It's the 369th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Balack kneels in front of the judo instructor and asks him to accept it again because he promise that he'll never cause any trouble in class. Balack thinks he was hit by Mole face. Balack's junior, horned nose is surprised to see this sight.

The doctor says Mole face can't use Quanx skills anymore because a grade-3 like him will lose the Quanx ability if he lose a part of the body that activates the Quanx skills even if the body part is recovered, and he consoles that he doesn't take it too hard if he get a Booster gun or something he could still work for the Security Department it might do the same thing as his skills, but he's disappointed, he apologizes that he blabbed too much nonsense. Mole face falls into sadness when he listens to the doctor.

Characters Edit

  1. Balack
  2. Mole face
  3. Horned nose
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