This is a episode. For Silverquick's assist-bot see Eve

EVE (이브(EVE), Ibeu) is the third episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

In this episode, Silverquick is first appeared for the first time.

It explains Eve.

Characters Edit

  1. Cell
  2. A deliverer (debut)
  3. A deliverer's Eve (debut)
  4. Denma
  5. Another deliverer's Eve (debut)
  6. Another deliverer (debut)
  7. Dr. Yahwah (debut)
  8. Quai

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines





Cell: Hello. My name is Cell! I'm a customized android called "Eve" with intelligence and emotion. I belong to Silverquick, a space delivery company. At first, All of us look the same. But as we use adaptable forming, our look varies according to our masters. It's only my guess though. So, some Eves whose master is cool-hearted and practical tend to look sharp, while others whose master is warm-hearted and romantic tend to be round like me.

Denma: Yeah! Kill them! Kill all of them!

Cell: Maybe, I'm wrong. I'm not sure which part of our look perfects which attributes of our masters, but we are as various as personalities of our masters.

Another deliverer: Oh! I'm the best in this universe!

Cell: 'Do we get taller when the master is a bluffer?'

Cell: We're designed to be indoor only. If we're exposed to the sun... We get burnt out completely. Nyah-ha-nyah!

Denma: What are you doing?

Cell: I feel like I should suck your blood... Our main duty is to support master so that he can complete his job without any problems. Not only that, cleaning, cooking...

Cell: 'What the...'

Cell: Clearing up master's body in case he dies at work... Huh?

Denma: Oi! Stop!

Cell: As long as we can make our master pleased...

Denma: Shut up!

Cell: We offer them a total entertainment... That is to say a slave...!

Denma: Oi! Another drink!


Cell: Anyway, the thing is...


Cell: When we communicate with our masters,


Cell: We have a problem.


Cell: It's our emotional expression. I don't know why, but Dr. Yahwah, our creator... She programmed us to feel all kinds of emotions, but didn't separate functions to express our joy and sorrow. Nyah-ha-nyah-. Ha-heu-hah... So, our masters can't distinguish whether we laugh or cry. Of course, Eves can understand each other how they feel using our eyes and tentacles.

Denma: Darn! I lost the parcel! It will prolong my contract...

Cell: See? He can't tell the difference!

Denma: Well, did I misunderstand you?

Cell: No, you didn't. Let's see... What should I tell you more? I'll let you know when it comes to my mind! Nyah-ha-nyah!

Quai: 快 (fast or happy). It's a name.

Cell: Ah! his name is Quai! He is... ...... Nyah-hang! What are you? I know nothing about him but his name!

Quai: 喜 (joy), 怒 (anger), 哀 (sorrow), 樂 (pleasure)

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