Dimensional Barrier Breaking

Dimensional Manipulation is Quanx abilities in Denma.

Summary Edit

The ability to manipulate dimensions.

Lot can interference dimension through his Combination skills.

In Kuan's Fridge (98), Orange hair uses his Barrier ability. Orange hair says to Lot that they may be able to see each other, but he's already in another dimension, and he grew up lonely, he locked himself up in his own space, one of the perks that came along was that it progressed into a Quanx ability, he can see him right in front of him, but no one can come inside the barrier. Lot pushes his finger to the barrier and says, when someone grows up all alone and even gets bullied, they also develop a desire for attachment. Lot enters the barrier and says, they crave to get inside someone else's space. Orange hair is surprised and says it can't be. Lot says it can, and Orange hair who's disrespectful son of a bitch should come here.

Some Quanx abilities like Planar Constraint and Barrier are associated with this ability.

Perhaps when some of Quanxs' abilities are upgraded, they seem to be capable of higher abilities. Some abilities seem to be upgraded to dimensional abilities.

User Edit

  1. Lot
  2. Federick
  3. Gongja
  4. Gaya
  5. Daniel

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