El Rinyo Areukedillama Nubeure Sosyekiaseu ( 리뇨 아르케딜라마 누브레 소셰키아스, Korean pronunciation: El rinyo areukedillama nubeure sosyekiaseu, Expected name: El Linyo Archedillama Nubre Soshekias) is a character in Denma.

Old English version is translated Earl El. However, his peerage didn't appear in the new English version.

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He first mentioned in Blackout (4) - Ch.19.

He first appeared in Yael Road (3) - Ch.27.

His clown-like face is a mask. His face seems to make the people quite uncomfortable.

His mask's nose looks like a penis. And his son, Cain's nose also looks like a penis. Also a penis nose on his silhouette looks.

His slave is Guyrin.

People call him El.

His butler is Hazz, and his manager is Marvin.

He has guards. One is his men and the other is his Five Fingers.

He lies in bed and get an IV with taken off his mask, on half a day every day. It seems that he's making it look weak for other nobles, and seems to be Hazz's plan. Even Lot thinks so. But Federick may know he feigns illness, because of his mark.

Cain secretly meet Guyrin, but Hazz tap his words.

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20 years ago Edit

In A Catnap (60), he and his man who's dressed in like Dike's uniform goes to the Duke. The Duke says he doesn't make a deal with a guy who covers his face. He takes off his mask and says he just didn't want to make the Duke to uncomfortable. The Duke says he likes that considerate attitude. He says he has Joshua's eyes for him. At this time, White Police Guards show up, and the Duke says Joshua's eye isn't something to be carried around like that. His man substitutes Joshua's an eye by matches the mass with some metals on the left wrist's wristlet.


He says he has the other Joshua's an eye and he'd like the exclusive right for the Zipnight trade for Northern Capital Country. The Duke asks his name. He answers he's the Count of planet Urano, El Rinyo Areukedillama Nubeure Sosyekiaseu, people call him El.

The Duke breaks Joshua's an eye and tries to put him and his man in underground prison. As he's being held, he says he recently heard that the pseudo religion is taking over one of the military supply companies so Joshua's eye should make the Duke the shareholder of the company and that will make him the actual owner of the eight universe. When he and his man are gone, the Duke says Mayhen that if people want to make a deal with him they should be as prepared as he's so he likes him, and he orders she'll go do some research on him because when Joshua's eye shattered he didn't look shaken up that means he doesn't really know the value of what he brought so he thinks there's a guy around him that's pretty good. In the meantime, Mayhen restores Joshua's eye to her Quanx ability. He says his man that he's sorry and Hazz told him that the Duke will make a deal with him as soon as he sees it so he just did what him told him to do. He thanks to his man and if they make it out of underground prison he promise that he'll take care of his entire family and he asks his son's name. His man answers that his son's name is Dike Heubing.

Mayhen wears garter belt and she thinks that there was no way that they'd know who he's based on the name so that was some highly classified information that only very few knew and she calls the Duke, who wears leather clothes and he plays BDSM Private worship. The Duke arrives the underground prison and asks why didn't he tell him he was the Little Emperor. He says he wouldn't dare say that in front of the Duke. The Duke offers to drink with him. He says he heard from people about the Duke offering drinks and it would be a great honor for him. The Duke makes up for his rudeness so he gives Federick to him, who's one of his White Police Guards that he fully trust and he's a combat style Hyper-Quanx that passed all the hardcore trainings so it'll make him feel like he own an army. The Duke says Federick will be loyal to him except for the times that he call in the White Police Guards, and he asks he can show the Little Emperor's branding. He brands the symbol to Federick and he says this like a tattoo but a little different and if the people have this symbol branded he can transfer his emotions and health conditions to them.

The Duke hugs him and says he'll tell him the results of the deal with the See before anyone else, and even if he get what he want he can't accept his favor and it's practically impossible because the relationships are more complicated than he thinks and most importantly, it's crazy to even think about monopolizing because he can't try to take it all by himself because they'll blow him up. And the Duke says he didn't really mean to monopolize it because that was just a part of negotiation. The Duke promises that no one's going to call him the Little Emperor from now on and it'll be more difficult to handle everything around him so he want him to bear with all of them because he can't officially help him, but he won't take back his attention from him, it means he'll called the Emperor of planet Urano. He and his people are disappear.

In 1. A.E. (2) - Ch.495, he says to Hazz that Federick's paycheck is 100 times the usual rate so this is outrageous. Hazz says with the price, he now have connection with the Duke himself. He asks what he did get from following Hazz's advice, and first he gave up the halidom, and now he has to pay that Federick two more digits. At this time, a hologram with white 100 on the orange background is appears in front of Federick's face. Federick says to him that the Duke summoned him so he'll be back soon, and it seems he's on planet Aorica, and he teleports. He grabs Hazz by the collar and says Federick goes away whenever the Duke wants him so it's not security because he doesn't feel safe at all. Hazz says they've been through this already, and their goal is to build a relationship with the Duke.

20181116 154245

Hazz angry so he uses reverse arm-bar to him, and says he's lucky he's his master, otherwise, he'd has broken his arm. Haaken meets his comrades, and he finds Guyrin and Rosa. A comrade says he's sorry and it looks like someone slipped the plan that day to him. Haaken asks where's the rest of the crew. A comrade says he doesn't know since when, but they went out of reach one by one, and his guess is they either got tired from all the fighting and ran away, or got killed by his new goon. Haaken asks where's Kaiser. A comrade answers Kaiser works for him now. His man have a call, and says the Count seeks his presence. His man calls Dike that he can take care of his mom, and he'll be right back. His man's wife calls him to Kaiser, and says be careful out there.

Hazz just wanted to see the response time in case of an emergency, so he summons to his security guards, include Kaiser, and one hour three minutes later, the last person gathered, he orders to the senior guard that he should send everyone home except for those on duty. The security guards are annoyed. Hazz says he told him that it takes exactly one hour for them to respond to the emergency call, and that's more than enough time to wreak havoc on his establishment and him for that matter. The security guards have already got three shifts rolling for the bodyguard duty, so there's no gap in between. But Hazz says his business will expand over time through his connection with the Duke, so he need to learn to handle such disputes more efficiently, but simply increasing the head counts of his security details won't be enough, because it won't only pressure his competition but also his partners as well. Hazz says so they should borrow the Duke's White Police Guards, and surprisingly, they're all combat Hyper-Quanxs capable of Interplanetary Teleportation, but only few people know about this. He says the Duke won't just let them use his guards, and Federick is nothing but a burden he tossed his way. Hazz says he can ask the Duke for four more guards and they could say they need them to restore order around their establishment. He angry and shouts that if they were to hire four more guards, they can hire five hundred regular bodyguards with the money they'd have to pay them, so Hazz may want him to give them everything he earn. Hazz says the Duke won't feel any obligation with just one Quanx so if things get messy, he can just summon his Quanx back, but with five he's bound to feel pressured, so he'll gain access to a hundred Hyper-Quanxs with just five. He says they don't need that many anyway, Hazz says he knew he'd say that, so he already requested it on his behalf. He grabs Hazz by the collar and shouts why he's making decisions on his own. Hazz calls him to cheapskate. At this time, Federick calls to him and reports that he thought he might be wondering why the Duke summoned him the planet Aorica, so he can allow him to show him what the White Police Guards doing here. Federick shows the live feed from the satellite orbiting planet Aorica. He thinks what the White Police Guards up to, and he surprised to see this.

At the night, the Duke is eating dinner, and another people don't eat. Mayhen reports the new messages. Mayhen reports the U.C.S. has announced that they'll soon dispatch an investigative team to get to the bottom of this incident, and for some reason, the nobles under their protection continue to ask them for more White Police Guards. The Duke sees the messages, and he says the nobles all made their requests after their little show on Aorica, so these imbeciles won't believe it until they see it for themselves. Mayhen reports he also sent a message. The Duke says his request had nothing to do with the Aorica incident, so he really like his attitude when he starting with the halidom from the church. The Duke orders that Mayhen should send more White Police Guards for him and no one else and ignore the rest. That means his butler, Hazz is right.

In 2. A.E. (1), he orders to his servant that he'll choose these girls tonight. At this time, Hazz appears and reports that their request for more guards has been approved and they were the only one accepted, and it means the Duke has finally recognized him. He says he want to like any other nobles so he keep some distance from the Duke and he want live a quiet happy life, because he did to Aorica so he scares him. He says let's just call the whole thing off and tell the Duke something just came up and cancel the reinforcement request.

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Hazz kicks his shin. Hazz angry and shouts that, it hurts when he think about how worthless he's, because after all they've done for this very moment, and now he got cold feet. Hazz says they've been through just to get the halidom. He calls Hazz to damn pig, and he asks what does he want from him. Hazz answers he want him become the king of the universe eight.

7 months ago Edit

20180914 182821

In Blackout (4) - Ch.19, just 6 months earlier, at the end of war with Big Four who're his soldiers, in Urano, Dike fought these, with his colleagues, including Jet.

1 month ago Edit

In Yael Road (3) - Ch.27, Denma sees Guyrin in dream when the building collapses. But her face is divided and the mask of someone is revealed. He's El.

In Savoy Gaal (3), Denma thinks Pentagon kidnapped and sold off Guyrin to him after they failed to capture Dike.

But in (35), Gaal says that they didn't take Dike's girl, he mean, lady. Guyrin came to them and Gaal doesn't know why, but she asked them to sell herself to him through the slave market.

In (37), Denma sees Pentagon's information received from Gaal. And Denma knows that, Guyrin isn't kidnapped but she has led herself deeds to him. Guyrin says she doesn't trust Dike and she needs his protection.

In God's Lover (109), Denma eats chicken cream spaghetti, and he sees an image (mark) that he projected in his hand. Denma thinks it means that this damn clown didn't die and is now fully recovered and this jerk still thinks he owns him.

In 16. A.E. (1-3), Randolph (Eunguy), who's Pentagon's former member sees his mark on his palm and thinks he even got this, and what is he supposed to do.

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (2), Denma sees his mark in his hand. Cell sees Denma and recognizes his mark. Denma surprised that Cell knows his mark. Cell explains that current news of the universe eight is always updated through the church network, and his mark is his brand who diminishes himself as the Little Emperor of the planet Urano, and when in fact he's the second most powerful man of this universe, and he brands this mark to the slaves on his planet. Denma angry and insists that his mark is the symbolizes the resistance of free people in Urano, and it's not some symbol of that pervert. Denma asks why he's the second most powerful man in the universe eight. Cell answers that if Denma look at the revenue chart of the nobles in the universe eight, he's not even in the top one hundred, but surprisingly, if he only look at the net profit, he ranks the second, so he's the real deal. Cell explains she doesn't know why he hides all this, maybe to avoid taxes, and he's spending quite a fortune to hide his profits. Denma thinks he didn't know he was doing so well, and he asks what grounds Cell is saying all this. Cell answers that, they just estimated the revenue from going through the records of the trading volumes of the entire Silverquick distribution sector and they also traced back the cash flow, and the people can fool people easily, but the people can't fool the distribution flow. Denma surprised to know that the loser is the second most powerful man in the universe eight. Cell says apparently, there has never been anyone whose business grew so fast in all of the universe eight in just 20 years. Cell explains there's a rumor that the reason he could be so successful was because of the Duke who's the father of Duke Gosan's support.

Randolph have to turn Dike over to him so he can be done with his slave contract. He wants Dike fully intact anyway. He has all of Pentagon's secret funds, and Jet has to turn Dike over to him too full intact, so he's looking for his body just like Randolph.

Denma thinks his uncle once said something. In Denma's recall, Uncle seems to kill 2 people, and he sits on the chair, and he's smoking. Uncle says, this space is big, and Dike would be amazed how many are out there just like his Five Fingers, and if he keep acting out, he'll draw their attention eventually, so, be careful. Uncle shows his artificial hand and says, Dike should remember what happened to his right hand, and if he act like a big shot with his parlor tricks, he'll end up like him. Denma thinks with enough Quanxs the level of his Five Fingers, anything is possible, and they're obscenely strong, and they'd need a special category just for them inside Hypers, and that's how strong they're. Denma thinks right now, he need to focus on getting away from the Silverquick, but the real problem is what comes next even if he managed to go back to Guyrin, they'll definitely get in his way. Denma thinks he'll return to Guyrin cause he's Dike, there's only one woman he loves, that's just who he's.

Eunguy thinks he's so relieved that Dike is in the Silverquick and it's such a huge weight off his chest, and he'll find him and bring him over to him. Jet thinks he didn't see this coming at all, and teaming up with Randolph is actually better this way, and if they somehow manage to escape, he won't touch him at least until they get the money back from him, so he can be the newest recruit to the Apple because everyone will welcome a Hyper like him so he'll bait him with Dike and escape. Yahwah sees statistics. Yahwah thinks the recent merger made his family becomes the largest shareholder of the Sten Industries and Goldwing put together, and he's amazed their financial growth reached this level, and their financial status is just below that of Gosan family, at this rate, by next year they would be the most powerful family in the universe eight, and it might look like he's trying to walk on a different path from them, but if the people look into the type of businesses that his buying right now, and his bold attitude as if saying he can overthrow Gosan anytime he wants, so it means he's trying to reach the top, past him.

Hazz and the young master start an argument. The young master says Hazz should be grateful for his father, and if it weren't for him, he would've fired him ages ago after he take everything he stole from them behind his family's backs. Hazz says all he ever did was for the young master's father, Count. The young master says Hazz just used him, cause he was so indecisive, and he only cared about his own gain, and he know what he has been doing around here. He who's lying in bed and get an IV with taken off his mask, sees this to the screen, and he orders Lot to go bring them over here. Lot brings Hazz, Federick, the young master. He calls the young master to Cain, and he says he should say he's sorry to uncle Hazz, right now. Cain rejects this and he asks since when was Hazz his uncle. Cain shouts he should snap out of it, and Hazz is been using him from day one. He orders Lot to beat some sense into Cain. Lot beats Cain. Federick and Hazz try to stop from Lot kicking Cain. He says he's watching everyone who's under his care shall not act out without Hazz's permission, and mark his words, and his decision is his decision.

Outside, Cain complains him to humiliating him in front of his men so he's stupid old man. Cain orders to Marvin that from now on, he don't report anything about the merger to Hazz anymore, because he's the one in charge, and he let him know as soon as he so much as look at him funny. He says to Lot that, Cain is causing him a headache so please he wait outside until he call him back in. He apologizes Hazz on behalf of Cain because he's still an immature spoiled child. But Hazz says Cain is doing exactly as he expected, and his decision on the merger was actually commendable. He says he's worried and this incident is a blatant act of defiance against the Gosans. Hazz says but there're other noble families who also seek Gosan empire to fall, and as secretive as they're, they still support his family. He says but they're up against Gosan, who's said to be even worse than the Duke, and the day he decides to bring his White Police Guards in here, without much thought about the consequences. He shivers with his face, and Hazz snaps his fingers. Hazz insists it's impossible for the Gosans to carry out a terrorist attack on them, and most of all, they can control the White Police Guards. He says there's no way they can break an organization with lasted over twenty years. Hazz says the older and stronger they're, the easier they break, and let him tell him how he have muddied up the White Police Guards so far.

Hazz says, the lower class nobles, who were threatened by the Duke's brutality, had no choice buy to hire additional security details that they didn't need, and they didn't come cheap either, and after a few years, the Gosans could recover from paying off the penalty fine, but the U.C.S. kept them under close surveillance, so Gosan couldn't call back his White Police Guards, and all he could do was to manage what goes on inside of them, which included recruiting the new ones and taking care of all the former guards who either died, retired, or quit, and even the new recruits were sent off to another planet immediately, and their sense of belonging to the Gosan family only weakened, and all they did was chat over the network every now and then, their seniority also faded away within the guards, and their organization was falling apart, and the guards, who were sent to peaceful planets without much to do, felt solitude and boredom, not to mention being an outcast, and there were even some cases where they had a run-in with the local security details, and it only got worse, and everybody grew tired. Hazz says the White Police Guards with weary souls were so easy to manipulate, now, this is the good part, and they slipped in spa mails that lead to their gambling website, and first, they give them a little taste of the beginner's luck, and ten dollars became ten grand in just a few minutes, and it became a couple of hundred thousand dollars, and when they saw the digits they could only dream of in their bank accounts, that's when they shared the site with their colleagues, and the site rigged the win rate to thirty percent, but it was enough to get their attention, and it spread like wildfire among them, and the thrill of each bet compensated for the boredom they've felt until then, and they started to bet more money, and with a delusion that one jackpot can make up for all the losses, they slowly became addicted to gambling, and they became so addicted that they even gambled during work, and some stayed up all night gambling and called in sick, and when they find their empty bank accounts only days after their paycheck cashed out, their self-loathe only grew, and the vicious cycle continues to make up for the losses, so they raise the stakes and it just goes on and on that's when they see the loan ads at the bottom and it'd look like a Christmas tree to them. He asks what do Hazz's plan to do with the White Police Guards. Hazz answers he plan to buy all the White Police Guards.

He taps the balls of his mask, and says they'd be no better than a bunch of crooks if they did that, and they can't stoop so low, and even their supporters will turn their backs on them, and he doesn't want people to think of them as the second Gosans. Hazz says, but they aren't going to buy the White Police Guards off and they'll make them eager to be hired by them. He says even if what Hazz said was true, the White Police Guards had still be too loyal to the Gosan family so they can't buy their loyalty with money. Hazz says what hasn't changed over the past twenty years was the White Police Guards' monthly paycheck which was never delayed, and they weren't even paid by Gosan, and they were paid by the nobles they were sent to protect, and as extraordinary as they may be, as an unaffiliated individual exposed out in the open, the Quanxs have to no chance against the systematic Savoys, of course, a strong organization will never be swayed by gambling, but what they can do is to corrupt the individual order within their group and their tension. Hazz orders to Marvin that he should send a monthly paycheck Five Finger member is getting to one of the White Police Guards who's gone broke over gambling debts and make it look like a mistake. Marvin calls to one White Police Guard and he introduces that he's an accounting manager for the Count of planet Urano, and he says he's terribly sorry to inform him that there has been an error in their system, so they mistakenly wired the monthly paycheck of one of their own White Police Guards to him. Marvin says, he guess it's true that all the White Police Guards have the same account numbers except for the two digits at the end, and he asks the one White Police Guard can wire the money back to this account. The one White Police Guard sees the money and surprised. Marvin says that's just for one month, and this goes without saying, and he asks the one White Police Guard don't tell anyone about what he just saw, because confidentiality is key when it comes to the wages of their White Police Guards. Hazz orders after that "annoying" phone call, the one White Police Guard will start calling about a guard position opening within a week, and he should say something. Marvin says to the one White Police Guard that they do have some job openings at the moment and they'd love to have him on board with them but with his current affiliation with the Gosans puts them in a difficult spot. Once the one White Police Guard realizes this matter is beyond him, he'll start talking with his closest member, soon enough, all the members of the White Police Guards will find out what Urano has to offer to them, and those with gambling debts will be the first to call them, then one by one, every one of them will contact them individually, without telling others, then Marvin tell them their supervisor has thought about his offer and wanted him to tell him that he'll gladly take him in when the time is right, and they hope that day comes soon. Marvin says the White Police Guards already got three more calling them. Marvin's colleague laughs and says that what if they end up buying the whole White Police Guards. Marvin says he knows right.

Mayhen shows an article from the front page of planet eight main news and reports that it's about their M&A, and his transaction list because she thought the Duke should know. The Duke says this is what happens when the Gosan family favor one over the other, and they might even buy off their White Police Guards at this rate. The Duke puts on a bread bag and says it's time to show the true powers of their White Police Guards to him who dared to challenge the Gosan family. He says that's a risky move so this isn't like Hazz. Hazz says it might look a foolish plan, but there's a good reason for it. Hazz says Gosan plans to sort out his father's White Police Guards who became estranged over the past two decades, and absorb the potential threats by recruiting them, so he's trying to make new White Police Guards.

The Director of Pax Industries smokes and talks with Dr. Kitten. Kitten says El family is trying to compete with the Gosans, and they manage to grow his business so much in just twenty years. The Director of Pax Industries says he brought the Duke the halidom of Madonna. Kitten says Zipnight wasn't even fully analyzed yet, so he has a vision. The Director of Pax Industries says even after the Duke turned him down, he was persistent on getting that sole right, and after few years, he finally got the consent, and at the time, the only margin one could get out of Zipnight was want the people had get from simple barter, and if they think about it now, they handed over the exclusive rights to him for nothing. The Director of Pax Industries says a genius scientist of Urano, Dr. Ha'ken discovered Numen, also known as the god's skin, from Zipnight, and he passed away shortly after he got his sole right, and the cause of death is still unknown, and the anti-gravity weapon which only existed in theories could be manufactured all because of this extraordinary material, and Sten Industries, who applied this technology for the first time, became the top weapons manufacturer in the universe eight, and soon, this Numen technology was applied in all industries, but the El family intentionally supplied cheap Zipnight to Sten Industries, once the top of the industries, to constantly undermine the company's value, and at the same time, they kept buying off reliable subcontractors, and this was possible because of their exclusive right to the Zipnights, and the same goes, for the Gold Wing, so they used defective parts to manufacture the courier shuttles, with the increasing rate of accidents, he could buy all the remaining Gold Wing stocks for scraps, with his preexisting ventures, so they became strong enough to surpass Gosans anytime now. Kitten asks what about the terrorist attack on him. The Director of Pax Industries answers Cain is known to be very loving of him, some might say he loves him too much, so he knew what was going on, but he couldn't officially say anything against his decision to get involved in the management of Sten Industries, so he pretty sure he was behind the terrorist attack himself to make a justifiable cause for this M&A.

Hazz shows him to a hologram and says they're the terms of the contract between the Gosan family and the White Police Guards, and he managed to get a copy, look at article eight paragraph three, it says in case of dispatched personnel, without a draft for over a year, this contract shall be automatically null and void, and by this logic, the contracts for the dispatched Quanxs already ended two months ago, so there're ready to be hired. He asks what's this part about paying eight times the normal wage of the Gosan family to all of the White Police Guards, and if the U.C.S. ever finds out about this in their audit, they'll not let go. At this time, a lot of holograms are begin to float in front of Hazz. Hazz says some nobles who caught onto what's going on are sending congratulatory messages along with requests for a meeting. Hazz says the eightfold wages will only be applied to his Five Fingers, the rest of them will be assigned to other nobles' workplaces, under the condition that they get a little incentive added on their current salary from the Gosans, this should be more than enough to motivate and bring the loyalty out of those Quanxs who were abandoned by their own master. El asks what if Gosan decides to take the old White Police Guards back at the last minute. Hazz answers the Gosan family have the pride as the ruling family of the universe eight, plus, if they slip in these bits of evidence of their own Quanxs trying to contact his family over to the Gosans, with Gosan's ego, he doesn't think he'd welcome those who turned their back on him once. He asks he'll finally be free from this bed. Hazz answers he know how hard it's been for him, half a day every day, and he says let's stop here for today. Hazz gives him a mask. He wears the mask. Hazz says he's the new ruler of the universe eight.

At the evening, Cain is in the small bath. Guyrin who's wearing a dress, and in the big bath, and she massages to Cain's shoulders. Cain says he's a holding him back, and he's indecisive and weak and all he knows is how to harass women, and he has never once seen him decide on anything with his judgement. At this time, Hazz taps Cain's words. Cain says although it may not look like it, but he's just a puppet of Hazz, and he doesn't know how he pulls the strings and gets away with it. Cain orders to Guyrin that that's enough and she can come join him in here. Hazz turns off the hologram and thinks Cain said he's indecisive and weak and he has no idea what kind of he really is. Cain embraces Guyrin and says she's his and nobody else but him can have her. Cain asks what do Guyrin think of him. Guyrin thinks something, and answers she can see why Cain might think he's indecisive and weak. Cain surprised to this words. At that time, Guyrin's line rings. He says he can send Lot to get Guyrin. Guyrin says that's okay and she's nearby and she'll be right there after she take her shower. Meantime, Cain hides in the water and swears at him. It seems that Cain secretly meet Guyrin.

Current time Edit

In Kuan's Fridge (26), Denma thinks, for some reason, Kuan's Fridge reminds him of the labyrinth where he's in.

Mustache grabs Denma's hand and sees his mark.

Mustache thinks that's definitely his mark, and he's curious that this kid is a runaway slave or something, and what's the deal with him. Mustache finds a gun and thinks whatever the kid's story is, it looks like he just hit a jackpot because he has his mark.

Ability Edit

El's mark

He has the ability to brand the symbol to transfer his emotions and health conditions to the other. This name is the Little Emperor's branding.

The shape of the symbol is a circle of bold line and it seems that it's settled as a symbol of his family.

The characters of branded symbols are Federick, Denma (Dike Heubing), Guyrin, and Randolph (Eunguy). Guyrin is branded the symbols on the shoulders, while the rest are branded them on their palms.

Some don't like the symbol. Denma sees an image (mark) that he projected in his hand. Denma thinks it means that this damn clown didn't die and is now fully recovered and this jerk still thinks he owns him. Randolph (Eunguy) sees his mark on his palm and thinks he even got this, and what is he supposed to do.

It's not yet known whether this is a Quanx ablilty.

There's an alphabet 'O' on O's face. This is similar to the Little Emperor's branding, so there's a theory that O is related to him. However, it isn't a meaningful symbol. There isn't contact between O and him.

This is his brand, and he brands this mark to the slaves on the planet Urano. Cell know this. Denma insists that his mark is the symbolizes the resistance of free people in Urano, and it's not some symbol of that pervert.

Mustache knows his mark.

Appearances in Other Media Edit

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit

Unit 111

Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-44-38

Default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)

Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-44-56

Growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Water attribute

Vitality 32194
Damage 1395
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Three strokes 7 Three strokes Passive A powerful attack, after basic attack every 3 times.
El's think image 4 El's image (or mark) 6' The character is engraving to the image (mark) to inflicts damage to the most vitality enemy character. When a target is engraved to the image, it receives increases the damage.
El's advance 4 El's advance 18' The character encourages allies with intense shouting, increasing the damage, attack speed, and crowd control resistance of all ally characters, including themselves, for a short time. Additionally inflicts damage on enemies within range.
El's shield 4 El's shield Passive The damage El receives decreases proportionally to the number of alive ally characters, and El's damage is increases proportionally to the number of ally characters. Ally characters are limited to the characters set on the team.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Resurrection Passive Character will be resurrected once in death.
  • Character Description

Little Emperor of Urano.

Screenshot 2017-03-30-14-16-10

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Earl El is playable character.

Tail-Coat El skin

Additional stat: vitality 20%

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Trivia Edit

  • The name El refers to the El. And the word El is Hebrew אל origin. It means "god".
    • The part of name El Rinyo of the full name El Rinyo Areukedillama Nubeure Sosyekiaseu refers to the change of El Niño.
  • The nickname Little Emperor refers to the Little Conqueror (소패왕, 小霸王, Sopaewang) from Sun Ce's another name.

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