It's the 323rd Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

A young girl is holds a doll that looks like Yahwah. The female students say that the Guardian priest told her to call him brother, so because of those pervert priests she doesn't want to goes there anymore. The girl says she's tired and sees young girl. The girl calls her Soy and asks where's her brother. Soy answers that her brother is with his friends. The girl calls to brother and angry that she told him to take care of Soy. The brother says he told Soy to stay close to him.

In the Internal Affairs, the members sees Hades, and talk to each other that, they doesn't know why would the Church of Madonna keep something in custody when Hades can be a threat and if there're people against killing him, the church body could break his arms and put him on planet Gaia, because he's one of the eastern Church of Madonna's 3 crazy dogs, Balak, Abigail, and him known as Cube and a Hyper-Quanx. Why do people call Hades to Cube, because he bends and squishes everything and everyone into a cube. At this time, Hades appears to make the members cube.

Characters Edit

  1. Yahwah
  2. Soy (Denma debut)
  3. Girl (Denma debut)
  4. Boy (Denma debut)
  5. Hades (debut)
  6. Balak (mention)
  7. Abigail (mention)

Quanx ability used Edit

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