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Energy Adjustment and Transmission (에너지 가감, 전달, Eneoji gagam, jeondal) is the Quanx ability of Denma.

Summary Edit

The users can adjust and transmit energy.

The Internal Affairs search team have meeting at a fast-food restaurant. The Internal Affairs got the Security team's profile, so they sharing it. There's a guy with this ability could be problematic for them, and Gatsu says the Security Department's team formation is a little weird because unless this guy is an attacker, someone needs to stay with this guy but then the five-on-five balance is broken. Gray marks says the Security Department could also be focusing on arresting Hades, and Gatsu says they'll have to go through the Internal Affairs before they arrest him and they know that. Max says the Internal Affairs team is only have attackers to disrupt them, and Gatsu might question their team formation. Monkey guy says to Max that they breaking the balance with the attackers. Max says they got one more on their end because one of their team members is from the Internal Affairs.

Monkey guy takes away Hades' energy and transmits it to Mold face, and he's called Hammer Crush, and blows his fist and knocks him down.

Abigail uses Passionate Banging to Hades. Ten punches per second when Abigail uses this tremendous skill he get super tired so he falls down. Monkey guy transmits energy to Abigail and he continues to use Passionate Banging to Hades. Balack angry and says to Gatsu that Monkey looking dude had him in trouble.

The users can take away the energy of the people who're exercising and transfers subject.

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