Federick (페드릭, Pedeurik) is a character in Denma.

There are many people who mistranslated or misnamed his name to Patrick (패드릭, Paedeurik).

Biography[edit | edit source]

20 years 1 month ago[edit | edit source]


In A Catnap (62), the Duke arrives the underground prison and asks why didn't El tell him he was the Little Emperor. El says he wouldn't dare say that in front of him. The Duke offers to drink with him. El says he heard from people about the Duke offering drinks and it would be a great honor for him. The Duke makes up for his rudeness so he gives him to El, who's one of his White Police Guards that he fully trust and he's a combat style Hyper-Quanx that passed all the hardcore trainings so it'll make him feel like he own an army. The Duke says he'll be loyal to El except for the times that he call in the White Police Guards, and he asks he can show the Little Emperor's branding. El brands the symbol to him and he says this like a tattoo but a little different and if the people have this symbol branded he can transfer his emotions and health conditions to them.

El and his people are disappear.

El says to Hazz that his paycheck is 100 times the usual rate so this is outrageous. Hazz says with the price, El now have connection with the Duke himself. El asks what he did get from following Hazz's advice, and first he gave up the halidom, and now he has to pay that him two more digits. At this time, a hologram with white 100 on the orange background is appears in front of his face. He says to El that the Duke summoned him so he'll be back soon, and it seems he's on planet Aorica, and he teleports. El grabs Hazz by the collar and says he goes away whenever the Duke wants him so it's not security because he doesn't feel safe at all. Hazz says they've been through this already, and their goal is to build a relationship with the Duke. Hazz angry so he uses reverse arm-bar to El, and says he's lucky he's his master, otherwise, he'd has broken his arm. Haaken asks to his comrades that where's the rest of the crew. A comrade says he doesn't know since when, but they went out of reach one by one, and his guess is they either got tired from all the fighting and ran away, or got killed by El's new goon.

In 1. A.E. (3), the White Police Guards kill The Thousand Men, and they say that 'All clear'. A satellite robot just entered the planetary orbit. The Duke says the satellite is taking images of the planet Aorica right now. The Duke orders the White Police Guards that it's time to bring out the best of their abilities and complete the mission, and as for those of them who were stationed elsewhere, their masters will want to know why they were called in, so let them all know that they'll be streaming live from planet Aorica, and once their mission is complete, they'll be the public enemy number one of the universe eight, and let's begin.

Hazz says El and he should borrow the Duke's White Police Guards, and surprisingly, they're all combat Hyper-Quanxs capable of Interplanetary Teleportation, but only few people know about this. El says the Duke won't just let them use his guards, and he's nothing but a burden he tossed his way. Hazz says El can ask the Duke for four more guards and they could say they need them to restore order around their establishment. El says they don't need that many anyway, Hazz says he knew he'd say that, so he already requested it on his behalf. At this time, he calls to El and reports that he thought he might be wondering why the Duke summoned him the planet Aorica, so he can allow him to show him what the White Police Guards doing here. He shows the live feed from the satellite orbiting planet Aorica. El thinks what the White Police Guards up to, and he surprised to see this.

Haaken meets Kaiser. Haaken says soon he'll get what's coming for Kaiser for his betrayal. Kaiser says that's okay, because if he die as El's dog, his family will get a job, and they got a new Hyper-Quanx who can do Interplanetary Teleportation, so he heard there will be a major bust on the Wolves' Den this month, and if he survived until then and get dispatched himself, he should take care of Haaken first, 'cause he can't let beautiful Guyrin die in the hands of some wolf talking gibberish in despair.

1 month ago[edit | edit source]

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (6), 20 years later, Denma thinks his uncle once said something. In his recall, Uncle seems to kill 2 people, and he sits on the chair, and he's smoking. Uncle says, this space is big, and Dike would be amazed how many are out there just like El's Five Fingers, and if he keep acting out, he'll draw their attention eventually, so, be careful. Uncle shows his artificial hand and says, Dike should remember what happened to his right hand, and if he act like a big shot with his parlor tricks, he'll end up like him. Denma thinks with enough Quanxs the level of El's Five Fingers, anything is possible, and they're obscenely strong, and they'd need a special category just for them inside Hypers, and that's how strong they're.

In (9), he protects the young master who've a penis nose. The young master says he ordered Marvin to do that and the longer the El family drag this out, the only thing they're getting is more flies, and if Hazz think about the cost it'd take to get rid of all those nuisances, and it's cheaper this way, and that's what he taught him so don't put this on him. Hazz says when the business index gets out and the Gosans find out about it, and they might take it the wrong way. The young master angry and shouts Hazz should shut up about Gosan, and the El family to bow down to the Gosan family and they're so great because they blew up a planet but they don't have to be scared of them for it, and this M&A got them enough firepower to fight them. The young master says Hazz should be grateful for his father, and if it weren't for him, he would've fired him ages ago after he take everything he stole from them behind the El family's backs. Hazz says all he ever did was for the young master's father, Count El. The young master says Hazz just used El, cause he was so indecisive, and he only cared about his own gain, and he know what he has been doing around here. El who's lying in bed and get an IV with taken off his mask, sees this to the screen, and he orders Lot to go bring them over here. Lot brings Hazz, he, the young master. El calls the young master to Cain, and he says he should say he's sorry to uncle Hazz, right now. Cain rejects this and he asks since when was Hazz his uncle. Cain shouts El should snap out of it, and Hazz is been using him from day one. El orders Lot to beat some sense into Cain. Lot beats Cain. He and Hazz try to stop from Lot kicking Cain. El says he's watching everyone who's under his care shall not act out without Hazz's permission, and mark his words, and his decision is his decision.

Outside, Cain complains El to humiliating him in front of his men so he's stupid old man. Cain orders to Marvin that from now on, he don't report anything about the merger to Hazz anymore, because he's the one in charge, and he let him know as soon as he so much as look at him funny. Cain orders to him that he want to be alone for a minute so he take some time off too until he call him. Cain calls Hazz is greedy fat pig.

20181216 191430.png

He thinks someone is a son of a bitch.

He calls to Lot because they need to talk. Glyph of forehead and White man see this. Glyph of forehead says finally they'll beat down, and he calls to a woman and informs this. The woman surprised this, and asks let's break them off. They're appear in front of he and Lot. He says he knows the woman is expecting a show, but it's not happening. Glyph of forehead and White man say that they can punch each other's brains out. The woman says she believes in them, and she takes them away through Teleporting. He angry and says how dare Lot lay a finger on Cain, let alone, right in front of the Count. Lot says El told him to teach Cain some manners so he did. He says one day, if Lot keep it up, he'll get what's coming for him. Lot says if he could kill him with his big words, he'd been dead a thousand times already. He says Lot think he's a hot shot because El was generous enough to keep him around. Lot says El is about to die, he became a lap dog for the heir, and it's at his age no less, so shame on him. Lot says fight with him. He sighs and says Lot is lucky because Gaya is watching them right now so he tolerates him. He says out of all the Five Fingers he's El's thumb. Lot says he's the leader of the bunch and it's them who's confused right now. Lot says if he's El's thumb, then maybe he's his middle finger.

The glasses accountant says Lot will win. Another accountant says he has been around the block a few times so he knows, and guys who talk big are never that strong, and he's the thumb for a reason. The accountant calls Marvin's junior to Ayn and asks who does he think is the strongest of all the White Police Guards. Ayn answers of course, those two are quite strong, but he bet is Haggler, who's the one Duke Gosan always keeps around, and he wouldn't have made it as the Duke's personal bodyguard if he's weak. Bowl cut calls to him that he need this. He says why're junior White Police Guards all so clingy today. Glyph of forehead says everyone wants a meeting with him today, and they're so desperate for a new position. White man says the clever ones are all swarming around Count El after hearing the news about the merger. Glyph of forehead says the El's Five Fingers haven't heard a word from the Gosan family for over a year now, and they never once issued a draft either. White man says the Gosan family really getting rid of the El's Five Fingers, like the rumors say, and he explains the rumors that Duke Gosan is disbanding the old White Police Guards that the Duke passed down to him, and making a new police force. Glyph of forehead asks who would he choose if he had to choose either Gosan or El. He asks to Lot that he knows it'll never happen, but if Gosan really abandons them. Lot says he and he get whoever's paying more as his new master.

At the evening, Cain, who's in the small bath, he orders he can leave now and come to work after lunch tomorrow.

Current time[edit | edit source]

In Kuan's Fridge (61) - Ch.592, he sees a hologram and says to Gaya that he didn't expect to see so many volunteers. Gaya says at this late, it's only a matter of time before all the Duke's White Police Guards stationed elsewhere. At this time, Glyph of forehead, White man and OBs are fight and appear. OBs see Gaya and him. Crescent moon says he can't say they're glad to see him again. Green guy says he gave them the order, and Shaved ice seller says he tried to keep them in check since Aorica. He says he didn't gave them the order. White man shows the memories to him that which is what happened so far. Crescent moon says there're more places to clean up so it's great, and it just keeps on coming. He sees drugs, and says now he remember, and the drugs that supposedly disappeared during the Aorica incident, there were rumors going around, and he should've known OB were behind it. Shaved ice seller says he doesn't know the whole story so he doesn't judge them with what little he knows. He shouts, and OBs prepare for combat, and Shaved ice seller says that what he's gonna does, and he wanna fight them or something, and he sure he about this. He's winced. At the moment, Lot who's wearing a towel, he appears and shouts to Gaya that he told her he's in a shower.

Lot sees OBs. OBs are surprised. Lot says he thought OBs retired. OBs say that it's right and ask that what Lot is doing here. Lot sits a chair and answers he's working and he asks what OBs brings here. OBs answers that they're working too. Lot says OBs don't just stand there and sit. OBs say that they standing up is more comfortable this way. Lot says it's not comfortable for him because he has to look up, so OBs should sit. Shaved ice seller was upset for a second, and says they're not the same old seniors Lot used to know, and they're not sitting down because of him told them to, and they're sitting down 'cause they wanted to. OBs are kneel in front of Lot. He angry and shouts that OBs are still Lot's seniors, and how dare he makes them kneel like that. OBs say that they're not kneeling down and this is how they always sat down. White man says to him that they should bring this matter to Master Hazz immediately.

Hazz and OBs are talk, and he and Lot watch it. Glyph of forehead and White man say that, Lot was awesome, because those three are no jokes either, and that must've set of him, and he's looking this way, so they may look away.

He calls to Hazz and reports that he has a message for him from the Devarims, and they asked for a meeting, and a rather unexpected request, which is that they requested that they protect them about a hundred of them, to be exact. Hazz is surprised and asks that the Devarims protect from the church is correct. He answers that that's right, and also from the Gosan family. Hazz says this is getting way out of hand, and they don't want any unnecessary burden here, and his offer only started out of personal curiosity, nothing more. He reports that the Devarims also added that if Hazz find out what the church body is planning, he'll probably find his offer worthwhile.

In a bathtub, Hazz calls to him and orders that he should bring this so-called head of the Devarims over here, now, alright, he got his attention, and if he was just screwing with him, he has another thing coming.

Hazz orders to El's Five Fingers that they should head over to their designated area, and bring all the Devarims safely.

He calls and says Glyph of forehead and White man all received the contract sheet Master Hazz had given them, and they can get Lot and Gaya as well, because they need to talk.

He asks what do guys think to Master Hazz's offer. Lot sees a hologram and curious that just what did they offer to get y'all so tense. He asks that they can just say it, and what they does think. White man says he's not sure, and their offer definitely seems tempting. Glyph of forehead says he means they see Count El all the time, but he can't even remember the last time he met Duke Gosan. Gaya says now she feels like the people here are more of a family to her than the Gosan's. Lot shouts that this is amazing, and it totally beats Gosan's offers, and he signs a contract. The other El's Five Fingers see him. Lot says the other El's Five Fingers think they won't get this kind of offer ever again in their lifetime, so they can take it when they still can. Glyph of forehead signs a contract and says Lot shouts so he didn't mean to press the button, and he was trying to be loyal. He tries to go somewhere, and White man asks to him that he's staying with the Gosan's. He answers that he signed before the other El's Five Fingers got here, and they're surprised.

He calls to Lot and shouts that, does he even know what's going on right now. Lot says to Daniel that he should zip it and as for him, he'll swallow his filthy mouth in one bite. Daniel says it's gross. Lot answers to him that he's at harem where their spoiled little Duke Gosan is, and apparently, he's gonna teach a lesson to his dogs that betrayed their master, and their little self-righteous Duke here who just kept the leash on and never bothered to give two shits about his guard dogs is going to get rid of his old dogs with his new ones, when all they did was getting fed up with his negligence.

Cain sees two of El's Five Fingers' dead bodies, who're killed by surprise, and he pray for the repose of their soul with Hazz, Mori, Lot, Gaya, and him. Gaya is cries and he and Lot are comfort her. Cain asks to him that Gosan's lap dogs who trespassed on his backyard did this. He answers that they got there as quickly as they could, but they were too late. Cain says Hazz bought off the White Police Guards without having a single word with him, and he brought those maniacs right into his front yard. Hazz says he has no excuses, and he should've been more careful, and he just didn't expect Gosan to react this emotionally. Cain says what if the Gosan family weren't after the Devarims, and what if they were after El or him, and he doesn't give a shit about them, and he's busy keeping his pockets full. Hazz says it's not. Cain angry and shouts that these corpses are proof that Hazz is just a greedy pig, and he's ungrateful, despicable bastard, and they took him in when he was starving on the streets, and now he thinks he own the place, and he knows what his little angle was when he let those Devarim bums in their house. Lot angry and says that Cain should stop whining, but he covers his mouth. Cain shouts that Hazz wanted to put them in harm's way, just so he can take over this family all by himself when they're gone, and just how stupid does he think he and El, so he's damn hypocrite, and he doesn't even wanna see his face, so he should get the hell out, and he's fed up with him, and as for those White Police Guards and the Devarims send them back to the Gosan's where they belong. Hazz says he's afraid he can't do that, because he's gonna sell the Devarims to the church.

Cain shouts that Hazz isn't fooling anymore. Hazz says just a moment, and he calls to Lot that he said he just met Duke Gosan in person. Cain angry and grabs Hazz by the collar and shout that he's talking to him, now he's ignoring him right in front of his face. Hazz says he has always been and always will be on Cain's side, but this is an emergency, the clock is ticking as they speak, he says he brings a message from the Gosan family, so he may calm down and let's hear him out first. Lot says he doesn't know that's a little, he'll tell Hazz everything that happened there, and he won't leave out any detail. Hazz says what they need to know isn't just the message itself, but also the exact nuance as well, that's the only way they can plan their next move. Mori sends his memory to Cain and Hazz through his hair. He says to Gaya that even after Hazz was humiliated in front of them, he's still doing his job without so much as a flinch, he's telling her that he get that he's goal-oriented and all, but sometimes, he gives him the creeps.

He reports to Hazz that Gosan just summoned all the White Police Guards. Hazz asks to him that what about the ones that joined the El family. He says that the old White Police Guards got the message while arranging the funeral here, some hesitated, but they'd already heard of the conflict here, so they're not go Gosan's. Hazz says that given Gosan's circumstances, there's no need to wonder about why the old White Police Guards issued the summon order, and as Master Cain said, he should really comes up with a new name for their guards, fast, and issue a summon order of their own.

Cain wears cape and orders to him that this is the coordinates sent by the church body so he should check it out. Cain says to him that it's where he's supposed to meet the Head Bishop, and he won't stay around for the funeral, now let's go prepare a surprise event for Gosan family that'll turn them upside down.

El sees Cain and him on the screen. El orders to Gaya that she should tell Lot he'll give him a bonus, something to lift up his spirits, and he needs to help him and become the practical leader of the new team.

At outside, Lot calls to him. He says that he's busy right now. Lot says that he has a favor to ask him. He asks that what makes Lot think he'll does him any favors. Lot answers that the Count said that when they finish organizing the new guard team, he'll make them their leaders. At a temple of the Church of Madonna in one of the outer planets, he holds Cain's cape, and there are a Deva and two judges here. Lot says that he hates that crap, and he'll be a good boy from now on, and he'll do whatever he say, so he can leave him out of the new guard team. He says that it'll be fun to choose whichever makes Lot more miserable, but then again, if he take the leader position with him, he'll drive him crazy, and it's fine, he has a deal. Lot says that it's good and he can't backsies. Lot asks that he seem to be outside. He says where he's, and he's on guard duty for Cain. Lot says that he's running an errand from the Count, he wanted him to capture the Pentagon's leader called "Eldgon", and as it turns out he wasn't far away, he's at a local market in Urano.

Cain and he arrive to the El family. Cain orders to him that he should wait outside. Cain calls him and asks that what's uncle Hazz up to right now. He answers that Hazz just finished arranging the funeral, and he's getting ready for the rehearsal of the new guard team inauguration. Cain orders that he should tell Hazz to come over for a moment because he needs his help with this one.

He calls to Hazz.

In the White man and Glyph of forehead's funeral, Hazz makes a speech that their deaths are the Gosan family's answer that the old White Police Guards who dedicated their youth to serve them with nothing but loyalty. There's old White Police Guards in front of Hazz. Hazz makes a speech that Gosan who calls himself the ruler of universe eight wasn't say the acknowledgement for heroes who protected the Duke and he wasn't make a prior notice and handed over the reputation and worth they've built to the new White Police Guards. He says to Federick and Gaya that Hazz's speech is energetic and driven. Hazz makes a speech that he's the chief butler of the El family and when young he was intended ruthless and filled with rage because the apes in power stomped on the weak people so he was beyond forbearance. Behind Hazz are El, red guards, Cain, he, Gaya and Lot, and in front of him, there're White man and Glyph of forehead's dead bodies. Hazz makes a speech that, to get away from it all, he needed a footstool to the next step, a means of stepping on that selfish ape, so he found Nobles of high rank, and when the old White Police Guards hear the Noble of universe eight, he's convinced that the image that comes to their head isn't so different but he didn't matter 'cause they were the means to end for him, but then he met Count El. Lot says to him that Hazz is swearing Nobles before a Noble so this is why he love him. He says that Lot should be quiet. Hazz tells that in the entire universe eight, the Noble was climbed up a wall with both hands burnt and ran through a minefield for his butler without any hesitation, and when he woke up, he was shocked him more than the fact that he was still alive, was El's blood and flesh on his clothes, at that moment, the means had come to the end and he realized that it was worth dying for him, so this is the tie of blood that's become the symbol of the El family. Hazz raise one hand straight up in the air and says that his brothers and sisters will now leave a strange and fictitious name, White Police Guards, now they'll be reborn as the White Warriors of the El family who establish new order in this universe, he welcomes them. The other people also put up their hand with a rush and shouts. Hazz shouts that on the El's tie of blood, and the people also shouts. Hazz shouts that with the victory of a great White Warriors, and the people also shouts. Hazz shouts that to the glory of the new ruler of the universe eight, and the people also shouts. Hazz shouts that with honor because of the loyalty to Count El, and the people also shouts. El is just standing. Lot says to him that a crazy feast is left and he really have to so somewhere soon. He asks that where Lot think he's going because they've to meet new members. Lot says that the leader is his job, and he can leave some wine for him. Lot teleports to somewhere.

Quanx Abilities[edit | edit source]

Appearances in Other Media[edit | edit source]

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON[edit | edit source]


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-36-56.jpg

Default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-37-04.jpg

Growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Darkness attribute

Vitality 31784
Damage 401
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Absorption of vitality.png 6 Absorption of vitality Passive Restores character's vitality during basic attacks.
I keep it!.png 4 I keep it! 9' Reduces the amount of damage that the character and surrounding ally have.
I'm El's thumb!.png 4 I'm El's thumb! 12' The character provokes nearby enemies and creates a shield that is proportional to the character's vitality.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Blow after blow Passive During a basic attack, the blow after blow is triggered stochastically.
  • Character Description

He's the leader of the El's Five Fingers. He makes a very good combination with Lot in his workplace.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Federick is playable character.

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