Gatsu (가츠, Gacheu) is a character in Denma.

Gotz is old English version's name.

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20 years ago Edit

Hades' first escape Edit

In A Catnap (2), the Internal Affairs member reports that Hades is escaped because the control systems were all disabled. He says he'll report to the Boss and orders they have everyone on emergency stand-by. When the Internal Affairs member goes out, he calls the Bishop and reports that Hades escaped successfully. The Bishop says now the Inspection Commander will form a search team to chase Hades down, and the Security Department should know this by now and they'll form another search team to chase him separately. The Bishop orders that Hades can't get caught by either team until his job is done, so he has to chase him but the point is to never capture him or has him captured, and tell the Inspection Commander that he want to lead the search team, once the job's done he'll be in charge of the Inspection Department.

He says to the Internal Affairs member that he want those 3 guys that he told him to form the team, include him in there, so make it 4, and their job is to not let others capture Hades before them, and capture him at the right time. And when the Internal Affairs member asks that how the Security Department trying to be involved in this, he answers that technically, it's the Security Department's duty to capture escaped convicts and the Inspection Department have to overinterpret the operational rules of inspection to make it their business, but they have to if they don't want outsiders meddling with their business, so that's why this is important to them. And he says if there're any more of 4, it'll slow them down and the problem is, if the Inspection Department have the same number of personnel, the Security Department will be a head of them because they're better then us, so they need someone to fill the gap. He and the Internal Affairs member heading to the Reformation Institution. The Internal Affairs member surprises to know who the person is, because he would get out of hand. He says some guys at the top wanted him to make some mess and most importantly they need a crazy dog to fight a crazy dog. In the Reformation Institution, No.14 lying down even at the time to read the Madonna's Bible because he's an exception. He says to No.14 that let's have a talk because he want to make a deal. No.14 is Balack.

Actually, the Internal Affairs member is spy sent by the Security Department, so he reports to the Chief of Security Department that he has Balack in the search team. The Chief of Security Department orders to Max that he want to add someone to the team to match up with them because it looks like he's trying to have 2 issue makers collide and all power holders of the see will be looking into the Inspection Department.

He says to Balack that the Inspection Department will catch Hades at the right time and he'll tell him when, it's because they're competing against the Security Department, and he heard that they sent Abigail to check him, so it turns out that the 3 troublemakers of church body are getting together at the same place and everyone knows about this at church body, so go strong because they don't let the security guys take him. At this time, Gray marks reports that they found some traces and information that could tell them Hades' next target. He orders to get rid of them before the Security Department guys arrive. But the Security Department and Abigail are arrive by the teleportation Quanx. Max asks why the Internal Affairs is sweeping where Hades already swept through.

Max introduces that he's the leader of the search party from the Security Department. He also introduces that he's the leader from the Internal Affairs. They're shake hands and Max says if they're not going to help each other, let's not interfere with each other. Balack threatens Abigail to lower his eyes. He and Max think that they're trying to fight right now. Abigail rejects Balack's words.

Balack says he'll tear Abigail up into pieces to makes it an example for church body. Abigail lowers his eyes, and Mole face is taunts to Balack that the Internal Affairs sounds like some gangsters, and threatens him to lower his eyes because he's some nobody from the Internal Affairs. The Internal Affairs members are angry that, but Yellow green is even-tempers. Max says the Security Department are all a little on edge because of this issue. He says that it'll get worse once the actual searching begins, so the Internal Affairs probably won't be so considerate toward the Security Department by then, and they'll head out since they're done with the investigation here. Balack says goodbye to the Mole face, and he and Internal Affairs members are disappeared through the Teleportation Quanx. All Security Department members are high-five to Mole face.

The Internal Affairs search team have meeting at a fast-food restaurant. The Internal Affairs got the Security team's profile, so they sharing it. There's a guy with Energy Adjustment and Transmission ability could be problematic for them, and he says the Security Department's team formation is a little weird because unless this guy is an attacker, someone needs to stay with this guy but then the five-on-five balance is broken. Gray marks says the Security Department could also be focusing on arresting Hades, and he says they'll have to go through the Internal Affairs before they arrest him and they know that. Balack says just attack the Security Department and pull back when they've to, and he got the Mole face. He says he want Balack to take Max more important, that was their deal. Max says the Internal Affairs team is only have attackers to disrupt them, and he might question their team formation. Monkey guy says to Max that they breaking the balance with the attackers. Max says they got one more on their end because one of their team members is from the Internal Affairs. He thinks the whole Security guys will be called out for it in the end.

The Internal Affairs and the Security Department are detects Hades' last target was the chemical complex, and this time it's church's biochemical lab.



The Internal Affairs and the Security Department try teleport to Hades.

He fires Bang, and Abigail stops Passionate Banging. He's Hyper-Quanx. He says to Max that the Security Department did them a favor, and this is the Internal Affairs' business. Max says the Security Department are just doing their job so mind his business, and he thought they agreed not to interfere in each other's business so they'll have to go by their rules. When he says it's same, Max uses Partial Teleportation to him.

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He tries to fire, but Abigail uses a dropkick to Max and eventually, he isn't attacked by Bang. While the Internal Affairs and the Security Department are fighting against each other, Hades escape safely and move on to the next target.

Max says stop fighting because Hades is gone, and he says let's take a break. Max says Holy See will reprove them for it, and he says they're not done yet. Balack says to Monkey face and Mole face that he'll take the other arms first and give them back once he tear them up. He says to Balack that he'll unconfines the arms from the flat surface and give them back to them. He healing to Monkey face and Mole face. He says Mole face can take care of the scar from the Medical Department. Max thinks he didn't expect him to does this. He says the Internal Affairs are just competing against the Security Department and that's it for round one. And the Internal Affairs are disappear by teleportation. Balack angry and says Monkey looking dude had him in trouble. He says the Security Department should know how dreadful Balack's ability is by now. He recalls Bishop said that having experienced this she hope they draw a bigger picture from this incident. He thinks he just drew a rough sketch for the big picture.

Max thinks he's just trying to be nice to the Security Department and then catch them off guard. At this time, the Security Department and Internal Affairs are hear that Hades is at the Palace now. The Internal Affairs also arrives the Palace and they cover the Intersecting Space. Black hair asks they'll request Transcriptome defense first and he answers that the Security Department already requested that and let's hurry up and surround the Intersecting Space before the Security Department takes their spot. Gatsu wears a transparent mask and thinks they're reacting much faster than he thought so they don't have much time to draw an even bigger picture.

Monkey guy asks to Max that what should the Security Department do when the Internal Affairs enters the area. Max thinks his kindness made their guard down. He approached to Monkey guy, because he'll pretend to worry to his arm, and he stuns him with a tool. And he shoots a gun on Yellow green's head, who was moved Monkey guy, then thinks he won't let him die in vain. He slips the gun into Monkey guy's hand and he thinks, Hades will blow this place up anyway so even when the memory tracers come they won't find out what happened. At this time, a message comes to Yellow green. He thinks Yellow green's personal pad should be disconnected and this is a one-way connection network. He forces open message and sees and thinks this isn't the Internal Affairs' line. He senses Yellow green was in league with the Security Department so he sees it now their attacker ratio is why it was different from Internal Affairs'. He thinks this way we'll be responsible for this issue for executing a spy, then all eyes will be on the Internal Affairs. He thinks this way is he can't let people think that the Security Department is overreacting to the Internal Affairs and they're going over the line, and he has to makes people think that they've has crossed the line, and the opportunity that will empower the Bishops who insist on breaking up the Security Department. He again hands the gun and plans he needs one more sacrifice. And the muzzle of a gun is pointing to Gray marks.

Gray marks sees GPS and thinks he's still looking for his spot. He acting like his arm broken and attracts Gray marks. He says Monkey guy kills Yellow green. He orders they're preserve the scene and move this murderer out of the secured area. Balack thinks that's his last time not using his Quanx ability and once the tracing begins, he'll beat Mole face up so bad, and first he must heal his broken arm by him, at this time, he sees GPS and witnesses the scene which is he killing Gray marks. He sees Balack's location. He calls and says he come help him. While Balack is healing his arm by him, he thinks if he tries to do something, he'll flat confine him. He thinks Balack didn't see it. Balack says he got blood on his left arm. He lies that he just got ambushed by the security guys and he's still up there. Balack makes a meaningful look.

He thinks Balack came out of nowhere so he guess he'll have to wake up Monkey guy now. He wakes Monkey guy with a tool. Monkey guy is embarrasses because Gray marks is dead and at this time, Yellow hair appears here. He shoots Bang to Monkey guy and says to Yellow hair that he'll tell Max right now because why did he killed Gray marks. When Yellow hair is disappears, Gatsu thinks things are getting better than he thought and now he just need to send a message to Hades to clean up the mess, and Balack sees it and makes a meaningful look.

When Black hair takes pictures of dead Gray marks, Max says to stop, and pushes him hard to his hand. He points his fingers to Max and shamelessly says that, when Quanxs collide one another and self-defend they can die any time, but the Security Department caught the Internal Affairs off guard and pinned them down and pulled the trigger in the back twice, so this was clearly a premeditated murder therefore Max should ask him again about what Yellow hair saw. Max thinks something's wrong and if the news spread to Holy See, they'll breaking up the Security Department. Max says he can't accept until this case is investigated so they'll not prejudge things. Then Hades appears and says the Internal Affairs should takes care of their dead friend. Yellow green was cubed by Hades. Hades puts all search teams of the Security Department and Internal Affairs in the cube.

He thinks he'll penetrate anything, and shoots Bang but the cube instantly recovers, he thinks Hades trying to kill him too. Yellow hair teleports the Security Department. Max thinks this should solve the problem because this way there's no evidence. He shoots Bang to Yellow hair's body part and says he'll die if he doesn't heal him right now so he should get the Internal Affairs out. When the Internal Affairs are escape the cube, this is compressed. He orders to Balack that he fold Yellow hair for him, and he says to Max that he has to save him and he need help from the Health Bureau, and since Hades swallowed both the murderer and the murdered so he's the only witness that can prove the murder. Max angry, so he punches him and stuns him.

20180428 170325

Black hair puts into a hand to earth and mimicries a big hand to earth. The big earth hand beat to the Security Department, but it's blocked on the cube. Balack beats his cheek so he wakes. The cube is breaks. Hades looks flustered. He thinks Hades is very proud of his skill so he's sure he's shocked. Balack just thinks Mole face beat him up and broke his arm, and for some reason he's scared of something and dances to Hades' tune but they're just trying to capture an escaped prisoner and they're losing to a perverted Guardian priest like that. Hades thinks his cube, the strongest thing in the universe is humiliated by that fishball so he'll get rid of this dirty feeling first, so he tries to explode by pressing the cube. He's embarrassed and thinks Hades could blow them all up, so he shouts it's explosion. When Hades tries to hit the cube and teleportation, Black hair uses earth mimicry to wrap the cube, and Balack and Mole face uses their abilities to block the aftermath of the explosion. But the shock is so serious that all of them are stunned for a while. Max takes away the witness from him, and thinks that was disgusting but he got to wake up first and found their team member.

He goes with the Internal Affairs to the Security Department. He says he must give him back the witness that Max stole, but Max refuses, and the Transcriptomes are arrives. Max says to Command Center that the Internal Affairs are interfering with the Security Department's mission so please keep them out of the Intersecting Space. He thinks the support teams for both sides will be arriving soon and that means he can't finish the big picture and they'll have to focus on capturing Hades now, since the Intersecting Space is now covered by the Transcriptome shield, but if Max's team move until the support team arrives, he can find the witness again. Balack flares of anger and he grabs him by the collar then says he bring him into this in the first place. At this time, an explosion takes place in the downtown.

Balack, he, and Black hair moving by hover board. He soothes Balack and orders he's on his own now but they can start chasing down Hades when the supporting teams arrive for both teams and teleporting Quanxs are added, and what they can do now is saving lives and opening up space so that firefighting team can build up firewalls, and it'll be a chaos there so chaotic that people won't even know what's happening right next to them, so he can goes get the witness before the supporting team arrives do it his way. The Bishop's Guardian priest reports to Bishop that Hades is still there. The Bishop says Holy Madonna's on schedule to be at the Palace, and she asks why hasn't Hades terrorized the Main Palace already and the explosions in downtown. The Bishop's Guardian priest answers he reported that Hades needs to redeem his pride. The Bishop orders go tell Hades to stick to the plan and don't mess it up, and thinks she did give him a task he can't handle and, perhaps if he does have other plans.

He heals to injured people and sees the supporting team for the Security Department arrived, so he calls to Balack but he's not picking up the phone, so he goes to him and thinks he spent way too much time impressing the firefighting team. He sees Balack's GPS. He comes across Balack, who had regained their witness in a somewhat rough way, and he says the supporting team for the Security Department has arrived so finish it up. Balack makes him a paper and folds and hide to his body and thinks he better not stab him in the back. The supporting team for the Internal Affairs is arriving. Black hair sees the transport and calls to him but he can't get him on the line.

The Bishop's Guardian priest reports to Bishop that Holy Madonna's called off all schedule and returned to the Palace because she found out about the terrorism at there and the explosions in the city. When the Bishop's Guardian priest reports Hades hasn't attacked the Main Palace yet, Bishop says she'll recycle him, so she'll explain to him what's going on and she'll tell him to capture him. Balack releases him from the Planar Constraint. He sees the inspectors of the Internal Affairs and the Security agents dead, and asks why did him plain confine him. Balack answers that he has the witness so attacks of the Security Department will be focused on him but it was his mistake that he thought it was the best way to do it. While he healing his arm, Balack thinks he doesn't know when he'll stab him in the back out of nowhere. He gets report from Bishop over the phone. At this time, Abigail and June are appears and he says he want the witness.




He aims his finger to Abigail. June tackles to Balack, and Abigail aims BB gun to him and he says he's in Acceleration Mode and he's faster than him so he should give the witness. At this time, Purple hair appears and attacks June. his an arm is broken by Abigail and aimed by BB gun in his mouth, and Abigail threatens to Balack. After all, Balack hands Abigail a person and his limbs which were confined into planes. Abigail shoots June to BB gun, and others are astonished at the sight. Abigail and June are disappear. He heals his arm and orders to Purple hair that he take the Yellow hair to the locker in the transport now, and he says to Balack that they've the witness from the Security Department and those priests will be back with real guns next time, and before things get any more complicated so they'll get Hades and head back. The prisoner identification chip, which was implanted inside Hades' head when he was in their prison, and it started working again, so he feels dizzy and nauseated and completely paralyzed soon and gets caught by Black hair. They're return to the Headquarters except for the restoration team. Max thinks he has a feeling that they were a step behind. The Bishop saw 2 Internal Affairs agents dead, and she says to him that this is a high quality picture so now she want him to finish up the details so the art won't lose its value, and now they can make the dissolution of the Security Department as the main issue on the agenda of Holy See's Command Center.

Since Hades was arrested

The woman says to Agnes that they're trying to recycle Hades right now and Bishop Kanu is displaying her arrogance, and a disposable shouldn't be recycled, and he from the Internal Affairs seemed to have drawn a decent picture, and she asks that her dog isn't enough for Hades. Agnes answers there's been an order that they should follow the Internal Affairs Department regarding eliminating Hades. The woman says let's just do that this time because everyone must be flustered by Holy Madonna's return to Palace so let him do his job, and it's impossible to jump into the Internal Affairs Department to take out Hades alone, but by trying that they could be sending a warning to those old punks, and she's sorry for Agnes' baby dog.

The news spread throughout the whole Holy See. Holy See's Command Center is in an uproar right now. There was a collision between the Security Department and the Internal Affairs Department because of an escaped prisoner and the Command Center said they'll be investigating the case on their own. The two groups are hostile toward each other but they're the same family. It was the result of an overheated competition to take a better position in the See and that went over the line. The unbearable arrogance of the Security Department, and they're just some minions of the big shots from the See at best, and they're worst corrupted group of elites, so they have to be dissolved. While Max is confused and embarrassed, he makes an exultant look. Hardly malfunctions so Hades won't be out of control like that last time. Hades might live out his life being trapped the prison of Internal Affairs.

The Command Center agent asks this projected memory is obvious what happened there, and what is Max's reason behind proposing that the evidence submitted by the Internal Affairs Department is one-sided. Max answers that Monkey guy is an elite from the planet Gout and like the duty reports that the Security Department submitted he's been a very reasonable and rational agent. He claims Monkey guy is so clever that he took advantage of the situation. Max says if the Command Center agent watch it over again, there's something awkward about it and it's like the Internal Affairs Department has some sort of intentions that they kidnapped Yellow hair to draw the picture that they wanted by utilizing a part of his projected memory. Max demands a clearly projected image that isn't manipulated to cast away any doubts about this case, and the Security Department would like the Internal Affairs Department, who has been rejecting their proposal, to reveal the projected images of the memory of the two witnesses at the crime scene. He's embarrassed. The Command Center agent says it seems like a reasonable request that the Security Department can make and he orders he and Balack who're in the projected image here to project and submit their memories.

White hair says to Balack that the Command Center want to project his memory, he thinks maybe he gave White hair a mission so he can't trust him and if he finds out what he saw he'll use all of his people from the Internal Affairs, plus he doesn't know who's behind him right now. Balack says he'll do that but under one condition. He thinks Balack said he'll agree to project his memory if it's in front of a crowd. Balack thinks he's so busy flattering the Heads of the See that he had stab the back of his own people and it won't take the long for him to be trapped in a place that he used to trap people inside and he'll get stab in his back.

The Bishop says to her Guardian priest that when the Command Center is done investigating all archbishops will be called in regardless of its result, then she thinks this collision between the Security and Internal Affairs actually helped with the situation so they'll use this opportunity to start a war between the principalists and reformists, and it looks like that they'll get the result that they want because his sketch was the decisive factor. Horned nose says he isn't into that snuff film stuff. Balack's memories are projected without any censoring in reverse order by a projector of the Command Center. The projector first reads the memory and projects the selected images. The Internal Affairs see scenes, such as Tear was cut the thing off and Mole face's limbs was ripped by Balack so the bloodshed with the Security Department was caused. At this time, the projector suddenly gives up, tells something to him. The projector says Balack has memories which are he was killed members of the Internal Affairs members. Balack is wonders that a dispatched projector from the Command Center is behind all this happening. He smiles and thinks Balack thought he was a pushover.

He says Balack didn't tell him that he saw the whole thing in the first place, and he was going to tell everyone what happened. Balack angry and says he wouldn't know of he didn't order something else in addition to the Memory Projection order and he was just trying to defend himself. Balack requests him to save him. Balack shouts and grabs him by the collar, and says he's a nice man so he would save him. He says he'll save Balack but under one condition. He says Balack should go make a little mess at the designated time and cut the electric cable No. 35 naturally.

Balack learns Judo and he thinking about a condition that he gave him. He reports to the Bishop that Balack saw the scene but he doesn't get rid of him, because if the issue maker of the See dies it'll only bring attention to the things that they would've just passed by, and he knows the situation he's in right now.

White hair and Black hair were surprised at Balack's memories, when he saw he killed Gray marks. Black hair reports to the head of the Security Management Department that he killed Gray marks and he did a personal investigation on it because there was something suspicious of the results of the Command Center's investigation. The head of the Security Management Department says it'll cause a ramification so she'll handle this herself. Actually, the head of the Security Management Department is his Bishop. He covered it as an accident that suffocated and killed them both because of the malfunctioning of the ventilation system when the waste management company changed the fuel rod, so they're each died in the bed and sauna. The Bishop orders him to get rid of Balack immediately.

Balack gets to know that two members which're secretly projected his memories was assassinated as a excuse of the ventilation malfunctioning of the changing fuel rod. He says he was told to get rid of Balack, so they need to come up with something for the order to be withdrawn, so he may remember the condition that he mentioned.

Agnes calls to the Duke and says Mayhen told her that he had a change of mind. The Duke says he want Agnes don't visit the Palace for the rest of the retreat period because hands off of her mission on taking Hades out, because he's got some other things to take care of, he has already gave a new order to his faithful dog at the Internal Affairs Department.

In the café BeBe, Balack collides with a member of the Internal Affairs. After that Balack hits the member of the Internal Affairs. Balack thinks he's just trying to make him his puppet and he did some research and found out that the electric cable No. 35 controls a few parts of the facilities inside the Internal Affairs Department so even if he cut it, it won't affect the security system. He thinks the electric cable No. 35 is normally nothing would happen, but this is has a secret function for security. While fuel rods are being exchanged, the security system shuts down. The creators of the electric system intended not to add any additional devices and made it an electric cable for the Transcriptome defense system in case of emergency. If this is cut, a number of doors for special solitary cells will be open, and Hades is in one of them. He thinks he can't imagine what kind of result the Duke's decision will bring, but at least he knows that the picture he drew is much bigger than those of Bishops, so he follows him. Balack cuts the electric cable No. 35.

Hades' second escape Edit

Volume 6

The Internal Affairs tells the prisoners that were in special cells escaped. A Internal Affairs member reports to him. He orders that they report to the Command Center immediately and focus on system recovery for now. He thinks he didn't think that the prisoners would be moving together. He reports to the Duke. The Duke says something unexpected happened is never want to hear, and he orders he send him the personal information of the guys that are moving with Hades. The Duke sees personal information and says he can't blame him for this because he set it up that way too, and he wonders how much impact that these guys can make on Hades each one is pretty tough maybe he need another plan. At the moment, the Duke sees Haaken and he says he has heard of this name before, and he asks if his nickname is something from hell. The Duke taps the calculator and surprised because he sees the result.

He reports to the Bishop that there was a small accident right when the fuel rods were being changed. The Bishop says he's seems to taking orders from others because he need more money for higher status in the See, and she has seen many guys who went with rich Patrons and ended up die, and the Internal Affairs Department doesn't just open up like that. The Bishop orders she want him to prove to her that he's being loyal to her, and she doesn't like what's going on right now so he should clean it all up now.

He asks the Command Center that they send Transcriptome unit. Command Center says that's something that needs to be approved by the Archbishop and the U.C.S., and when Hades terrorized the Palace was a special case because it was the Palace, and the U.C.S. checks the See every time a Transcriptome unit is on the move, and Hades won't escape just to attack there again and they've got new Transcriptome units set up at there, so even if that happens there's nothing to worry about. He accepts it, and asks at least the Command Center leave a record that the Internal Affairs requested it before the Security Department. After the phone call, he thinks it's fortunately because it's got rejected, and the record at the Command will show the Bishop how desperate they're, and the Bishop may find out about that because he has paid too much money so far, but she won't even look at him if he pay any less, and the Duke is his financier and she's his connection so he can't lose either one.

In the past, he gives a instruction to Balack that he cut the power for cable line 35. The Bishop sees this sight by CCTV, and she asks to Purple hair that what's the cable No. 35. Purple hair answers that it becomes the electric cable for the Transcriptome defense system when the main electric cable is off during the change of fuel rods. Purple hair says the behind was an outer channel, so it's not confirmed yet, but it seems like a channel that the Patrons use, and it's likely that the Patron could be one of the highest ranks since he did it knowing the Bishop's position in the See. The Bishop thinks he needed money for the connection with her since he survived the bribe competition, but still lying to her and disobeying her order isn't acceptable so she'll get rid of him. The Bishop orders he's forming a pursuing team so Purple hair tell the Director of the Internal Affairs to put he and Balack in the advance party with him, and she shows the reference which is a big picture that he drew out in the last non-disclosure pursuit, so she want him to draw a picture that could show the See's decisiveness to the Patrons. The Bishop says Purple hair is an agent from the Security Management Department who's working as the Black priest of the Internal Affairs Department so he should work away from the office this time. He's out of the surveillance to deliberately connect to the outside channel, and requests to the projector that he would connect to the Command Center's human resources network and tell him if there're any other agents from the Security Management Department in the Internal Affairs Department. He thinks Bishop Kanu is the Director of the Security Management Department so she's definitely going to tell her agents to do something.

The Director of the Internal Affairs informs prisoner's location shows that they're trying to remove the signal device in their head and calls the advance party. Balack says this isn't what he promised. He says it's not his decision because he's coming with him. Balack says that's what makes him feel anxious and now he doesn't know when someone will stab him in the back. He thinks the advance party is called upon by the Director's order and the Internal Affairs Department never puts someone on consecutive missions, but it happened. At this time, he receives a message, and he sees Purple hair in this. He thinks an agent from the Security Management Department is also in the advance party, so the Bishop want to get rid of Balack and him, and he was being loyal and did everything for her and yet she treat him this way, so he's going to do something to her. Kanu sees the Duke's image and asks to Purple hair that he's really gave him his work. Purple hair answers that the Duke is right according to the channel analysis, and Kanu thinks he's very unpredictable. Kanu thinks the Duke isn't satisfied so he ignored the nondisclosure agreement and caused all this mess in the Internal Affairs Department. Kanu orders Purple hair to make sure to handle this right. The Director of Internal Affairs calls the last meeting for the advanced party, Purple hair goes there. He says to Balack that Purple hair is the agent from the Security Management Department. Balack suddenly calls Purple hair to Security Management, and catches his shoulder so he's surprised. Balack threatens Purple hair and says he'll watching him so he doesn't even think about it.

In the call, the Duke says Max think he's falling behind in the Security Department, and he's his sponsor so he wouldn't worry about these little things and just focus on his mission, and opportunities are given to those who're diligent, and he hangs up. The Duke says Max wouldn't understand why he's sponsoring both he and him of the Internal Affairs, and even when guys are on the same team, they'll be competing against each other while he sponsor them both. The Internal Affairs agents arrive at an illegal Underground clinic which have removed prisoners' tracer. The Director of Internal Affairs orders to read Aaron's memory who's knows where Hades'. An Internal Affairs agent says if he see inside a Devarim's head all his brain nerves will be overloaded and burned. Balack beats to Aaron, so he says he'll tell him everything.

Aaron says to corporal of Patrol that the Internal Affairs Department agents have come where he's. The Internal Affairs recognize that they're in the wrong place. Balack says Aaron trusted the Patrols so much that he screwed them. At this time, they notice that the escaped prisoners have entered the Palace. The Internal Affairs appears, and the [[Internal Affairs#Characters]Director]] says they'll handle the rest because they'll be sent to their prison anyway. At this time, Bomb guy uses Explosion ability. Honma flees with Max. Hades takes Rami up and appears, and he says the Transcriptome barrier is off now so that means it's a chaos. Hades is disappears, and a Transcriptome is appears.

The Transcriptomes are blow up people because the barrier for the Palace is already set up. He says to Purple hair that he can tell the Bishop that he know very well to whom his life depends on and that he'll be more useful later on so she should use him a lot more. He tries Bang to Transcriptome, but he sees Honma flees with Max. He can't receive teleport because he hasn't been chosen by Purple hair. Balack is released from the Planar Constraint because of Transcriptomes. He says the Transcriptome stepped on Balack and the physical error was recovered.

Hades did place cubes inside the Palace. He says to the Director of Internal Affairs that, Hades is based on the dice positions so the prisoners are after the Transcriptome controller. The Director of Internal Affairs says the prisoners must be trying to use the Intersecting Space to get out of the eight universe, because they understand that the Internal Affairs will never give up on them. The Director of Internal Affairs says the Internal Affairs need to come up with a quicker response, so they should disable the Transcriptome defense barrier.

The Director of Internal Affairs says there's no place in the eight universe that the prisoners can hide, and if they get caught again exceptional rules will be applied and Hades will be executed, and based on the circumstances, the previous escape was to try to send a message to the church, this time, this is for personal interest, and he brought other prisoners to sacrifice after removing the tracer and re-entered the Palace, he left the dice to go straight through the Intersecting Space, so it's hard to believe that he's trying to confuse the pursuing unit, and inside the Intersecting Space, Quanx abilities can't be used, he's being careless because he's not alone, and the main pursuing team will arrive. The Director of Internal Affairs says they should tell the Command Center to disable the barrier, and it can't be disrupted by the Security Department, and he says the Internal Affairs are going to need Security Management guy's help.

Balack blocks a big explosion with his ability, and wakes up stunned him. Balack folds the explosion and says he'll give it back to someone. He says they don't have to move so they don't go hurt themselves and they don't need to overdo it, but Balack refuse it and says he may not shoot him in the back.

Volume 7

He shoots Bang so Purple hair is pierces. He says he missed it by an inch and he could've taken Balack both. He says he swear if he ever shoot Balack, he'll shoot it right in front of him.

The explosion occurs and the hallucination ability breaks. Haaken goes out of the Palace. He says they can't afford to lose anyone but Hades. At this time, a Transcriptome appears. The Transcriptomes surrounding them. Bomb guy hurts and looking for his dog Navi and says he can't see anything and it seems to blocked so he has to break through so he uses his explosion ability, and he beheaded by a Transcriptome. The Intersecting Space lid is broken by explosion, and they're fall in to the Intersecting Space. The Transcriptomes can't come inside. He says Quanx skills can't be used in the Intersecting Space.

Max beats to Balack. He shakes his finger at Max, but he can't use his Quanx ability, he changes the subject so he says he can look over there. Blue skin slams to core of the Intersecting Space. At this time, Blue skin's a stone is broken, together core of the Intersecting Space is cracked. Blue skin says to Hades that he thinks they're almost done here and just one more swing will breaks the core. Hades breaks the core.

Hades says it's nothing happened. He says the space is dividing up now, and it's not what he imagined and it's very subtle. He explains that once they're in the Intersecting Space, they exist in multiple parallel universes at the same time, and simply put, this is the multiple dimension intersecting space of numerous spaces, and what he just destroyed what the tie that held the spaces together, as it's now destroyed, an individual "A" now exists in a multiple universes, as many as they're divided. He says Hades, in the universe eight will stay in universe eight as he's. Hades yells this isn't what he had in mind, and he wanted to spread his existence all over the universe and leave the universe eight for good. He says Hades will get his wish come true, and despite all that's happened and he's actually grateful, because they'll all get to live in those many universes, and if it's not universe eight, there's no reason for them to fight and they can make a fraternity in a completely new world while they're at it. At this time, the division has stopped. He says they're surrounded by the Transcriptomes so they're probably at universe eight. Hades angry and catches Rami, and he says he'll survive.

The Black Priests in the support team enter the Palace and finding Purple hair's dead body. However, when they see Purple hair's exit wound, an agent reads his memories, informs the senior agent. The senior agent orders that the agent should alert the team leader and send this image to all agents inside the Palace. The agent tuning in to the Internal Affairs frequency and sending the image. He was shoot Purple hair. The agent reports team leader that this is the memory recovered from Purple hair's wound. He sees image someone just used Telepathy. Balack says he saw him in his dream. He thinks it was a projection sent to the entire crew and he's discovered by the backup. At this time, in the core, the glowing ball is appears.

The glowing ball is getting bigger all of a sudden and Honma, Hades, Rami are get sucked inside. The glowing ball is snowball and other people are run away. The glowing ball is stopped and shrink. He thinks the glowing ball is seems to some sort of a counter-reaction from the emission waste still left on the tie. The glowing ball is getting really small and disappearing, and in here, the glowing ball, Hades' voice says he'll survive. Honma's voice says Hades should leave Rami alone. That voices sound in people's heads. Rami's voice says Jay is in danger. The glowing ball is rising and growing, and Hades' voice is says. The glowing ball becomes Hades' shape.

At first, the three merged body become Hades form, and his face is cracked open and Honma comes out of him. The Transcriptomes are come inside and the Intersecting Space barrier is lifted too. June realizes that their Quanx abilities are back too, and he teleports with Abigail. He says they aren't in Intersecting Space now. Balack rips the bottom but he says it's so deep even with the highest level of complanation, he still couldn't break through it. The rest people are surrounded by the Transcriptomes and are in crisis. At this time, Honma form turns into Rami form. Rami form is takes control of the Transcriptomes surrounding the Intersecting Space, and then rush out to save Jay. The Transcriptomes' face are turn into Hades. Thanks to it, the rest people inside the Intersecting Space are survive. He says to Max that Hades, Honma, Rami are must've been some sort of a fusion in the form of Mating and he can't explain how it works but of all the incidents that took place in an Intersecting Space, there have been ones with a similar outcome like this known as it. At this time, Balack rips sidewall and urges to him that they can go out because the sidewalls aren't as strong. The rest of the people flee. Balack arrests Blue skin with his skill, but he beat by Max. Max takes to Blue skin, and he says that he can't show up empty-handed to his peers.

Wine hair sees him. He thinks the Internal Affairs all found out about what he did, so he has to get out of the Palace and ask the Duke for help. At this time, he and Wine hair are walking into each other. He's arrested by Wine hair. Wine hair asks it was true that he were the one behind the feud between the Security Department, and he answers it was a self-defense. Balack aren't going to do anything, and he's coughs.

He says if Wine hair let him go, he'll introduce him a patron. Wine hair says he's more devout than he might come off as. He tells to Wine hair that in a whisper. Wine hair is in disturbance. All the Internal Affairs agents except Wine hair, him, Balack, are all wiped out by the Super-Transcriptome. He says perhaps now Wine hair is ready to take his offer more seriously. Wine hair frees him. He says they won't be reading their memories again because their patron's influence reaches throughout the church's Command Center, and they've to hide themselves from all the Transcriptomes until they're back under control. Wine hair runs and thinks he'll eventually fall behind the others with nothing but his skills, and if he want to keep his perks as an Internal Affairs agent he need that connection with up above, and in the end, he need money and a patron like he said, and if it's a major big shot like that. He and Balack run. He thinks after he survive this mess, he'll change his strategy within the Internal Affairs, and he won't serve anyone else but the Duke, and working as a church puppet won't get him anywhere, because they'll discard him as soon as he become useless, so he'll convince the Duke to make a secret society of his own, as invisible, yet powerful group within the Internal Affairs. Balack thinks he has a bad feeling about this and he'll take advantage of him.

Balack, he, Wine hair are arrive and discovers a camera drone. The church reporters ask to him, Balack, Wine hair. The Security Department agents captured a convict is become known to the church reporters. The church reporters are get the Security Department channel right now, and run to them. Balack sees this and angry, and he says he isn't the only one with the Surface Confinement ability. He sees the Ankh ship and says it seems like the riot will be settled down soon enough, and the church news will headline the Security Department heroes, and the Internal Affairs Department will hold the survivors responsible, and they won't welcome them with open arms when they get back, so he need to go see the Duke right away, and it's about time Balack got a patron too so let's stick together as a team.

Wine hair, he, Balack are teleported to the planet with Gosan family by space shuttle, because finding a Quanx who can teleport between planets is one thing, but persuading the Duke is another, above all, if they paid a visit to a residential area like that, his White Police Guards will kill them all, so they should never jeopardize him in any way. Balack and Wine hair are worry about AWOL, he says it'll take a few days for to clear up the Palace, and the Internal Affairs don't need them right now because there're more than enough agents at there to sort things out there and all they've to do is head back before everything settles down. Balack thinks if he's right about the patron he'll give him a pocket change to manipulate him while shutting him up at the same time but he won't let him get his way so easily.

Wine hair, he, Balack are arrive. The Half-Headed Quanx seems to sees the outer by the Partial Teleportation, and says to the two White Police Guards that three Quanxs are headed this way. The Half-Headed Quanx says that the guys who came to see the Duke and they pose no threats. They see Abigail and think that what's going on here and what's he doing here. They see the message. It says they should arrest Abigail on sight. He says may the Bishop's order not go against the Duke's will.

He, Wine hair, Balack say to the agent that their story. The agent says he thinks the Duke has to hear this himself, and he calls to him. The Duke says the agent should send them over immediately. The Duke orders to the White Police Guards that those who seek his sponsorship is on their way here, so carry on. He, Wine hair, Balack are arrive and see Abigail. He's kneels, Wine hair is bends down, Balack is standing. The Duke promises him to recruit 2 people. He asks the Internal Affairs Department just issued an arrest warrant for Abigail over there, by the order of the Bishop, so they would like to take him into custody. The Duke says he heard that Abigail is facing the iron dog punishment and he accepts it. But the Duke says on one condition, he orders the White Police Guards that someone fetch him his sword.

Balack was planar constrained Abigail who's lost his arms, he begins to receive have supporting money from the Duke with his recommendation. Balack checks his bank balance and says the Duke expects him to be his lap dog for some paycheck. He says that's just a pre-paid paycheck for this month, and Balack will get the Duke's incentives along the way, depending on how well he take care of things and that alone should be more than enough to make him loyal, this means that, as of this moment, they're under his sponsorship.

In 1. A.E. (7), in the universe thirteen, Intersecting Space Bureau, the one person is all ready to cross over. The person is the only one who survived out of everyone from the universe eight. It means that he from universe thirteen is dead.

7 years 1 month ago Edit

In Sixteen (19), Ran tells Edel's father will return to the Black Chapter and Ham (Balak) will make his come back, but his heart will secretly hold a seed of conflict and division, which will found a new story to take place later. At this time, his silhouette comes out.

In Sixteen (25), horned nose tells Balak said Edel is his nephew, but Edel is more likely to be his son. He tells if so, this is actually a great opportunity for them. Balak annoys Korah by his memory. He says to horned nose that this be the chance for Korah to learn about Balak. He meets Balak and proposes he can pull somethings for Balak's nephew if Balak return to the Black Chapter. Balak tells he doesn't return to the chapter because if he come back here, the chapter is only going to fall apart. After Balak left, he talk to himself that captain need him for that exact reason.

He's cunning like a his nickname fox.

He plants his right-hand man in the cell where Edel is imprisoned. Because it's what takes to bring back Balak. Meanwhile, Max, the deputy head of Internal Affairs and lead a group that against him. Bull horn tells they also put one of their own in Balak's nephew's cell.

Edel's first trial is held after 3 months and Edel is sentenced to death. Edel is sentenced to death again in the second trial after another 3 months. He says to his right-hand man that they need an incident that will certainly dismiss Edel and Balak's appeal, so Balak will get on his knees and beg for help, so he orders to move on to the next part of the plan. His right-hand man and Edel grew very close in the cell. Edel's response is more than unexpects. But Edel changes his mind soon enough after getting a call from O.

Bull horn says to Max that it seems he's trying to break Edel out so his left with no cards to play. Max doubts, he really thinks that Balak wouldn't suspect insider's help the moment Edel breaks out. So Max orders Edel's execution upon capture and make sure to carry out the execution from afar to not butt into his men so they don't want to see he pull another one of his sneaky tricks on them.

O tells Balak (Ham) that Edel has escaped. Mr. Tear says to bull horn that Tear like Edel's reason for escape, but it's a shame that Edel is his nephew, so Tear can't wait to get Tear's hands on Edel and tear Edel into pieces.

Korah calls him and tells looks like bull horn and Mr. Tear one step ahead of them. Balak calls him and tells Balak knows he did so if anything happens to Balak's nephew, Balak will annihilate all of him, the Balak's way. He tells Balak is still bad as ever, and it seems that Max sent Tear for the job and they're already on the move, but Balak better hurry himself because Balak know better than anyone how Max handles the fugitives. Toshka case file is mentions assassination of Mother Madonna and insides some character, a character that looks like him, and some bishops.

When his men arrives at the scene, they finds unconscious Balak lying on the ground, Edel dismembered in 2 dimension, and a crying Deva. He says to Balak that Balak froze Edel into a plane before he got completely chopped up, so they can still save Edel with his power and the Bureau's medical technology, but Edel will have scars because all they can do is just reattaching Edel's tissues and stitching Edel's up. And he tells he doesn't care about Balak's past political factions in the Bureau, so promise him Balak become his hellhound upon Balak's return, therefore kisses his feet if Balak accept his offer. Not many knew what the kiss meant then. Not many knew that Balak's return would spark a bloodbath in the church.

While Edel was recovering from Edel's surgery in the revival care, he talked to the archbishop to put in a special appeal for Edel. During the trial, court recited the Guardian priest's primary role and pointed out the extremity of the sotuation, and gave Edel only 2 years.

Balak shouts. But at this time he calls Balak. Balak does gymnastics weirdly smooth. He informs that Balak's nephew has escaped again.

3 days later, Balak says to horned nose and Korah that Balak will ask him to put a hold on Edel's arrest.

Max says to Balak that, Max heard that he asked Balak to be his right-hand man, so Max thinks he can be such a sweetheart sometimes. And Max tells he took Balak to tear apart the Internal Affairs, so priests are already busy trying to figure out which team they should side with, but he overlooked one thing about Balak because if Balak can be a divider, Balak also can be a uniter. So Max tells, Max and Balak join the church instead of having the church own them. But nobody knew that Max's suggestion has only inspired Balak to come up with Balak's own game plans.

In 12. A.E. (2), he says to Max that he knows that they stand on the opposite side of things, but he hopes Max keep things resonable, whatever Max has offered to Balak. Max tells himself was just saying hello to an old friend. Balak says to Edel that he has got to hunt down 2 white rats.

Quanx abilities Edit

Appearances in Other Media Edit

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit


Screenshot 2017-04-27-16-01-50

Default skin (Lv 1, 3 stars ~ Lv 25, 5 stars)


Screenshot 2017-06-09-13-44-24

Growth skin (Lv 1, 6 stars ~ Lv 40, 6 stars)

Light attribute

Vitality 13464
Damage 637
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 40, 6 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Thrust 6 Thrust Passive At the basic attack, thrusts enemies in the probabilistically.
Healing 4 Healing 8' Heals one ally who the lowest remaining vitality.
Bang 4 Bang 10' Character is fires the energy beam to the enemy who remains lowest vitality, pushing the enemy out of the trajectory and damaging it.
  • Character Description

He's cunning as a fox.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Gatsu is a playable character.

Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit


Attack Power: 3.34K

Level: 1 HP: 337
ATK: 354 DEF: 350
Power Up Level: 0/30 Awakening Level: Step 1 1Lv
Promotion Level: 0/7
Fire Attributes: 82 Ground Attributes: 18 Water Attributes: 9 Light Attributes: 53
  • Skill


Bang (빵야, Ppangya)

★ Type.1 - Activates with a 17% chance.

- Inflicts 238% violent damage.

- Can't be avoided.

★ Fire attribute increased by 62.

★ Skill cool time: 38 turns.

  • Promotion

1Lv: Fire+1 Ground+1 Water+2 Light+2: Hero's critical damage +500

2Lv: Fire+3 Ground+3 Water+2 Light+6: Hero's invincibleness +500

3Lv: Fire+5 Ground+5 Water+3 Light+12: Hero's attack +10%

4Lv: Fire+8 Ground+9 Water+5 Light+18: Hero's defense +10%

5Lv: Fire+13 Ground+11 Water+6 Light+28: Hero's critical effect +50%

6Lv: Fire+16 Ground+14 Water+7 Light+40: Hero's HP +15%

7Lv: Fire+20 Ground+18 Water+9 Light+53: Activate combo effect, combo+10%

  • Treasure


Class: SSR
Race: Densinma
Sex: Male
Job: Denma
  • Hero's Introduction

Balack... Ha! This guy... You thought I was a pushover, huh?

He's the former captain of Internal Affairs, a member of the Church of Madonna. His nickname is fox, because of his quick judgment and quick get the picture of the progress of a battle situation.

In Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON, Gatsu is a playable hero.

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Trivia Edit

  • He has long ears and at the bottom of the ears it appears that it's purple. He looks like Pikachu. In South Korea, people calls Piccolchu (피콜츄, Pikolchyu). Piccolchu means Piccolo from Dragon Ball + Pikachu from Pokémon. link 1 (Korean), link 2 (Korean)
  • It seems that Denma fans love to ship he and Balack as dysfunctional couple. Third Top comment Below there're some fan arts of this couple.
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