Edel (이델, Idel) is a character in Denma.

Ithel is old English version's name.

Edel is pronounced 'idel'. Edel, who's Arcel's real identity is pronounced 'edel' as we known it.

Summary[edit | edit source]

He's first appeared in the Savoy Gaal (4) - Ch.52.

He's priest of Church of Madonna dispatched at Silverquick.

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He's wearing a cassock. The priests dispatched at Silverquick wear this black uniform for church funerals.

He's Planar Constraint Quanx.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

10 years ago[edit | edit source]

When Edel was 13 in priest age, and thus sixteen of universal age, zone 17 seminary of the eastern Church of Madonna, The toughest guy in school tries to harass O with his own Quanx ability, saying that the milk he brought is different. But Edel takes O. Edel went to the gym and called his teacher uncle. Ham tells him that he'll get kicked out if people find out that Edel is his nephew, and then he gives O to application to the Madonna's Academy of Science. Playboy Ham explains to Edel and O enthusiastically about the importance of love and muscles. Then he urge Edel to be a Guardian priest, the priest of all priests. Edel says he dislikes the muscles and asks Ham to ask for an application for the Madonna's Academy of Science.

When farewell ceremony for the retiring headmaster, its also prospective Devas, including the ones who were to serve as high priestess in few years. He fall in love at first sight to a prospective Deva opposite of him, so he approaches and kisses. Mohawk says to skull head that he has heard this before. Edel suddenly became the school hero, at least until the new headmaster came. The new headmaster's very first agenda was to mark out potential troublemakers. It wasn't a surprise that Edel was on the top of the list. Edel asks O that what classes are he taking. O replies that he will learn the programming language. And then, the new headmaster gave Edel the punishment. He got sent off to the Purgatory, the food waste temple.

9 years ago ~ 8 years ago[edit | edit source]

Thanks to his uncle's persistence and negotiation skills, Edel came back to school after a year. But he became obese.

Edel says to O that at first, he ate so he didn't get beat up. But after at while, he couldn't stop gobbling even when they were beating him to stop eating. Because the hunger is so deep, it's insatiable. Soon the kids started bullying him and he became more and more helpless. Ham watches him with a confused look. And then one day, O hacked in to the intranet of Pre-Deva temple, so he find a prospective Deva, Nell's blog. In the video of the blog, the other a prospective Deva asks Nell what do she look for in a Patron. Nell says he must be kind, but more importantly she want a hunky stud who can literally lift her off her feet with one arm. O says maybe he should become a Guardian priest and start serving these cuties. Edel immediately goes to Ham. Ham says, anything over 60 kilos, prepare himself for a monster. But dumbbell which Ham lifting is 70kg.

7 years ago[edit | edit source]

Edel starts the exercise to become Nell's Guardian priest. And he becomes a muscular body 2 years later, he was 19 in the universal age, and thus sixteen in priest age.

When the day of Pre-Guardian priest and Deva matching had finally come, he asks O for a hacking into the House of Royal Tombs network. O tells he'll get expelled and a priest never should covet a Deva. After that, he succeeded to team with Heimann and became a match Deva Nell, but she remembers him and rejects to match. He's instead picked out to Deva Asherah. His mind is gone completely blank that moment because 2 years of waiting turned out complete opposite of his expectations. Nell posts on the blog that Sue's tiramisu is best dessert ever. And he sees it. Ham gives him G-string and tells him to do what he wants. He goes to Asherah and as he tells Ham, he lied to himself as a gay. Grumpy Asherah spreads rumor that he's gay. Heimann beats him and doubts the relationship between he and O. Nell heard gay rumor and laughed at him. He cries and calls Ham. Ham, who's sorry for him, tells him to apologize to Nell and advises him to present a letter, flowers, and cakes. He asks borrow some money, but Ham says the reception is cut off. He pulled 2 all nighters on a single letter. Heimann is trying to stop him from coming to Nell. He asks for forgiveness by presenting Sue's tiramisu, flowers, and letter to Nell as his uncle says, and Nell forgives him. At the end of the reply from Nell, he sees the emoji ^^ and sends it to the Cryptography Department via O to ask for the meaning.

One day, Baron Hussadin, a douche and also one of the biggest Patrons of the church body in zone 17, his sudden appearance wounded dozens of priests, including Edel. They sent the private hospital VIP suites, because Hussadin's insurance will cover the costs. Edel suffers a minor concussion. Teacher says that starting tomorrow, Pre-Devas will care after priests while his hospitalization. Edel asks O to hack the Administrative Bureau of the church body's main computer. O refuses his request. But Nell comes. He acts like he can't see. And he says they said it's a temporary vision loss from shock. And the thing is he can hardly see or read anything, including the Bible. So Nell read him the Bible until his vision comes back. But the fact that his eyes can't see is a lie. He secretly peeks at Nell's diary on the her blog and, following that day's posting, filled the room with her favorite Ahaziah flowers. At this time, Ham meets and greets her. Edel says to her that Ahaziah symbolizes forbidden love. And the next day, Edel listens to her favorite singer Z-Dragon's song and followed his hairstyle. She says one of her wishes is to meet Z-Dragon in person, because she wonder how he creates such beautiful music.

Ham says to him that a Guardian priest that desires a Deva will suffer the living hell. Nell notices that he peeks at her blog. So Nell posts a lie on the blog that she puts 7 spoons of sugar in the coffee. He does exactly that. Nell gets angry that he has peeked at her blog. At this time, he confesses that he loves Nell. And he tells he read the Bible and there wasn't a single verse that prohibited love between a priest and a Deva. But Nell tells it's forbidden because they need to keep the order within the church body and he isn't her type. He get discharges from the hospital and calls Ham. And he fell asleep when he've written a letter to apologize again. Next day, Asherah goes directly to pick him up and saw a letter he had written to Nell. Asherah notices that Edel isn't a gay and he has a crush on Nell, so she's very angry. Asherah talk to oneself that a priest who holds a Deva in his heart will suffer the living hell, so she'll show him there.

So he gets sent to lord baron's as the new Guardian priest for Deva Nell. It was the head Deva's call. He was the one who was most surprised by the decision. He was screaming with joy inside, but he also had to face the awkwardness of the situation. No one knew that it all stemmed from the head Deva's vengefulness. Asherah also sends chief priest to the Hussadin's mansion, located on the planet Bayeux. Chief priest says to all Guardian priests that they're inside their Patron's private property, so make sure they never damage any of Patron's properties. And he tells so use their brain and their skills and never cause any trouble with the Patron's side unless it's an absolute life-and-death sithation for the Devas. And then he tells if they fail to comply, they will face Internal Investigations from the church body. Everyone was on edge in the new, unfamiliar environment.

When Baron Hussadin teaches man to a Deva before his guests come, Edel realized that when he was no longer on a field trip. He's confronts the chief priest about this. But chief priest tells he's just a Guardian priest that lives off on Devas' salaries. After that, Nell goes to Baron Hussadin's room. For him, the dog bite that day was more painful than any other day. When Edel went to the planet Bayeux, Ham is curious about whether it was Asherah's decision. Reps of Zedekiah brigade and Caleb brothers are arrives. They private worships with Devas along with Hussadin. He and Heimann watches it. He realized what his uncle meant by the living hell. And one day, doctor tells Quanx are so lucky to have their wounds heal so fast and also be immune to any virus. At this time, there is news that Hormah is coming. Doctor tells Hormah refuses to get any medical test when he cleary has symptoms of the space disease virus.

Then comes Hormah, Baron Hussadin's the biggest client. Hormah has rough and violent action that has sent Hussadin's former Devas to the Health Bureau. He tells chief priest and Hussadin that Hormah is cleary has symptoms of the Space disease. Hussadin jokes him to private worship with Hormah. But he really private worships with Hormah, and the next day his whole body appeared swollen. Nell opens her heart to him.

Ham says to chief priest that Edel is his nephew, and he asks if anything happens to Edel, call him first. Edel's actions will affect the Patron society. Ran tells it will be a big wake-up call for them. But Church of Madonna are already losing so many Patrons if such tragic event happens at this timing. So that's exactly why the church body need this big event to set them straight. Anyway, once the event happens, pretend to cover things up, but then leak everything to them under the radar. A baby who was supposed to be sent to the incinerator at birth for being born out of forbidden love between a priest and a Deva, bu instead he grows into a priest and falls in love with a Deva. Also as a result of this event, his father will return to the Black Chapter. The son closes a chapter, and father opens a new chapter. It is their destiny.

He eats tiramisu with Nell. Nell tells she became a Deva because she has got siblings to look after, so she can't accept his love. At this time, he lifts Nell with one arm and she sees space warships. Nell tells she as a kid, she has always wanted a space warship named after her. Then Nell tells she thanks to him because he protecting her. And Nell lets down his arm and says that he's strong. He speaks of Nell as a monster. After that, argues broke out between he and Nell. Unfortunately, it is their first and last date.

Nell's senior Devas called in her because the supply ship had been delayed, and they were running out of daily necessities since they were provided with only room and board. They were a pretty large group, and thus the amount of supplies they needed was not small. So, the group asked Nell to excuse him to go buy supplies with them because his dimensional manipulation ability was perfect for delivering large goods. Hussadin's butler says him that it'll take at least a couple of days for Hormah to wake up, so if Hormah ever wakes up, he will call him. His heart was burning with love from the short romantic date he had the night before, so he volunteered to go because he saw it as an opportunity to buy her more gifts. Then suddenly Hormah wakes up from his hunger. Once Hormah's hunger was tamed, the wild beast in him had awaken. While Edel was lost in the scent of flowers, another flower was being brutally torn apart.

When he comes back and becomes aware of Nell's situation, he gets angry. Heimann cries and sees him. He shreds Hormah and Baron Hussadin without any his skill.

When an incident that shook up the entire church body, and the first person to arrive at the scene is Ham. Ham stowed away on the supply ship right after the chief priest called for him. Edel was completely out of it. Ham couldn't believe what he's seeing. At this time, they heard that the Black Chapter inspectors are coming. The Quanx solution Ham come up with is to eat up all the evidence. Unfortunately, Ham had no idea that the Black Chapter sent in a priest with an unexpected ability.

Korah, is a rookie Black Chapter agent agent, who could read the history of objects or space. But his uncle, Ham, was an EX-Black Chapter. chief priest says to horned nose that he's Ham's nephew. But horned nose tells Ham doesn't have any brothers and sisters. Horned nose asks to Ham that sister Asherah know about this. Actually, Ham's real name is Balak and, Balak is one of the three infamous mad dogs of the church body. Through Korah, Balak saw 2 things. One, the things he had done, and two, the things that were done to him. Next, he arrested and got sent off to the Bureau of Internal Investigations.

2 weeks later, Internal Affairs, He's interrogated by Korah. Horned nose says to captain that Balak said Edel is his nephew, but Edel is more likely to be his son. Captain tells if so, this is actually a great opportunity for them. Balak made the request to testify as his guardian. Balak says to Korah that he have something to share with him. And Balak shows Korah to his memory and annoys him. Then Balak tells Korah that just tell he saw a Guardian priest just doing his job, heroically dashing into the scene to save a Deva's life as is.

Balak visits him. Gatsu plants his right-hand man in the cell where he's imprisoned. Because it's what takes to bring back Balak. Meanwhile, Max, the deputy head of Internal Affairs and lead a group that against Gatsu. Bull horn tells they also put one of their own in Balak's nephew's cell. Although all the political noise, he's worries about one thing only.

It turns out that his mother is Asherah. His first trial is held after 3 months and he's sentenced to death. He's sentenced to death again in the second trial after another 3 months. He asks Ham to tell O to call him. He asks O to find out where Nell is. And he tells the death sentence in second trial has never been overturned since the dawn of Country. Gatsu says to his right-hand man that they need an incident that will certainly dismiss Edel and Balak's appeal, so move on to the next part of the plan. Gatsu's right-hand man and he grew very close in the cell. Gatsu's right-hand man says to him that he has the best escape plan. His response is more than unexpects. But he changes his mind soon enough after getting a call from O, because O found Nell.

He heard the news about Nell from O. O tells Nell was in great condition after spending 5 months at the hospital, but her test result on Space disease came out positive. He's overwhelmed by guilt that he failed to protect Nell. O couldn't say a word to him who was weeping, deep inside his heart. After hours and hours of weeping, O says Nell serving as level zero care nurse out in the battlefield, in planet Jato. O shows him Nell's blog. The blog mentions Sue's tiramisu. Believe in or not, a Deva's timeline post ended up changing the fate of entire church.

He says to O that he must go see Nell. Balak thinks, Balak should go bishop Metuera and she sees Toshka case file will save his life. He says to Gatsu's right-hand man that the Deva he served wants a tiramisu cake, so he wants to break out of prison. Metuera tells to Balak that Mother Madonna's birthday can always use another pardon and it isn't like his going to escape. Bull horn says to Max that it seems Gatsu is trying to break him out so Gatsu's left with no cards to play. Max doubts, Gatsu really thinks that Balak wouldn't suspect insider's help the moment he breaks out. So Max orders his execution upon capture because Balak was no reason to come back Internal Affairs even if it's the death of his own nephew. And Max should ask Mr. Tear, the ripping thunder to handle this job. He and Gatsu's right-hand man are try to breaks out. But he knows Gatsu's right-hand man is from the Bureau because Gatsu's right-hand man smelled nothing like any of the perfumes Devas use so he suspicious, and someone came and warned him right before they escaped.

O tells Balak (Ham) that he has escaped. Mr. Tear says to bull horn that Tear like his reason for escape, but it's a shame that he's Balak's nephew, so Tear can't wait to get Tear's hands on him and tear him into pieces. Balak calls Gatsu and tells Balak know Gatsu did so if anything happens to Balak's nephew, Balak will annihilate all of Gatsu, the Balak's way.

He breaks out of prison and break through battlefield. Then he meets again Nell, who was in a state just before the death because the underground bunker is collapses.

Mr. Tear says to bull horn that they aren't done until they see his dead body, so they're going in as soon as the raid is over. He tries to kisses Nell. Nell tells she has been infected. He tells Quanx are immune to virus.







Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, animation

Eventually, they both kisses.

Balak (Ham) prevents the air raids. He continues to kisses with Nell for half the day under the protection of his uncle. The problem is that when Balak was worn out, he's chased by bull horn and Mr. Tear. Mr. Tear tells Balak that, Tear is going to kill them because Tear has an extreme grudge against Balak, and Tear fires a ray through the machine in his mask's mouth, and he blocks the attack. However, bull horn uses teleport to send Mr. Tear to his back, and Tear tries to cut his limbs and neck. Fortunately, Balak succeeds in dimensional manipulating before his body is torn.

Mr. Tear is about to kill Balak as well. But strangely Max gave an order they didn't expect. When Gatsu's men arrived at the scene, they finds unconscious Balak lying on the ground, he dismembered in 2 dimension, and a crying Deva. Gatsu says to Balak that Balak froze him into a plane before Tear got completely chopped up, so they can still save him with Gatsu's power and the Bureau's medical technology. Gatsu tells so he'll have scars because all they can do is just reattaching his tissues and stitching him up. Therefore Balak promises Gatsu to go back to the chapter.

Health Bureau.png

While he was recovering from his surgery in the revival care, Gatsu talked to the archbishop to put in a special appeal for him. During the trial, court recited the Guardian priest's primary role and pointed out the extremity of the sotuation, and gave him only 2 years. The Patron union of course aren't happy with the court's ruling. Nonetheless, the church was firm on their position as they were trying to re-establish their relation with the Patrons using the incident. He's sent off to prison Abronah ran by the Bureau as soon as he recovered. The unsatisfied Patron bought off prison guards and inmates at Abronah to carry out their own execution. Their scheme is to torture him to a slow, painful death.

Just 2 days before Nell's departure to another battle field after a month of waiting, a terror attack took place on warp rings. So, Nell has to wait another month and a half. Nell recalls Korah. In recall, Korah tells Korah doesn't know exactly how dimensional constraint works but his wounds seem too severe.

Right about then, he's being transferred to Abronah prison after recovering from the hospital. O calls to him than the church is looking into doing a research for the cure of Space disease ofn its own, but the church will never give him the permission to use his Quanx ability in such a way. He tells he's going to secretly use it on Nell, so O is asked to conveyed the message her about his plan. O hacked into the admin's network to deliver Nell the following message and O shows Edel's video message. Nell cries when she sees his video message.

O says to him that he hacked into the system to check up on Nell, but saw a report that said all survivors' virus became active and he couldn't find any of her records and her name on the list of the incinerator consent forms, so he'll try to dig deeper into the Bureau's data for now.

In (36), 2 weeks have passed since he learned that her virus became active, he's in prison Abronah. This is where people serve people's time after the final sentence. Who strikes him, that man is the head prison guard, and that man has been hired by the Patron union. There're also Transcriptomes here. The head prison guard gives him physical punishment everyday for no reason because the enraged Patrons want him dead before he finish his time in prison. It looks like their plan is going accordingly since he has already lost 6 kilos in only a month. It would be 2 months if he count in his time at the hospital for the reattachment surgery. 2 weeks ago, he learned that Nell's virus became active. O tells he digged through every record at every Health Bureau, but there isn't a single footprint of her after her virus became active. Meanwhile, satellite Mayork incinerator 3, there is Nell here.

The prisoners also get paid to Patron and harasses him. O gives to him to consent list. He finds the name Tiramisu on one of the consent forms and he instantly knows. He knows it in his bones that is Nell protecting her little brothers. He says to the head prison guard that the furnace planet, incinerator 3 on Mayork, he need his help.

He and head prison guard are arrives to incinerator 3 on satellite Mayork. He makes planar constraints to head prison guard. The shocking, gruesome sight is more terrifying than what he had ever imagined. In the past O said to him, the autonomous incinerator on Mayork uses pre-stored solar energy to operate, and the furnace fires up once every two months. And it's been one month since the last one. So, technically he has one month before he get toasted. On average, there're about 50,000 bodies that get dumped into the incinerator everyday. Meaning, there're at least 1.5 million bodies inside the furnace already. The location simulator is meaningless to use, because there're fifty-thousand bodies pouring in everyday so one more month, and it stacks up to 3 million. So O tells his friend gives him one last piece of advice, that place is like the hell at universe's end. Then, he goes on the most insane mission that the people have ever seen or heard in this universe. O tells there're more than 30 dump locations on Mayork, but never mind the location because her body might be under the pressure from the mountain of bodies. And even if she's lucky enough to be on top of the pile, he doesn't knows what danger he might face inside, scavengers of unidentified aliens beasts. O is right. They're scavengers known as the furnace hyenas looking for valuable goods off dumped bodies. He shakes hands with the scavenger. But he loses consciousness. When he regains consciousness, he had nothing left. No space ship, no simulation data, no rocket-pack. and no pocket food. He literally falls to hell with nothing but his balls.

Luckily, the toxic air in the incinerator isn't fatal. But it's unknown what the effects might be when he's exposed for a long time. It takes him 2 full days to just get uses to the furnace air and be able to move his body. He also starves for 2 full days. He thinks he's just mistaken out of desperation. But in reality, he's starting to hallucinate due to hallucinogens contained in the furnace air. When he spots fire, he runs immediately towards it out of hunger. There're two men who're roasting meat off the self-combusting bodies. He flops down as soon as he finds out what they're eating. As soon as they realized that he's unarmed, they go on with their dinner. They're Space disease patients whose virus was inactive. but got quarantined, tranquilized, and thrown away along with the actives anyway. There're a lot more of them inside the furnace. And they had to find an extreme means to survive inside the furnace. The first people that he ran into after losing his survival kit to the scavengers, are a couple of degenerates who're left with nothing but debases human desires. They're attacked by the furnace moles and die. And like that, his life in hell has just begins.

3 days later, Balak, horned nose, Korah are arrives at Mayork. There's a battleship in advance. They're mercenaries hired by the Tahpenes royalties to find someone, because they're fighting for the throne. Balak sprays sensors at the entrance. Then Balak sees him through a sensor and lost in thought then he asks when does the furnace fire up next. Korah tells they should get him out right away and in 3 weeks, looks like it'll be during the week of Mother Madonna's birthday. Balak tells even if they take him back now he'll only go back inside, so he has to experience all of his suicidal in futile attempts go down in flames first-hand. And Balak tells if he ends up dying inside, that is his will, and also Mother Madonna's. Balak tells Balak will ask general Gatsu himself to put a hold on his arrest for now, so they're returning to the chapter.

He puts himself on an incredibly strenuous journey attempting to save Deva Nell. And at this point, he's struggling more to stay conscious than to stay awake. His hallucinations are getting worse and worse, so he keep chasing Deva Nell's ghost as if he's chasing after an oasis. While he's constantly chased by the traumatic memory locked inside his head. But what haunts him the most is his own ghost that has been watching him for days. On the other hand, 500 mercenaries look for a person within a month. Some mercenaries attack a mercenary and leaves him in the mole's underground. While on a mole hunt, he runs into a man who would change the course of his fate inside the furnace.

The mercenary asks he takes him back to their command center, he'll help him narrow down his searches area using their equipment and database. In merc's command center, the merc tells dental records, transplanted organs, biosensors, unique body smell are that can be read by over 1,000 detective drones. So merc tells they're using prince's organ trasplant record and his royal perfume to narrow the area down. He tells all Devas at Church of Madonna are required to wear white sandalwood perfume. Listening to this, the merc narrows the area down from a fragrance map. But there's a problem. Their narrowed down areas overlapped with the mercs' search areas. The mercs had their search area narrowed down into 5 different zones, and each zone had about 100 mercs working. In order to save time, the mercs have been harming the bodies not identified as the prince, so they could easily tells which bodies were already checked. The bodies in the search zone were pierced and chopped up, dead or alive, this meant Nell's body could possibly end up in the same way, and he isn't going to let that happen. He had to directly confront the mercs who were on a tight deadline. He couldn't share Nell's picture as he's cut off to his private network, and politely asking to be considerate isn't going to work on hundreds of money-hungry mercs who just stepped inside the living hell. A peaceful resolution isn't an option for this argument. He's cornerd. It's one man against 500 soldiers.

His ghost is scoffs at him. Merc shouts they can't use lethal weapon in the search area. He thinks that he had a shot if they couldn't use their guns. He takes off his clothes. Because he has to stay out of their sight by blending into the body piles. A game of cat and mouse continues while the search for crown prince goes on. After more than a couple of days, they discovers crown prince. Soon, the place turns into fireworks. All the pressure of being stuck inside the living hell for one month, suddenly got releases. There're 2 factions fighting for the throne of Tahpenese, and one side gave an additional mission for the mercs they hired. He's suddenly distracted by the unforeseen turn of events and get pricked by the tongues of the moles.

Luckily, the man who found him is the merc that he saved. The merc was searching for him. Before he knew it, the war between the mercenaries was over. The merc tells they ran into some problems but everything's been resolved now so they're returning to base, and all they could do was provide first aid because they're short-handed from taking care of their own. Then, the merc tells he leaves an escape pod and some food for him. And the merc leaves to him after he says that, he's Shoftim and he's deputy chief eunuch of Tahpenese. As the hired soldiers leaves the incinerator, he's alone once again. He cries, and his ghost reprimands him. The piercing blow really has him. It strikes him to a point where even bombs couldn't break him. Shoftim flies a detective drone to him. There's someone around him. Shoftim thinks even if he manages to get out of the furnace, there's no spaceship outside to take him home. So Shoftim prays for the repose of his soul to the great goddess of Nut.

He recalls the past. When he met Nell, she told the church promised her to look after her brothers. He told he'll stay here with her, because he's her Guardian priest. Then he holds the escape pod in his hand and begins to speak to his ghost. Back at his seminary, there was a bug zapper placed inside the hall way. And the moths would get drawn to the light, and to their death. They would get jolts from the electricity, but they kept throwing themselves at it regardless until they died. They kept flying at it because there was light. They didn't care if it killed them. In those days, O said to him that they're dumb so no wonder they all die. But at that moment, he found it to be rather beautiful, to fly blindly towards the light, towards their death. They're only fulfilling their destinty with everything they got. And he tears the escape pod, then looks for Nell. At this time, Nell wakes up for a moment.

He's fall into in a pool of blood by the attack of moles. In his memory, Nell sees a video message he left. In video message, he tells she has already done her share on the battle field, so doesn't let the church order her arounds every steps of the way, and he'll come pick her up as soon as he can. So he tells she doesn't get hurt and sick. Also he tells he misses her, like, a lot. Nell cries when she sees his video message. Nell loses consciousness again. He escapes from a pool of blood and looks for her again.

Meanwhile, back at the Black Chapter, Balak is thinking over the offer he has received. In the past, Max tells Balak gave bishop Metuera quite an expensive gift. He tells it's expensive enough and Max is the one who sent Mr. Tear to him. Max tells, Max is also the one who stopped Tear from killing Balak. On the other side, he's getting the bitter taste of his own medicine. And just like that, the next incineration day is approaching along with the birthday of Mother Madonna.

Finally on th eve of Madonna's birthday, at the height of the festival season, while drinks and laughters are being shares between lovers, in a far away space, in a small corner of an abandoned hell, a small miracle happens.




Eventually, he finds Nell.

His ghost laughs and proposes, he's good to begs for a hot balloon to great Madonna. The inside of the incinerator is rapidly heating up. He makes Nell to paper. And he says to his ghost that thanks for keeping company. Then he makes the air into paper, and makes it like a balloon, and goes out. He manages to get out of the incinerator, but his spaceship is nowhere to be seen. And soon, the subzero temperature get to him. At this time, Balak takes the spaceship and arrives here.

In 12. A.E. (1), 7 years ago, Balak sees Nell. Then Balak plants Nell on his body. He wore his G-string and exhausted so sleeps.

In (2) - Ch.146, Balak comes to visit him. He tells Balak is quite notorious in the church, but Balak didn't tell him. Balak asks he's going to be given a full pardon next year around Madonna's birthday, and he'll need to wait at least 4 years to be reinstated as a priest, so when he's granted his pardon, go to the Lang monastery on planet Tulou, and train with other priests, because there's like a training school for the Black Chapter. And then Balak tells after he's reinstated Balak will put him in an invisible department, because Balak needs a partner whose Balak can confide in. In the question of what he's going to do, Balak replies he has got to hunt down 2 white rats.

Korah reports to director Balak by network. Korah tells Edel is killing time running a few errands at here and there.

4 years ago[edit | edit source]

In 12. A.E. (5), 3 years later, he and his brother priest Yoon are training at Lang monastery on planet Tulou. He thinks his uncle send him here to die. One trainee announces that the marine Quanx brigade came into the village to fight trainees again and they said they will put up their battleship for the fight. He says to Yoon that himself will fight.

He and Yoon are suppress the marine Quanx brigade. He asks he can has the battleship they rode in. Yoon answers it's going to belong to monastery, and asks this have something to do with the girl on his chest. Yoon tells he'll make sure that Father Superior doesn't find out. He tells he collecting everything on Nell's wish-list until she wakes back up. Yoon tells people get mad if he steal for them, but they get more mad if he refuse to steal for them, so people are like that. He asks Yoon's story seems to have something to do with the entire village he carry around in his pocket.

3 years ago[edit | edit source]

In 12. A.E. (7), a year later, on Madonna's birthday festival, the marketing team put, soon to be Black Chapter agents, include he and Yoon to work standing guard for Z-Dragon. He says to Yoon that Z-Dragon is an amazing artist. Yoon tells he's seems to going to kidnap this Z-Dragon to fulfill Nell's wish list. One guy hears these conversations secretly and reports to someone that the bodyguards form the church are scheming to kidnap Z-Dragon. In Edel's memory, Nell says one of her wishes is to meet Z-Dragon in person, because she wonder how what kind of a man he's to create such beautiful music.

The other guy reports to Mr. manager that one guy said he overheard a restroom conversation between a bald man and a silver-haired man in black priest robes, and the bald one asked the silver-hair if one guy was going to kidnap Z-Dragon. The show is over, team white says to Z-Dragon that code yellow, because there's someone after him, so he goes to the control center now. Edel also goes to Z-Dragon. He thinks Nell will be so surprised when she wakes up and sees Z-Dragon's autograph on her body. Mr. manager orders black out the entire floor. And Z-Dragon and he are both stunned by somebody. Mr. manager tells they had an uninvited guest to their party, but that's okay so they change of plans into a kidnapping from a stalker fan.

Z-Dragon and he, who're came to consciousness, go to the somewhere ride the car with Mr. manager and Mr. Min. Mr. manager tells his boys on the scene are creating a perfect alibi as they speak. Z-Dragon asks why are Mr. manager doing this to him. At this time Mr. Min appears. Mr. Min tells he's a cleaner for the company, keeping things under the rug when necessary and he's Quanx, and he can go through objects. Then Mr. Min tells these're the drugs Z-Dragon has been taking right under the company's nose, and this is Z-Dragon's blood test the company secretly took, the result is Space disease. Z-Dragon tells he was waiting for the right moment to tells the company. Mr. Min tells they're just trying to minimize the damage on the company and they had to edit the news a little thanks to the priest here, but CEO Kim seems quite satisfied with how everything turned out. Then Mr. Min tells both of Z-Dragon will take these shots and he'll wake up inside the incinerator on the furnace planet and it's easier because he's an orphan, so no family members to turn this into a legal turmoil. And Mr. Min tells at least he'll pack Z-Dragon enough clothes because he heard it's really cold over there. At this point, He begins to speak. He tells incinerator is actually warm inside and the outside is pretty cold through, and he doesn't want to eat the furnace moles ever again. Mr. Min says to him that he's saying it as if he has been there. He tells it just happened, and he's also a Quanx.

He suppresses Mr. manager and Mr. Min and asks to Z-Dragon that where do him want him to take him. Z-Dragon tells if the company decided that he's going to the incinerator, he doesn't has a place to go back anymore and tells it was such a long journey to make it here. Then Z-Dragon tells he needs to takes a leak. Z-Dragon is try to commit suicide on the cliff and he prays he born in a world without Space disease in his next life. He pretends to receive the autograph, dimensional manipulates Z-Dragon, and protects him like Nell until the cure of Space disease comes out. He put on the Z-Dragon's bromide to wall.

1 month ago[edit | edit source]

In Savoy Gaal (4) - Ch.52, he first appeared as a priest of pseudo-religious organization dispatched at Silverquick.

Yahwah orders him to help Denma on rescue supervisor Edrei, and obtain the weapon and bring in its maker. He asks Yahwah if Edrei's maximum ability is catching a roach. Yahwah acts like hiding Edrei's powers.

In (5) - Ch.53 and Pigear (8) - Ch.165, he and Arcel arrives at the Carlburn where Denma is.

Arcel is participate in the Savoy punitive action, he plays stopped all the systems in the building where the Savoys are located. Then he says to Arcel that it's dangerous, and planar constrainted him and keep it folded. Then kills the Savoys along with Denma.

After that, he takes out his attacking drones from his pocket and blows it away.

Screenshot 2017-04-15-19-09-51.jpg

Then he pulls out the ankh with incense from the pocket and shakes it on the dead bodies of the Savoys, attacked by the drones and says, "May you rest in eternal peace in the arms of Mother Madonna, Me-thu'-sa-el." He has a yellow car that he had previously made a planar constrainted to be decompressed as soon as it gets touched, and then he throws it in the room where Edrei was. Then rescue Edrei with his power. And then he catches the Gaal with a planar constraint ability.

At night, he takes out a meal table with food in his pocket and makes a party to Edrei's safe return. All the rest except Arcel sing together while drunk together. Because Arcel wants to go home. He says Denma that he has a spaceship in his pocket. And he explains to Denma. Edel created planar archives for different modules of the spaceship, and then he archives into a new plane, and he repeat until. He once knew a Quanx who had a whole village in his constraint plane. After that, he pulls out the caught Gaal by mistake and takes it off to the side. Adam who's playing together touched it and then he's hit by the booster gun that Gaal shot. Denma sees this. Except for Edrei, they're witnesses Gaal when he defeating Adam. Edel catches the decompressed Gaal when he takes his ability again.

In Pigear (29) - Ch.186, the director of Silverquick's station 7 says to Yahwah that they found out why Yahwah sent Edel on his mission.

In Savoy Gaal (15) - Ch.63 and 14. A.E. (3) - Ch.194, Gaal divulges the name of the weapon maker to him. At this time, Edel's wrists and neck are revealed the surgical scars. In 14. A.E. (3), Denma gets permission to get Yahwah to catching the Pentagons. At this time, Edel says something to Yahwah. Yahwah is finally acceded to Denma's demands. Edel takes Arcel and finds Mirai Datsu, and Denma goes with Cell and Quai to find Gaal's sister. Denma thinks that it's difficult to find Aaron's apprentices as a personal information address, so he has to find another place to meet her. Denma gives Cell's Avatar the slip. Edel and Arcel go to the address where Mirai is located before Denma. Edel finds out that Mirai Datsu is a hologram, and reports to Yahwah that she doesn't meet with the customer directly to protect her.

Cell tells Edel to Denma's moving line. he says Mirai Datsu will be in a nearby farmer's market where there're still a lot of cash businesses. Vendors are sold tofu and kimchi to Edel and Arcel and teach them the location of Mirai. Mirai is meet with Edel and Arcel, and after a short time, she's quietly dragged to them.

Edel and Arcel show tofu and kimchi to Denma and Edel tells that they got them at the farmer's market after their job. Denma sees tofu and he thinks that Edel has caught Mirai Datsu. Edel tells as if he missed Mirai. He reports to Yahwah that he will return to base the morning after tomorrow after wrapping everything up. Denma sees tofu and kimchi and asks him to bring leftover drinks. Edel says that Yahwah has forbid from drinking but mabe can have just one bottle.

While eating tofu and kimchi, Denma recommends Arcel to drinking. After being drunk, Arcel talks himself as hot bombshells. And mentions Mirai Datsu, who was brought yesterday. Edel is surprises and catches Arcel from planar constraint. Denma recognized that Mirai was caught by them. Denma uses spy-bots and his Quanx ability to rescue Mirai. At this time, he sees the G-string worn by Edel during the rescue and throw up.

Yahwah rebukes him that Mirai Datsu in the file box inside the archive has disappeared. He reports that there was no sign of intrusion anywhere. Yahwah notices that Denma hid Mirai. The reason is that micro-organisms call Gora, whose are lives in forest air on Carlburn and they reflect UV lights.


Volume 3

In Sixteen (1), He finishes his mission with Arcel and returns to Silverquick's station 7. After that, he calls Arcel to sister and stay sober if he can. And a call comes from his friend O. He gives O to the bread once a month and asks the research coming along. O demands Edel need to relax a little and he double send 'em twice a month. After the call, director of Silverquick's station 7 comes and confesses, but he refuses. Then, she asks him if he's gay as a rumor, so she can save herself some dignity. 2 priests of Silverquick are watches Edel while playing billiards. Edel took a shower, and there is a big woman tattoo on his chest. A priest with a mohawk hairstyle has the qualities that Edel is such an a-list Guardian priest material, but is wondering why he's driven out of the Holy See and is in Silverquick. But the skull head priest, who played billiard with him, tells the fact that Edel is actually the most insane thing walking. In the meantime, the story of Edel begins.

Skull head says to Ferdo that he's the most insane thing walking that skull head have ever seen. All of this happened by the time he was 19 in the worldly age, meaning sixteen in priest age. At this time, Nell has planted on his abdomen, and he put on the Z-Dragon's bromide to wall, listened to Z-Dragon's music and strength exercises with a 70kg kettlebell instead of 60kg.

Skull head tells mohawk about the Z-Dragon went missing during the week of Madonna's birthday, and he assumes that Edel is somehow related to the case.

Skull head head says to mohawk that reality is stranger than fiction. He tried to narrow down Nell's possible locations through a simulator.

In God's Lover (5), the soldiers of Carlburn Quanx forces are go to the one of the safe houses of Carlburn's Savoys, the building is built to withstand attacks from ordinary fire weapons. Sergeant Maggie sees the record of visitors who entered through the city gate. Hador says the white hair must be a priest or a guardian from the Church of Madonna and he's a dimension manipulating Quanx.

Current time[edit | edit source]

In Kuan's Fridge (70), he hugs a deliverer from Room 7 and says he can close his eyes, and doesn't open them yet. The deliverer shakes in his shoes and says to him that please he doesn't let go of him. He says he doesn't, and he'll hold on tight, now the deliverer relax and breathe slowly in and out. The priest says the deliverer pulled through, and orders to him that he should send him over to the sickbay when he calmed his nerves down. He says the solitary confinement is half full today. The priest says that pretty much means the Headquarter is slacking off today. Hador sees this.

A priest sighs. He says that he can try to get some rest, and the priest says that he stills has another three weeks until he get to work on the ground level, and he couldn't date anyone while he was down the Silverquick and it's driving him crazy. The Room 9 opens, and the priest says that the deliverer lasted longer than he thought. The priest hugs Hador and shouts that he can stay with him now and breathe, and that button he just pressed wasn't meant to kill him so he can relax. Hador beats the priest. The priest gets angry and step on to Hador, and orders to him that he should turn the security cameras off and wait outside. He leaves the room.

Dike says to him that he's scouring through universe eight looking for a woman.

He says to Dike that he'll do whatever he can to make sure he doesn't get back in the solitary, he's saying he'll think of something less severe for his punishment, so he can eat his food in peace now. Dike says to him that he thought he said there was no way out of it. He says he did say that. He puts his hand on his chest and thinks about Nell. He asks to Dike that he should eat before the food goes cold, and the girl he's looking for what was her name again. Dike thinks something and answers to him that her name is Tay. The Head Bishop watches this and says to her secretary that it makes no sense, but it doesn't look like Dike is lying, so it's fine, and she orders to her that she should tell Silverquick to add him to the watch list.

Quanx Ability[edit | edit source]

Appearances in Other Media[edit | edit source]

Yo! Villains[edit | edit source]


In Yo! Villains, Guardian Priest Edel is a playable character.

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON[edit | edit source]

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Edel and Guardian priest Edel are playable characters.


Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-45-16.jpg

Edel's default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Screenshot 2017-06-08-22-06-27.jpg

Edel's growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Light attribute

Vitality 26029
Damage 485
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Immortality.png 7 Immortality
(불사, Bulsa)
Passive When physical strength is zero, character becomes immortal and dies when the duration is over.
Edel's collection.png 4 Edel's collection
(이델의 컬렉션, Iderui keolleksyeon)
12' Character is pulls out the planar constrainted drones.
Edel's room.png 4 Edel's room
(이델의 방, Iderui bang)
17' He inflicts the planar constraint on an enemy with many lives, causing damage and bleeding.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Force shield
(포스실드, Poseusildeu)
Passive Energizes and creates a shield that is proportional to character's physical strength.
  • Character Description

Balak's nephew. He has the same dimensional manipulation ability as Balak. He has committed various taboos of Church of Madonna and has been dispatched to sinecure.

Unit 109.png

Screenshot 2017-02-28-17-34-44.jpg

Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-46-04.jpg

Guardian priest Edel's default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)

Guardianpriest EdelIcon1.jpg

Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-46-10.jpg

Guardian priest Edel's growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Light attribute

Vitality 33336
Damage 1339
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Assault.png 7 Assault
(돌격, Dolgyeok)
Passive Each time a target is changed, it quickly gains access to the target, causing damage.
Planar constraint.png 4 Planar Constraint
(평면구속, Pyeongmyeongusok)
8' Places the nearest enemy in a planar constraint state, causing damage and stunning. The skill is immune to damage during the casting.
Large-scale planar constraint.png 4 Large-scale planar constraint
(대규모 평면구속, Daegyumo pyeongmyeongusok)
18' Draws enemies within range to the enemy with the highest damage, and inflicts damage. In addition, bleeding occurs.
Edel's guard.png 4 Edel's guard
(이델의 수호, Iderui suho)
Passive Decreases the amount of damage, when opponent give the highest damage and character are recieved. It will only be cast once after the battle begins.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Immortality
(불사, Bulsa)
Passive When physical strength is zero, character becomes immortal and dies when the duration is over.
  • Character Description

Balak's nephew. He fall in love with Nell, so he dreams of love with Deva, the priest's taboo. He's a romanticist who can give life even for that he loves.

Screenshot 2017-02-28-21-51-41.jpg

Edel embraces Nell.png

Screenshot 2017-06-30-15-25-06.jpg

Edel embraces Nell skin

Additional stat: damage 10%

Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON[edit | edit source]

Attack Power:

Level: 1 HP:
Power Up Level: 0/30 Awakening Level: Step 1 1Lv
Promotion Level: 0/7
  • Skills
  • Promotion

1Lv: : Hero's critical damage +500

2Lv: : Hero's invincibleness +500

3Lv: : Hero's attack +10%

4Lv: : Hero's defense +10%

5Lv: : Hero's critical effect +50%

6Lv: : Hero's HP +15%

7Lv: : Activate combo effect, combo+10%

  • Treasure


Race: Densinma
Sex: Male
Job: Denma
  • Hero's Introduction

In Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON, Edel is a playable hero.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Denma the Quanx 4.jpg

  • In Volume 4, Edel put its face on the cover.

20150901 83.png

  • On December 24, 2013, in the advertisement, he comes out.
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