It's the 627th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

The Director of Silverquick's station 7 shouts that that's not what's important right now, and they should hold off the damage report, and let the engineering team take over the headquarters, and prevent any further collision, and she told them to switch every ship to manual mode already. The staff says some ships are incapable of switching over to manual mode. Yahwah watches these situations, and thinks that it's chaos inside and out. Yahwah says the restricted substances that seeped through along with their urine can become very volatile over time, at first, it can burn some circuit boards at best, but once it starts smelling like a pheromone, it becomes sensitive to even the tiniest friction or impact, and then poof.

An engineer who looks like Youngsoon Yang says the circuit boards are all fired. The engineer sees a circuit board which is wet, and he smells the urine. Another engineer shouts that the engineer don't sniff that, and he doesn't even know what it's, and it looks dangerous. The engineer touches the urine. At this time, there's an explosion here.

Jet sleeps, and Yahwah calls to him and says that, if he look outside his window, he'll see the inside layout of this place, something he didn't know.

The other engineer calls the Director of Silverquick's station 7 and reports that an explosion started some kind of chain reaction from the inside. The Director of Silverquick's station 7 orders the staff that he should separate the compromised compartments right now. The compromised compartments which're with people inside are start to separate. Jet sees the separated compartments, and thinks where's this going. The separated compartments are explode.

Hoon thinks that it's noisy outside, so what's happening. Hoon starts to find the article four of the universe eight's Commerce Law.

Characters Edit

  1. Director of Silverquick's station 7
  2. Director of Silverquick's station 7's colleague
  3. Deputy Director of Silverquick's station 7's colleague
  4. Yahwah
  5. Engineer who looks like Youngsoon Yang
  6. Jet
  7. Hoon
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