It's the 399th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Max asks to the Security Department members that they can guard the Palace with him, but he's rejected. Purple skin and Glasses talk that the prisoners will being careful and if they're moving together, something should've happened by now, but they just escaped together so they'll split up already. At this time, a Security Department member is volunteering to join Max's team. The Security Department have got prisoner's signals on the Internal Affairs network.

The Director of the Internal Affairs informs prisoner's location shows that they're trying to remove the signal device in their head and calls the advance party. Balack says this isn't what Gatsu promised. Gatsu says it's not his decision because he's coming with him. Balack says that's what makes him feel anxious and now he doesn't know when someone will stab him in the back. Gatsu thinks the advance party is called upon by the Director's order and the Internal Affairs Department never puts someone on consecutive missions, but it happened. At this time, Gatsu receives a message, and he sees Purple hair in this. Gatsu thinks an agent from the Security Management Department is also in the advance party, so the Bishop want to get rid of Balack and him, and he was being loyal and did everything for her and yet she treat him this way, so he's going to do something to her.

Characters Edit

  1. Max
  2. Purple skin
  3. A Security Department member (debut)
  4. Director of Security Department
  5. Director of Internal Affairs (debut)
  6. Balack
  7. Gatsu
  8. Purple hair
  9. Kanu (mention)
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