It's the 517th Ch. of Denma.

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Outside, Cain complains El to humiliating him in front of his men so he's stupid old man. Cain orders to Marvin that from now on, he don't report anything about the merger to Hazz anymore, because he's the one in charge, and he let him know as soon as he so much as look at him funny. Cain orders to Federick that he want to be alone for a minute so he take some time off too until he call him. Cain calls Hazz is greedy fat pig. Federick thinks someone is a son of a bitch.

El says to Lot that, Cain is causing him a headache so please he wait outside until he call him back in. El apologizes Hazz on behalf of Cain because he's still an immature spoiled child. But Hazz says Cain is doing exactly as he expected, and his decision on the merger was actually commendable. El says he's worried and this incident is a blatant act of defiance against the Gosans. Hazz says but there're other noble families who also seek Gosan empire to fall, and as secretive as they're, they still support the El family. El says but the El family is up against Gosan, who's said to be even worse than the Duke, and the day he decides to bring his White Police Guards in here, without much thought about the consequences. El shivers with his face, and Hazz snaps his fingers. Hazz insists it's impossible for the Gosans to carry out a terrorist attack on the El family, and most of all, they can control the White Police Guards. El says there's no way the El family can break an organization with lasted over twenty years. Hazz says the older and stronger they're, the easier they break, and let him tell El how he have muddied up the White Police Guards so far.

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