It's the 438th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Purple hair who's attacked by Gatsu, he tries to call to the Director of Internal Affairs but the connection is lost, so he thinks he should turn on the Transcriptome shield.

The explosion occurs and the hallucination ability breaks. The Director of Internal Affairs and Hades are fall unconscious. Honma discovers Rami.

Haaken thinks he thought Guyrin, so he got to time to waste here. Haaken says he's done here so they can go, and he's staying in the Eight universe, because he forgot about something important that he should take care of.

Haaken goes out of the Palace. Gatsu says they can't afford to lose anyone but Hades. At this time, a Transcriptome appears.

Characters Edit

  1. Purple hair
  2. Director of Internal Affairs
  3. Blue skin
  4. Haaken
  5. Abigail
  6. June
  7. Max
  8. Honma
  9. Gatsu
  10. Balack
  11. Hades
  12. Rami
  13. Guyrin (mention)
  14. Transcriptome

Quanx ability used Edit

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