Eve Rachel (이브 라헬, Ibeu Rahel) is the fourth episode of Denma.

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In this episode, Sliverquick's Station 7, which is Silverquick's headquarters is revealed.

Here the Space disease is first mentioned.

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Characters Edit

  1. Denma
  2. Cell
  3. Deliverer (debut)
  4. Rachel
  5. Expired deliverer's Eve
  6. Marvic
  7. Expired deliverer (debut)
  8. Captain (debut)
  9. Quai
  10. Puppy
  11. Another delivery men
  12. A delivery man
  13. Ricecake (debut)
  14. A trainee deliverer (debut)
  15. Another trainee deliverer (debut)

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Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Old English version's lines

Cell: What is it?

Rachel: That's my diary. I want you to keep it for me...

Cell: Rachel... Why did you...?

A trainee deliverer: W...What was it?

Denma: Garaetteok!

Garaetteok: Korean rice-cake which is white and bar-shaped.

A trainee deliverer: Pardon?

Deliverer: That's how we call it. You can see them anywhere in the headquarters. The dead guys are kind of example. Everybody at Silverquick has 3 month apprentice period. Just like you guys. Since we were offenders, at first, most people get upset and defy the company.

Denma: We almost become a cube as well. Fortunately, other guys lost their temper earlier than us. Thanks to them, we're still alive. We also wanted to escape here.

Deliverer: I still wake up at night because I'm so angry at this bloody company. But I can't help it. If I attempt to do something, I'll end up dying.

A trainee deliverer: Then... What should we do now?

Denma: What you can do is...


Denma: Either end up dying as a dice...

Rub Rub

Denma: 'Here, they can hear everything we say.'

Scribble Scribble

A trainee deliverer: 'Ah....'

Denma: 'Some people are seeking the way to escape..'

Scribble Scribble

Denma: Or fulfill the term of your contract venting your spite on your Eve.

A trainee deliverer: What?

Pow Pow

Expired deliverer: In 6 hours, I'm free!

Pow Pow Pow

Expired deliverer: Are you delighted? Then, your pain will end as well!

Pow Pow

Marvic: You know... I volunteered to come here 'cause I needed money. Because my sister got the space plague called "Them". Everybody told me to give up, but I couldn't. Rachel... Why... Why did you do that?


Huff Puff Huff Puff

Huff Puff Huff Puff

Cell: '...Rachel!'

Pow Pow

Pow Pow

Expired deliverer: Har Har...


Cell: Rachel... Why did you...?

Expired deliverer: Yeah, enjoy your time! You poor souls! See? I made it! I survived! Silverquick, you bloody bastards! I'll have a piss on you!


Expired deliverer: I have long awaited this moment...

Rachel: Our masters...

Expired deliverer: !

Rachel: They don't know...


Rachel: That they will be killed when their contract is over... He's warm and gracious... I couldn't let him...




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