For Supervisor Edrei (반장 에드레이를 위한, Banjang Edeureireul wihan) is the tenth episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

This is one of the joke episodes.

You can see Quanx deliverers in D-3.

For our Team Leader, Edrei is old English version's name.

Characters Edit

  1. Edrei
  2. Red eyeglass Savoy
  3. Gaal's junior Savoy
  4. Edrei's Eve
  5. Denma
  6. Jet
  7. Eyebrow hair
  8. Frog skin
  9. Ringed baldhead
  10. Sky blue skin

Quotes Edit

  • "Hahaha... I warned you so. It's too late now. Come on, my comrades! Annihilate them!" -Edrei
  • "Go, Edrei! Go, supervisor Edrei!" -All Quanx deliverers in D-3
  • The universal flash mob for supervisor Edrei. -Narrator

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Edrei: Ugh! W...What are you...?

Red eyeglass Savoy: The most you struggle, the more it'll tighten up.

Gaal's junior Savoy: It seems that you've never met Savoys like us, huh?

Edrei: Shut up and untie me or you'll regret soon!

Red eyeglass Savoy: By the way... Was it all he got, huh?

Gaal's junior Savoy: Nah... He'd do something better than catching roaches.

Edrei's Eve's octopus: Master! The headquarters sent messages to others!

Edrei: Good! You don't know what trouble you made... Since my colleagues heard about me... You guys will be so dead!

Denma: What?

Zet: Our team leader Edrei...

Eyebrow hair: Is abducted by Savoys?

Frog skin: Then...

Ringed Baldhead: All Quanx delivery men in quarter 3...

Sky blue skin: Congregate by 12PM...

A Quanx deliverer: In Silverquick standard time...

Another Quanx deliverer: We're going to Edrei!

Gaal's junior Savoy: What... are they?

Red eyeglass Savoy: N...No way, are you all Quanx?

Edrei: Giggle... See? I warned you. It's too late to regret. Come on, my lads! Wipe them out without a trace!!

Denma: Go, Edrei!

Ringed Baldhead: Our leader, Edrei, go!

Narrator: The space flash mob for our team leader, Edrei.

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