Even (에반, Eban) is the planet of Denma.

Evan is old English version's name.

Summary Edit

This is the stage of Mandragora. Denma goes to deliver to Sister Naomi here. The recipient goes missing, so Denma and Cell leaving there. They take care of other packages first until they get the GPS taking permit from Even police department.

Here is the Bethel Sister's house. It is the nunnery of the Goel Orthodox Church. Sister Naomi came here 5 years ago. When Sister Naomi left Winnova, the priests of the Goel Orthodox Church there sent her Mandragoras every year. Sister Naomi is inviting in the homeless. Church-goers stopped coming one by one, complaining about the stink. And it is suffers from a land title lawsuit and is in danger of being demolished. Fortunately, there was not demolished with the help of homeless and mayor of Evenessel.

Evenessel is a retirement city of planet Even. The older population makes up more than half of the Evenessel, so there's biggest interest is always locked on healthcare. Most people in Evenessel have experienced the amazing remedial effects of Mandragoras, cultivated by Sister Naomi.