It's the 48th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

It's revealed that A.E. means Additional Edition.

Ballack is harasses Arcel again, Golden hair breaks Ballack's leg. Golden hair is a trainee Quanx deliverer who has just smoke a cigarette.

Edrei's Eve says to puppy that Savoys abduct Edrei. The puppy says Adams will do a very clean job and not leave a trace, and she just keep her eye on Edrei so he doesn't get hurt.

In Carlburn, Gaal's junior Savoy asks to Edrei that he doesn't have any other skill than catching a roach with a clap. Edrei answers he can kind of sing and dance, and he can bring them the Quanx that they're actually looking for because he's his boss. At this time, Adams are suppress other Savoys.

Characters Edit

  1. Arcel
  2. Ballack
  3. Golden hair (debut)
  4. Puppy
  5. Edrei's Eve
  6. Adam
  7. Red eyeglass Savoy
  8. Gaal's junior Savoy

Quanx ability used Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (To Ballack) "Learn to distinguish between a short man and a child." -Golden hair
  • "Hey kid, I really don't like it when someone is behind my back." -Golden hair
  • Conversation between Edrei and Savoys
    • "Ah I can kind of sing and dance--" -Edrei
    • "Oh, really?!!" -Savoys

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Deliverer: !


Huff Huff

Ballack: Arcel! Wait and listen to... It's the dead end!

Arcel: Don't come closer!

Ballack: Hey! I'm not doing this just for me.

Golden hair: ?

Ballack: You know your body can feel really good. I can show you.

Golden hair: ......

Arcel: Piss off! Don't touch me!

Golden hair: Phew... Wherever I go, there's trash like you... Who even uses kids to stimulate their peripheral nerves, you're no better than dogs... Hey, kids are not grown-ups!

Ballack: What? Mind your own business!

Golden hair: Why don't you smoke cigarettes for your mental health, instead?


Ballack: Damn! Are you nuts?

Golden hair: That's what I want to say.


Ballack: Arghhhh!

Golden hair: You'll have to take some time to be able to run again. Kid, I really have someone standing behind my back. I'll take that you were going my way, so...

Arcel: Th...Thank you.

Golden hair: Okay! Now, you go first.

Puppy: Kidnapping?

Edrei's Eve: Yes, it seems that they're Savoys, Quanx hunters. Shall I call for help to other Quanx?

Puppy: No, don't. It'll make it worse. Calm down. It happens time to time.


Puppy: Let Adams deal with it. They'll handle it without letting anyone know about it. You just make sure that Edrei doesn't get hurt.

Red eyeglass Savoy, Gaal's junior Savoy: ......

Edrei: P...Please don't kill me! I have been a really good guy.

Red eyeglass Savoy: ......

Edrei: So, please, don't hurt...

Gaal's junior Savoy: Hey, listen. So... Except for catching roaches by clapping... What can you do?

Edrei: Ah, I can sing and dance a little...

Red eyeglass Savoy, Gaal's junior Savoy: Ah, I see!!!!!

Edrei: You said you didn't aim at me. I can bring the person you want...

Red eyeglass Savoy: Are you sure? Can you do that?

Edrei: Sure! Actually, I'm his boss.

Red eyeglass Savoy: Okay, then! If you lure him without...

Savoy: B...Boss!

Red eyeglass Savoy: !

Savoy: Ughhh...

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