Gongja (공자, Gongja) is a character in Denma.

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In The knight (17), she first appeared.

Juwan sending her cigars and introducing guys including nobles.

She's Gauss' junior who's gone insane due to Kuan's excessive love. She has a lot of students including ㄱ (Giyeok), ㄴ (Nieun), ㄷ (Digeut), ㄹ (Rieul), and Lot.

She's the undisputed greatest Quanx in the history of universe eight.

Her Transcriptome is the Black Transcriptome.

5 years later Gongja

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (2-17), the woman likes her.

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Past Edit

In The knight (59), it reveals that she's the only survivor of the Georg experiment of the U.C.S. Internal Affairs, Special Forces Third Division.

In (64), (74), and (83), it reveals that Gauss is the one who taught her those combination skills, and she's gone insane due to master Kuan's excessive love, and she didn't like her ever since the master went so easy on her, above all, she interpret his prophecy that way, the one to slay the Dark Lord and become the hero of universe eight.

In (17) and (22), it reveals that she has a lot of students including ㄱ (Giyeok), ㄴ (Nieun), ㄷ (Digeut), ㄹ (Rieul), and Lot.

She seals away her Transcriptome in Kuan's Fridge.

The Directors of a Blank have been living with her for over five years, and meantime, something happened to her.

Over 5 years later Edit

In The knight (17), the Maskless Darth Vader says the Directors of a Blank to ㄱ (Giyeok), ㄴ (Nieun), ㄷ (Digeut), ㄹ (Rieul) are students of her. The Shortest Director says Maskless Darth Vader should forget about this job. The Medium Height Director says this could actually be better, they could make her do all the work. The Shortest Director ask back who the hell would she listen to. Juwan asks he can try speaking to her. The Shortest Director says actually, if it's an outsider like Juwan, she might at least listen. Juwan says he has been greeting her every year, so if the Shortest Director just let him meet her, he'll do something. She sits in a chair, smokes a cigar, meets Juwan and the Maskless Darth Vader. She asks Juwan did come to see if she threw away his gift or not. Juwan kneels down and says she's sarcastic as always. She says as Juwan can see, she's sucking on cigars, every chance she get, so he should stop sending her these, she told him, what she needs, is a charming boyfriend. Juwan asks what about the Count that he introduced her to last time. She answers she's boring, as expected from a man who has a lot, he doesn't give a damn about the needs of anyone but himself, so Juwan should bring her a guy who's charming and not boring. Juwan says he shall look into it. She asks what brings Juwan here, came all the way here in person. Juwan tells her something. She asks so what Juwan is telling to does right now, is to fight her own students. Juwan answers it's a misunderstanding, what he's asking of her is, that she stop the unnecessary casualties that could occur from unnecessary collisions. She calls Juwan to Dodo and shouts that's the same thing, and he thought it was a good idea to say that to her so he's insane. Juwan apologizes if he came off disrespectful, but if she participate in this operation, she can use this to stop the Emperor's taunts. She stands up and tries to go somewhere and says Juwan should beat it, fuck off. Juwan says she knows she's the only one who can take on this position, because she's the greatest Quanx in the history of universe eight.

The Consonant Guard ㄴ (Nieun) angry and shouts the other Consonant Guard to who it was thanks to that Lot got to become her student, if only he'd a family, that position in the White Police Guards would've been his. The other Consonant Guard says ㄴ (Nieun) to he feels like same teacher, such drastically different students, it's honestly mind boggling. ㄴ (Nieun) angry and shouts the other Consonant Guard to shut it, he told him not to compare him to Giyeok (ㄱ). Jiro says Juwan to his key is from Kuan's Fridge. Juwan asks Kuan who's the Devarim from Moab. Juwan thinks and worries about Kuan's Fridge is where she sealed away her Transcriptome, if she finds out about this, what will happen.

The longest Director reads Consonant Guard ㄴ (Nieun)'s memories and he's surprised. The Shortest Director traps ㄴ (Nieun) in a wall of a prison who's with Jiro though because they going through some steps to make sure he wouldn't be able to use any Quanx abilities. The Shortest Director says ㄴ (Nieun) to he should thank his master, if he wasn't a student of her, his face would be in that wall too. ㄴ (Nieun) angry and says the Shortest Director to he shouldn't dare call out his teacher's name like that, like he arrogant lowlife Blanks know anything about her. The Shortest Director says says the Directors of a Blank have been living with her for over five years now. ㄴ (Nieun) says there's no way, his teacher would ever stoop so low to be with the likes of him. The Shortest Director says ㄴ (Nieun) to what a clueless pupil he's, he didn't have any idea what's happened to his teacher, the undisputed greatest Quanx in universe eight.

She thinks she's stuck. She scratches her ear and thinks why is her ear so itchy all of a sudden, so maybe someone is talking about her. She writes a text and thinks let's see, the woman's shoulders were crying at that moment, at her reality that she couldn't have that man to herself. She bends her upper body backwards and thinks no, way to corny, what kind of reason is that to cry over, so dumb. She thinks she won't even meet the competition deadline at this pace, but she'll write as much as she can. After the Directors of a Blank disappear, the Consonant Guard ㄴ thinks, to think something like that happened to his teacher, really shouldn't have associated with the Devarims.

The Directors of a Blank eat hamburgers, and the Shortest Director says they can possess that fridge any time they want anyway, so they can take it slow, aside from this one certain bastard that's in their way. The Middle Height Director asks who's that. The Shortest Director answers that way he sees it, he thinks it's only right that they take this opportunity to get rid of her, if she finds out about the product they're trying to obtain, she'll get in their way with her despicable self-righteous bullshit, in order to obtain the drugs, they must first kill the woman.

The Middle Height Director asks the Shortest Director to how, could they even beat her if the three of them went at her at once. The Shortest Director angry and says the Middle Height Director should stop speaking of the uncomfortable reality of it so casually, and they'll have to find a way. The Longest Director asks why it's that the Shortest Director try to take every little chance to get rid of her. The Shortest Director shouts the Longest Director should shut up, and asks does he not care that there's someone stronger than them. She's writing a novel, but she's stuck. She thinks she can't get past the block, she's stuck, should go get some ginger tea or something. She teleports and goes to a cafe and tries to put ginger tea in a mug. But a cafe staff says her to her account was declined for insufficient funds, but he'll just let her has it for free today. She refuses and watches her account. She thinks it's so embarrassing, how is there not enough in her account, and those persistent Prosecution Bureau pesks find this account and took it all away as fines. She arrives at her residence again.

Gongja's Reversal Attraction

Then she lies down and blame herself that how'd pathetic situation come to this, having every last penny taken away from her. She seats right after seeing the phone call, and asks who's it. The caller is the Quanx dealer looks like catfish. She refuses the Quanx dealer looks like catfish's ask because she's super busy anyway. The Quanx dealer looks like catfish says he told big sis, this won't be time consuming at all. She says the Quanx dealer looks like catfish said it was related to the Emperor, Juwan already came to her first, so she's on the Conqueror's side right now. The Quanx dealer looks like catfish says he's not asking her to do anything for the Emperor, this is strictly a job offer from him, if the object Quanx truly is of a multidimensional structure, all she have to do is check if the product he's looking for is in there and snatch him a few samples of it. When she asks what is that product, the Quanx dealer looks like catfish asks big sis don't try to know everything, that's a problem for her, why she does need to know that anyway, this isn't a robbery or something that harms anyone, all she have to do is check the inside, do that and she'll be paid one stack. She fears what if it turns out to be something unjust, her honor would have a problem. The Quanx dealer looks like catfish asks she think there's even a hint of sis's honor with all the shit she got herself into left for her, and he thought the memories from that happens inside the object Quanx weren't even readable anyway. She asks she want her payment upfront in untraceable cash. The Quanx dealer looks like catfish gives 5000000 to her and says she'll get the rest once she bring in those samples, he swear she's getting her money ripped away from everywhere but she still decide to be so picky. She says the Quanx dealer looks like catfish can shut it now, and asks where and what is this thing. The Quanx dealer looks like catfish answers let him explain.

She teleports with the Quanx dealer looks like catfish in front of the Directors of a Blank waiting in front of Kuan's Fridge. She asks what the Directors of a Blank are doing in the fridge. The Shortest Director answers that's what he was about to ask her. She says there's a job she'd been asked to does, so she needs to look inside that box. The Shortest Director is embarrassed and says she can't go in there, this is the job that Juwan got them. She says the Shortest Director can move. The Shortest Director moves and says he said she can't, most importantly, she can under no circumstances touch the product inside. The Shortest Director says she must be able to handle multidimensional space so could that mean, she can open the fridge.

Gongja's Bath

Gongja's Bath1

Gongja's Bath2

Gongja's Bath3

She thinks this is the clash of two forces that Kuan talked about, the battlefield was much smaller than she expected, ultimately, in the greater context of things, his predictions are always right.




She attacks a mountain and thinks that the Dark Lord of universe eight rises after the clash of the two forces, so maybe she'll be the one to take his life. She takes out her trapped Transcriptome.

The one of the Blanks who left with the Moaks who was miraculously rescued his life by the attack of her, and meets Earth Mimicry of the another Blank as says he has come to see her. Gauss asks to the Blank that didn't he get along with the Moaks, why'd he come back, he knows well that her Blanks team can't accept him here. The Blank says to Gauss that all of the Moaks team lost to a single woman, it seems that she's not curious about her. Gauss says first, she couldn't be less interested in who the woman is, and for the Blank to come her team all the way just to tell her that, he's making a big mistake here, as for his team, she's sorry to hear that, she feels bad as one of the Blanks, but he shouldn't bother her with such trivial matter, so he should leave here. The Blank says to Gauss that as expected, she tries to avoid going against her. At this time, Gauss summons the Blank's Transcriptome and combines it with him. Gauss says to the Blanks that she's not going to kill the Blank, but he has to pay for talking too much, now that he has connected to a Transcriptome, he's not a Quanx anymore, his freedom as a Quanx, he just let it slip with that mouth of his. At the moment, the Blank's head falls off. Gauss reads the memories of Blank's head. Gauss orders to her Blanks that she has gotten rid of the Moaks team all with the combination of abilities she learned from her, so they should get ready. The other Blank of Gauss' team asks to her that is it right she's going to go after her now. Gauss answers to the Blanks that maybe she has been waiting for a probable cause, since she's a threat to her Blanks, she needs to die.

The Team Leader of the U.C.S. Internal Affairs, Special Forces Third Division watches remained Hellmen and opens microphone and orders to them that, it's her they're talking about here, they should call of the best agents out there, there's only one who's capable of capturing her, Sharp, if she can't capture her alive, they should tell her she can just bring her back dead.

Sharp goes along with the agents to where Kuan's Fridge was exist, and to search for her traces. A Hellman uses his Accelerator and reads memories and reports Sharp to this is the Accelerator's max speed, but he can't trace her location, and it's as if the memories have been shattered and rearranged, there aren't any remaining memories. Sharp answers the Hellman to he should stop whining and keep looking, if he can't find anything, this will be his grave, and he won't wish her to hold his decapitated head even before the Georg sensor catches anything.

She sitting by the window and thinks in the end, she's stuck being a Quanx, she has worked so hard to get away from this, if she keep wandering like this, she's going to die like the others, fighting for their gains, and then get her head blown off by some Quanx, no way, she can't let that happen, she's not destined for that. She determines she should write, it's the only thing she wants to does, and the best way to avoid working for others. In the room, she reads her texts, and thinks there's not much time left till the competition deadline, and she needs to edit the draft. At this time, Noph's woman knocks and brings something to eat. Noph's woman introduces her to her name is Basil. Basil says her to perhaps she disturbed her. She says this is just something personal she has been doing. Basil sees her texts. She says she's writing a novel for a writing competition, but it's not that great. Basil says her to she likes the opening line. She grabs a cup of water and thinks what is it all of a sudden. Basil reads her texts and says this is quite good, and there's a famous editor among their clients. Basil calls to the editor. The editor says Basil to she said she'll pay her back for the drugs next month. Basil shows her texts to the editor. The editor reads her texts, and she thinks what's going on. The editor is surprised to read her texts and says this is pretty good and asks Basil to did she write this herself. Basil answers the editor, to this person wrote the texts. The editor sees her face and says she's got the looks, and asks let's just add some spice, let's turn this into an erotic novel. She's embarrassed and says to the editor that this is just for an ordinary literary competition. The editor says to her that the competition's just a show to pick out people like her, she has been chosen, and let's make money out of this baby. The editor asks to her that what's her name. She answers the editor to her name is Gongja. The editor says to her that the name's awesome, this is just perfect. She says to the editor that but she has never written anything like that erotic novel.


The editor shouts her to doesn't waste her talent, she's perfect to write an erotic novel, so she can trust her. She's embarrassed.

A Conqueror Guard hears a Conqueror brother who's with beard's guard meets Gauss' team to him and reports the Beard that the Blanks have arrived, and says him that the Blanks are totally different this time, and they were looking for a female Quanx named Gongja, it seems they've traced this place from the dead Moak corpses. The Beard asks the Conqueror Guard that what does a female Quanx look like. The Beard shows her image to his Guard. The Beard's Guard sees her image and says it was this one. The Beard says his Guard that he must be so proud, damn this universe is small, he just gave it a shot because he told him it was a female Quanx. The Beard asks the Conqueror Guard that what did the Blanks say they'd give them in return.

The Hellmen, who went to the El family's Headquarters, also try to read memories but fail because of the wreckage. A Hellman reports Sharp to here's same here, the memory reading isn't enough. Sharp kicks the Hellman's hips. The Hellman asks to why Sharp is kicking him, he tried his best. Sharp answers the Hellman to it's to cheer him up. The other Hellman asks Sharp to she can ask Hall for help. Sharp says all that AI with a nervous breakdown did was to block her account. Sharp thinks something and tries to ask Hall because she ask what was Urano and in Moab. Hall greets to Sharp "Hallo." and explains to the object Quanx called Kuan's Fridge was in Moab, and where Hellmen are now used to be the place where El's manager's office was. Sharp asks Hall to how El's managers are related to her. Hall answers her to there's nothing directly related, nothing at all, and if they keep expanding the range of correlation, one of her students used to be a guard the El family. Hall searches something and floats Lot's image and answers her to it's this one, the name's Lot. Sharp says Lot is a Moak, and says where the object Quanx was and where her student worked, and her Transcriptome, and if she was her, she would've found out her bank account got blocked, and feel threatened by the tracking of their Hellmen, and to make sure no one gets her. The Hellman says she would've sealed the Transcriptome into the object Quanx withe the help of her student. Sharp answers the Hellman to that's it, and says about tracing her, let's begin with this red one.

Gauss watches Hellmen and asks who they're guys. She says they're the Hellmen. Sharp says her that they finally meet, and she actually look cuter in person. The other Hellmen next to Sharp are bewildered. Sharp blushes and points to her and stammers that she means, well she kinda looks different from the photo, that's all. The Hellman thinks Sharp is kinda interested in her and she's stuttering. Sharp pushes her Accelerator and orders the Hellmen that now, let's eliminate the dangerous ones first. Gauss' Transcriptome is summoned. Sharp says look at the size of Gauss' Transcriptome, what a dangerous fella. Gauss angrily and throws her and says what the hell are the Hellmen doing. Sharp orders to the Hellmen that they should use max charge. Gauss teleports to the Hellmen and says no matter who Hellmen or whatever are, don't they dare disturb her. Gauss' Transcriptome's size is also reduced. Gauss slumps down her knees by rapidly reduced her Transcriptome to max charge before she attacks with her power to the Hellmen. The other Hellman sighs and says that was close. Sharp says Gauss to it's not just because her legs lost balance, it's because of the gravity in this town, that she couldn't fell when she was a Quanx, they say birds of a feather flock together, and she asks is she her friend. Sharp says her to why doesn't she just follow the Hellmen quietly, many people are waiting for her. At this time, Gauss says the Hellmen that they got two things wrong, first, she's not her friend, she's her junior who's gone insane due to her master's excessive love, second, even if she's not a Quanx anymore, this is bad news for them. Gauss punches the other Hellmen and Sharp. Gauss says it'll take a while for the Hellmen to get back on their feet, her whole body's a weapon, she's guessing the socket at the back of their heads are weapons, she'll destroy them for the guys.

Sharp, Gongja, Gauss, and Lot

3 years later Edit

In The knight (103), the Emperor asks to his man that who're the ex-little emperor of Urano's subordinates. The Emperor's man answers that as he know the guards are, a Quanx who writes novels, impersonating a dead Quanx named Gongja, as it had special feelings for her, and as for the past accounts, they've been all blocked by the Hellmen of the U.C.S. and became weak, with combat levels below average.

The editor, with the employees of the publisher, reads an erotic novel written by her, and is highly praise for her high-level depiction. An employee and the other employees ask to just share the erotic novel with them, but the editor refuses that, there was a loss in the profit because of a leak, so she can't trust them. The employee says the editor to she's mean, she guesses at this rate, this work will surely be a hit as well, and asks how does she write something like this, experience. The editor says to the employee that why so curious about her private life, and they simply need to get some juicy scripts, earlier, she did briefly mention that this is based on her lover. The employee says it's awesome, she wishes she could meet her lover. Sharp who's wearing a crop tee, brings snacks to her and then goes out of the window to see Nubre, Lot, and Noph arrive at the teleportation. In this way, it turned out that Sharp became her lover. Sharp goes to the outside. Lot gives a bag of something to Sharp and asks what about the Lewd. Sharp answers that she's working hard on her novel. Lot says the book's in there, the elderly dropped by the bookstore to get the Lewd's autograph, and he started reading her erotic novels recently, became a big fan. Sharp says that is kinda embarrassing. Lot says to Sharp that the novel sure was based on real experience, he'll hard it to the elderly in tomorrow's meeting, so she should tell the Lewd to sign it right away. Sharp says Lot to thanks him. Lot asks to Nazareth that when will the last one finally join them. Nazareth says not the last one, but two. Lot says to Nazareth that she said there were four. Nazareth says there are two here to be shields, and there will be two more.

Lot asks to Nazareth that himself, Gauss, and the Lewd, weren't there three of them, is someone going to die, and did she read his dreams. Nazareth says it's not about someone dying, all she can say is one of the three is going to take a step back and help the four time to time. Lot says he thinks he knows who that's going to be.

She and Sharp walk to the manager, Ito, the junkie Marquess' henchman from the other side. She says it's a kitten, and touches it. She says the kitten is so cute, and it's red, and so pretty. Ito thinks if she's seeing white as red. Sharp says to her that it's not and she's cuter. She's blushing. Sharp holds her and says come over here, Cutie. Ito thinks that long hair, he feels like he has seen her somewhere.

Ito looks at the dealer's deep web and thinks the Quanxs' information are all on here, so he was right, Gauss, she, and the ace of the White Police Guards, so this is what those three were hiding, Nubre, the man who used to be the Little Emperor of Urano, who hit rock bottom going against Gosan, what he has is simply more than three Quanxs, he has an army, and there's one more thing that's suspicious.

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Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit

Gongja Denma with NAVER WEBTOON 2016-11-23-03-47-33

Screenshot 2017-05-31-20-06-00

Main Image


Gongja Denma with NAVER WEBTOON 2019-07-19-15-26-35

Gongja's default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Gongja Denma with NAVER WEBTOON 2019-07-19-15-27-06

Gongja's growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Forest attribute

Vitality 16360
Damage 820
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 35 (Max: Lv 45), 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Uppercut 7 Uppercut
(올려치기, Ollyeochigi)
Passive When character make a basic attack, the enemies are floated in the air with probabilistically.
Earth Spears 4 Earth Spears
(어스 스피어, Eoseu seupieo)
Create a rock meteor shower zone for life-threatening enemies, constantly knocking back enemies within range and dealing damage.
Cataclysm 4 Cataclysm
(대격변, Daegyeokbyeon)
Flies into the sky and descends on enemies with high health, dealing damage to enemies within range. Then jumps backwards, protruding huge rocks from the ground, floating the enemies into the air and damage them.
(차원 보호막, Chawon bohomak)
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Affinity defense
(상성 방어, Sangseong bangeo)
Passive Damage to affinity is reduced.
  • Character Description

She's the greatest Quanx of the universe eight. She's the teacher of so many Hyper-Quanxs. She has a charisma that her student Lot couldn't even walk over her.

Black onepiece Gongja

Black onepiece GongjaIcon

Black onepiece Gongja Denma with NAVER WEBTOON 2019-07-19-15-27-12

Black onepiece Gongja skin

Additional stat: damage 10%

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Gongja is a playable character.

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Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit



Attack Power: 7.68K

Level: 1 HP: 800
ATK: 800 DEF: 800
Power Up Level: 0/30 Awakening Level: Step 1 1Lv
Shield's Strength: 0 Shield's Probability: 0%
Promotion Level: 0/7
Ground Attributes: 103 Light Attributes: 129
  • Skills

File:Combination (Gongja).png

Combination (Gongja)

Combination (Gongja) (콤비네이션(공자), Kombineisyeon(Gongja))

★ Type.1

- If an opponent's life is 85% or higher, there's a 18% chance that it'll trigger.

- Inflicts 133% sacred damage.

- Can't be avoided.

- Ground attribute damage reduction ignore.

★ Type.2

- If an enemy's life is 85% or lower, there's a 24% chance that it'll trigger.

- Inflicts 115% sacred damage.

- Can't be avoided.

- Ground attribute damage reduction ignore.

★ Ground attribute increased by 85.

★ Skill cool time: 46 turns.

★ Permanent application of uninhabited island combat privilege.

Double Combination

Double Combination (더블 콤비네이션, Deobeul kombineisyeon)

★ Ground attribute increased by 79.

★ Light attribute increased by 120.

Lot, Gongja: If they play simultaneously, they will be activated.

  • Promotion

1Lv: Ground+2 Light+7: Hero's critical damage +600

2Lv: Ground+3 Light+19: Hero's invincibleness +600

3Lv: Ground+5 Light+34: Hero's attack +12%

4Lv: Ground+8 Light+53: Hero's defense +12%

5Lv: Ground+10 Light+76: Hero's critical effect +50%

6Lv: Ground+13 Light+101: Hero's HP +18%

7Lv: Ground+18 Light+129: Activate combo effect, combo+10%

  • Treasure

Level: 1/1260

Power Up Level: 0/7

Hero: Gongja

Level Up of Attribute
Basic HP increase: 170
Basic attack increase: 85
Basic defense increase: 119
  • Strengthening Attributes

1Lv: Ground+2 Light+8[Hero's critical damage +600]

2Lv: Ground+5 Light+20[Hero's invincibleness +600]

3Lv: Ground+7 Light+38[Hero's attack +12%]

4Lv: Ground+9 Light+60 Shield's Strength+1000 Shield's Probability+25%[Hero's defense +12%]

5Lv: Ground+12 Light+85 Shield's Strength+1200 Shield's Probability+25%[Hero's critical effect +50%]

6Lv: Ground+15 Light+115 Shield's Strength+1500 Shield's Probability+25%[Hero's HP +18%]

7Lv: Ground+17 Light+152 Shield's Strength+1700 Shield's Probability+25%[Combo+10%]

8Lv: Ground+19 Light+193 Shield's Strength+2100 Shield's Probability+50%[50% chance to activate the shield, hero's attack +18%]

9Lv: Ground+21 Light+238 Shield's Strength+2500 Shield's Probability+50%[Hero's defense +18%]

10Lv: Ground+23 Light+287 Shield's Strength+3000 Shield's Probability+100%[Shield activates when first skill is activated]

Class: LG
Race: Densinma
Sex: Female
Job: Denma
  • Hero's Introduction

In Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON, Gongja is a playable hero.

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Denma the Quanx 11

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