that gun so he'll give him back what he owes him.

Abigail says he knew he heard of his name because he should have been the Guardian priest for Agnes Deva instead of him, but for some reason, he declined the offer the position so he took that position now. He says so Agnes really wanted a guy with an Acceleration ability, and he asks so how is that evil girl doing these days. Abigail angry so he beats him. He uses Acceleration ability, and he also beats Abigail and says he's a very passionate priest because he really is bewitched by Agnes. He beats Abigail, and says he use the Acceleration ability he can use the body to see things. He says he had a high expectation when he heard that Abigail broke Hades' Cube but that's disappointing so he's just going to be Agnes' side without much thought anyway, and on top of that, he's doing all kinds of dirty work for that ambitious homicidal maniac.

He beats Abigail. Abigail thinks his way stronger than he's and more than twice as fast, so the punches are about four times stronger, and if he take any more punches, his bones will break. June thumbs up and says he's getting beat up and he has never seen Abigail get beat up like that. Abigail also thumbs up. Abigail and June are disappear. Max beats Blue skin, but Max is attacked by him. He wakes Bomb guy up. Blue skin says his breath is in trouble, and his arms are already integrated with the wall so he can't move, so he just go. He really accept it. Max says he's done, but he says he's in his dream. At this time, Honma appears and he says it's not a dream but a reality that will hit him in seconds.

Max catches his ankle. Honma penetrates he and Bomb guy. He says he doesn't like how it feels. Honma says they should still if they don't want to be penetrated, and he'll pin them into the wall like Blue skin. The Internal Affairs is appears, and the Director says they'll handle the rest because they'll be sent to Internal Affairs prison anyway.

20180815 141127

At this time, Bomb guy uses Explosion ability. Honma flees with Max, and he thinks he caught them off guard. Hades takes Rami up and appears, and he says the Transcriptome barrier is off now so that means it's a chaos. Hades is disappears, and a Transcriptome is appears.

Hades takes Blue skin and arrive to rest guys and says they should move because the Transcriptome defense will be disabled soon. The prisoners are disappear. In a building opposite, Hades locks Rami in the cube. Hades says once the Transcriptome defense is disabled, the prisoners will head to the Intersecting Space, and he couldn't find the Transcriptome controller and the Internal Affairs should know what the prisoners are going after by now so that's why they'll disable the barrier.

덴마 2-98화 컬러링 작업과정 (8배속이었습니다..

덴마 2-98화 컬러링 작업과정 (8배속이었습니다...Orz)

Coloring video of Seunghee Hong's A Catnap (98). She released the video that she recorded for the project announcement with Youngsoon Yang's permission.

Jay has been trapped in a broken playground rubble, and he wakes up and calls to Rami. Rami also wakes up and she says she'll save Jay so he can stay with it. Hades says to Bomb guy that, Rami is their hostage and it worked against Honma so they'll use her till they get out of here. He thinks it's uncomfortable, so he breaks the cube, and says he doesn't like people whining. Hades says he thinks that makes any sense right now, and Bomb guy takes off Blue skin's bandage, ties Rami's limbs, then covers her eyes and gags her mouth.

He feels sorry for Rami.

Abigail says he want Honma to deal with the guy with white hair of the red outfits because he can't do anything 'cause of him.

Hades covered by cube and he protects attacks. Hades says this cube isn't to protect himself from the Internal Affairs, and there're four guys that escaped. At this time, Bomb guy appears and uses explode skill. Blue skin beats a guy by his stone hands. He says the prisoners are going straight to the Intersecting Space.

He thinks finally they're arrive the Intersecting Space.

The Director of Internal Affairs is been sitting on the top of the Intersecting Space lid and casting a spell. Then he sees a hallucination. The Director of Internal Affairs thinks the hallucinations that they're seeing now and the memories that they don't want to remember, because they're Quanxs, most of them are about how they got their abilities or terrible incidents that they couldn't handle even with their abilities, so overwhelmed by regret or sorrow, they'll get trapped inside the prison of themselves. He sees a baby and cries and thinks she's his daughter Guyrin.

The explosion occurs and the hallucination ability breaks. He thinks he thought Guyrin, so he got to time to waste here. He says he's done here so they can go, and he's staying in the Eight universe, because he forgot about something important that he should take care of. He goes out of the Palace. Gatsu says they can't afford to lose anyone but Hades.

An Internal Affairs inspector arrives here. Actually, an Internal Affairs inspector is him. Thanks to that Internal Affairs agent lying on the ground, he had managed to pass through those security perimeters whose unnoticed. He steals the clothes of a passing employee and wears it, and he calls a taxi. In the taxi, he thinks to kill his daughter Guyrin with his hands. Even since then Guyrin is still alive. It's possible that he gave up killing Guyrin, or he has been failed.

In 1. A.E. (2) - Ch.495, he meets his comrades, and he finds Guyrin and Rosa. A comrade says he's sorry and it looks like someone slipped the plan that day to El. He accuses himself because he leaving Guyrin to Rosa like that, and he totally forgot about them all this time while he was locked up after the church set him up, and he even thought about running away to another universe. He asks where's the rest of the crew. A comrade says he doesn't know since when, but they went out of reach one by one, and his guess is they either got tired from all the fighting and ran away, or got killed by El's new goon. He asks where's Kaiser. A comrade answers Kaiser works for El now. El's man is Kaiser Heubing.

He meets Kaiser. However, he doesn't get angry any more, but rather they eats alaska pollocks' dried young, and drink a can of beer. Kaiser asks he did escape from prison, and he answers yes, and he asks how's his wife doing. Kaiser answers his wife is getting better ever since he came out of the Wolves' Den. He thinks something, and he says he must've been sick of there himself, and after he broke out from prison, the first thing he could think of was running away to another universe, and he never cared about Guyrin before but all those things she'll go through as she grows up kept bugging him so he came back to kill her so she can die without any pain because it's better kill her rather than letting those noble pricks take advantage of her. Kaiser says he thinks, he thinks that makes him more of a wolf, and he must've hurt his head back in the cell, and he asks he shouldn't asking why he went to El first. He answers because Kaiser was hungry and it's what lap dogs who pretend to be wolves always do. Kaiser says he likes living as a dog, because he doesn't need to act so smart to get paid, his wife and Dike are happy. He says soon he'll get what's coming for him for his betrayal. Kaiser says that's okay, because if he die as El's dog, his family will get a job, and they got a new Hyper-Quanx who can do Interplanetary Teleportation, so he heard there will be a major bust on the Wolves' Den this month, and if he survived until then and get dispatched himself, he should take care of him first, 'cause he can't let beautiful Guyrin die in the hands of some wolf talking gibberish in despair. They both cheers, and drink beer.

20181121 212943

He says he didn't know the night view was this beautiful from here.

Current time Edit

In Kuan's Fridge (124) - Ch.655, an El's guard calls to El. El says the he told the El's guard not to use the direct line. The El's guard says that he's sorry, but this was an urgent matter the Count El were waiting for, the El's guards found where the leader of the Pentagon, Eldgon is. Guyrin is surprised. El says that it's the best news he has heard all day. El orders to Gaya that there's a new task for Lot, so she should tell him to get over here, pronto. El says that at last, he can get the object Quanx bullet out of his head, he'll get his face back and get rid of this stupid mask. Guyrin is alarmed at the news. El hugs Guyrin and says that there's no need to be afraid, and he won't hurt her father, she who's poor thing has his word on that, so don't worry.

Lot says to Federick that he's running an errand from the Count, he wanted him to capture the Pentagon's leader, called "Eldgon", and as it turns out he wasn't far away, he's at a local market in Urano.

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20190707 124537

Eldgon's real name is Haaken. The El's guard reports to Lot that Eldgon's real name is Haaken, and he uses Acceleration skills, and he has a very advanced level of his abilities, to the point he's often mistaken for a Hyper, and his favorite color is something. Lot says that why would he ever need to know his favorite color because the El's guard member is like his fan boy or something, and he asks that where he's. The El's guard answers that he's in the salon madeleine on the third alleyway to Lot's right.

Foreshadowing Edit

In A Catnap (93) - Ch.415, he use the Acceleration ability he can use the body to see things.

In Kuan's Fridge (6), Ibon says he thought Eldgon was a Hyper. Juwan says Eldgon just looks like a Hyper because his skills manifest themselves differently, and besides, even if he were a Hyper, there's no guarantee he can open it.

In Kuan's Fridge (124) - Ch.655, the El's guard calls to El, and says that the El's guards found where the leader of the Pentagon, Eldgon is. Guyrin is surprised. Guyrin is alarmed at the news. El hugs Guyrin and says that there's no need to be afraid, and he won't hurt her father, she who's poor thing has his word on that, so don't worry.

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Volume 9

In Kuan's Fridge (132), Eldgon, who's real name is Haaken punches Lot with his Acceleration ability and then slams him into the wall. He says that how dare an El's dog try to catch a wolf, and he should go tell them that a wolf fights till the end. Lot says that it's like everywhere he goes, everyone just punches first, and they never bother to listen, ever thought about what he'll do if that doesn't work, so let's do this.

Lot wins to him, and he overlap his both palms and pierces to his finger. Lot says that if he have worked out with his accelerating ability, his body should be practically bulletproof so he should show him them muscles. Lot pokes his leg. Lot says that his muscles get soft after all these years, and it's not fun when he loosen out, so he can flex, and he'll just poke him in one spot only for appearance's sake. Lot pokes his leg's one spot continuously and says that he heard he has been hiding here and there but he doesn't know how much of a hot shot he used to be, he's gonna take him to the Count now, if he ever show any disrespect to him, or cause a disturbance and get people hurt, he'll get to see his own limbs ripped apart from his body, starting from his legs, so he should behave.

Haaken, Lot, El and Red Wolves

Lot brings him to El who's wear black outfit. Around El are people dressed in red like Dike and his father. Lot says him to put his forehead on the floor. El says that the process of attend on guest is harsh because Lot is a little edgy these days, and he finds him because he want to remove the object Quanx bullet who's stuck in his head in the past and he's still painful and uncomfortable and he want to remove his stuffy mask. Lot smacks his forehead and shouts that he should answer to El. El says to him that Guyrin is doing good here being adored by he and Cain. He's angry and Lot smacks his forehead again. El says that Guyrin is such an ecstatic beauty because last night when he saw her who's glistening body under the moonlight and he could see Aslin from her. He's surprised. El says that, in the past he really wanted to tear him to get reward for the loss he lost Aslin, but now he has Guyrin so he can forgive him, so, he should be grateful for her and prize her as they do. El orders to Lot that he should treat him like a family with proper manners, so he should take him to the infirmary.

Aaron carries a pizza-like pie and goes to the El's guards. Aaron says that the Devarims just wanted to offer the guards this pie they made. An El's guard rejects because they're on duty. Aaron says that the truth is he heard that an old friend of his is in that room, and he was just hoping to say hi, it won't take that long. Aaron opens the back of the pie and shows the money underneath to the guards. Aaron meets him. He grabs Aaron by the collar and angry and shouts that the bastard just wanted to rub in his face, that Guyrin was getting violated by El and Cain, and is that why he wanted him to blow his cover and get dragged in the El family. Aaron says that as he said before, the Devarims will need his help in the coming days, so they need him on their side.

Gaya, Lot, Federick, Cain, Hazz, he, doctors are gathered, and El is taking off the mask. He pushes a screen and says that the bullet stuck in El's face, and he still has the record for the frequency he used. Hazz says that he repeats, if this procedure is successful, He won't be questioned for his past deeds, so he'll be a free man. He uses his ability on El's face. El asks to Hazz that he can hold his hand. Hazz holds El's hand, and Cain sees this and thinks something. Two bullets emerge from El's face. The doctors tries to stop the bleeding. He shows his El's symbol to Hazz and says that it's his turn now. Hazz brings a glove-shaped machine which is able to get rid of El's mark. He leaves the room and says to Aaron that he has become a free man in return. He angry and says that he could've jammed those bullets even deeper into El's head and that would've rewarded all the losses and sacrifices of the Wolves up to this point, so he feels shit right now. Aaron says that what he did in there was for a bigger future, so, he can get so upset, and the El family is the safest place for Guyrin until the storm settles. Haaken asks that this storm Aaron speak of is there really going to be a collision between the El's and Gosan's. Aaron answers that he guesses that collision is how it'll eventually be in the end. He says that he still can't believe to think that Urano's little emperor would fight the Gosan's over the reign of the universe eight. He asks to Aaron that is this is correct to El's hide this much power all these years is. Aaron answers that had his bullet missed, the El's would've reigned over the universe eight a little sooner. Aaron asks to him that he can join the Devarims now that he's a free man, as he said before, he entrust him to guard their people here and there. Haaken says that he thought the Devarims were staying in the El family. Aaron says that the Devarims will be kidnapped by the Gosan's first.

Hazz and Aaron drink alcohol and eat snacks. Aaron asks that as emissaries or not, since the Devarims are being sent to the church against their will, they would appreciate it if they at least get to choose their own security detail, so they may bring him. Hazz rejects that because the El's can't afford to include a variable that could be possibly seeking vengeance. Aaron says that the Devarims will make sure not to cause any problems during their stay at the Gosan's until Hazz's next plan, so he can allow them to be responsible for their own safety. Hazz smile lightly and asks that, did Aaron foresee the fact that they'll be staying at the Gosan's in their dream. Aaron answers that it's right, Hazz says that the mentor who had taught him was a Devarim like him. Aaron is surprised. Hazz says that his mentor taught him that if the students study the past and understand everything happening in the present based on it, they would be able to foresee and prepare for the future, and one of his students was his son, the two of them were inseparable friends, then, one day, he was running an errand for him, he was told to go to the market and pick up want he had ordered, it was tofu, and not long after that, he began to have doubts on everything he had learned, as he sat in front of his deceased friend's portrait, what's the point of knowing the future, 'If the Devarims can't change it?', 'If the future the mentor's kind sees was actually worth knowing, and if they're making preparations accordingly as they claim, shouldn't they've become the rulers of universe eight long ago?' he left him as he couldn't get a satisfying answer from him, from that day on, he has acted on his own will to create his future, and as a result, he has come to be in the position in charge of Aaron. Hazz says that although he has high respect for Devarims, that is why he doesn't think much of this future Aaron speak of, if he was to accept his request, it would cause him discomfort equivalent to his comfort, and if he decline, the opposite would happen, and may he wouldn't have accepted this request if he was in his shoes, if it'll eventually lead to the same future, no matter what choice they make, he has no choice but to choose the option that reflects his will, something he can predict this outcome of, he'll does everything in his power to keep his people safe, but he can't include him in this emissary, he hopes him understand, so he's sorry.

Aaron thinks that he thought Hazz would agree with him easily but that was unexpected, so he expects that, he's being cautious not to let the Devarims take too much control, but they must've him by their side, so it may cause a fuss, but it'll have to do. Aaron goes to Cain and talks it. Aaron says that Hazz said that it's too risky to include someone so hostile like him, he declined the Devarims' request. Cain says that he left Hazz in charge of seeing this one through so it can't be done. Aaron says that but Cain, the ruler of universe eight promised the Devarims that he'll bring them back in the El's, once he get what he wanted from this deal with Church of Madonna, if his words are to be kept, they need his abilities, and they entrusted their safety to him, they doesn't anything that will harm the El family, and he plays a crucial role in all this, the very fact that the church has accepted his plan is a clear proof that they're headed towards the foreseen future they spoke of, and in between the events lies the destiny of his people, wobbling along on a precarious tightrope, they must escape this fate by helping them, to do so, they must return here safety, the survival of their entire race is on the line here. Cain says that Aaron should stop whining, and if it's that important to him, then he can take him with him, Hazz takes orders from him anyway. El who wears white mask, he asks to Guyrin that it's really okay if she doesn't see his father. Guyrin answers that if he doesn't want to see her first, she doesn't have to, she thinks it's better that way for the both of them.

The senior manager reports to Hazz that he was added to the Devarim emissary and it was Master Cain's decision. Hazz angry and says that the Devarims ran off to Cain right after he turned those bastards down, and they go to such lengths to something, and he won't allow it.

Aaron kneels to Hazz and says that he just wanted to apologize for insisting him being on board with the Devarims. Hazz says that he's just a butler in the El family and from now on, Aaron can forward all his concerns to Master Cain, who's in charge just like he did this time. Aaron says that it was a matter of life and death to the Devarims' kind. Hazz says that the Devarims' kind is really despicable, because they always has the same excuse, they threaten people with the future and they manipulate them, if that's their way of survival, then he has nothing more to say to Aaron, and he couldn't care less about whatever damn future they saw, 'cause he'll change that future as he sees it. Hazz goes to somewhere and says to Aaron that if he doesn't leave him out of his emissary, this will be the last time the El's meet.

Cain angry and shouts to Hazz that he made the call, that's that. Hazz shouts that the El's should be the ones using the Devarims, not the other way around. Cain says that he doesn't care who uses who, all that matters is that both parties' needs are met, Hazz taught him that. Hazz shouts that they need to keep their distance from those Devarims because they kind only follows the path that leads to the future that suits their needs, if they keep catering to their every request, they'll be walking all over them in no time. Cain says to Hazz that he's so obtuse, and if Devarims wanted to use them, they would've said that taking him with them would benefit them, but Aaron said that it was for his own people. Hazz shouts that this plan can easily be flipped on its head with the smallest variable, with such a naive mindset. Cain asks to Hazz that between his planning and the Devarims with their foresight, which does he think has less variables. Cain says to Hazz that he isn't some kind of a future planning Quanx or something, and they can get the nobles on their side in such a short time like the Devarims did, and they did something that would take him 20 years in just two days, so he might that he feels intimidated because they might take over his spot. Hazz thinks something and depressed and says that after all that arrogance, he guesses this is as far as he goes. Hazz is tries to go somewhere and Cain is surprised and shouts that where the hell does he think he's going and he's not finished with him, and is he done blabbing his mouth. Hazz says to Cain that the kid can take good care of his father. Cain angry and shouts to Hazz that the old man lose his mind because he called him kid, and if he has something to say, say it to his face with respect. Hazz says to Cain that the kid can tell his father he thinks him, for taking a broke loser like him that no one would bat an eye on, and he can tell him that he's sorry he couldn't stay by his side to the end. Hazz lefts the room, and Cain shouts that he thinks he can quit whenever he feel like it, he's not stopping him, and they're done with him anyway.

Volume 10

He sees the El's company lists and he's surprised that they were really this big, and this makes no sense because they've hidden all of this for that long. Aaron says to him that he thinks that in the end, Miss Guyrin made the right choice. Aaron shows a financial statement of the El's, which is really was hard to get to him and says that this is to make him feel better when they accompany them, by calming his anger and uneasiness, and what he's looking at right now is the taxes that Miss Guyrin paid last year. He's surprised and says that their amounts are ridiculous, and he asks to Aaron that what are these items down here. Aaron answers to him that the businesses that Count El has consistently between donating to Guyrin, he'll see if he look at the registration numbers, but they were birthday gifts he gave her every year, and accounting reports are sent to her every quarter, it's not simply under her name, it's what the Count gave her, as her own private property, if she was being treated as a plaything like him worried, she wouldn't have all of this, now, he doesn't know abut all of the gossips that's thrown around, but what's clear to him is that El does really like her, he cares for her as the love of his life, he knows how it feels to him that it'd to be him, but he's taking his relationship with her seriously, he believes, that there are many different forms of love, in this universe. He smiles. Aaron goes to somewhere and says to him that he'll has his stuff packed up.

Gaya guards Guyrin and she gets the phone from the senior manager. The senior manager says to Gaya that someone said to be Ms. Guyrin's father requested a meeting. Guyrin meets him. He says to Gayrin that he won't be punished by the Count, thanks to her, so he wanted to show his gratitude, and he even got the Urano free citizenship, that he'd wanted so badly, and he's going with the Devarims shortly and he'll be moving to an outer planet, afterward. Guyrin asks to him that if he needs money. He gives something to Gaya, and she's deliveries it to Guyrin. He says that it's fine, he doesn't need money, once he move, he doesn't think he'll be able to come back to Urano ever again, and something is must be her first time seeing her mother's face. Guyrin sees her mother's face in the locket and says to him that she was beautiful. He says to Guyrin that she, who're mixed with his blood is much more beautiful. He tries to go outside and says that what in the world, what was it that he has been fighting for, all this time. He says to Guyrin that she can tell the Count that he wish him a long, healthy life, and he'll go now. Guyrin sees him leave. Guyrin has mixed feelings and looks out then asks to Gaya that when will the Count be back. Gaya answers that she'll ask Lot. Guyrin rejects and looks her mother's face in the locket then looks out the window, and Gaya looks her.

The ship takes off and Cain and Aaron talk each other. Blue old man and Green old man who're disguised as El's people also got on the ship. In the ship, Blue old man says to Green old man that it's time and they take off their clothes. Blue old man shouts to the Devarims that he'll tell them one more time, they're members of the private security force of Duke Gosan, White Police Guards, as of this hour, they shall take over this ship. Aaron asks to the old men that what right do they think they've to terrorize. Blue old man shouts that as men under the shelter of the Duke, they couldn't bear to look away from their disgusting rebellion. Cain angry and shouts to the old men that do they even know who he's. Blue old man shouts to Cain that well if it's not the one meddling with the church behind the Duke's back, and he orders to Green old man that he should tie him up. Green old man ties Cain up. Cain shouts to Green old man that he should get their hands off him, at this instant. Blue old man shouts to Devarims that they'll be taking all of them to the Duke, there, they'll address him with respect, and ask for permission to the ruler of universe eight, himself. Blue old man finds someone and shouts that the person is filming this right now. At this time, the ship falls into the garden of the Gosan family.

Quanx abilities Edit

  • Acceleration: His Quanx ability is Acceleration. Jet thinks all 3 of the Pentagon are Hyper-Quanx, but Juwan, who's the best of best Quanx trainer says he isn't Hyper-Quanx, and he just looks like a Hyper because his skills manifest themselves differently. He has a very advanced level of his abilities, to the point he's often mistaken for a Hyper. He use the Acceleration ability he can use the body to see things.

Appearances in Other Media Edit

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Haaken and Assassin Haaken are playable characters.


Screenshot 2017-10-14-23-07-16

Haaken's default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Screenshot 2017-10-14-23-07-26

Haaken's growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Darkness attribute

Vitality 24094
Damage 481
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Immortality 7 Immortality Passive When physical strength is zero, character becomes immortal and dies when the duration is over.
One point breakthrough 4 One point breakthrough 6' The remaining life force rushes to the lowest enemy and blows the hit enemy into the air and makes damage.
Accelerated combination 4 Accelerated combination 13' Draws enemies within range to the enemy with the highest damage, and inflicts damage. In addition, bleeding occurs.
Hidden Characteristic 4 (Hidden Characteristic) Increased critical hit Passive Increases character's critical rate.
  • Character Description

The prisoner who was imprisoned with Hades. After the prison break, he returns to the wolf cave against the Count El for his daughter Guyrin.


Screenshot 2017-10-14-23-09-32

Assassin Haaken's default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Screenshot 20180629 225926112

Assassin Haaken's growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Darkness attribute

Vitality 29643
Damage 1361
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Immortality 7 Immortality Passive When physical strength is zero, character becomes immortal and dies when the duration is over.
Goal setting 4 Goal setting '6 Teleports to the enemy of the lowest remaining vitality, inflicts damage to the enemy within the range, leaves the mark of the assassin.
Shadow cutting 4 Shadow cutting '16 Teleports behind to the enemy of the lowest remaining vitality, attack enemies in a state of oppression, takes the enemy's vitality to create a shield that is proportional to character's vitality, and inflicts damage.
Wolf's stubbornness 4 Wolf's stubbornness Passive Increases the damage of character's own critical damage.
Hidden Characteristic 4 (Hidden Characteristic) Increased critical hit Passive Increases character's critical rate.
  • Character Description

The one of the leader of a wolf cave against the Count El. There's a rumor that he's a Hyper-Quanx because he's also being used its excellent Acceleration ability.

Screenshot 2016-10-28-17-12-05

Screenshot 2017-05-31-20-06-00


Screenshot 2018-03-03 19-36-16

Eldgon Haaken skin updated on July 27, 2017 (Spoiler).

Additional stat: damage 10%

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