Directors of Silverquick's station 7 are characters in Denma.

Biography Edit

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They first appeared in the Note: Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros, A Mimicry-species. link

The director of Silverquick's station 7 has orange ponytail hair. And the director of Silverquick's station 7's colleague has black straight hair.

Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros is imitates the Director of Silverquick's station 7's appearance.

In Sixteen (1), the director of Silverquick's station 7 comes Edel and confesses, but he refuses. Then, she asks if Edel is gay as a rumor, so she can save herself some dignity.

In Pigear (29), they stop Yahwah to terminate Jet because he didn't report the Gaal's booster guns.

In God's Lover (3), Humpty and Dumpty are smokes and runs them down. Humpty and Dumpty says Dr. Yahwah went up against them again.

Yahwah went up against them again. Yahwah is on edge since the inspectors' visit from few days ago. There was a big quarrel over terminating a Quanx. They get angry that, Yahwah has terminated a Quanx that is related to the Bureau's ongoing investigation. Yahwah get angry that, it's none of their business to interfere with however he deal with the Quanx under his charge. Their rank within the church is much higher than Yahwah's.

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