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Duke (공작, 公爵, Gongjak) is a character in Denma.

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20 years ago, he's a Duke. He's Agnes' Patron.

He's Gosan's father. He taps on a calculator like Gosan. So something unexpected happened is never want him to hear.

Sometimes he wears leather clothes and he play BDSM Private worships. He hold a paddle so it means he's a sadist.

It's presumed to be restricted to certain conditions when he offering drinks, and El embraced it would be a great honor for him. His son, the Duke of Gosan, also have a special and symbolic meaning to have a drink when readers analogize that he had a sworn brother while drinking with the owner of planet Bella.

Those who receive sponsorship to him are in the Church of Madonna's sub-organizations.

He's a smoker. He treats White Police Guards like friends.

White Police Guards was the best job for a Hyper-Quanx. When people become White Police Guards, he gives them a shop that their family can make a living off of, which are chain stores of his business. Even if something goes wrong while they're on duty, their family can still make a living. Usually about a dozen stays by him and the rest are sent off somewhere to work as a bodyguard for his business partners or the subcontractors. It reduces the financial burden on him because they're paid at the field, they're supposed to bodyguard them, but actually, they keep their eye on them and make sure they don't do anything suspicious. White Police Guards are there to not only protect him but also maintain his governance. Until there's his emergency call everyone is off to do his own duty. Those who receive sponsorship from him, they already know this.

Director of Pax Industries is his nephew. He's Director of Pax Industries's uncle (큰아버지, 'keunabeoji'), it means his younger brother's son is Director of Pax Industries.

'Make everyone trust and never trust anyone.' is Gosan family's motto.

Dr. Kitten is his friend.

He gets his nephew Director of Pax Industries in the Gosan family mansion, and he leave his son Gosan to his friend Dr. Kitten. The Chief Bishop and Ran plans to kill him. It seems that he died as he calculated at the current time.

Gosan family owns more than a thousand businesses, excluding minor ones, and if they take into account the essential items, they should have already been the rulers of the universe eight by now, but the reason they're still stuck with these low lines is because of his critical flaw, which is he get overly emotional, to a point that it makes him careless.

Agnes seems to be using drugs for him. In A Catnap (110), the Chief Bishop says they've got plenty of Devas that are as good as her, one of the kids who're good with medicine will replace her. He dithers and calls Mayhen that why she unresponsive for the past hour, and if something happen to her he can't live without her, then he floats white 100 image and tries to call the White Police Guards. Mayhen says right now she's asleep because it's only been 2 hours since she said good night to him. He says that's strange because it feels like it's already been 12 hours. Mayhen thinks he doesn't look so happy saying that.

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20 years 1 month ago Edit

Hades' first escape

In A Catnap (79), in the past, he meets Kanu and the Chief Bishop. He's the biggest investor for the See's new courier service business. He asks what does making Hades terrorize the facilities of the See have anything to do with the See's new business. When the Chief Bishop says he doesn't know the details, but there's absolutely nothing for him to worry about investing, he says the See treats them Patrons like pushovers, because he's putting in a lot of money 'cause he trust them but he doesn't know what exactly is behind their terrorizing their own place. Kanu answers that when this is over, they're expecting a change in the structures within the See like a reformation of the Security Department and the Internal Affairs Department. He asks the dissolution of the Security Department does that benefit him. The Chief Bishop says the See is always trying to pay their investors the highest dividends in return so he may trust them and keep the non-disclosure agreement, and he accepts it.

Since Hades was arrested Edit

In A Catnap (53) - Ch.375, the Chief of Security Department reports to Agnes that he's in a very awkward situation because the Heads of Holy See have turned their eyes toward the Security Department. Agnes says she'll talk to him, and whatever decision the See makes in the future she'll protect the Chief of Security Department.

In (54), he appears. He dithers and calls Mayhen that why Agnes unresponsive for the past hour, and if something happen to her he can't live without her, and maybe he shouldn't has listened to her insisting and let White Police Guards escort her, then he floats white 100 image and tries to call them. Mayhen says right now Agnes is asleep because it's only been 2 hours since she said good night to him. He says that's strange because it feels like it's already been 12 hours, then he angry and says the stubborn principalists even told Agnes to do the retreat duty and there're certain Patrons that aren't to be touched, and back then they came to him for help while talking about the fate of the See. He taps on a calculator and asks Hades recaptured by the Internal Affairs Department and Mayhen answers they've already asked Agnes to remove him. He calculates if Hades escapes again there's a high chance that his next target will be the Palace is 100% because his only chance of surviving is going through the Intersecting Space to go to another universe, so he should take advantage of him a mere threat to the Palace only makes the principalists bond together so to rule over them, they've to fall into despair. He says the Palace is an iconic Intersecting Space for the principalists of the Church of Madonna, and there's no need for 2 Intersecting Spaces in the eight universe, especially for a religious group full of lies. He scoff at the principalists that they do honestly believe that people will believe Joshua's scattered soul. At this time, a White Police Guard calls to him. A boy calls to him. He welcomes to a boy, who's Gosan, and says he came back from the trip with his friends. Mayhen thinks maybe he did just decide to destroy the Palace.

A man and his man who's dressed in like Dike's uniform goes to him. He says he doesn't make a deal with a guy who covers his face. The man takes off his mask and says he just didn't want to make him to uncomfortable. He says he likes that considerate attitude. The man says he has Joshua's eyes for him. At this time, White Police Guards show up, and he says Joshua's eye isn't something to be carried around like that. The man's man substitutes Joshua's an eye by matches the mass with some metals on the left wrist's wristlet. The man says he has the other Joshua's an eye and he'd like the exclusive right for the Zipnight trade for Northern Capital Country. He asks the man's name. The man answers he's the Count of planet Urano, El Rinyo Areukedillama Nubeure Sosyekiaseu, people call him El.

He breaks Joshua's an eye and tries to put El and his man in underground prison. As El is being held, he says he recently heard that the pseudo religion is taking over one of the military supply companies so Joshua's eye should make him the shareholder of the company and that will make him the actual owner of the eight universe. When El and his man are gone, he says Mayhen that if people want to make a deal with him they should be as prepared as he's so he likes El, and he orders she'll go do some research on him because when Joshua's eye shattered he didn't look shaken up that means he doesn't really know the value of what he brought so he thinks there's a guy around him that's pretty good. In the meantime, Mayhen restores Joshua's eye to her Quanx ability. El says his man that he's sorry and Hazz told him that he'll make a deal with him as soon as he sees it so he just did what him told him to do.

Mayhen wears garter belt and she thinks that there was no way that they'd know who El is based on the name so that was some highly classified information that only very few knew and she calls him, who wears leather clothes and he plays BDSM Private worship. He arrives the underground prison and asks why didn't El tell him he was the Little Emperor. El says he wouldn't dare say that in front of him. He offers to drink with him. El says he heard from people about he offering drinks and it would be a great honor for him. He makes up for his rudeness so he gives Federick to him, who's one of his White Police Guards that he fully trust and he's a combat style Hyper-Quanx that passed all the hardcore trainings so it'll make him feel like he own an army. He says Federick will be loyal to El except for the times that he call in the White Police Guards, and he asks he can show the Little Emperor's branding. El brands the symbol to Federick and he says this like a tattoo but a little different and if the people have this symbol branded he can transfer his emotions and health conditions to them.

He hugs El and says he'll tell him the results of the deal with the See before anyone else, and even if he get what he want he can't accept his favor and it's practically impossible because the relationships are more complicated than he thinks and most importantly, it's crazy to even think about monopolizing because he can't try to take it all by himself because they'll blow him up. And he says El didn't really mean to monopolize it because that was just a part of negotiation. He promises that no one's going to call El the Little Emperor from now on and it'll be more difficult to handle everything around him so he want him to bear with all of them because he can't officially help him, but he won't take back his attention from him, it means he'll called the Emperor of planet Urano. After El and his people disappeared, Agnes calls to him. He calls Agnes to Fantastic Baby, and tries to kiss and says he told her that he wouldn't drink a lot. Agnes says Mayhen told her that he had a change of mind. He says he want Agnes don't visit the Palace for the rest of the retreat period because hands off of her mission on taking Hades out, because he's got some other things to take care of, he has already gave a new order to his faithful dog at the Internal Affairs Department.

Gatsu escapes Hades and thinks he can't imagine what kind of result his decision will bring, but at least he knows that the picture he drew is much bigger than those of Bishops, so he follows him.

Hades' second escape Edit

Volume 6

The Internal Affairs tells the prisoners that were in special cells escaped. Gatsu reports to him. He says something unexpected happened is never want to hear, and he orders Gatsu send him the personal information of the guys that are moving with Hades. He wonders about that Hades is leading the group because of the Transcriptomes that are guarding the Palace. He sees personal information and says he can't blame Gatsu for this because he set it up that way too, and he wonders how much impact that these guys can make on Hades each one is pretty tough maybe he need another plan. At the moment, he sees Haaken and he says he has heard of this name before, and he asks if his nickname is something from hell. He taps the calculator and surprised because he sees the result.

Gatsu reports to the Bishop that there was a small accident right when the fuel rods were being changed. The Bishop says Gatsu is seems to taking orders from others because he need more money for higher status in the See, and she has seen many guys who went with rich Patrons and ended up die, and the Internal Affairs Department doesn't just open up like that. The Bishop orders she want Gatsu to prove to her that he's being loyal to her, and she doesn't like what's going on right now so he should clean it all up now.

He calls to Max. Max says he has been backing him all this time but he's guarding the Palace so he's terribly sorry. At this time, a Security Department member also guarding the Palace. He says maybe guarding the Palace might actually be better. Max asks he can tell the Director to take back the order that put him here to guard the Palace. He says Max think he's falling behind in the Security Department, and he's his sponsor so he wouldn't worry about these little things and just focus on his mission, and opportunities are given to those who're diligent, and he hangs up. He says Max wouldn't understand why he's sponsoring both he and Gatsu of the Internal Affairs, and even when guys are on the same team, they'll be competing against each other while he sponsor them both. Honma says he's an unofficial member of the the Security Department, and he has ordered to help Max and he's from the White Police Guards.

He smokes a pipe. A White Police Guard is arrives. He blows cigarette smoke and the other White Police Guard is coughs and appears. He says gas Quanx is going to cough up like that so he should asked to him to created a different scene then. Gas Quanx says his bronchial tubes have gone bad after following his orders, and he got the top secret of the courier business of the Church of Madonna, and he bluffs that he has gotten this by infiltrating into the tight security of the Transcriptome. He orders a White Police Guard shut gas Quanx's mouth up. Gas Quanx mimicries his body into gas and avoids a White Police Guard's hand. He says when the Church of Madonna's business department asked him to be their business investor he just accepted it thinking it was a great opportunity, because he's interested in logistics, and it means he own the entire market, but when he signed the contract, there was a strange rumor that one of the bases will be filled with service guys who're Quanxs, and he thinks it's strange because they didn't say that during the prospectus presentation. He says he asked them for a clear explanation, but all the See's business department said was that it was for security reasons, his money will be used for a pseudo religion without knowing he wouldn't let that happen. Meanwhile, he unlocks the password, and he says the See which want to take over military supplies companies why they're trying to gather Quanxs to start a business. He sees the top secret of the See, and he suddenly surprised and he excitedly laugh that, if the See want to be crazy they've to be really crazy, so he'll support how much ever they need.

Honma says Max don't ask for any more backup because the things will get more complicated, and he can take care of the prisoners by himself, and he wants him to take all the credit for this. Honma overlaps Hades' one hand with his one hand through penetration ability, and says he'll be teleporting with him now. Honma thinks his other job is to help the ugliest escaped prisoner.

Hades removes Cube and holds Rami, and he says Honma should tell his noble master that whatever he's up to doesn't try to take advantage of this if it goes well.

Max thinks, the Security Department is calling him now but they asked him to watch the Palace, and to him, he's more important than the church right now.

The Chief Bishop says to Kanu that he's known to be unpredictable but he's a legitimate leader of the Patron alliance, and the church couldn't have expected that Hades is trying to use the Intersecting Space to get out of the eight universe, and it's unlikely that there's something between he and Hades because if there was, he wouldn't have deployed his White Police Guards whom he cherishes so much. The Chief Bishop says he trying to convince the Patrons and destroy the Intersecting Space which belongs to the church to keep the church in check, and considering their relationship with U.C.S. the two Intersecting Spaces in the eight universe are the symbols of the universal power one is owned and managed by the U.C.S. and the other is owned by the Church of Madonna, this had to be the biggest issue between the church and the U.C.S., and they claims that it's too dangerous for a certain religious group to own one, that's why they're still using the eight universe law to demand the transfer of ownership for it so it's possible that they want to get rid of the trouble by using the breakout situation. The Chief Bishop says there's something that the U.C.S. and the Patrons don't know, and the church have already got all the data that they wanted from the Intersecting Space and now they can start the courier service business.

The Chief Bishop says a logistics business is good enough to be a revenue-making business model so no one would ever guess the real purpose of it, and this has to be done by someone who's able to control his power and this will compensate for the persecutions and the damages that the church has been taking. At this time, a teleporting Quanx appears and reports that someone opened the one of the top secret files of the church, and all the top secret files when opened, record who's reading it and send it. This is the courier business and he opened it. The teleporting Quanx says maybe he used one of the White Police Guards that the church doesn't know. The Chief Bishop angry and orders he want the teleporting Quanx to purchase all the channels that he uses and watch everything that he does, and tell him want they found out about and that the top secret files can record, view, and transfer information, and he orders he should make sure to check if the number of views increases again, and he says he'll go see him right now, and there's only one way to faces his White Police Guards is Kanu should tell the Archbishops of the Western church about the situation and get ready, which is they're going to war against the Patron alliance.

Mayhen notices the church called they said that the top secret file that he opened can record, view, and transfer the information. He angry so he shouts that Mayhen should kick that guy out of the White Police Guards. Mayhen reports the person in charge from the church requested a one-on-one meeting with him, and she says she thinks it's imperative that he share the information with other Patron leaders for his safety. He says it's right, but suddenly, he recalled what his mom used to tell him when she was alive, she said a winner and a loser are always next to each other, so he'll meet with that person in charge, and if the deal goes wrong, it's a war, and if the deal goes through, he became the actual owner of the eight universe.

Kanu informs the Chief Bishop that he responded this quickly because it sounded like he didn't want to go to war against them, and he said that he'll decide whether he'll copy and share the top secret with others depending on how the meeting goes, and he wants to make a deal with the church. The Chief Bishop says they'll go with Agnes because he heard that he really likes her so let's use this opportunity and find out how faithful he's. The Chief Bishop explains the finding out how faithful he's means, he want him to see the consequences that he caused, and how he'll overcome it with his faithfulness, so he want Kanu to tell Agnes to go back to him, and take the ship that they'll send leaving the Guardian priests at the Retreat, and as she flies to him the ship will explode. The Chief Bishop says this is the consequence for his action because he's doing it 'cause he did it and the Deva can't miss the meeting even during the Retreat, and if his attitude doesn't change, they've got plenty of Devas that are as good as Agnes, one of the kids who're good with medicine will replace her.

Honma explains to Max about the White Police Guards. Honma says Max knew that already because he's being sponsored by him. Max answers this is the first time a White Police Guard told him this.

Kanu calls and orders Agnes is going to be with him and the Chief Bishop so she has to be a good mediator in the middle as Deva, so she should tell him about it and go to him immediately and she'll send her a ship right now, but she doesn't bring any Guardian priests with her because she want her desperation to be appealed in this meeting. Agnes calls him and says she's coming back now because the Chief Bishop is visiting, and he says that was the church's rule, and he kisses her face for in the screen, and she raises a rueful smile. Kanu recalls and thinks me-thu'-sha-el.

Volume 7

He's taps a calculator and orders to Mayhen that Agnes is returning so she should get ready to greet her. Mayhen thinks he doesn't look so happy saying that. He calls to his nephew, the Director of Pax Industries and says he want him to stop working there, and get his office and starting working at tomorrow, because there's going to be a meeting with the Chief Bishop of the Church of Madonna so he want him to be there and at all other meetings. He says his nephew's cousin Gosan is too young so he can be responsible for this family so he want him to handle it. His nephew says he could find someone he can trust around him. He says the word 'trust' can never go with the word person, and he asks their family motto. His nephew answers that make everyone trust and never trust anyone, and asks why all of a sudden are him putting him in that spot. He answers that if the trust is broken he only need to get rid of his nephew, and it's easy to check up on him, and he says if this meeting goes well the new business will change their family's position in the Eight universe, and his nephew is the only one from their family who can do that right now, so he should stay by his side and learn what he has to does, and he'll talk to him more about the details tomorrow when he come to work. His nephew concerns about that why he's saying all this. He answers that under the condition after he has put in all the variables and factors into this calculator and he thinks he'll be dead soon.

Honma says he's not at liberty to say who it's that want Hades to escape, but it's the truth so he should leave Rami out of this, but Hades refuses.

The Chief Bishop says to Dr. Kitten that he just received a message from the archbishops and he's meeting him soon, and they'll kill him all depends on the outcome of their negotiation. Kitten asks at least let the boy live. The Chief Bishop answers for the sake of keeping the balance between the Patron alliance, the boy shall live. So when Kitten hears he'll die soon, he goes to him and shouts he's crazy bastard. Mayhen kisses his hand. He's laughing, saying that he made a bet with Mayhen on the first thing Kitten had say when he walk in, and the loser has to kiss the other's hand. Kitten grabs his by the collar and says he shouldn't make any deals with the church because they're gonna bad to do next. He calls Kitten to friend and says he's simply trying to end this long rivalry with other families, once and for all, and he doesn't want Gosan to live in a world of endless war. He hugs to Kitten and says if something ever happens to him, he want him to take care of Gosan. Kitten cries and recalls. Kitten thinks he's sorry for him, but he'll protect Gosan.

Gatsu thinks the Internal Affairs all found out about what he did, so he has to get out of the Palace and ask him for help.

Gatsu says if Wine hair let him go, he'll introduce him a patron. Wine hair says he's more devout than he might come off as. Gatsu tells to Wine hair that in a whisper. Wine hair is in disturbance.

He wears a leather clothes and holds a paddle, and he does BDSM Private worships again. Mayhen reports that according to the message from Agnes' Guardian priests, she was accused of illegal arms dealing so she arrested by Patrol. He's wearing a gown and taps on a calculator, and he says under these circumstances, there's a zero percent chance that could've happened, then that means there're only two possible explanations for this, either someone intentionally squeezed through the time axis, and somehow changed the causality, or Dr. Faust simply couldn't build a better calculator than this one. He says he hopes the good doctor didn't hear what he just said, but all in all, if the Patrols took Agnes, there's little to worry about because there're quite a few under his sponsorship there. He's happy because it seems that this event will extend his life a little. Mayhen says it's her humble opinion that he share the information with the Patron alliance and sever his ties with the church for his own safety. He says this is the biggest deal that a single human being can get so no way he's missing this opportunity, and he asks who's really behind this arms deal. Mayhen answers that he's a priest called Abigail, he says he's that white haired guy with a girl's name and he was the one in charge of Hades so that means there's a chance they actually went through the time axis, so this is driving him crazy. He says if the Patrols are after Abigail, the church will try to get their hands on him first, and it's time the White Police Guards' to step in and he'll get him first.

Red hair says the old fools at the church aren't happy, and 100 lashes and a month of solitary confinement for all the Guardian priests at the Retreat, and Abigail will become an iron dog in Gaia, and if they look at it with nothing but facts, he should be grateful that he's only getting the iron dog punishment. June says they can ask him for help. Red hair says an outsider can't know of what's going on inside the church, and besides, there's no reason for him to help them. At this time, a message is sent. The message's content is he sent out his White Police Guards to capture Abigail and hold him responsible. Red hair says it should the White Police Guards catch Abigail and find out the whole story, the conflict between the church and the Patrons will be grow big, so he orders June should inform him of what kind of mess he's into right now.

The Chief Bishop's ship is arrives. The Chief Bishop and him are meet. The Chief Bishop says the Church of Madonna is just so grateful for his interest in the church businesses, but his own fear is that he might has taken too much interest this time. He says there's no way to know how the church spend his money. He smokes, and says as long as he can become a major shareholder of the church's new business ventures, and as a believer, all he's asking is that the Chief Bishop allow him to be of humble service for the otherwise perilous plans of the church and at this point, he could use a partner rather than a Patron. The Chief Bishop rubs his forehead and comforts himself, and he asks he can give one of cigarettes too. The Chief Bishop also smokes. He says he's a man of peace so all he did was sharing some of the church plans he acquired with the Patron alliance and U.C.S. At this time, they're cross their legs, but their leg directions are opposite. The Chief Bishop asks how many are willing to take part in this. He answers he's done with sharing so he just want to be part of something bigger. The Chief Bishop uneasy and hides his eyes, and he says there's no way he can convince the archbishops. He says the Chief Bishop only need to get the table ready and he'll do the talking.

The Chief Bishop says he'll let them now but he can't guarantee anything. And the Chief Bishop apologies that Agnes' event. He says he has many friends in the Patrol but it just take a little time to get Agnes by his side. The Chief Bishop says Abigail will be sentenced the iron dog punishment and will be locked up in Gaia for good. He says he want to see Abigail as well because he just has a couple of personal questions. The Chief Bishop introduces 2 Devas to fill the void Agnes left behind. After the meeting, the Chief Bishop calls Kanu and says these quarters are probably filled with prying eyes. Mayhen watching Chief Bishop and she's surprised to see it. The Chief Bishop says he'll leave tomorrow to meet the archbishops right now. The Chief Bishop thinks he won't go there and he doesn't plan to deliver his proposal ever because if he passed along this, it'll ruin everything he worked so hard on for the church with years of accusations, fortunately, he's alone now and blinded by his ambition so he should be killed in a few days. Kanu reports the Internal Affairs just started Abigail's search. The Chief Bishop thinks what could he possibly want with Abigail personally.

Abigail says a White Police Guard did really have to kidnap Eugene just to get one guy and he's one of a combat Quanxs so he can ashamed of himself. A White Police Guard says it's not just about capturing Abigail and they've to make him confess, because he's dying to know so if he see him in person, he suggest him tell him the truth, only then will they let Eugene walk out in one piece. Abigail accepts and he asks if he can meet Eugene because he has a gift for her. A White Police Guard thinks something and accepts it.

He calls to Agnes. Agnes says all the Patrols here have been really nice to her. He says Agnes may just hang in there for a couple more days because the procedure is taking too long. The Half-Headed Quanx seems to sees the outer by the Partial Teleportation, and says to the two White Police Guards that three Quanxs are headed this way. They're Wine hair, Gatsu, Balack. The Half-Headed Quanx says that the guys who came to see him and they pose no threats, and he immediately detects the Interplanetary Teleportation and says the three White Police Guards are caught Abigail at least. The Internal Affairs agents see the message. It says they should arrest Abigail on sight. Gatsu says may the Bishop's order not go against his will.

Abigail is hit by the White Police Guards. Abigail says he told nothing but the truth to him. He sees Abigail from the universe seven's message. Abigail angry and grabs one White Police Guard's leg and he says he's a mad dog and he can take a hundred guys by himself, so he'll show them why they call him a dog. Mayhen presents a fancy collar to the Chief Bishop, and she says he asked her to tell him that he's deeply sorry that can't see him off personally due to his morning schedule. At this time a man fasten up the collar. The man shows to him that the Chief Bishop's memories. They're memories the man read when he was fasten up the collar. He gets to know that the Chief Bishop is planning to kill him and Agnes.

Gatsu, Wine hair, Balack say to the agent that their story. The agent says he thinks he has to hear this himself, and he calls to him.

20181018 205330

He stops to the White Police Guards who're artistically hitting Abigail, and he says the agent should send them over immediately. He says he believe Abigail because it all checks out, and he bend the time and space, just to save Agnes so he'll set a great example to the White Police Guards too. He orders to the White Police Guards that those who seek his sponsorship is on their way here, so carry on. Gatsu, Wine hair, Balack are arrive and see Abigail. Gatsu is kneels, Wine hair is bends down, Balack is standing. He promises Gatsu to recruit 2 people. Balack thinks the White Police Guards are really beating Abigail up good, and he's really childish, getting all theatrical like this. Gatsu asks the Internal Affairs Department just issued an arrest warrant for Abigail over there, by the order of the Bishop, so they would like to take him into custody. He says he heard that Abigail is facing the iron dog punishment and he accepts it. But he says on one condition, he orders the White Police Guards that someone fetch him his sword.

He with the sword says to Abigail that his family owns more than a thousand businesses, excluding minor ones, and if they take into account the essential items, they should have already been the rulers of the universe eight by now, but the reason they're still stuck with these low lines is because of his critical flaw, which is he get overly emotional, to a point that it makes him careless. In the ship, the Chief Bishop angry and throws the collar, and he says he could have handed over one of his enterprises. A White Police Guard, who disguised himself as a Church of Madonna staff, he gives a drink to the Chief Bishop, and he says he cares a lot about Agnes and he added that, they also have plenty of experts who're well versed in medicine. The Chief Bishop poisoned, and a White Police Guard teleports then the ship explodes. In other words, the Chief Bishop is poisoned as if he were going to kill him, and the ship explodes as if he were going to kill Agnes. He says it's admirable that Abigail had risk his own life to save Agnes, however, simply doing his duties isn't something to be commended, and most importantly, his methods were too sloppy which is he letting the Patrols take away her, and as for all the rage and irritation he has felt because of him, he'll cut both his arms to bring closure.

Balack was planar constrained Abigail who's lost his arms, he begins to receive have supporting money from him with Gatsu's recommendation. Balack checks his bank balance and says he expects him to be his lap dog for some paycheck. Gatsu says that's just a pre-paid paycheck for this month, and Balack will get his incentives along the way, depending on how well he take care of things and that alone should be more than enough to make him loyal, this means that, as of this moment, they're under his sponsorship.

Ran appears with his shape and interferes in Honma's consciousness. He orders Honma should keep Rami safe no matter what and he doesn't let Hades wake up from his dream and escape, and right there at the borderline between her consciousness and subconsciousness. He says the borderline blurs when Rami's emotion is agitated, that's when Hades' self-awareness becomes clear, should he wake up from the dream and realize what's going on, he'll try to tear out of her body, so Honma's new mission is he become a barrier, and he could push him out and his attributes might be shown on the surface that would only prove that he's doing a good job. Ran thinks an absolute obedience of a hyper combat Quanx and the White Police Guards has a hundred of them so that's terror itself, and that alone is more than enough reason to eliminate him.

Kanu's Guardian priest reports to her that the Chief Bishop's spaceship exploded right before it could warp, and there's an incoming transmission and he says it's about the incident. He calls to Kanu and he says he just heard about the Chief Bishop is dead. Kanu thinks so it was his doing. He says since this incident took place on his planet and he's a Patron of the church and this happened right after the meeting he had with the Chief Bishop, so he'll make sure that his people clear the site and recover the body for Kanu as soon as possible. Kanu says it's a church matter so they'll use all the resources they've to get to the bottom of this incident on their own. He says he only asks Kanu to continue on with the Chief Bishop's unfinished business, and he humbly asks her to arrange a meeting with the archbishops because he wants the sole right to participate in the church's new business ventures as a Patron. He shows Joshua's eye and says it's a gift he received from a noble in his domain, and it's the most sacred halidom of the Church of Madonna, and now it wouldn't be right for a common believer such as himself to have this, and the Chief Bishop position will have to be filled sooner of later by one of the Bishops. Kanu surprised to sees this and she accepts it.

Dr. Kitten goes to Mayhen and asks the Chief Bishop's spaceship exploded and where's him. Mayhen answers that he's talking to the church right now and he gave a specific order not to allow anyone in the room. Kitten thinks the Chief Bishop's death will turn the church upside down and he did have something to do with his death. At this time, Mother Madonna shape which is a hallucination without a physical form is appears. Madonna says the barrier the White Police Guards set up must have blurred the image, and he couldn't expose himself, so he borrowed the image of her. Madonna says there's not a lot who know of his existence, and all he can tell Kitten that he's a member of the church and he's as high ranking as an archbishop. Madonna, in fact, Ran says he knows who Kitten is and what his mission to the Gosan family is all too well. Kitten asks why should he believe him. Ran says because he'll kill him if he doesn't, and his death that the Chief Bishop once mentioned but before the church get to that he must confess. Ran says he has the ability to calculate the causalities of the Universe eight, but there're times that his calculation is incorrect, and it happens when an unknown variable outside his domain jumps in, and the same thing happened this time some maniac twisted the time axis to enter into their universe from another, fortunately, it didn't affect the overall causality too much, but still some partial corrections have to be made so which is why he wanted to speak with Kitten in person. Ran says in order to ensure the future of the Universe eight remains the same as it's preordained, he needs Kitten to step up. Ran says he wants Kitten to kill him personally, and he'll get back to him with the execution date.

The Corporal of Patrol grateful to Lee Kyu because he got an exceptional opportunity which is he turned out to be really something so he's dying to finds out how generous he can be, so he'll make sure he misses Agnes. He summons Director of Pax Industries, and angry and says, it wasn't a request when he told him to come at once. Director of Pax Industries says he need some time to warp things up before. He shouts that Director of Pax Industries was going to show up after his life was wrapping up and his life is at stake here, and he talk about wrapping up, and he won't get a penny out of him. Director of Pax Industries says he has been saying that for nearly 10 years now, and he's a leader of his own group now. He sees his calculator and shouts Director of Pax Industries coming here doesn't help with his death at all. Director of Pax Industries says he can put that calculator away, and if the calculations were ever correct, he should have died several times already. He says exactly, he managed to survive them all thanks to this, and Director of Pax Industries is even worthless than a calculator. Director of Pax Industries asks why can't he avoid his death again this time. He answers he can't afford to lose this opportunity. Mayhen comes and reports that the Patrols tells that the investigation is almost over, so they'll soon release to Agnes. He angry because the Patrols are give a necessary interval of time. He thinks the Patrols are taking advantage of his good will so far.

The Corporal of Patrol says Agnes is his Deva, and he shows the enterprises he owns. The man says he's the king of Aorica and his kidnapping and extortion days are almost 20 years ago, and he sees and surprises his enterprises. The Corporal of Patrol says Agnes is scheduled to be sent back in the afternoon and he plans that he'll tell the king of Aorica their route and he'll intercept her. The king of Aorica rejects the plan and he would rather expand his drug distribution lines, and The Corporal of Patrol says if the sum is high enough to impress his boys, he prick will probably give up on Agnes in a heartbeat. The Corporal of Patrol says they're going to make a news headline out of Agnes' kidnapping, then he'll never give up on her, and not with his ego and his title of a Patron, and if they can distract everyone on her kidnapping, they can distribute his newest products fast and in large quantities. The king of Aorica accepts it, and he says the fanatics will sit this one out. The Corporal of Patrol says Aorica is beyond any jurisdiction so there's a safe haven for criminals, so the fanatics can't do anything without the authorization of the U.C.S., and they're too afraid to upset the council, and they never get involved themselves, and the king of Aorica have an army of a thousand Quanxs, the shield of Aorica, 'The Thousand Men', even Patrols won't dare mess with.

Kanu and he meet. Kanu receives Joshua's eye. He says Kanu will have the other one after the meeting with the archbishops. Kanu says as soon as the funeral of the late Chief Bishop is over, she'll arrange the meeting. At this time, Mayhen comes in haste and reports that Agnes has been kidnapped. An Aorica member holds Agnes' chin in his hand and takes her hostage, and he threats if the offer is way below his expectation she's his, so he can feel free to be generous, and he'll give him three days to come up with the figure. He says he'll see them in three hours, and they're surprised to hear that. He says he has enough on his plate as it's, and if he had to wait another three days, he wouldn't even remember his demands by then, so they can give him the coordinates for his ransom pickup, and he'll go there himself for the exchange, and he can get his filthy hands off of Agnes because he can't see her pretty face, and whatever sum he has in mind, he guarantee him will get more as long as no harm comes to her.

An Aorica member calls to the king of Aorica and reports that he'll see them in three hours and he's coming with only one of his entourage and he asked for the coordinates, so he thinks he has no clue what's going on right now. The Director of Pax Industries says he strongly urge him to reconsider because it's too dangerous to go there by himself, and he explains to Aorica. He says the Hourglass is the drug which gets more expensive with a thinner waistline, and he gets to know that's where it came from. The Director of Pax Industries explains to Aorica and he says so he can't go there. He says so that's exactly why he has to does this himself. Kanu says she thinks it'd be best if he let the church to bring back Agnes. He asks Kanu had stand against the U.C.S. itself. The Director of Pax Industries asks why doesn't he just send the White Police Guards instead. He answers the meeting with the archbishops is imminent so he'd rather take care of this quietly. He agonizes about who should he take as his entourage. The king of Aorica accepts it, and he says he must has something up his sleeve, but there's not a faction who posed any threat to them in the entire universe, and with the firepower they've right now, they can take on the entire Universe eight, if they wanted to, and they just needed enough diversion and time to ensure a smooth distribution of their brand new merch, and he might as well kidnap him too and asks for his ransom as well, that'll make things easier.

Dick spacecraft

In the dick shaped spacecraft, he calls to the Chief of Security Department that it's only right that he handle it himself when it's difficult the church to intervene, and he will see to it that Agnes returns home safe. His entourage says Aorica sell drugs to a whole planet but they go through all this trouble for some ransom, so it's strange, and they're trying to make a distraction from their real agenda, which is something like a major shipment or the launch of their newest product. His entourage asks why he's going there himself if he know something's up, and why they're moving on a spacecraft. He answers he's about to strike a major deal with the church soon, so everything has to be perfect, and he'd has to show some sincerity towards Agnes, and even if Aorica have a thousand Quanxs as their vigilante army on their side, he highly doubts that they'll welcome a Interplanetary Teleporting Hyper-Quanx.

Dick spacecraft2

His entourage is surprised to hear that because the vigilante army is a thousand.

In the planet Yana, Intersecting Space Bureau, a devil dog throw up the person with the universe thirteen in the toilet. The chief thinks he doesn't know what's going on around the Intersecting Space lately. The woman calls to the chief and asks about tonight's party. The chief orders he has to call it off, because it happened again just like last time, so they won't be able to have a party for a while. The woman to the manager and orders he may cancel the dinner party, because the chief says it's an emergency. The manager says someone that they're canceling the party tonight. Someone says they can't cancel the party now because if he can't pay them for the drugs for the party he put on his tab last time and for the ones today. A man calls to the Aorica member that they say it might take some time to make the payment. The Aorica member angry and says they should be grateful that they gave their merch at that price, and they can't even pay that, so they going to think Aorican rule is a joke. The Aorica member says he'll just take out all their batches from today's work bench. The Aorica member sees an Aorica's henchman who's watching porn, and he orders he should watch his post while he's out. An Aorica's henchman and another henchman talk that especially the pretty Devas like Agnes only hang out with the nobles. Suddenly, an Aorica's henchman says he wants to hold a service like nobles himself. Another henchman stops an Aorica's henchman. An Aorica's henchman says he's only trying to show his devotion to Madonna here, and she shouldn't discriminate if she's a Deva, and for the next hour, they're the only ones here, and they can finish that service and the cleanup afterwards in one hour, and if Agnes feels so ashamed to have held a service with a commoner, she'll keep her mouth shut, and so should another henchman. The person takes off its mask. The person is Abigail from the universe thirteen. Abigail thinks it's time to return to her. This huge butterfly effect occurs. It means he broke his calculator because the calculate is error.

The person says the one Aorica's henchman that, he has heard of the White Police Guards before. The one Aorica's henchman says just his name of his profile, but that's about it, and people care less about their names these days. His entourage thinks he knows that he swore his allegiance to him, but a vigilante army of a thousand Quanxs are too much, so maybe he's too rich to grasp just how many a thousand really is. The White Police Guards is top notch working environment that no one can turn down on, but the people who're the top level Hyper-Quanx, they can't hired because of lack something crucial. The White Police Guards should have made a name for themselves around the Universe eight by now. The spacecraft is arrives. His entourage says if worse comes to worst, he can maybe handle around three hundred of the Thousand Men on his own, sure, but a thousand isn't.

He calls his entourage to Lot and he says there's a reason why he's an outcast among the White Police Guards so he had spit out such nonsense, and he's a rookie and he thinks he's so strong he can beat up his superiors, and if he was gonna make him does all the work, he wouldn't be here right now. He and Lot arrive the mansion, and he asks let him see Agnes' first before they discuss any further. Agnes is shock-headed, her clothes is forcibly torn, and she's cries. He surprised to see this, and he's anger. He hugs to Agnes and says he's sorry to keep her waiting so long and he has a payment to make.

He orders Lot that he should go find the prick who'll receive the paycheck, and get rid of all these goons on his way out. An Aorica's henchman angry but Lot squeezes his arm into his body. Lot grabs the two centurions' heads and keeps them from moving. Lot says what they just saw might look simple, but it's a combination of not one, not two, but three Quanx skills. Lot reads two centurions' memories so he checks out Aorica's king, and he says both their memories are identical, and there's one good thing about a white suit is even when they're slacking off, they always look so busy. Lot squeezes two centurions' heads into their body so kills them. In the harem, the king of Aorica is naked body, and he sees Lot and forcibly teleported with him.

He says the king of Aorica can get on his feet and they're here with his money. The king of Aorica covers himself with his towel. He says he'll pay the king of Aorica right now so he can open the account for the transfer. He takes out one of his five accounts and begins to send money. The king of Aorica apologizes to this mishap and he accepts. The king of Aorica likes his attitude, so he says he swears on his name that he'll receive the best hospitality, and he asks they go get themselves a drink. He rejects because he doesn't has time for that. The king of Aorica surprised because his account isn't stop. The money is 10000000000000000000, it means ten quintillion. The king of Aorica says this is way over what he had in mind and he must really care about Agnes so he asks he just forget the whole thing because this whole ransom was all just a ruse.

20181109 212900

He becomes stony-faced and says the king of Aorica dare think he'd let him buy off Agnes with money, and this is the price for his whole planet.

In 1. A.E. (2) - Ch.495, El says to Hazz that Federick's paycheck is 100 times the usual rate so this is outrageous. Hazz says with the price, he now have connection with him himself. El asks what he did get from following Hazz's advice, and first he gave up the halidom, and now he has to pay that Federick two more digits. At this time, a hologram with white 100 on the orange background is appears in front of Federick's face. Federick says to El that he summoned him so he'll be back soon, and it seems he's on planet Aorica, and he teleports. El grabs Hazz by the collar and says Federick goes away whenever he wants him so it's not security because he doesn't feel safe at all. Hazz says they've been through this already, and their goal is to build a relationship with him. Hazz angry so he uses reverse arm-bar to El, and says he's lucky he's his master, otherwise, he'd has broken his arm.

In (3), the White Police Guards kill The Thousand Men, and they say that 'All clear'. The Director of Pax Industries surprised to see this, and asks to him that did what the Causality Calculator have to say about this. He breaks the Causality Calculator and answers that it's broken. A satellite robot just entered the planetary orbit. The Director of Pax Industries says he said he would never expose the White Police Guards or its firepower out in the public, and now he have the entire universe eight as his mortal enemies. He hangs out the phone and orders to Mayhen that, she should whatever she can for the doctor to help Agnes get better. In his mansion, Lot guards Agnes who's lies to the bed, and Dr. Kitten stands. He says the satellite is taking images of the planet Aorica right now. He orders the White Police Guards that it's time to bring out the best of their abilities and complete the mission, and as for those of them who were stationed elsewhere, their masters will want to know why they were called in, so let them all know that they'll be streaming live from planet Aorica, and once their mission is complete, they'll be the public enemy number one of the universe eight, and let's begin. He says if they're going to do this, they might as well make it look like the merchandise Aorican used to sell here, so that the later generations of the universe eight would know too.

Hazz just wanted to see the response time in case of an emergency, so he summons to El's security guards, and one hour three minutes later, the last person gathered, he orders to the senior guard that he should send everyone home except for those on duty. The security guards are annoyed. Hazz says he told El that it takes exactly one hour for them to respond to the emergency call, and that's more than enough time to wreak havoc on his establishment and him for that matter. Hazz says El's business will expand over time through his connection with him, so he need to learn to handle such disputes more efficiently, but simply increasing the head counts of his security details won't be enough, because it won't only pressure his competition but also his partners as well. Hazz says so El and he should borrow his White Police Guards, and surprisingly, they're all combat Hyper-Quanxs capable of Interplanetary Teleportation, but only few people know about this. El says he won't just let them use his guards, and Federick is nothing but a burden he tossed his way. Hazz says El can ask him for four more guards and they could say they need them to restore order around their establishment. El angry and shouts that if they were to hire four more guards, they can hire five hundred regular bodyguards with the money they'd have to pay them, so Hazz may want him to give them everything he earn. Hazz says he won't feel any obligation with just one Quanx so if things get messy, he can just summon his Quanx back, but with five he's bound to feel pressured, so El will gain access to a hundred Hyper-Quanxs with just five. El says they don't need that many anyway, Hazz says he knew he had say that, so he already requested it on his behalf. El grabs Hazz by the collar and shouts why he's making decisions on his own. Hazz calls El to cheapskate. At this time, Federick calls to El and reports that he thought he might be wondering why he summoned him the planet Aorica, so he can allow him to show him what the White Police Guards doing here. Federick shows the live feed from the satellite orbiting planet Aorica. El thinks what the White Police Guards up to, and he surprised to see this.

Kanu's Guardian priest reports that it looks like the White Police Guards details that were stationed elsewhere are streaming live so that the nobles they serve would all know what they're doing down the Aorica. Kanu thinks he's doing right before their deal, but she had no idea the White Police Guards had this much firepower. Ran says the priest that this is the line of causality, and his tomfoolery shouldn't have taken place based on any calculation, and someone must've trespassed into the universe eight through the remaining Intersecting Space again.

20181130 180000

And his or her actions, whatever it may have been, changed his decision either directly or indirectly, which led to the anomaly in causality, and aside from the fact that there's no way to stop the invasion from the other universes which could break the causality of this universe, there're certain invasions that can put Ran in harm's way due to the changing causalities. The priest says but there was no problem the female shamans who went on a holy visit to another universe and came back. Ran says the church monitored and controlled shamans' every movement with the Palace system, and that's who they were able to control the causality so flawlessly, but from another Intersecting Space in which the church can't get officially involved, there's not much the people can do, and it's his fatal flaw and they'll be busy cleaning up afterwards. Ran thinks, and he prophesies he'll be brought to trial under the U.C.S. rules, meanwhile, his deal with the church will come to fruition and his family will be feared by the entire universe eight, and Kitten must kill him before the verdict is delivered and cover it up as a suicide so that his son Gosan won't hold a grudge against them of this universe, and if by any chance he does hold them accountable, that will ruin them all, and he'll probably try to hide his identity forever for what his father's done. Ran is curious that who was it that crossed over to the universe eight.

Dr. Kitten says to Agnes' Guardian priests that until she's fully recovered, he's afraid they can't allow any visitors for a while, and also that was what he wanted as well. Scar face sees the news of planet Aorica and doubts somebody did hack into their system or something. At this time, Abigail calls to Agnes' Guardian priests, and when they surprised, he calls them to monkeys. Abigail says he was at the universe thirteen this whole time, and he just came back yesterday morning, and if he returned on his own, he might put Agnes in danger, so they can come get him, and he need a priest who can teleport between planets, and someone might be tracing this call so he can't talk too long, and he'll explain everything when they meet.

Abigail calls to June, and he surprised. Agnes' Guardian priests see Abigail. Abigail asks where's Agnes. June answers Agnes is recovering here with the help of him.

Kanu reports to the Head Bishop of what had happened so far. The Head Bishop says he has a top secret, and he killed the Chief Bishop, and he done something to the planet Aorica but the church need him so they need to get the consent from the archbishops and get him aboard the courier business so she'll meet him set up a meeting. Kanu asks how will the Head Bishop convince the other archbishops. The Head Bishop answers that, it's the money problem so the U.C.S. will be the judge of his action, and he's getting a death sentence, but then again, he'll gather the best lawyers in the entire universe, he'll somehow reduce his sentence, but he'll still be behind bars. The Head Bishop explains, with he out of the picture, his vast fortune will be all the remains, she'll propose to those archbishops to share the leftover fortune, and then she'll use him who just loves the spotlight as a scapegoat for the U.C.S. should a problem arise, the church can blame him, these two will be more than enough to get their consent. The Head Bishop says if things go according to Ran's calculation, it'll be perfect, but it's not that big of a deal if the calculation doesn't match, it's his problem, not theirs, and she's pretty sure he's already finished his calculation by now and started making his moves for the benefit of the church. The Head Bishop thinks the White Police Guards is the firepower of guards owned by one man, and the church should prepare something too, otherwise, they'll be outmatched.

At the night, he's eating dinner, and another people don't eat. Dr. Kitten recalls Madonna's words. Kitten says he was thinking perhaps it'd be best if he had let them clean up this mess and go on a trip to another planet until things quiet down a bit. He says he just came back from Aorica. Mayhen reports the new messages. Mayhen reports the biggest issue was his meeting with the archbishops will soon take place as he wished. He's relieved that he just hope that he'll make it till then. Mayhen reports the U.C.S. has announced that they'll soon dispatch an investigative team to get to the bottom of this incident, and for some reason, the nobles under their protection continue to ask them for more White Police Guards. He sees the messages, and he says the nobles all made their requests after their little show on Aorica, so these imbeciles won't believe it until they see it for themselves. Mayhen reports the Count El also sent a message. He says El's request had nothing to do with the Aorica incident, so he really like his attitude when he starting with the halidom from the church. He orders that Mayhen should send more White Police Guards for El and no one else and ignore the rest. That means El's butler, Hazz is right.

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (5), it's reveals that, he was certain of his impending demise, and for Gosan who will be left all alone, he felt the need to make a strong impression throughout the entire universe so that no one would dare cross or defy his family and he needed a just cause to make a move, and the unfortunate incident with Agnes gave him the opportunity. The U.C.S. and the Patron alliance after witnessing all the atrocities that took place on Aorica they felt scary to the terror, because it showed how far he can go for the White Police Guards, and the firepower demonstrated by his private army was shocking to say the least, and it was more than enough to strike fear in the most powerful men in the universe eight, during his trial, had it not been for his alleged suicide, he would've been the center of attention around the entire universe just he wanted. At that time, he has been private worshiped by Deva, and his poisoned corpse was found by Director of Pax Industries. After discussing the matter with the Patron alliance, the U.C.S. came to three decisions, first, any data spread across the universe eight regarding the planet Aorica, either direct or indirect, shall be deleted, and they say this was only possible because the planet was a safe haven, and they were worried about the influence that Aorica's precedent might have on the other terrorist cells, and should any record of the incident remain, they were certain that a planet-wise uprising will take place that exceeds what happened in the planet. Second, the White Police Guards is to be disbanded immediately, but then of course, those security details laundered their identity and scattered away long before the U.C.S. verdict, last but not least, they held young Gosan, his heir, responsible, and he's fined a ludicrous amount of money for what his father had done, apparently, they wanted to dismantle his family for good, and although it may seem it work, but more people than ever are lining up to make a connection with the Gosan family, and with his recent business expansion, he was able to pay off the fine in less than three years, and Duke Gosan grew up to be the most influential man in the universe eight just as he wished, and after his death, he kept himself hidden for safety reasons, so no one knows what he looks like.

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In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (2), Cell explains to Denma that that current news of the universe eight is always updated through the church network, and if Denma look at the revenue chart of the nobles in the universe eight, El isn't even in the top one hundred, but surprisingly, if he only look at the net profit, he ranks the second, so he's the real deal. Cell says apparently, there has never been anyone whose business grew so fast in all of the universe eight in just 20 years. Cell explains there's a rumor that the reason El could be so successful was because of him who's the father of Duke Gosan's support. Cell says there's the planet Aorica nearby.

Denma and Quai see Aorica. On Quai's forehead, 難 is written, and it means difficult. Maybe Aorica's shape is difficult. Denma sees a hologram and says Aorica used to look like this. Denma asks to Cell that how can a planet remain in that state for over twenty years, and is that possible.

Cell says currently, there're dozens of Quanx abilities delicately put together, which delicately form what appears to be a planet in front of them, and that is the proof that the White Police Guards which is he left Gosan never disbanded, and rather, it still exists to this day. Denma asks to Cell that why did the White Police Guards have to shape the planet like that. Cell answers right before the attack, he ordered the White Police Guards to build it like this. He said if they're going to do this, they might as well make it look like the merchandise Aorican used to sell here, so that the later generations of the universe eight would know too. Denma asks so this place used to sell hourglasses or something. Cell answers but it's not an actual hourglass, and Aorican sold drugs called the Hourglass. Aorica is shaped like an Hourglass.

Hazz kicks Marvin's shin. Hazz angry and shouts he did the M&A to the Sten Industries and Gold Wing approved without his consent, so he trying to ruin everything they worked for, and he does something around their young master. The young master who've a penis nose says he ordered Marvin to do that and the longer they drag this out, the only thing they're getting is more flies, and if Hazz think about the cost it'd take to get rid of all those nuisances, and it's cheaper this way, and that's what he taught him so don't put this on him. Hazz says when the business index gets out and the Gosans find out about it, and they might take it the wrong way.

Cain angry and shouts that the El family to bow down to the Gosan family and they're so great because they blew up a planet but they don't have to be scared of them for it. El says to Hazz that Gosan is said to be even worse than his old man. El says there's no way the El family can break an organization with lasted over twenty years. Hazz says the older and stronger they're, the easier they break, and let him tell El how he have muddied up the White Police Guards so far.

Hazz says, the lower class nobles, who were threatened by his brutality, had no choice buy to hire additional security details that they didn't need, and they didn't come cheap either, and after a few years, the Gosans could recover from paying off the penalty fine, but the U.C.S. kept them under close surveillance, so Gosan couldn't call back his White Police Guards, and all he could do was to manage what goes on inside of them, which included recruiting the new ones and taking care of all the former guards who either died, retired, or quit, and even the new recruits were sent off to another planet immediately, and their sense of belonging to them only weakened, and all they did was chat over the network every now and then, their seniority also faded away within the guards, and their organization was falling apart, and the guards, who were sent to peaceful planets without much to do, felt solitude and boredom, not to mention being an outcast, and there were even some cases where they had a run-in with the local security details, and it only got worse, and everybody grew tired. El asks what do Hazz plan to do with the White Police Guards. Hazz answers he plan to buy all the White Police Guards.

El says that's a risky move so this isn't like Hazz. Hazz says it might look a foolish plan, but there's a good reason for it. The rumor is instead of his old White Police Guards, Gosan is making his own new White Police Guards, one he could call his own. He did bother recruiting the newbies to the field, because he's trying to eliminate the possible threats, and their individual firepower might be lacking, but once the Quanxs are affiliated, they could pose a threat to the Gosans or to the White Police Guards, that's why he recruits them first as them, then scatter them away all throughout the universe eight. Hazz says he plans to sort out his White Police Guards who became estranged over the past two decades, and absorb the potential threats by recruiting them, so Gosan is trying to make new White Police Guards.

Dr. Kitten says El family is trying to compete with the Gosans, and they manage to grow his business so much in just twenty years. The Director of Pax Industries says El brought uncle the halidom of Madonna. Kitten says he's not part of the Gosan family, and Zipnight wasn't even fully analyzed yet, so El have a vision. The Director of Pax Industries says even after his uncle turned El down, he was persistent on getting that sole right, and after few years, he finally got the consent, and at the time, the only margin one could get out of Zipnight was want the people had get from simple barter, and if they think about it now, they handed over the exclusive rights to him for nothing. The Director of Pax Industries says a genius scientist of Urano, Dr. Ha'ken discovered Numen, also known as the god's skin, from Zipnight, and he passed away shortly after El got his sole right, and the cause of death is still unknown, and the anti-gravity weapon which only existed in theories could be manufactured all because of this extraordinary material, and Sten Industries, who applied this technology for the first time, became the top weapons manufacturer in the universe eight, and soon, this Numen technology was applied in all industries, but the El family intentionally supplied cheap Zipnight to Sten Industries, once the top of the industries, to constantly undermine the company's value, and at the same time, they kept buying off reliable subcontractors, and this was possible because of their exclusive right to the Zipnights, so they became strong enough to surpass Gosans anytime now.

Marvin sees a hologram in front of Ayn and says that he has just finished hacking their transmission and he'd better report this in. Then Marvin's hologram is visible to Mayhen. At this point, it's able to supposes that Marvin could be a spy in here, or they monitoring to the El family. Mayhen reports this to the Director of Pax Industries that this is the list of every White Police Guards stationed elsewhere, who tried to make contract with El, and not only does it show their intention to work for the El family. but also the exact amount of the salaries they were promised. The Director of Pax Industries surprised to this because this many agents were compromised.

The Director of Pax Industries goes to Gosan who takes off his bread bag and sees the hologram. The Director of Pax Industries is surprised to see Gosan's face, and says he told him that he shouldn't take off that bag when he's around. Gosan angry and says after all that money the old White Police Guards took from his father, they'd turn their backs on their own master. At this time, Gosan is bald, unlike the last his appearance, and smaller than his looks. The Director of Pax Industries says he came here to calm Gosan's nerves down. Gosan says his nerves can't calm down twenty years, and now that he has proofs of the El family's true agendas right here, he's going to crush them all into pieces. At the moment, Dr. Kitten observes this conversation. It's presumed that Kitten remains for his will who wants to keep Gosan, but he's reporting the information in here to the Church of Madonna. Gosan says the old White Police Guards is just paying for their incompetence for letting his father's die. The Director of Pax Industries says that would lead to a war and even if they managed to wipe the old White Police Guards all out, and he asks what will Gosan do with their vacant spots, but before they get to that. The Director of Pax Industries angry and shouts that Gosan should cover himself with the bag because he can't concentrate here. Gosan accepts this and says as for the expatriate duties, he'll fill those spots with ones with weaker powers than his new White Police Guards and he won't leave them vacant, and once they wipe out those old White Police Guards has-beens, to save the trouble and avoid drawing attention from the U.C.S.'s auditing team, just send out recruiters to those outer stations, from there, they'll procure Quanxs directly. Now, Gosan's face is reveals, but his face is exactly the same as his face, so the Director of Pax Industries is burdens.

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In Kuan's Fridge (31), a police officer finds a box and sees something, and asks the other police officer that he can hand over one. A police officer puts a white liquid in the water. The other police officer says he has never seen one with such a thin waistline before. A police officer says that it's not one of those cheapos out there these days, and this is the Golden Hourglass he has only heard stories about. A police officer explains that the Golden Hourglass is a top grade product from a drug planet that went missing 20 years ago, and they only gave these out to the top elites of the universe eight. The other police officer tries to search Hourglass in network, but the firewall the U.C.S. set up won't allow him to look into it. A police officer says a guy he knows from narcotics told him what's looked up in this fridge, and he said they've something to do with an incident U.C.S. erased from every data box in this universe, and apparently, the crazy noble mobilized his own Quanx vigilante to wipe that drug planet off the map, and the story goes that some of the Quanxs smuggled out tons of drugs before blowing the place to the smithereens, and according to the rumors that went around in the Underground market for a while, it was enough drugs to buy a whole planet and then some. The other police officer says if all these boxes carry goodies like this, he can see why rumors like that started.

Sumai calls to Marvin who's holds his thermos lid, and says that he tried to steal drugs, so he could pay back the money, but a police inspector who has him at the palm of her hand took the initiative, and he says with Aorica gone, those drugs belong to whoever gets the first, their worth is enough to buy a whole planet, what he's saying is that he can take the drug, and let him cash them out without any trouble. Marvin shouts that Master Hazz would never allows the drug to this. Sumai says this is a reliable message from those who were exiled from Moab, and it's not any normal quality or quantity he's talking about here, and what's inside are the Hourglasses. Marvin tells it to Mayhen, and it means that he's a spy of the Gosan family. Mayhen reports it to the Director of Pax Industries. The Director of Pax Industries runs to Gosan's room. Gosan sits to chair and calculates to his Causality Calculator, and Mayhen is next to him. The Director of Pax Industries reconfirms to Gosan that those are the drugs from Aorica. Gosan says it seems that way. The Director of Pax Industries asks that what Gosan is calculating now, and he answers just this and that. The Director of Pax Industries says if they really are the products from Aorica, then the rumor that a few members of the White Police Guards smuggled out a huge quantity of drugs was true. Gosan stands up and says he's going to get those products back. The Director of Pax Industries says they're drugs, and he asks that why the Gosan family would want to get their hands on that. Gosan says if they really are products of Aorica, then he bought them with his money 20 years ago, so obviously, they're the Gosan family's to claim.

The Director of Pax Industries came up with him so he turns his head, Gosan takes off his bread bag.

The Director of Pax Industries angry and says that's reckless, and Gosan having a conflict head-on like this is too risky, and he's literally declaring a war against the church body, if they don't cooperate with them, it's gonna cause severe damage to their entire business, and he's doing goes against his father's judgment. Gosan says those fanatics after all that money they took from his father, and now they're trying to ditch them. The Director of Pax Industries says that's something they can work on with negotiation, not with armed conflict, and it'll only give the church excuses, and he worked his ass off to clean up the Aorica incident's mess, and Gosan should know better than anyone what price they'd to pay. The Director of Pax Industries says Gosan shouldn't react so emotionally, and the church is planning something bigger than they imagined, and they just cooperate with them in case they take over the universe eight. The Director of Pax Industries says they need to hide their powers. Gosan says this is what they got for hiding their power, and his father took those bastards in, and the church turned against them, it's time for action, they need to let them know they're the center of the power. The Director of Pax Industries says then in the end Gosan is just following his father's footsteps. Gosan says he's not going against his father's decisions, rather, he's following his wishes. Gosan says he won't miss this chance to teach those ungrateful dogs, include the El family a lesson in a way that no one can ever predict.

The Director of Pax Industries says the El's have decided to buy off all the old White Police Guards. Gosan says it's good, and that way, it'll be easier when they put all those bastards in one spot. The Director of Pax Industries says Gosan is out of his mind, because he tries to hand the old White Police Guards over to the El's, and they're his father's White Police Guards who'd the power to blow up an entire planet. Gosan says that's right, twenty years ago, now the old White Police Guards is just miserable scums filled with boredom and gambling addiction. The Director of Pax Industries says Gosan can call the old White Police Guards all in, and they'll regroup, but he says he'll wipe them off, and he'll show them how the dogs that couldn't protect their master end up.

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  • (To Mayhen) "Suddenly, I recalled what my mom used to tell me when she was alive.", "A winner and a loser are always next to each other."
  • (To Director of Pax Industries) "The word 'trust' can never go with the word person."
  • '...Wait! Are they... taking advantage of my good will so far?'
  • "Ransom? What do you mean, ransom? You dare think I'd let you buy off my woman with money? No, this is... the price for your whole planet."

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