Gaya (가야, Gaya) is a character in Denma.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

About 10 years ago[edit | edit source]


She's the one of characters of The Idolatry of Web fiction Record the Quanx - Denma S.E.

She was a bodyguard of Caesar who's in the planet Synagogue. She catches Daniel.

1 month ago[edit | edit source]

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (11), Glyph of forehead calls Gaya to tell her that Federick and Lot are about to fight. She is shocked and frantically tells him to break them off before they fight. Gaya, White man, and Glyph of Forehead teleport in front of Federick and Lot. Federick tells Gaya and the other two that while he knows they're expecting a show, it's not happening and they should all mind their own business. Glyph of Forehead and White man try to egg Lot and Federick on, telling them to punch each other's brains out. Gaya tells Lot and Federick that she believes in them, and whisks the other two men away from the fight through Teleportation. Federick and Lot argue, and Lot tries again to goad Federick into fighting him. Federick almost loses his temper, but sighs and tells Lot he's lucky that Gaya is watching them right now.

Later, Lot recieves one of the Gosan's tailored gambling ads, which startles him. Just as he's starting to get angry, Gaya appears behind him and calls to him. Lot exclaims that she has perfect timing.

Gaya tells Lot that the rumors they've been hearing seem to be true, and Lot seems puzzled. She tells him about a friend of hers, a Top Class Combat-Quanx that she personally recommended to the Gosans -- she says that though he was recruited, he was sent to do a completely different duty in Urano, unaffiliated with the White Police Guards. She explains that it seems Gosan is trying to create an entirely new White Police force to call his own. Lot is puzzled and asks her why Gosan would even bother recruiting newbies at that point. Gaya explains that Gosan is trying to sort out the remains of his father's White Police Force-- though individually they pose no threat, if they were to band together against him they would be a formidable foe; Gosan plans to neutralize their ability to unify by recruiting them individually and scattering them across the universe.

Current time[edit | edit source]

In Kuan's Fridge (61) - Ch.592, Federick looks at the list of Quanx that volunteered to be assigned duties away from their stations and says that he didn't expect to see so many volunteers. Gaya tells him that at this point it's only a matter of time before all the Duke's White Police Guards find themselves stationed elsewhere. Suddenly, Glyph of forehead, White man and OBs teleport out of thin air. the OBs see Gaya and Federick-- Crescent moon says he can't say they're glad to see Federick again, and the group briefly argues while Gaya looks worried. Green guy accuses Federick of giving an order, and Shaved ice seller says he tried to keep them in check since Aorica. Federick says he didn't give any order. White man transfers Federick his memories of what has happened so far. Crescent moon complains that since Federick now possesses those memories, he's another thing they'll have to get rid of. Gaya, watching anxiously, turns from the fight and makes a call to someone on her hologram. A brief conflict arises as Federick sees something in the memories he's shown and remembers that the OBs were the ones who smuggled and spread illegal drugs around after the Aorica incident. Shaved ice seller tells Federick that the situation is more complicated than it seems and that he shouldn't judge them based on what little information he knows.. As the tension rises, the fruits of Gaya's phone call pay off and Lot appears behind the group wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. He shouts at Gaya, rebuking her for calling him when she knew he was in the shower.

Lot sees OBs. OBs are surprised. Lot says he thought OBs retired. OBs say that it's right and ask that what Lot is doing here. Lot sits a chair and answers he's working and he asks what OBs brings here. OBs answers that they're working too. Lot says OBs don't just stand there and sit. OBs say that they standing up is more comfortable this way. Lot says it's not comfortable for him because he has to look up, so OBs should sit. Shaved ice seller was upset for a second, and says they're not the same old seniors Lot used to know, and they're not sitting down because of him told them to, and they're sitting down 'cause they wanted to. OBs are kneel in front of Lot. Federick angry and shouts that OBs are still Lot's seniors, and how dare he makes them kneel like that. OBs say that they're not kneeling down and this is how they always sat down. White man says to Federick that they should bring this matter to Master Hazz immediately.

Volume 9

Hazz orders to El's Five Fingers that they should head over to their designated area, and bring all the Devarims safely.

Federick calls and says Glyph of forehead and White man all received the contract sheet Master Hazz had given them, and they can get Lot and she as well, because they need to talk.

Federick asks what do guys think to Master Hazz's offer. Lot sees a hologram and curious that just what did they offer to get y'all so tense. Federick asks that they can just say it, and what they does think. White man says he's not sure, and their offer definitely seems tempting. Glyph of forehead says he means they see Count El all the time, but he can't even remember the last time he met Duke Gosan. She says now she feels like the people here are more of a family to her than the Gosan's. Lot shouts that this is amazing, and it totally beats Gosan's offers, and he signs a contract. The other El's Five Fingers see Lot. Lot says the other El's Five Fingers think they won't get this kind of offer ever again in their lifetime, so they can take it when they still can. Glyph of forehead signs a contract and says Lot shouts so he didn't mean to press the button, and he was trying to be loyal. Federick tries to go somewhere, and White man asks to him that he's staying with the Gosan's. Federick answers that he signed before the other El's Five Fingers got here, and they're surprised.

Lot calls her, and she says she signed the contract. Lot says she did the right thing, and he's telling her.

Orange hair appears. Lot's left arm is severed by Orange hair's Slash ability. Snowy hair grabs Lot's head and says he's pretty fast. In the hologram's her shouts to Lot that what's going on. Orange hair tries to sever Lot's head, and Snowy hair shots beam ability to his face.

She who's on the phone with Lot, she teleports and runs away with his body and his cut arm. Snowy hair says he was gonna leave the dead carcass lying on the ground, and who knew some bitch would show up out of nowhere and take the body. Orange hair says Snowy hair can leave it, and this is more than enough to send a message to those betrayers.

She uses her Healing ability and attaches Lot's arm. Lot says it was an ambush. Lot says when it comes to a Quanx fight, whoever punches first always wins. She asks that now try moving Lot's arm. Her Healing ability has no scars. She asks that how does it feel. Lot asks that how about he spank her ass see if it's back to normal. Lot wears his suit and says it looks like their Duke Gosan is pretty pissed off at them. Lot teleports and says that now he's pissed off too.

Cain sees two of El's Five Fingers' dead bodies, who're killed by surprise, and he pray for the repose of their soul with Hazz, Mori, Lot, she, and Federick. She's cries and Federick and Lot are comfort her. Cain asks to Federick that Gosan's lap dogs who trespassed on his backyard did this. Federick answers that they got there as quickly as they could, but they were too late. Cain says Hazz bought off the White Police Guards without having a single word with him, and he brought those maniacs right into his front yard. Hazz says he has no excuses, and he should've been more careful, and he just didn't expect Gosan to react this emotionally. Cain says what if the Gosan family weren't after the Devarims, and what if they were after El or him, and he doesn't give a shit about them, and he's busy keeping his pockets full. Hazz says it's not. Cain angry and shouts that these corpses are proof that Hazz is just a greedy pig, and he's ungrateful, despicable bastard, and they took him in when he was starving on the streets, and now he thinks he own the place, and he knows what his little angle was when he let those Devarim bums in their house. Lot angry and says that Cain should stop whining, but Federick covers his mouth. Cain shouts that Hazz wanted to put them in harm's way, just so he can take over this family all by himself when they're gone, and just how stupid does he think he and El, so he's damn hypocrite, and he doesn't even wanna see his face, so he should get the hell out, and he's fed up with him, and as for those White Police Guards and the Devarims send them back to the Gosan's where they belong. Hazz says he's afraid he can't do that, because he's gonna sell the Devarims to the church.

Cain shouts that Hazz isn't fooling anymore. Hazz says just a moment, and he calls to Lot that he said he just met Duke Gosan in person. Cain angry and grabs Hazz by the collar and shout that he's talking to him, now he's ignoring him right in front of his face. Hazz says he has always been and always will be on Cain's side, but this is an emergency, the clock is ticking as they speak, he says he brings a message from the Gosan family, so he may calm down and let's hear him out first. Lot says he doesn't know that's a little, he'll tell Hazz everything that happened there, and he won't leave out any detail. Hazz says what they need to know isn't just the message itself, but also the exact nuance as well, that's the only way they can plan their next move. Mori sends Lot's memory to Cain and Hazz through his hair. Federick says to her that even after Hazz was humiliated in front of them, he's still doing his job without so much as a flinch, he's telling her that he get that Master Hazz is goal-oriented and all, but sometimes, he gives him the creeps.

When Lot sleeps, a screen that summons him to comes up. Lot turns the screen off, and says that after all that, do the Gosan family think he'll change his mind. Someone knocks the door. Lot shouts that he told her that he's tired today so she should go to sleep. Aaron appears. Lot says to Aaron that he doesn't need his apology, and he just shut the door behind him. Lot sees Aaron who's hold a red package. Aaron gives red package to Lot and says that he has an urgent favor to ask of him, he hopes he'll forgive the intrusion. Lot takes a ball and says that it seems like a quail egg. The ball vibrates. Lot says to Aaron that he can make this much vibration without any equipment, and they don't need the ball, and now he should get lost.

El sees Cain and Federick on the screen. Guyrin eats grape. El asks that what is Cain all excited about and did Hazz finally give up on him. Guyrin feeds El to grape. El says that he didn't wanna raise Cain to be as undecisive as he's, but he can't has him run wild like a mad dog even more. El asks to her that how's Lot and how's he right now. She answers that it appears that Lot hurts his ego by what happened at the Gosan's property. El says that there's no absolute dominance over one another in a Quanx fight in the first place, as far as he knows, Lot is the best there's. El orders to her that she should tell Lot he'll give him a bonus, something to lift up his spirits, and he needs to help Federick and become the practical leader of the new team. At this time, a Red Wolves member calls to El. El says the he told a Red Wolves member not to use the direct line. The Red Wolves member says that he's sorry, but this was an urgent matter the Count El were waiting for, the Red Wolves found where the leader of the Pentagon, Eldgon is. Guyrin is surprised. El says that it's the best news he has heard all day. El orders to her that there's a new task for Lot, so she should tell him to get over here, pronto.

Hazz calls to her and orders that, he's about to out of his mind so she may take him to the pigpen. In the pigpen, Hazz shoots male Pigears and blames Cain. Hazz angry and shouts that the El family would've fallen apart if it weren't for him, and just because he stole one tiny shop and Cain thinks he can corner him like this, and he decide to meet church bitch all on his own, just to come up with gang fight, and he always clean up his mess. Hazz throws a gun to the gun pile. Hazz asks to Gaya that where's Lot. Gaya answers that Lot should be here soon. Hazz says to Gaya that let's get on with the event as Lot gets here, and he's sorry for the El's Five Fingers that the clash between old and new White Police Guards has become inevitable, so he'll try to make sure them sustains less casualties, and they may go back there because Cain should be ready now.

In the White man and Glyph of forehead's funeral, Hazz makes a speech that their deaths are the Gosan family's answer that the old White Police Guards who dedicated their youth to serve them with nothing but loyalty. There's old White Police Guards in front of Hazz. Hazz makes a speech that Gosan who calls himself the ruler of universe eight wasn't say the acknowledgement for heroes who protected the Duke and he wasn't make a prior notice and handed over the reputation and worth they've built to the new White Police Guards. Lot says to Federick and her that Hazz's speech is energetic and driven. Hazz makes a speech that he's the chief butler of the El family and when young he was intended ruthless and filled with rage because the apes in power stomped on the weak people so he was beyond forbearance. Behind Hazz are El, red guards, Cain, Federick, she and Lot, and in front of him, there're White man and Glyph of forehead's dead bodies. Hazz makes a speech that, to get away from it all, he needed a footstool to the next step, a means of stepping on that selfish ape, so he found Nobles of high rank, and when the old White Police Guards hear the Noble of universe eight, he's convinced that the image that comes to their head isn't so different but he didn't matter 'cause they were the means to end for him, but then he met Count El. Lot says to Federick that Hazz is swearing Nobles before a Noble so this is why he love him. Federick says that Lot should be quiet. Hazz tells that in the entire universe eight, the Noble was climbed up a wall with both hands burnt and ran through a minefield for his butler without any hesitation, and when he woke up, he was shocked him more than the fact that he was still alive, was El's blood and flesh on his clothes, at that moment, the means had come to the end and he realized that it was worth dying for him, so this is the tie of blood that's become the symbol of the El family. Hazz raise one hand straight up in the air and says that his brothers and sisters will now leave a strange and fictitious name, White Police Guards, now they'll be reborn as the White Warriors of the El family who establish new order in this universe, he welcomes them. The other people also put up their hand with a rush and shouts. Hazz shouts that on the El's tie of blood, and the people also shouts. Hazz shouts that with the victory of a great White Warriors, and the people also shouts. Hazz shouts that to the glory of the new ruler of the universe eight, and the people also shouts. Hazz shouts that with honor because of the loyalty to Count El, and the people also shouts. El is just standing. Lot says to Federick that a crazy feast is left and he really have to so somewhere soon. Federick asks that where Lot think he's going because they've to meet new members. Lot says that the leader is Federick's job, and he can leave some wine for him. Lot teleports to somewhere.

She, Lot, Federick, Cain, Hazz, Haaken, doctors are gathered, and El is taking off the mask. Haaken pushes a screen and says that the bullet stuck in El's face, and he still has the record for the frequency he used. Hazz says that he repeats, if this procedure is successful, Haaken won't be questioned for his past deeds, so he'll be a free man. Haaken uses his ability on El's face. El asks to Hazz that he can hold his hand. Hazz holds El's hand, and Cain sees this. Two bullets emerge from El's face. The doctors tries to stop the bleeding. Haaken shows his El's symbol to Hazz and says that it's his turn now. Hazz brings a glove-shaped machine which is able to get rid of El's mark. Haaken leaves the room.

El calls to Hazz. El orders that he should tell Lot to escort him to the harem because he needs women. Hazz says that he thought El already called lady Guyrin and she'd be very upset if she found out about this. El says that Guyrin is exhausted, and she's sleeping right now, and he thinks his body is changing for the better after that surgery at a very fast pact, at that it's like his energy is finally free from the shackles so he can't control it, and he needs to release this energy somewhere. El orders to Hazz that he should get Lot ready and have she come here to look after Guyrin. Hazz says to El that without a clear diagnosis on the Master's state, strolling outside could be very dangerous. But El angry and shouts that Hazz should stop lecturing him and he just shut up and get it ready now, and he hangs off the phone.

El and Lot appears to her who's reading a book and he asks to her that how's Guyrin. She reports to El that Guyrin is still sleeping. El touches Guyrin's hair. El orders to she and Lot that they should go get some rest until their next order.

Gaya, Lot and Nazareth.png

In the outside, Lot says to her that he's telling her El may look the same, but he's not the man he used to be, he wouldn't believe what he heard while he was standing guard outside the room the whole night, it was as if the god of music was playing multiple instruments at the same time nonstop, maybe he should start branching out to multiple instruments. She angry and says to Lot that let's focus on the instrument he's playing now.

Volume 10

Cain calls to Guyrin but she gets the phone. She says to Cain that Count El ordered not to send Miss Guyrin his way. anymore. Cain hangs up.

She guards Guyrin and she gets the phone from the senior manager. The senior manager says to her that someone said to be Ms. Guyrin's father requested a meeting. Guyrin meets Haaken. Haaken says to Gayrin that he won't be punished by the Count, thanks to her, so he wanted to show his gratitude, and he even got the Urano free citizenship, that he'd wanted so badly, and he's going with the Devarims shortly and he'll be moving to an outer planet, afterward. Guyrin asks to Haaken that if he needs money. Haaken gives something to her, and she's deliveries it to Guyrin. Haaken says that it's fine, he doesn't need money, once he move, he doesn't think he'll be able to come back to Urano ever again, and something is must be her first time seeing her mother's face. Guyrin sees her mother's face in the locket and says to Haaken that she was beautiful. Haaken says to Guyrin that she, who're mixed with his blood is much more beautiful. Haaken tries to go outside and says that what in the world, what was it that he has been fighting for, all this time. Haaken says to Guyrin that she can tell the Count that he wish him a long, healthy life, and he'll go now. Guyrin sees Haaken leave. Guyrin has mixed feelings and looks out then asks to her that when will the Count be back. Gaya answers that she'll ask Lot. Guyrin rejects and looks her mother's face in the locket then looks out the window, and Gaya looks her.

She calls to El that Guyrin wants him back. El orders to her that have Federick come pick him up, immediately.

She evacuates El and Guyrin as temporary hideout. El says to Guyrin that things are going to get noisy for a while, they'll be staying in temporary hideout until it quiets down.



Quanx Abilities[edit | edit source]

Appearances in Other Media[edit | edit source]

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON[edit | edit source]


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-35-21.1.jpg

Default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-35-27.1.jpg

Growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Forest attribute

Vitality 24080
Damage 488
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Affinity defense.png 7 Affinity defense
(상성 방어, Sangseong bangeo)
Passive Damage to affinity is reduced.
First aid.png 4 First aid
(응급 치료, Eunggeum chiryo)
10' Move to the back of the enemy with the lowest remaining vitality, heals itself and its allies, and activating a shield that reduces damage.
Black body summoning.png 4 Black Transcriptome summoning
(흑체 소환, Heukche sohwan)
20' Jump to back, and summon black body. Black body is summoned and pushes enemies within range.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Iron fist
(무쇠주먹, Musoejumeok)
Passive Stuns the enemy at probabilistically during a basic attack.
  • Character Description

She's one of the El's Five Fingers and she's Lot's lover. She has one of the strongest ability in the universe, but she's devoid of greed and devoted to her lover.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Gaya is a playable character.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

El's Five Fingers.png

Denma the Quanx 9 (1).jpg

  • In Volume 9, Gaya put her face on the cover. It's only for the first print.
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