It's the 372nd Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Yellow hair says to Purple hair that the Internal Affairs don't hold him in here and he told him that he'll continue with his recovery at the Security Department, and they'll be in big trouble if the See's Command Center finds out that they kidnapped one of the Security agents, and the food here is the worst he's ever had.

The Command Center agent asks this projected memory is obvious what happened there, and what is Max's reason behind proposing that the evidence submitted by the Internal Affairs Department is one-sided. Max answers that Monkey guy is an elite from the planet Gout and like the duty reports that the Security Department submitted he's been a very reasonable and rational agent. Gatsu claims Monkey guy is so clever that he took advantage of the situation. Max says if the Command Center agent watch it over again, there's something awkward about it and it's like the Internal Affairs Department has some sort of intentions that they kidnapped Yellow hair to draw the picture that they wanted by utilizing a part of his projected memory. Max demands a clearly projected image that isn't manipulated to cast away any doubts about this case, and the Security Department would like the Internal Affairs Department, who has been rejecting their proposal, to reveal the projected images of the memory of the two witnesses at the crime scene. Gatsu is embarrassed. The Command Center agent says it seems like a reasonable request that the Security Department can make and he orders Gatsu and Balack who're in the projected image here to project and submit their memories.

Here the scene of A Catnap (26) - Ch.348 appears again.

Characters Edit

  1. Yellow hair
  2. Purple hair
  3. Gray marks
  4. Monkey guy
  5. Gatsu
  6. Balack
  7. Max
  8. White hair (debut)

Quanx ability used Edit

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